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Thursday, April 24, 2014

throwback thursday (allergic2crazy)

*re-post from 2010*

I don't have any allergies...

Well...I do have one

I'm allergic to crazy people. Crazy women in particular. I had an allergic reaction to one. Wanna hear about it?? Of course you do!

Back in '98, I was a young bachelor who had just moved to Atlanta. Since I was new to the city, I felt the need to branch out and meet new people because I didn't know anybody. I was working for a finance company at the time. I liked the environment and I liked the potential growth.

One day at work, my supervisor advised me that we would be having lunch with some clients. I really didn't feel like going to lunch with the clients that day because I figured that I'd be meeting with a bunch of old stiffs who wanted to talk about the stock market all day. I wasn't interested but I had to go. To my surprise, there was a young lady at the lunch meeting. Her name was Toni. I was surprised to see her because the lunch meetings usually consisted of men. Toni was cute, too. We sat next to each other during the meeting. She told me that she had graduated from Spelman College. She was enrolled in the Masters program at Georgia Tech. When she saw my championship ring, she asked where I played football. She told me that she was a big football fan. Over the lunch, I realized that we had a lot in common. After the meeting, we exchanged phone numbers.

I took her number because I wanted to get to know as many people as I could. I wasn't looking for a girlfriend. I had just broken up with my girlfriend (now wife). So, I was a free agent, right (lol)???

Toni called me a few days. We talked on the phone for 2 hours. The conversation started out on a professional tip. She changed it quickly made it personal. I was ok with that. We discussed our likes/dislikes and previous relationships. We talked the next day for 2 hours. I learned a lot about her. And I'm sure that she learned a lot about me. A few days passed...I didn't hear from her and I didn't call her. That was cool with me. I was busy with work. Then, one day at work...I got 2 voicemails while I was at lunch. The voicemails were from Toni. I'm not sure why she was calling. I was swamped at work that day so I didn't get a chance to return her calls.

I worked late that day. It was a Friday. As much as I wanted to kick it with my boy JFresh, I was tired from work and I wasn't going out. I got home at 7:30. When I checked my caller ID box (ole skool), I noticed that Toni had called me 5 times. She didn't leave a message though! I found that to be weird. I sat down on my couch to watch tv. All of a sudden, I heard a knock at my door. That was strange. Nobody knocks at my door because nobody knew where I lived except JFresh. I lived in an a gated apartment complex. I dunno who it was. I opened the door...and it was Toni. I was shocked!

Me : Toni!?? What are you doing here?

Toni : You told me that you lived on Candler Road. I was in the area so I figured that I would stop by to see you.

Me: How did you get into the gate?

Toni : Oh...the gate was broken. I drove around and I saw your car. I saw an old man outside and he told me where you lived

Me : Yeah, that was my dude, Amos. So...why are you here???

Toni : Do you want to hang out with me tonight? Do you want to go to dinner or something?

Me : Um...

Toni : You don't wanna hang with me? Is there somebody HERE? *she starts to look around my apartment as if she was my momma*

Me : Nah. It's not that. I'm 'sposed to be hanging with JFresh. He just broke up with his girl and he's gonna need somebody to talk to. Tonight is not a good time. I'll call you later

I proceeded to PUSH Toni out of the door to my apartment. I couldn't believe that she tried to blow up my spot like that. Keep in mind that I had only known Toni for a total of 6 days and 4 hours of telephone conversations. Ten minutes later, my phone is ringing. It's Toni. I don't answer the phone. She leaves me a nasty voicemail...

"Kyle...this is Toni! I don't know what your problem is. I thought you were different but you're just like the rest of these men around here. You didn't even have enough manners to walk me out to my car! You aint shit! You're just like the rest of them! *CLICK*

Wow! Maybe I should have walked her to her car because Candler Road in Decatur, Ga is STRAIGHT hood! However, I don't know how I got to that point with her. I guess she was right...I'm like the rest of them.

Allergic 2 crazy people!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

10 signs that he's into you...

Some women say that men aren't good at expressing themselves...

Some women say that if you watch a man closely, he'll tell you EVERYTHING that you need to know!

I think there's truth to both statements. Nevertheless, I came across this article and I decided to share it with you. Hopefully, it'll shed some light to the ladies who try to "figure us out." LOL

10 Signs that you can tell a man is serious about you...

1. He doesn't play mind games with you

If he says he will drop in to see you, he does. When he makes plans with you for the weekend, he sticks to them. He doesn't torment you by saying one thing and doing something else. He’s not cold one instant and warm and affectionate the other. If his ex-girlfriend calls him, he tells you about it for the sake of honesty and not in a way that makes you uncomfortable. When a man plays mind games, it’s typically because he doesn't really care, or because the relationship is casual for him. If your man makes a special effort to be honest and open, that’s a sign of his commitment to the relationship.

2. He wants to know things about you

And it’s not just the regular stuff like “What are your hopes and dreams?” or, “What inspires you to paint?” or “What’s your favorite r&b band?” He asks you questions about your childhood, your job, parents, etc. He wants to know what it was like to be the elder sister or, he always asks you how you cope with your long stressful work hours. He is genuinely concerned about your career and asks you about your plans. Even the best actor cannot feign an interest in mundane details such as, “What time did you wake up today?”. or “Did you get enough sleep last night?” If he’s serious about you, he will find all the mundane details interesting.

3. He calls you multiple times everyday

He calls you sometimes for no reason. Even if you've met at a coffee shop an hour ago, he calls you after he reaches home, or from the elevator. This behavior is typically displayed in the first few weeks of the relationship, when everything is new and exciting. However, when you realize that he still calls you just to hear your voice and it’s been about a year since you started going out, you should know that he’s serious about you.

4. If he’s always punctual...

If he’s always punctual, he’s definitely into you. When a man is serious about his girlfriend, he will ensure that she doesn't have to wait for an hour at the bus stop. He says he will pick you up for dinner and 8 p.m. and calls around 7.55 p.m. to tell you he’s stuck in traffic and will be 15 minutes late, he’s respectful of your feelings. He won’t ever have you hanging around the park for half an hour before he shows up. Most girls constantly find themselves waiting for their boyfriend’s phone call, or for him to pick them up. If you don’t find yourself in that position, you've got yourself a winner.

5. When he listens to you talk

Several girls complain that they can’t talk to their boyfriends and that they just don’t listen. When you spend time with him, he really listens to you. He’s all ears about your problems at work. On the train, he’s not distracted by fellow passengers, but is listening to you intently. You have long chats on the phone where he hangs on to every word you say. You find yourself telling him things that you've never told any boyfriend before. He’s not constantly checking his cell phone for messages, when you talk about the day. If your man remembers that it’s your aunt’s birthday in a couple of weeks, just because you mentioned it in passing, understand that he’s listening to every word you’re saying.

6. When he wants to date you exclusively

You’re his steady girlfriend and he makes sure everyone knows it. He is faithful and expects fidelity from you too. He has had the conversation about being exclusive with you. He makes sure everyone knows that he’s your boyfriend, not only because he doesn't want random men hitting on you, but because he wants to send a clear signal to all the girls that he’s taken. This is a big step and you should appreciate him for this.

7. He’s transparent about his routine

You know his routine and what his day holds for him, not because you’re a tyrant but because he volunteers this information. You know he’s in the gym in the morning and reaches work at 10 a.m., after making a quick dash to a coffee shop. You know that if he doesn't take your call in the afternoon, he’s probably in a meeting or in the loo. If he’s missing for a couple of hours, there’s always an explanation that’s credible. You have never wondered, “What could he possibly be doing now?” or “Why hasn't he called me?”.

8. He introduces you to his friends

He is keen that you meet his friends and not only because he wants to show off what a knockout you are, but because he’s so in love with you. He wants his friends to know you and like you. He wants you to get comfortable with them, because this paves the way for your initiation in the group. He makes an effort to be nice to your friends for the same reasons. He wants you to meet his family. This move is not to be underestimated at all. If there’s one thing common in men across continents, it’s the fact that they only take the girl home, if they’re taking the relationship to the next level.

9. He asks for your opinion and respects it

He wants you to accompany him while he shops for clothes, because he trusts your choice. When he’s confused about his career, he talks to you and listens patiently to what you have to say. He discusses things with you to seek your opinion.

10. He’s always there when you need him

He may be foul tempered and may say hurtful things from time to time, but he's always there when you need him. When your uncle passed away, he was there to hold your hand. When you lost a job, he took you out for ice cream and reassured you. He may have his faults, but if he really cares for you, he will always try to protect you. If a bitchy girlfriend keeps picking on you, he calls her bluff and shuts her up. If he genuinely worries about you because you have cramps during that time of the month, he’s definitely serious about you.

I hope this helps you ladies... ;)

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Big 3 - Janet, Mariah, Whitney...12 Radio Show

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TOPIC - Big 3 - Janet, Mariah, Whitney. 

On this week's episdoe, we will break down 3 of the biggest music acts in the 80s and 90s...Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston. 

co-hosted by eclectik

You don't want to miss this!!!

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This is a picture of a photo.

The photo hangs on the wall at my mother's house in the house where I grew up in Florence, SC

It's been on the wall since I was about 5 yrs old.

After a recent trip to my hometown, I actually stopped and read it...then I really got the true meaning of it.

Every man should strive to have a woman...

Every female should strive to become a woman...

Monday, April 14, 2014


The other day I was going through some old blog posts from a few years ago. I stumbled across a blog called "Muzik Monday". It was a post of videos/songs that I liked or was playing at the time. As I listened to the songs, I thought to myself..."I kinda miss this dude."

So...I decided to bring it back.

I think with the old posts I listened to a lot of hip hop so that's what I posted most of the times. Now, I'll do it randomly based on any music that I come across. I still listen to a lot of hip hop but that's not all that I listen to. The MuzikMonday songs are just some songs that stood out to me that I heard over the past few days while listening to Pandora.

Lose Myself by Marsha Ambrosius

I'm a fan of Marsha's. This song was originally done by Lauryn Hill. I'm a HUGE fan of LBoogie. Very deep song. Listen to the words. (ps...come back Lauryn. lol)

My Favorite Thing - Ron Isley (Ft. Kem)

Good to see Mr. Biggs back on the scene. Very cool song. I like it!

We Belong Together - Mariah Carey

Me and Mariah...go back like babies and pacifiers. hahahah. I've never been a big fan of Mariah's but this album was sick. I always loved this joint from her. Very melodic. Very deep and meaningful song.

All I Do - Stevie Wonder

This is a classic. I remember my when my parents had this album (Hotter Than July). They would play this all the time. This is one of my favorite songs from the album

I Ain't No Joke - Eric B. & Rakim

Hip hop will always been on my playlist. And this was my theme song when I was a young kid. LOL. You can't go wrong with the greatest MC of all time...Rakim

Friday, April 4, 2014

10 Tricky Questions Women Ask

I was doing some reading the other day and I came across this article from Men's Health

If this question is delivered over beers with your buds, you’ll gladly launch into anecdotes about home repairs, morning jogs, or workplace snafus. But if your wife or girflfriend asks? The question is suddenly fraught with implications and innuendos—whether she’s trying to send a message or not.

“In relationships, we bid for emotional connection by asking questions that range from mundane to soul-searching,” says Don Cole, a licensed marriage and family therapist at the Gottman Institute in Houston. But we were socialized to communicate differently: Women make emotional connections with their girlfriends (How do you feel about it?) much different than men do with their pals (Did you see that motorcycle?). When her question strikes a nerve, it’s often because you’re perceiving a disconnect in what she really wants to say—and that can come from both sides, says Cole.

But why can her questions rile you up so easily? Your instinct to blow a gasket or storm off is biological: “Men’s bodies are hardwired to be hyper-reactive to stress and danger, but modern danger is no longer a ferocious tiger—it’s the pissed-off wife or girlfriend,” says Jamie Turndorf, Ph.D., author of Kiss Your Fights Goodbye. When she comes at you with touchy topics, your body sees danger, which involuntarily triggers your fight-or-flight response, she explains. To sail smoothly through any line of questioning, be ready with these smart responses.

1) “Do you love me?”

The reason it freaks you out: When a woman asks validation-seeking questions, it’s her biological programming hungering for reassurance that her man loves her enough to stick around for the long haul, says Turndorf. While this may seem tiresome to you—your feelings haven’t changed in the week since she asked last—it’s her way of checking on the security of your relationship.

The best response: “You’re the most generous, giving person I’ve ever met, and that makes me love you more and more every day.” Instead of complimenting her looks—which will make her nervous your feelings will change when things start to drop—focus on affirming why you love the parts that won’t change: She’s a wonderful mother, has the best sense of humor, and makes one mean pot of chili.

2) “Isn’t that the most beautiful diamond bracelet?”

The reason it freaks you out: You think she’s gunning for a—very expensive—reward. If your finances are tight, this question can threaten your ability to provide. For her, it’s not about the actual bracelet, Turndorf says: Gifts can represent your love and commitment to some women.

The best response: “That bracelet would look beautiful on you. Maybe one day when we have the cash, we’ll buy it for you.” Responding in a way that embraces her emotional needs allows you to both feel satisfied, even when you’re not on the same timeline, she says.

3) “Can you talk to our daughter about her C in math?”

The reason it freaks you out: There’s an implication that you wouldn’t think to do this yourself, which threatens your standing as a parent, says Cole. People are also very sensitive to tone of voice, and if we hear a negative intonation—as this question is often delivered from a frustrated parent—we’re likely to get defensive, he adds.

The best response: “Let’s talk about how we should handle this.” Parenting is a team sport, so instead of feeling like you’re fighting for first place, remind her you’re one unit. Plus, the more negative your relationship, the more likely you are to hear questions like this as criticism, says Cole. That means strengthening your standing as a team can encourage you to hear these requests as her tagging you in instead of pushing you in.

4) “When are we going to start having kids?”

The reason it freaks you out: Women are often ready to commit before men are, and try to unconsciously coax guys into a commitment with questions, says Turndorf.

The best response: “There’s no other woman I would ever want to have children with, but I want a little more time to enjoy just you.” Leading your response with a clear indication of your love, and saying “not now”—with an endearing reason—instead of a flat-out “no” can help keep you honest without slamming her with an emotional hammer, she advises.

5) “What are you thinking?”

The reason it freaks you out: Women often speak to men the way they want to be spoken to, and women are more comfortable with open-ended emotional questions, says Turndorf.

The best answer: “You mean about [insert topic]?” Help guide questions into versions you’re more comfortable answering by re-framing her query into a concrete topic, she suggests. This will also help narrow in on specific subjects that are on her mind, and help her feel at ease to talk without dancing around the subject.

6) “Why haven’t you taken care of this yet?”

The reason it freaks you out: Every relationship has perpetual differences—things that are in your personality and will probably never change, says Cole. Most of our fights are about these unsolvable problems, and because you’ve had this argument so many times before, the subject sends you into defensive mode quicker.

The best response: “I’m feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Can we take 30 minutes and then talk about this again?” When that primitive fight-or-flight kicks in, men become flooded with overwhelming emotion faster than women, causing them to shell up, says Cole. Most of the time, women don’t realize this and think you walking out of the room or clamming up means you don’t care. Tell her you need time to cool off or think things through, but you aren’t avoiding the issue.

7) “Do you like my new dress?”

The reason it freaks you out: There’s an implication in this question that you don’t compliment her enough, says Cole. Unfortunately, a lot of times this is true, he adds.

The best response: “The color brings out your eyes, and it hugs you in all the right places.” Remedy the oversight by giving her more than the expected response. And next time, tell her you love how she looks in the dress as soon as you head out for the evening, advises Cole. Even if you have no idea if the garment is new, she’s just asking you to take notice. One characteristic of successful couples is they regularly say more positive things to one another, which cancels the need for her to ask any validation-seeking questions, he adds.

8) “How are you feeling about us?”

The reason it freaks you out: This question feels like a test that you didn’t study for. What she’s really saying is, “I have something I want to talk about.”

The best response: “What’s on your mind?” The kicker with this question is, it would catch her off-guard if you asked it, says Cole. Most people don’t have this answer ready unless they’ve been thinking about it, so skip ahead and open the floor for her to air any concerns. Ask her how she’s feeling, but say it genuinely so she doesn’t feel like you’re avoiding expressing your feelings, says Cole.

9) “Do you think we should trade in the car for a new one?”

The reason it freaks you out: Guys have a hard time accepting influence from women, says Cole. It’s not that they think their wife’s opinion is less informed; they just instinctively feel if there was a problem, they would’ve noticed.

The best way to respond: “Why do you say that?” It’s easy to brush aside topics you don’t think need attention, but over time, she’ll feel undervalued, he says. The three smartest words men can say in a relationship: “That makes sense.” You don’t have to tell her she’s right, but making her feel heard will save you many fights down the road, he advises.

10) “Would you be mad if I went out with my girlfriends on Friday?”

The reason it freaks you out: She might be delivering a veiled accusation that you wouldn’t be okay with what she has now made to sound like a perfectly reasonable request, says Cole.

The best response: “Of course not, but it’d be easier to agree if you asked in a more positive way.” Your choices with this question are to let it slide—which encourages her to phrase things this way in the future—or to fix the problem and suffer a little tuft. And the fight is worth it: Learning how to ask for what we need has to be in our set of communication skills, says Cole. She thinks she’s easing into the question by phrasing it this way, but she’s actually making the assumption you’re going to be unreasonable, and that’s not productive for either of you, he adds.