Thursday, June 28, 2012


I reached a milestone last week. I knew it was coming. The funny thing was that there was NO reaction to my milestone.

Nobody threw me a party

Nobody bought me any balloons

No champagne was popped.


Last week I surpassed the 100,000 tweets sent mark on Twitter. That's major! LOL. Seriously, before you say..."Damn Kyle, that's a lot of tweets. You tweet too much." You have to understand that next month marks my FOUR year anniversary on Twitter. Things are so much different on Twitter now than it was 4 years ago. Back then, NOBODY had even heard of it! There were no celebs. No teams. No corporations. In fact, I came to twitter along with 8 or 9 fellow bloggers. We didn't tweet much because we didn't know what the hell we were doing. When we did tweet, it was to each other and it came through as text messages. Can you imagine having 8 or 9 followers and they were some of the coolest people around? Well, that's how it was. It was almost like our exclusive little world

But the world turns and it changes. Twitter went global. Next thing you know, it was filled with people who would say anything about anything with no filter. Half nekkid women became the norm. And everybody wanted to follow a celeb so they could tweet with them (which didn't make a lot of sense because celebs don't tweet with "common folks"). I don't follow celebs. Twitter also became about how many followers you had and spam became rampant. When Twitter blew up blew up! I thought about leaving Twitter but I changed my mind. Although it's not what it once was, it's still fun for me. I still enjoy interacting with people. But you have to keep it in perspective. I'm the same person ON twitter that I am off twitter. You can't say the same for everybody else. There is a lotta BS that you'll see on a day to day basis. Some people send tweets about a life that they don't live because on twitter you can be who you want to be.

For me, it's not about how many followers you have. I remember when I didn't want to have more than 100 followers. LOL. I think I've deleted more "followers" than ever. I'm not going to be another number. I follow people because I am generally interested in what they have to say. But I have one follow me...I follow you ; you unfollow me...I unfollow you. Simple

I don't know why people follow me. Maybe they think I'm cool. I dunno. I never really stopped to think about it. I would hope that they get something from me.

Time has past and things are different on Twitter. And that's ok. That's what you call evolution.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

that's why she DON'T have a man

"Mannnnn, if a woman is over a good job...has her own kids...and DOESN'T have a man...SHE IS CRAZY!!!"

When I heard Paul say those words, I paused for a second. It caught me off guard. Before I could reply, he added...

"Even if she has a kid or kids...and no man??? You KNOW she CRAZY!!!!"

The circle of dudes all burst into laughter. I chuckled at Paul...not because of what he said...but because of how he said it and his strong Brooklyn accent. He's a funny dude. Was he correct? Not even close. 

For some reason, we all seem to succumb to society's definition of what or who we should be. You've all heard it before. We all should be married with children and a career by a certain age. And for some reason, we fall into the trap of that realm of thinking. Who wants to be defined by a few people? I don't think anybody should want that. 

Back to Paul's statement. I could have corrected him. But who am I to tell him that women ain't crazy. I know he's dealt with a few crazy women. LOL. Seriously, you have to look deeper into it...

Maybe she's single because...she's not ready for a relationship

Maybe she's single because...she is focused on her career and doesn't have time to devote to dating nor a relationship

Maybe she's single because...she just got out of a relationship

Maybe she's single because...she is waiting for Mr. Right

Maybe she's single because...she has watched her girlfriends run down the aisle and not be ready for marriage and she refuses to become a statistic

Maybe she's single because...she is afraid of committing

Maybe she's single because...she actually enjoys being single and not having to "answer" to a man

Maybe she's single because...she likes traveling the globe and she can't handle a long distance relationship

Maybe she's single because...she thinks all of the good men are engaged or married

Maybe she's single because...she knows that a lot of male egos will be bothered by her degrees and six figure salary

Maybe she's single because...she is tired of dealing with trifling men who don't know what they want...but know they want sex...but don't want a commitment...but don't want her with another man.

Now...Paul could have been right. Maybe she is crazy...but i think it's probably one of the reasons that I listed more than it is her being crazy. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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Thursday, June 14, 2012


It's Throwback Thursday and I decided to participate with a few pics and commentary. I don't do this often but I saw some old pics and decided to do it. 

Mom & Dad...they knew the time. I like this pic b/c Mom is real fly. I'm guessing that Dad's suit was hot back then. Peep the pork chop sideburns. LMAO

Me & my brother Damon...I remember this b/c he wouldn't sit still to take the picture

Me & my cousin Eric with my Dad in the background. I'll take a wild guess that we had just come from church.

Senior Year...before I wore #12...I was #1

Me & my homie Shaft...graduation day...June 7, 1991

Me & my homegirl Keisha....junior year at South Carolina State University. Somebody was taking a picture of me and she "snuck up" behind me and got in the pic. LOL. Peep the Sony Walkman

Picture Day...junior year. I couldn't smile that was too DAMN HOT!!!

Me & Coach Jeffries...last home game at Oliver C. Dawson Stadium (Senior Day). The man is a legend. I learned a lot from him. 

 3 da hard way...this was Brandon's FIRST family pic.

Skyler & Daddy...our FIRST picture together. Awwwww

Skyler & Daddy...again. Not sure why she is ice grillin

Da Fam...Me, Mrs 12, Deion, Kameron, & Brandon

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

can you break the friend zone?

I found this article on Men's that I wanted to share with you.

I can't say that I agree with this because I think ONCE you're in that zone...there is NO WAY that you get out! But you tell me what YOU think!!

Want to make your girl friend your girlfriend? Of course you do. In a study where 88 opposite-sex pairs of friends filled out questionnaires about their relationship, guys were more likely to be attracted to their female pals than the other way around, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found.

Men were also more likely to overestimate their female friends’ attraction to them. So if you find yourself wanting to jump from the Friend Ship to the Relation Ship—see what we did there?—abide by these four strategies to make the tricky transition go as smooth as possible. (But believe us: There are still plenty of Good Reasons Not to Sleep with Her.)

1. Assess the Situation

First, is she available? “If she has a boyfriend, is just getting over someone, or is confused about what she wants, it’s a red light,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., sexuality counselor and author of She Comes First. “Otherwise you’ll look like you’re trying to seize an opportunity, which could leave her feeling betrayed.” If, however, you spend lots of one-on-one time together, your interactions often feel like dates, or they have a romantic energy about them, those are good signs that you could become something more than friends.

2. Test the Waters

“In conversation mention, ‘Gee, if I were dating you, I would do x, y, z,’ and see her reaction to it,” suggests Amy Laurent, relationship expert and star of Bravo’s upcoming series Miss Advised. “If it makes her uncomfortable or she laughs and says, ‘Oh stop!’ with an awkward smile, you may be crossing the boundary and need to respect that she may simply just want to be friends with you.” But if she seems genuinely interested in how you would treat her—for instance, she asks follow-up questions to your hypothetical scenario—she may already be thinking you’re boyfriend material. (Learn how to Talk to Her about Anything.

3. Make a Pact

You have to know going in that there’s a risk of ruining your friendship if a relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, Laurent says. “Make a pact to not let that happen,” she adds. “If you’re going to risk a great friendship, make sure two elements—respect and communication—are always there. Because hopefully they’ll still be there and you can go back to being friends.”

4. Find the Right Moment

Telling her you want to date her while drunk and standing in the middle of a crowded bar surrounded by a group of friends: Bad idea, buddy. “Women are often very sensitive to context, so even if she feels the same way about you, she may not feel comfortable telling you in that moment,” Kerner says. Your game plan: Confess your feelings when the two of you are alone. “Make sure you’re in a fun, romantic context such as out to dinner, on a walk, or shopping together to help set the tone,” Kerner adds. “Then, depending on the situation, put your arm around her, hold her hand, or say, ‘I’m just going to do something here,’ and lean in for a kiss,” he adds. “These actions give her the opportunity to reciprocate if she feels the same way.”

Monday, June 11, 2012

in the blink of an eye

In the blink of an eye...your WHOLE life can change.

I know that.

You do too!

Sometimes things happen in life and you stop in your tracks.

On Sunday night...June 3...something terrible happened. A Chrysler Pacifica traveling eastbound on Hwy 78 near Stone Mountain (Ga) Park went off the highway and crashed into a wooded area. The driver had lost control of the vehicle. The driver was not alone in the car. The driver's kids...two girls (15 & 11) and two boys (9 &8) were also in the car with him. After the crash, only the boys were able to get out of the car. When the driver could not find his cellphone to call for help, he decided to walk to a nearby restaurant to get help. While it is unclear why he left his daughters (I think it was because either he couldn't get them or he thought they were dead), he and his sons walked a mile to get help. When they got to the restaurant, they called the police. While in the restaurant, the driver and his sons were captured by the restaurant's surveillance camera. The driver was clearly distraught on the camera. The video, which would later be played on the local news in Atlanta, shows a man who appeared to be off balance at time. The paramedics arrived and treated the boys who appeared to suffer minor scratches. The police arrived at the restaurant within minutes. Then, they visited the site where the vehicle had been crashed. The 11 yr old girl was still alive. She had suffered fractures and an injury to the head. The 15 yr old was dead. The police say that the driver, Anthony Johnson, caused the accident. They surmised that he had been drinking. The police arrested him and charged him with DUI, vehicular homicide and failure to maintain a lane.

I know Anthony Johnson. Not personally...but I know him. He is the father of a kid on the football team that I coach.

The kid, Nehemiah, was one of the best kids that was on our team 2 yrs ago. Although he didn't play on our team last year, he was back on our team this year. He is a good kid. He's kinda quiet but a good athlete and one of the best kids who we lined up at cornerback that year. And he has a big smile that could light up a room. He was back with our team just 2 weeks ago when we started doing our summer conditioning program on Sunday afternoons. I saw Mr Johnson and gave him a pound and hug when I saw him. I thanked him for letting me coach his son again this year. As a coach, you feel like each kid is yours because of the bonds that are shared on and off the field. This story hits close to home because I think Mr.Johnson...from what I could a great father.

I feel for Nehemiah. I wish I could see the kid and give him a hug. I don't know what he went through during that accident. I don't know how he'll move on at the age of 9 as he has lost his oldest sister and his father is facing jail time. I don't know what Mr. Johnson was thinking when he got behind the wheel. Was he drunk? The police seem to think so. Johnson is now out on bail and will be awaiting trial. But how do you console him when he knows...whether he was drunk or not...he has lost his child. As a parent, you NEVER want to out live your child. The mere thought of being on this earth without my children can bring tears to my eyes. None of us know Mr. Johnson's pain. I feel for him. I don't know if I'll coach Nehemiah this year. At this point, it doesn't matter. I just hope he and his family will be okay. Time will tell

All I can do is pray for them.

Friday, June 8, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

let me be the first to say MERRY CHRISTMAS to you! it's June already and when you'll be December.

you gotta feel bad for this generation. they don't know how to go outside and play ALL day like we used to

i may one of the few people who go through airport security and aren't annoyed by the TSAs.

raise your hand if you're behind the wheel and you constantly talk to the other drivers how bad the traffic is...and you know they can't hear you but you talk anyway

you can always tell if somebody moved something from your matter how messy your desk is

Herm Cain just got a new gig on a talk radio show. why? because chicks dig radio guys...that's why!

my co-worker told me she went from a size 16 to a size 4 in a year. her secret? workout every day

sometimes i try to have intellectual conversations with Siri

10 yrs from now...will the video chicks look back and say..."do you see how fine i was in that Wacka Flocka video?"

when somebody sneezes in a room, either YOU or somebody else will sneeze within a minute

i miss Mike Jax

have you ever walked into a room...then forgot WHAT you came in the room for?

if you don't tune in to the 12 Radio Show every Wednesday are truly missing out.

my girlfriend will be be back next month. can't wait to see her!

i think most people are ok with their co-workers being their Facebook friends but WILL NOT let them follow them on twitter

why is it that those who are offered chewing gum are the first ones to turn it down?

water should not have a taste

private school or public school?

this is what my pinky looked like after i didn't catch a pass in a scrimmage game in college. thanks, Russ! (@3rddeadline)

ladies...everybody can't wear sundresses

fellas...don't uphold your homies when it is clear that they are wrong

ladies...all you need is a splash of perfume...that's it. don't take a bath in it.

fellas...all you need is a splash of cologne...that's it. don't take a bath in it

back in the 70s..Evil Knievel was the coolest

why are rappers always saying "we're doing it REAL BIG"? can you come up with something else?

when a preacher says "in closing..." that means he's gonna preach for 20 more minutes

remember when you played outside ALL day long during the summer as a kid? you would never say something crazy like..."it's too hot outside."

i don't like to watch tv if it ain't in high definition

remember when tv stations actually "signed off" the air at night?

i'm going to get my first tattoo this summer.

why pay for the newspaper when you can find it online for free?

Skyler is crawling now...AND driving