Friday, May 30, 2008

1st time

Growing up, I was a good kid. A damn good kid. Never gave my parents any problems. I got good grades and was very popular. As I grew, I did some dumb shit. Not because I'm not intelligent. Just did dumb shit b/c that's what guys do. Like the time that I fired a loaded gun in the house. Then had the NERVE to try to LIE about it when everybody was in tha house with me when i blew a hole in the wall. But I had some great times. It was a great childhood. I wouldn't change a thing about it.

As my sons' grow, I hope they'll be able to look back and have even better memories than me. I accomplished alot. I hope that they do the same.

As they say...there's a first time for everything. Here a couple of firsts...

First steps... 9 months old

First words..."da da" said to my mom

First kiss...age of 7 (yeah...i was a lil fresh youngin)

First crush...who? My "girlfriend" at the age of 7. Her name was Janice

First sex...age? 15 (still fresh)

First love...high school sweetheart...lasted for 3 years

First job...selling vacuum cleaners for Kirby

First friend (non family)...JFresh

First car...Nissan Sentra

First song...ABC's ( i think that's EVERYBODY'S first song)

Those are some of mine...

Whut's yours???


Thursday, May 29, 2008

close tha door...

Sex. Famous 3 letter word. I'm gonna assume that everyone reading this has had sex at least once (stop giggling). We're all having sex (or will be having sex) with somebody...sooner than later. LOL. Nevertheless, we're all doin it. Are we doin' it right? Well...that depends on who you ask. Sex can be enhanced. And as LRenee told us last week, we gotta make time for it because it's good for us. I guess we all can get better at it. The only way that I know how to get better is to...PRACTICE. Haaaa. Peep this article that I found on WebMd...

Was it good for you?

If you’re like a lot of men, chances are it wasn’t. At least, the sex wasn’t as good as you think it could have been.

To rephrase a famous question: Can’t we all just have great sex?

Of course we can. But first we should decide what great sex is.

“Great sex is in the eye of the beholder, or the be-hander,” says Patti Britton, a clinical sexologist and author of The Art of Sex Coaching. “For some men, it might be the ability to produce fantabulous multiple orgasms in their partner. For other men, it might mean being able to last three minutes. Being a great lover means becoming a great lover to your particular partner, and that requires doing something very difficult: opening your mouth.”

Great Sex Tip 1: Take Up Pillow Talk

Right. The mouth. Useful for kissing and other orally administered forms of arousal (none of which should be underestimated), it’s also a tool for communication. Try it. Tell her what you want. Ask her what she likes. Shoot for trust and openness.

“If you get to know yourself and your partner, you’ll have a much more erotic and explosive sexual relationship,” says Joy Davidson, a New York-based psychologist and sexologist, and the author of Fearless Sex.

Great Sex Tip 2: Don’t Believe Locker Room Talk

When men do talk, they often puff themselves up to their peers. Less apt than women to discuss their insecurities and more inclined to exaggerate their exploits, men paint distorted pictures of their sex lives for one another.

“A lot of men wind up thinking that their sex life is missing something, that other men are having wilder sex or more frequent sex,” Davidson says. “They have a sense that the pleasure ship has sailed and left them behind.”

Great Sex Tip 3: Don’t Compare Your Sex Life With Porn

Not everything men know about sex they learned from pornography. But a lot of it they did. And that can be a problem. Populated as it is by flawlessly formed women and men with etched abs and equine endowments, adult entertainment makes many guys wonder: What am I doing wrong? Or, more to the point: What’s wrong with me?

There are positives to porn -- it can, for example, inspire us to greater sexual exploration. But when Debbie Did Dallas, she also did damage to the way men often think about sex.

“I’m not going to stand in the way of your watching porn, as long as you’re aware that it’s not reality,” Castleman says. “It’s like watching a car chase in an action movie. It’s exciting. It’s entertaining. But everyone knows it’s not the way to drive.”

Great Sex Tip 4: Focus on Pleasurable Sensations

While we’re on driving, let’s talk about commutes. And cubicles. And computers. And the demands and distractions of our daily lives.

Stress is an enemy of great sex. So is anxiety about performance. Minimizing both helps maximize your enjoyment of your partner. “If we can quiet our monkey-minds, put a stop to that ceaseless inner-chatter, we can open ourselves up to better sex,” Britton says.

She recommends that men adopt a mantra: FOPS, or Focus on Pleasurable Sensations.

“There are techniques ranging from eye-gazing to massage and synchronized breathing that help keep you in the moment,” Britton says. “Great sex happens in the present. It doesn’t happen in the future, like worrying about how quickly you’re going to come.”

Great Sex Tip 5: Focus Less on Size and More on Other Matters

“I’m not going to pretend it doesn’t matter,” Davidson says. “There are plenty of women for whom it absolutely does. But I prefer to focus on the idea of the right fit.”

No two people are built the same, and it helps to have compatible body parts. For some women, men of modest size may be a perfect fit. It’s a matter of physiology and personal preference. But perfect-fitting penetration isn’t the only path to satisfying sex. Focus on foreplay. Concentrate on kissing, cooing, caressing -- the full panoply of sexual pleasure giving.

Great Sex Tip 6: Schedule Sex. Really.

What sounds rote and dreary can actually be dreamy, says Michael Castleman, who recommends the strategy especially to couples in long-term relationships, who’ve passed the can’t-keep-their-hands-off-each-other phase.

“There’s this powerful mythology that says you should fall into each other’s arms spontaneously, with string music playing and the sun setting in the West, and if that doesn’t happen there’s something wrong with you,” Castleman says. “Nonsense. Real life doesn’t work that way.”

Castleman says that scheduling sex also eliminates conflict over desire differences. “People say, ‘What if I’m not in the mood?’ Well, one of the things about relationships is that you sometimes make compromises. But what astonishes people once they start scheduling sex is that they can actually enjoy it.”

Your thoughts...on whateva you wanna discuss. haaaaaaa


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i think i still love h.e.r

Damn! I never thought it'd come to this. The perfect union is falling apart. I'm not really sure how it happened. They say that people change over time. I guess that's true. I've grown up. I'm not really sure that you have. Maybe you did...but I just didn't see it.

For as long as I can's been me and you. We were always down and loved by the crew. I remember when you helped me grow. Dealing with my parents divorce, I turned to you. You never let me down.

I still love you...just not the way that I used to. I mean, i still smile and nod my head when I hear you or when I see you. But it ain't the same. Have you changed? Yes! Have I changed? Yes! Change is good.

We had some good times. No...we had some great times! I remember when it all started back in the day. This was before the job, car, crib, wife, and kids. This was the good ole days. You took me all over the world. You took me from SC to places like LA, NYC, Miami, Chicago, Houston and everywhere in between. It seemed like everything that I did involved you. From the way that I dressed to the way that I talked it involved you. It became funny to see white people try to copy my style b/c of you. But you can't be copied nor duplicated. You are what you are.

And then you were fun then, I'd be geeked when you came around
You were fresh when you were underground
Original, pure untampered sister
Boy I tell ya...i miss her

Now, it appears that we're going our separate ways. That's cool. Maybe I'm too old for you anyway. But I can't help but hold on to what we've had b/c I know that we can make that magic again. You can spark that special feeling when I hear you call me. When I'm reminded of a song that takes me to that old boom bap.

I could turn my back and walk away from you.

Fuck it. I'm not. We've been down for too long. We've still got more history to make.

The more that I think about you...I realize that I can't outgrow you. You're not a number. You are a way of life. You are me. And I am you.

But I'ma take you back because I know that me and you can't stop
Cause who I'm talking bout y'all is hip hop

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Off tha Dome

random thoughts...

I rarely carry cash. I'm get surprised when I find money in my wallet

I grew up in South Carolina...but I've never been fishing. Gotta go this summer.

Ladies...if you're gonna rock the pumps or sandals...please put LOTION on your footzz. I saw some feet yesterday that made me wanna puke

How many TRUE friends do you have? Less than 5...less than 10...more than 20?

Earthquakes...tornados...typhoons...whut the hell is going on? Not to mention this weather is crazy. I'm convinced that we're in for a HOT summer

I'm not feelin the Obama/Clinton ticket. I think she and her punk ass husband have said wayyy too much for him to roll with her. I think he can win without her.

Funny how some women yearned for the big breasts and a big butt. Then...when they got it they fought to get rid of it.

Why can't I hear a dope rhyme over a tight beat anymore?

I don't take most female MCs seriously. I'm sorry. I'm tired of Foxy Brown and Lil Kim and nem. Can somebody find the next MC Lyte


Have you ever had an interview for a job and you did so well that you KNEW that the job was yours...but you didn't get it?

Have you ever had an interview for a job and you didn't do well and you KNEW that you wouldn't get the job offer...but you did?

I miss The Wire

Nuffin wrong with looking for love. Just don't look for it in the club.

I ate alotta candy when I was younger. Now, I can barely stand it.

Football season is right around the corner. Wonder how many of y'all are into fantasy football? Maybe we'll do a league on the Planet.

I'm lovin this bloggin, thang.

One day we're gonna have a 12th Planet party. It'll be a celebration!

Ok...i'll admit it...I can dance. No need in denying it any more. You've seen the pictures! haaaaa

I hope RKelly gets whats coming to him.

Beauty is skin deep. That said...I'm not feeling Usher's um...wife.

I love to see new bloggers gettin started...congrats to ShellyShell and Dione

I hate cats

Wouldn't it be cool if you could take a nap at lunch time?

Friday, May 23, 2008

back in MY day

I just dropped Deion and Kameron off at school. Today is the last day of school. Kameron has completed Kindergarten and Deion has completed 3rd grade. They are soooo lucky. They go to a great magnet school. And they love school. Watching them walk into the building took me back to MY day...

Do you remember...

...when you played at recess.

....when you thought boys/girls were yucky

....when you started liking boys/girls

...when you looked forward to taking a test

...when math was only addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

...when you could read books for days

...when you were a hall monitor or a safety patrol

...when you made straight A's

....when the girls could jump rope for ever

...when you could feel a girl on the booty and it wasn't sexual harassment

...when you knew the first and last name of everybody in your class

...when you befriended the "dirty kid"

...when you made fun of the "dirty kid

...when you sang loud and off key

....when you asked her "to go with you"

...when your favorite times of the day were PE, lunch, and recess

...when somebody did the "Solar System" as a science project

...when you got stage fright

...when you performed in front of a crowd and you loved it

...when your parents reminded you how smart you were

...those were the days

Thursday, May 22, 2008

blog 101

When you pull up this page on your computer, whaddaya see?? Well, if you look to the'll see my blog crew. These are my peeps. These are the blogs that I frequent every day.

First, most of them are females. Don't blame me...that's how the blog world is. LOL

Second, all of the ladies are VERY ATTRACTIVE. I'm taken but I can pass on a compliment. Haaaa

Thirdly, all of the bloggers are well versed and tremendous writers. Everybody has a passion and a great ability of self expression

If you've never heard of them...lemme tell you a lil bit about em. Or lemme tell you what I know about em. And I promise not to look at their profiles. LOL

-1-...she is simply that because she is the first to come and none to come behind her (did i get it she doesn't like capital letters. she graduated from michigan state (i'll have maaad jokes come football season) and she has a young daughter. hails from dearborn, mi

BGG aka Brown Girl Gumbo...she has the hottest fashion blog that i've seen. sometimes i go there and i can't comment on the hottest eyeliner in the world but it's a great blog to check out. she's from Brooklyn

CapCity...real down to earth sista. She is a member of the Bloggers Delight crew. She's from DC but lives in NYC. She's an author, too...i think.

Chicas...4 sistas who are all successful lawyers. I can't remember their names but I know TravelDiva. Maaad cool young lady. They do a weekly post called "Joker of the Week". It's a classic. They are all from DC

Dejanae...To say that her blog is all over the place is an understatement. Very creative, tho. She likes to take pics. Great music on her blog, too. She's Haitian and she's from NY

Don...Maaad cool brutha. He's like the Pied Piper of Blogging. Everybody goes to his blog. I didn't know anybody in the blog world. Then, one day he stopped by my blog and dropped me a line. I returned the favor. Then I realized that this dude was a cult hero. LOL. Not sure where Don is from. Parts unknown?

DreamCop08...just joined the crew not long ago. Very witty and passionate lady. She's on a quest right now. Quest for what? Check out her blog and find out. She's from Louisiana?

Eb the Celeb...this is my lil sis right here. She's one of the few bloggers whom I've met (last Sat at her bday party). Her name is well deserved. She has 3 blogs. The only knock on her is that she went to NC A&T. Boooooo. She's from Rochester NY but lives in Harlem

eclectik...his posts are like my thoughts...all over the place! When you check out his'll learn a few thangs. From DC

hadassah....young Canadian sista. She's very passionate. I think she's in school

Jaded NYer...she cracks me up everytime that i go to her blog. This Dominican is off the chain. I know her real name, too. LOL. Mother of 2 girls. Mets fan (boo). Brooklyn, son!!! (in my New Yawk accent)

Jewells...the round the way girl. Her "Why Wednesday" posts have become legendary! I think she was an army brat who moved around? Lives in Summerville, SC. Just graduated. Congrats again, sis

Karrie, stylish, name it and that's Karrie B. She's the chick that you hang out with that makes sure that YOU have a good time with HER. Hails from NYC

Keisha the Kitten...very spiritual sista. She's charming and funny. Hails from Chi-town

LRenee...this is fam right here. She's married to one of my potnaz. She encouraged me to start my own blog based on the comments that I left on hers. Although she doesn't post every day, she's on point with it. Mother of 2 younginz. She's from DC

Mika...very down to earth and cool sista. Kinda reminds me of the girl who would help you study for that exam but wouldn't let you stress over it. You feel me? Mother to a cute lil boy. Hails from Long Beach, CA

Mizrepresent aka favorite writer. She "bleeds on the paper" when she writes. She is an author. Met her for the 1st time at Eb's party. Cooler than cool. Mother of 2. She's from Gary, IN but she's an ATLien

MsPuddin...buck wild!! That's what she is. She has her own theme music "Dance With Somebody" by Whitney Houston. She's a bartender? Lives in LA??? Not sure

Muze...a fabulous writer. She was one of the 1st blogs that I frequented. Maaaaad cool. She's an author as well. Hails from the D...aka Detroit. Loves Kanyeeezy.

Opinionated Diva aka OD... the name fits. She has an opinion about everything. And she comes correct with it. Reminds me a lot of my cousin Tara who lives in Newark, NJ. Gotta check out her Flashback Friday blogs. OD is from Brooklyn

PCD...the best circle drawer in the country. She reminds me soooo much of my real sister. PCD introduced me to the term "pantsuit" when describing Hilary Clinton. LMAO!!! To this day, I chuckle when I think of that. Mother to a daughter...lil PCD. From NJ

Poca...if you ever got a chance to read her entertainment blog (she no longer has it) you'd be entertained. You gotta love her "Next Level" blogs. Mother of 3. She's from San Diego

Prettyblack...the realest...PERIOD. She refers to herself as a "bitch" but I'd never call her that even though she uses it as a term of endearment. Mother of Lil Pretty. From Sacremento?

PRO...stronger than strong...tougher than nails. Pro's blog comes str8 with no chaser. Gotta love that. She went to Tuskegee...hubby went to FAMU (booo). Lives in Orlando???

Queen...her name says it all. After reading her blog, you'll take a knee to her Majesty. She seems to write so effortlessly. Mother of 2. She is from Houston

Rawdawg brutha. He's an author, too. He's from Memphis but he lives right here in the ATL. brutha who always comes with the witty wisdom with his posts. A member of the Bloggers Delight crew. He's an author. Lives in St Louis.

Swag_Ambassador....maaad cool brutha. All of the ladies love him. He hails from Sacramento. I think he's related to Pretty Black

Tabu...a very passionate young lady. She hails from Canada. If you read her blog once, then you'll be coming back. Trust me

The F$%k It List ..calmer than calm...cooler than cool...realer than real. That's her. Mother of 1son. Lives in NYC. Works on Wall Street?

prettyparker...maaaad cool. She doesn't have a blog. When she gets out. Don't mess with parker. Has one child. Lives in Northern Va

The Flyyest...i like to say that she is "aerial". Fashion and trends? She's up on it. She has the prettiest little girl. I wanna "borrow" her for a weekend. LOL. She has 9 tattoos. She's from the Emerald City...Seattle

Big ^ to the bloggers who frequent the 12th Planet...

Brad- still waiting on your blog (lol)

Rezidl-see above (lol)

Sexxy Luv-see above and Brad (lol)

Shelly Shell- you're off to a great start

Kieya- you are damn good!

Eham- thanks for checkin in, cuz

Da Reason- bring heat everytime you post. pack heat like Fred Johnson. LOL

Derrick- love it when the crew from the crib gets on

WeJa- you off the usual

Mlinz- you always bring something good to the table

Jeff S Class- preciate you coming always

12kyle fan- I am reaaally looking forward to YOUR blog in the coming months

Ms Moore- remember when we used to work together and we had to sit in that cold room??? LOL

Trouble- keep coming back...I like what you have to say

last but not least...

Mrs12...that's my baby right there, y'all. Even tho you don't post that often...I appreciate when you do. Love ya

If I forgot somebody...charge it to my head and not to my heart.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

speak on it

some mc's be talkin' and talkin'
tryin' to show how black people are walkin
but I don't walk this way to portray
or reinforce stereotypes of today
like all my brothas eat chicken and watermelon
talk broken english and drug sellin'
See I'm tellin, and teaching real facts
The way some act in rap is kind of wack
and it lacks creativity and intelligence
but they don't care cause the company is sellin' it
It's my philosophy, on the industry
Don't bother dissin me, or even wish that we'd
soften, dilute, or commercialize all our lyrics
Cause it's about time one of y'all hear it
KRS One (My Philospohy)

Have you ever lived for those moments when you opened your mouth and you had an entire room hanging on every word? Have you ever said something before a group of people and you saw eyes lighting up? Have you ever wanted to speak your mind and change the perceptions that people may have had about you? My answer to all of these questions is YES! When I was in college, I really felt these things. I enjoyed doing presentations and reports in front of my classmates. Everybody in my class...including my professors...knew that I played football. But when you heard me speak, you knew that I wasn't some dumb jock. Actually, they didn't I was a jock at all. I'd hear the whispers after I wooo'd the crowd...

"He's smart. He's articulate. He doesn't sound like a football player."

I was one of the few football players who didnt major in education or criminal justice. Nothing wrong with those majors but the School of Business was no joke. That was my home. Rezidl was in there, too.

Here's my an athlete I loved to have the opportunity to give people a chance to see me as something more than a athlete.

I thought about this topic after watching an episode of Outside the Lines on ESPN this past Sunday. The episode was about whether athletes should be vocal about the political and social injustices that plague this world. It examined the dilemma that the NBA is facing b/c as they try to globalize their game this summer with the Summer Olympics, their athletes are being asked to address some serious issues. The Summer Olympics are being held in China. China has played an active role in the genocide in Darfur. It has been reported that 400,000 non-Arabs in Darfur have been slaughtered.

LeBron James is looking to use the Olympics to increase his popularity in China. However, a year ago his former Cleveland Cavalier teammate, Ira Newble, gave James and the rest of the team a petition to sign to protest China and Darfur. LeBron declined to sign the petition. He told Newble that he didn't know enough about it to sign off on it. Keep in mind that LeBron James is one the faces of the NBA. China's record on human rights issues was, and remains, a sensitive topic, especially for James' employer, the NBA, which has had its eyes on China for more than 20 years. And then add the pressure of James' $90 million contract with Nike, which has its own designs on the vast Chinese market. James is so wildly popular there that he already has two China-only marketed shoes and his own museum in Shanghai, filled with artifacts from his life, including a copy of his birth certificate. And right now, China estimates it has 300 million basketball fans -- the same amount as the entire population in the United States.

Newble understood why LeBron James was hesitant about signing the petition.

"I told him the same thing I told everybody else, except I understand by you being LeBron you have a lot at stake," Newble said. "You can't just put your name on anything, so you need to go back for yourself, get as much information as you can, educate yourself and come to me if you want to sign. He came back and we talked a little bit about it, but at the end of the day he decided not to sign the letter and that's his decision. I respect that's what he chose to do at the time."

Newble's letter made news. But not as much as James not signing it. This took place just as the NBA Finals were beginning between the Cavs and the Spurs, and suddenly James was cast with those athletes who don't know and don't care. And he was ripped from coast to coast, by pundits, columnists and social observers. They all characterized James as a greedy, spoiled athlete who cared more about his business interests in China than about what was going on. James now states that he has more information and he can talk more about it.

"At the end of the day we're talking about human rights," he said. "And people should understand that human rights and people's lives are in jeopardy. We're not talking about contracts here. We're not talking about money. We're talking about people's lives being lost and that means a lot more to me than some money or a contract."

We live in a different time than our parents did. The athletes of the 60s and 70s were trying to gain their civil rights so they often spoke about the injustices that were going on in this country. Things are different today. Do you think it's fair to ask a 23yr old brutha about his stance on Darfur? What about the war in Iraq? Should athletes say more? Should they be doing more? I have some strong opinions on this. I'ma hold off and let my peeps speak first.

holla at meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i gotta story to tell

Growin up in the hood just my dog and me
We used to hustle in the hood for, all to see
Problems, I called on him, he called on me
We wasn't quite partners, I hit him off my P
Met him unlocked doors, off my keys
Yeah we spoke, much more than cordially
Man he broke bread with me, my business spread swiftly
The Feds came to get me, we both fled quickly
Wasn't quick enough to jump over the hedges with me
Got caught, and that's when our relationship strayed
Used to call me from the joint til he ran out of change
And when he called collect and I heard his name
I quickly accepted, but when I reached the phone
he's talkin reckless, I can sense deceit in his tone
I said, "Damn dawg, what, nine weeks and you're home?"
He said, "Main man, you think shit's sweet cause you're home."
I just sat, spat no more speech in the phone
The crackers up there bleachin your dome, you're reachin
I said, "The world don't stop I've got to keep keep on."
From there I sensed the beef was on
I ran to the spy store to add some more features on my phone
To see if I had bugs and leeches on my phone
Can't be too safe cause niggaz is two-faced
And they show the other side when they catch a new case
It's on
Jay Z (A Week Ago)

Soulmates. Inseparable. A great compliment to each other. That's what people thought when they saw the 2 of them together. Xavier and Reign. He was that dude that everybody liked. If you ever heard someone say something bad about him, it'd be because they were simply hating on him. Xavier was a good catch...and he knew it. He had graduated from Howard with a degree in business administration. He came from humble beginnings in East Atlanta. His childhood home was located in the slums in the shadows of Turner Field. Not many dudes from his neighborhood finished high school...none went to college. Not only did he finish college but he just got his masters from Morehouse. To say that he made his momma proud is an understatement.

Reign was no slouch either. She had rec'd her undergraduate degree from GaTech. She was one of the best in her class. It spoke volumes to see a sista doing very well in her field despite being a minority. They had been friends for 2 years but they had been dating for a year. They had no kids but you could see that marriage was on the horizon for them.

Xavier was an entrepreneur. He owned several small business (barber shops, car washes, etc.). He also had a several investment properties. He had a keen business sense. Reign was fully aware and proud of Xavier's business accomplishments. She didn't like the fact that Xavier had employed his brother to help with some property management. Xavier's brother, Rodney, was a knucklehead. He was always getting into trouble. Every time Xavier did well in school, Rodney came home with bad grades. Rodney had also been in and out of jail for various reasons.

One day, Xavier leaves his house to pick up Reign for dinner. They went to a fancy seafood spot in the city. After dinner Xavier excuses himself from the table...only to return with a box in his hand. He got on one knee and proposed to her. She cried tears of joy and accepted his proposal. They immediately set the wedding date for a month from that day that they were engaged.

Two weeks before the wedding, Rodney was arrested for driving with a suspending license. After the cops pulled him over, they found a loaded gun in the car. Xavier called Reign to let her know what had happened and he told her that he'd bail him out. Well, that didn't sit well with Reign and she decided to go to Xavier's house to find out what was going on. On her way there, she rec'd a phone call from her friend Janet. Janet was a well known gossiper. And when she called...she usually had dirt on somebody. Janet was a dispatcher for the county police dept and that made matters worse.

Reign: "Hello"

Janet: "Hey girrrrrrrl. You ain't gonna believe what I just found out."

Reign: "Janet...I'm not in the mood. Rodney just got arrested and Xavier is gonna bail him out.

Janet: "I know that already. Tell me something that I don't know."

Reign: "Huh? What the fuck are you talking about? I know what's going on. I'm not in the mood for your silly shit today."

Janet: "You betta listen to me. Do you know everything? I know everything. I know about the crew, the money, and everything in between."

Reign: "Huh? Will you make some sense please?"

Janet: "They are about to come down on the crew. Xavier and Rodney are members of the Parkside Crew. They are about to get charged for all of this dope on the streets, guns, and some dead bodies that turned up in Decatur. My source told me that they are trying to get Rodney to wear a wire to set Xavier up so that he'll do less time than him. Mmmmm hmmm, girl. This shit is about to hit the fan. You need to cut him off before they drag you into it. If I was you I would..." CLICK

Reign hung up the phone. She was speechless. She knew that her man wasn't some drug dealer. She'd never even seen him around those kinda folk. He didn't dress flashy nor did he have any thing that would suggest otherwise. He had the investment properties and businesses. Could they have been a front so that he could launder his drug money through them? How could this be? They are getting married in 2 weeks. How could he be tied up with a notorious drug gang in Atlanta? What was SHE gonna do? Before she knew it, she had pulled her car into his driveway. He was walking out of the house and was headed to bail out his lil brutha. She froze when she saw him. What should she do? Should she let him know about the wire? Should she leave him and protect her own neck? Should she act like she doesn't know anything? Is HER life safe? What should Xavier do? What would YOU do?


Monday, May 19, 2008

whutchu drinkin?

I think the whole world's goin insane
I fill my brain with the Henny, and drink away the pain
I think the whole world's lost it's brain
I sip away on the liquor, and drink away the pain
Havoc of Mobb Deep (Drink Away the Pain)

I'm not much of a drinker. In fact, I didn't take my first drink until about 10 yrs ago. I never drank when I was in college. To this day, I still consider myself a social drinker. I've only been drunk...ONCE in my life. And I'll never forget it.

It happened a few years ago. I had traveled back to my hometown to be a groomsman in one of my boys' wedding. My boy Roody, whom I'd met in 7th grade, was getting married. We've been tight since the 7th grade and I was happy to be standing at the alter to see him go down...i mean...get married. LOL

The night before the wedding, me and the fellas had decided to hit a local "shoe modeling" establishment for entertainment. (fyi...a shoe model is a woman who is nekkid and she models shoes...thus the term shoe model and not stripper...lmao). We had already decided that we would have fun that night. So, we started drinking...very early. I started the evening by drinking 3 cups of my favorite beverage of choice...Henny! I had the henny straight with no chaser. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

I had the Hennessey before we even left the house to go to the shoe show. Then, when we get to the shoe show...I had 2 beers (Heineken). I drank those very fast because they were FREE. LOL. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

Next, somebody had bought a round of drinks. This time it was Crown Royal. By this time I was REALLY feelin good. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

I had 2 more beers after that. I dunno why. Maybe I got caught up in the moment of tryna keep up with Zell and Derrick? Who knows? LOL. I really SHOULD have stopped there but I didn't...

It was at this time that things really started to slow down around me. I didn't feel as good as I did earlier. The music slowed down. The shoe models did too. I wasn't really sure what was happening but i didn't feel good anymore. Instead of trying to get myself together, I decided to drink some bottled water. I thought that the water would settle my stomach. WRONG! It really made things worse.

I remember leaning on the bar and I was talking to a chick who was a shoe model in this particular establishment. We were high school classmates. We were catching up on old times. I don't even think that I noticed that she was nekkid b/c I the room was very "fuzzy". The last thing that I remember was telling her that "I'd be right back". I took 2 steps towards the bathroom...and then....I threw up. Damn! I threw up IN THE CLUB. I couldn't believe it. I staggered to the bathroom to finish "relieving my insides". I couldn't believe it...i was officially drunk. And embarrassed. Who throws up in a strip club? LMAO!!!!

After that, I remember getting the car keys from Zell. I had rode there with him. I told him that I need to rest in the car. He gave me the keys and I proceeded to fall asleep in the car. I dunno what happened the rest of that night. I missed out on it. And they never told me what happened. I remember being dropped off at my momma's house and falling asleep in my clothes. To make matters worse...Mrs12 nor Momma12 wasn't there to take care of me. I felt like crap the next morning. After 3 bottles of Sprite and no breakfast, I finally sobered up...and hour before the wedding. LMAO

Nowadays, I don't drink beer. In fact, I'll have 2 drinks when I go out. That's it. I'm not gonna ever get like that again. I promise. LOL

What about you? What is your beverage of choice? Do you have a drunken memory? If you don't drink or never have taken a drink...why?


Friday, May 16, 2008


It was 1991

My senior year of high school

Wilson High

Florence, SC

Three words

And a hot ass soprano sax

That was my JAM

The song...

My, My, Johnny Gill

Damn! That song was fiyyyyah!!!

What about the joint that BBD sang...When Will I See You Smile Again

Aw shit! I forgot about Let's Chill by Guy. Not to mention Piece of My Love (we are still tryna figure out if he said dumb bitch?!)

That dude who begged on his songs had a hot one too...what's his name?? Ummm. Keith Sweat...How Deep Is Your Love

Can't forget about Jodeci! I loved Stay.

What are all of these songs??? They are slow jams that were HOT when I was in high school.'s your turn. You can name as many as you like. Or you can talk about why one meant something to you. This should be interesting b/c the age range of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet are from 19 to 45. Well...maybe 72...if you count the Pew View. LMAO!!! don't have to tell the year that you graduated from high school. We SHOULD be able to figure it out anyway. LMAO!!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

hairy situashun

This is the year that I come in and just devestate
My style is great ask your peoples can I dominate?
My rhymes are harder than last night's erection
Don't play me close, I'll have this mic up in your rear section
My shit is lovely simply meaning that my joint is tight
Amping up the mic making sure production's tight
Sometimes I might catch a severe case of writer's block
But by the end of the day you'll be on my jock
My name's Malik my hobby's putting MC's to the test
And if you front I'll put my foot up in your friggin chest
Freestyle fanatic, and never will it ever stop
You crew is loose, you might just want to call the cops

Phife from A Tribe Called Quest (1nce Again)

It was the mid 70s. Pops rocked a fro. I mean...his joint was like Dr. J's joint. Only had a hole in it. Aw shit! Moms used to tell us that we'd lose ours by the time that we hit our 20s. At 35...i still got mine.

Damon, my brother, lost his. But he rocks a baldy and it fits him. Not me.

Stylz- I've had the Gumby (don't ask for no pics cuz you ain't gonna see em), the high top fade (wasn't that high) and the regular. I have the regular style right now. I remember rocking "a small part" in the middle but i'm too old for that now. Never had a jheri curl.

I like it short or long. Always been a fan of natural hair. Weaves have grown on me (no pun intended). Just as long as I can't see ya tracks...i'm good.

Mrs12 has hers to her shoulders. For a long time, she wore it long just b/c i liked it long. It's what you wanna do with it. And she DOES. Maaad stylz every 2 weeks. I'm baffled at times. I've seen her take allllllll damn morning tryna "get it right". But i don't have that problem. Neither do our sons.

Looking at your profile pics, I can tell that y'all spend a lotta time and effort on your headz. What's your style? Natural or weave? Frustrations or success.

I saw some weird hairstylez yesterday

Soooooo...a blog about hair? Yep. Why not?


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

good, bad, and ugly

When you first start rhyming
It started off slow and then you start climbing
But it wasn't fast enough I guess
So you gave your other style a test
You was hardcore hip-hop
Now look at yourself, boy you done flip-flopped
Giving our music away to the mainstream
Don't you know they ain't down with the team
They just sent they boss over
Put a bug in your ear and now you crossed over
On MTV but they don't care
They'll have a new nigga next year
You out in the cold
No more white fans and no more soul
And you might have a heart attack
When you find out the black folks don't want you back
And you know what's worse?
You was just like the nigga in the first verse
Stop selling out your race
And wipe that stupid-ass smile off your face
Niggas always gotta show they teeth
Now I'm a be brief
Be true to the game

Ice Cube ( Be True to the Game)

Today is Wednesday. And today's vibe will be sports and entertainment.

Surprisingly, we are almost HALFWAY through this year. Before you know it, Christmas will be here again. A lot has happened in the 5 months of 08. There's been a lotta good (OBAMA, baby), bad (Brittney Spears), and ugly (Flavor of Love...season 3)

Today, I'm gonna give you a few good things...bad things...and ugly things from 08 from the world of sports and entertainment

New York Giants beating the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl
Beyonce and Jay Z FINALLY tying the knot
Dallas Cowboys getting knocked outta the playoffs...again!!!
Alicia Keys latest cd
American Gangster

Gerald LeVert's death
The cancellation of Girlfriends
Foxy Brown and Remy Ma going to jail
RKelly trial
Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, and Brittany Spears

Flavor of Love...Season 3
The writer's strike
Hilary Clinton
The idiot who put the video out "announcing" that he was HIV positive and he knowingly had unprotected sex with hundreds of under aged girls.
Memphis at the free throw line in the championship game. (sorry Torrance)

It's on you! Give me AT LEAST 2 of each


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Off tha Dome

Between the greenhouse gases and earth spinnin off its axis Got mother nature doin back flips The natural disasters It's like 80 degrees in Alaska You in trouble if you not an Onasis It ain't hard to tell that the conditions is drastic Just turn on the telly check for the news flashin How you want it bagged, paper or plastic? Lost in translation or just lost in traffic? Yo I don't wanna floss I done lost my passion And I ant trying to climb, Yo I lost my traction They makin' me break, my contents under pressure Do not shake, I'm workin while the boss relaxin Here come Mr. tax man, he leavin a fraction, give me back some Matter fact next pay check it's like that son I'll fuck around and have to hurt a few men They probably chalk it up as a disturbing new trend, Hello Black Thought (Rising Down)

random thoughts...

i'm convinced that they put crack in Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Beyonce and Jay Z's marriage can last. I'm convinced of that. Can't say the same for Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. C'mon Nick! She was just "in love" with Eminem like a year ago.

Obama in ' 08, sukkkaz

I had a brutha send me an email the other day that said "he didn't think that Bush wasn't racist b/c he's always has surrounded himself with blacks like Condi Rice and Colin Powell. He even had a black pastor perform the wedding ceremony for his daughter's wedding this past weekend." My response..."if he had blacks serving the food does that make him less of a racist, too" I'm not impressed by a black pastor. What would he have said if his daughter brought home a BLACK MAN??? Hmmmm

Why do you need ID to get ID?

Have you ever purchased alcohol and they asked for your drivers license and you felt young?

I understand that it's a law and you have to wear a seatbelt but I'm not hurting any other pedestrians or drivers by not wearing my seatbelt.

I was in church on Sunday and I caught the usher looking at a woman's azz. LMAO!! I had to chuckle b/c he just couldn't help it. Kinda forgot where he was for a second. haaaa

speaking of church, i love my church but i'm getting tired of sitting in traffic in the parking lot for 30 mins AFTER church.

Remember when DMX was THAT dude in hip hop?

Jury selection just began for the RKelly trial. I've got $20 that says that this trial never makes it before a "jury of his peers".

Wesley Snipes got 3 years for not paying Uncle Sam. Mike Vick got 2 years for fighting lil Sparky. How much could Kells get for peeing on a little girl? I hope the bastaahd gets 25 years but it won't happen.

I love black people

I cooked breakfast AND dinner for Mother's Day for Mrs12. Can I get some luv for dat? LMAO!

There are a LOTTA jobs out here...not enough careers, tho. Look around your place of employment and tell me if you can find 3 people who've been there longer than 8 yrs. And that doesn't include Mr. Joe who is the janitor.

I may be the only black man who you know who DOESN'T like watermelons.

Is there anybody out there who can play the piano? I need lessons...

Gas is $3.69 and milk is $4.00!! WTF?? Somebody is making major money...and it ain't us!

I probably should sleep more than I do.

"I have girlfriend...she's just lives outta town." If you ever hear a dude say out!

I still don't understand why any man would wanna be gay in this city. Wayyyy too many sistas.

Mannn, I was in a stare down with my 17 month old son, Brandon...and I lost! WTF! That's not 'sposed to happen.

"Where are you?" That's a funny question to me.

I love blogging.

Let's go Hawks.

First Hilary Clinton...then Monica Lewinsky. Damn Bill...those are some raggedy lookin women.

The Pew View (i know who u iz...i think) but you are too funny. Sometimes we need some old age and wisdom in this blog world.

I'm gonna get a tattoo. Any suggestions?

Is it just me or Angela Bassett a classy dimepiece. I dunno how old she is but she is still a stunna. Just living proof that sistas age gracefully.

Anybody betta than Jill Scott when it comes to a live show?

Monday, May 12, 2008

da art of storytellin'

What about your friends
Will they stand their ground
Will they let you down again
What about your friends are they gonna be low down
Will they ever be around
Or will they turn their backs on you

TLC (What About Your Friends)

Best friends forever. That's what they would say to each other before departing from one another. They have been friends since 3rd grade. These two girls, Rena and Vicky, had a lot in common. First, their parents were best friends from high school. Rena's mom and Vicky's mom were pregnant at the same time. In fact, they had the same due date. Rena was born 3 days before Vicky. Oddly enough, Rena was born at 8:05 am and Vicky was born at 8:05 pm. In high school, Rena and Vicky did everything together. The sang on the church choir, played in the band, and volunteered at the homeless shelter together. They chased boys together and double dated quite often. To say that they were sisters would be an understatement. They both were the only child to their parents but they treated each other as if they were sisters.

After high school, they both planned to leave their hometown, Lumberton, NC and attend college. Vicky earned a track scholarship to Johnson C Smith Univ in Charlotte and Rena received an academic scholarship to Univ of North Carolina. Despite the distance, the 2 best friends stayed in touch. They visited each other regularly. They both graduated in 4 years and they attended each other's graduation. During their senior year of college, Rena fell in love with an attorney whom she had met in Durham. They dated for 3 years before they were married. Vicky, on the other hand, wasn't as lucky with men. Like Rena, Vicky was very attractive but never seemed to keep a man beyond 4 months. She'd meet a guy, date him for a few weeks, sleep with him, and then she'd loose interest. That was...until she met Tron. Tron was a waiter by day but musician by night. Tron swept her off her feet. Tron was charming. And she fell for him. They dated for 6 months before she had a chance to introduce him to Rena.

To Vicky, Rena was gonna have to give her "approval" of Tron. It wasn't that she needed it. She had already moved in with Tron. After she moved in, he stopped waiting tables and he focused on music. Rena wasn't happy that she had moved in with Tron and that he was "sponging off her". But this was her best friend. She knew that Vicky would be ok. Or would she?

When Rena met Tron, she did NOT like him at all. Too much of a player...that's what she thought. She didn't think that he was good enough for Vicky. And she told Vicky what she thought. Well, Tron didn't care for Rena either and he let it be known to Vicky. He immediately drew a line in the sand. He advised her that if they were going to be together that she couldn't be friends with Rena because she was a "bitch and a trouble maker". He came to this conclusion after being around Rena on 3 separate occasions. He didn't like her. He didn't want her "bad ways" to rub off on Vicky. This caused a huge problem for Vicky b/c she knew that Tron was on the verge of proposing to her. So, she had to make a choice...she could side with her best friend and let this man go...or she could take the man that she loved and kick her best friend to the curb. She opted for the latter.

She slowly cut her ties to Rena. Rena didn't understand it but she was determined to let Vicky see who Tron really was. A few months passed and Rena didn't hear from Vicky. One day, Rena rec'd a phone call from a mutual friend to let her know that Vicky and Tron were married. Married?? And Rena wasn't even invited. That was a low blow to Rena. Vicky was in Rena's wedding when she married Raynard. How could she get married and not even invite her?

Two years passed since the last time that they spoke. Rena had made a few attempts to call Vicky but all of her information had changed. Rena was worried about her. She had heard that Tron was not only sleeping around on Vicky but he had fathered 2 kids from 2 different women. She heard that Vicky was in denial about everything. They had no kids together. One day, Rena's cell phone rang from a private number. She decided not to answer it. She figured that if the call was important, then the person would leave a message. And they did. When Rena listened to the message, she quickly realized that it was Vicky. She hadn't heard from Vicky in 2 years but she decided to call. The message said...

"Hey girl. It's me...Vicky. I know that it's been a minute. I just wanted to call and let you know that you were right about Tron. We're getting a divorce. He got 2 women pregnant. He cheated on me the whole time that we were married. I heard the rumors but I didn't want to believe them. The last straw was when I confronted him about one of the baby mommas...(voice trailing off) and he slapped me. That did it. Well, I need to talk to you. I miss my best friend. I need you. Call me, girl. Take care. Bye."

What should Rena do? Should she forgive her? Can she go back to being close like they used to be?

What would you have done if you were Vicky...would you have kicked your friend to the curb for your man?


Friday, May 9, 2008

guess who?

My Momma, destination unknown, went out on her own
She was barely even grown and became my Momma
I never knew my dad, so even when the times got bad
I was glad cause I had my Momma
For so long she had to be strong
I know at certain times she was wrong
But she still my Momma, it still amazes me
The Lord had to help her raise me judging from the way I used to be
My Momma, the biggest player that I know I love her so
Hell everything I got I owe to my Momma
Thank you for caring, thank you for sharing yo' luv
I guess that was yo' way of preparing
Yo' son to be the one and not the two
To make you and my daddy's dream come true...

The only one that cares for real and really understands how I feel
Help me over come my fears and never left me through the years
So I dedicate this song for you, for all that you brought me through
I know there will never be another that will love me like my Mother

Cee-Lo from Goodie Mob (Guess Who?)

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was in high school. I was in my bedroom and I was on the phone "rappin" to a girl. Well, it got late and both me and the girl were just "holding the phone listening to each other breathe." Suddenly, my mom picked up the phone that was located downstairs. She was trying to make a phone call but couldn't b/c her son was on the phone...asleep!!! She yells into the phone...

"KYLE!!! If you don't get off this phone, I'ma come upstairs and whip yo ass!!!" OMG!!! Talk about embarrassing. But that was my momma yall. We still laugh about that.

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you. Thank you for bringing me into this world on that snowy day in December. Thanks for being the backbone for our family. Thank you for being the great provider after you and Dad split. Thank you for forgiving Dad. Even though you chose not to re-marry and he did, thank you for setting an example for us. Thank you for pushing me. Thank you for the love. Thank you for the discipline. Thanks Mom!

Mrs12- you are the best mom that our little 3 soldiers could have. they love you and you do a great job. i know that you didn't need me to tell you that...but it's true. Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to errrrrybody in the blog crew...

LRenee (still waiting on some recent pics of Dylan and Allie)
Miz (hold ya head)
Jaded NYer
Ms Moore

And a special shout out to those whose mothers are no longer with us...

If you wanna shout your mother out...or have a mother story. Get at me.
Holla back!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

spark tha L

"All our young lives we search for someone to love. Someone who makes us complete. We choose partners and change partners. We dance to a song of heartbreak and hope. All the while wondering if somewhere, somehow, there's someone perfect who might be searching for us."-Anonymous

The other day -1- asked me "what is love?"

Here was my response...

love is love. love is great. love sucks. love hurts. to give love and have it reciprocated is a special feeling. you never know love until you open your heart. you must tear down the fortress that you've built around your hear to let love in. love is beautiful. love can be tough. love can be mistaken for lust. some folk are in love with being in love. love knows no color. love is love. i love 2 love

I've got a couple of questions for you today.

Who do you love?

What do you love?

Where do you love?

When do you love?

Why do you love?

As for me...
Who do you love?
My sons, my wife, my parents, my friends, and God

What do you love?
sports, black people, the 12th Planet

Where do you love?

When do you love?
as soon as my heart opens up

Why do you love?
that's what i was taught to do at a young age

What about you? Holla!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

cut tha check

Today is Wednesday. Let's talk about sports today. In particular, the NBA. Check this out below...

Top NBA Salaries

1. Kevin Garnett Boston $23,750,000

2. Michael Finley Dallas / San Antonio $21,696,750

3. Stephon Marbury New York $20,109,375

-. Allen Iverson Denver $20,109,375

5. Shaquille O'Neal Phoenix $20,000,000

6. Jason Kidd Dallas $19,728,000

7. Jermaine O'Neal Indiana $19,710,000

8. Chris Webber Golden State $19,596,244

9. Kobe Bryant LA Lakers $19,490,625

10. Tim Duncan San Antonio $19,014,187

-. Tracy McGrady Houston $19,014,187

12. Baron Davis Golden State $16,440,000

-. Shawn Marion Phoenix $16,440,000

-. Steve Francis Portland / Houston $16,440,000

15. Antawn Jamison Washington $16,360,095

-. Dirk Nowitzki Dallas $16,360,095

-. Paul Pierce Boston $16,360,095

18. Ray Allen Boston $16,000,000

19. Rashard Lewis Orlando $15,600,000

20. Ben Wallace Cleveland $15,500,000

As you can see, these dudes are BALLLLLIIIN'!!! But let's look deeper than that.

When you see the mountains of ice on guys' necks, the designer clothing, the cars, the Cribs-worthy … uh, cribs, and all the rest of it, you don't think it would be possible for NBA ballers to run out of money. But it very much is. According to the Players' Association, it is estimated that about 60% of players go broke just five years after leaving the League.

"Sixty per cent is a ballpark. But we've seen a lot of guys who've really come into hard times five years after they leave the league," said Roy Hinson, the former NBA forward who's a representative for the players' association. "The problems are, for a lot of guys, they have a lot of cars, they have multiple houses, they're taking care of their parents. They're taking care of a whole host of issues. And the checks aren't coming in anymore."

"I've seen (an NBA player) having two cars a day to drive. You know, 14 cars," said Raptors sharpshooter Jason Kapono. "Think about how absurd it is. You say 14 cars. All right, you may have some kids, a family of nine. But a single guy having 14 cars? It's one thing if Bill Gates wants to do that. But when you're 22 years old and you don't even have kids yet, it's not good."

Kapono, then, wasn't the least bit surprised when a representative of the NBA Players' Association addressed the Raptors recently on matters of financial prudence. A statistic was cited during the meeting that startled some of the hoopsters. It was said that 60 per cent of retired NBA players go broke five years after their NBA paychecks stop arriving.

"How could that be?" said Jamario Moon, the Raptors rookie. "I don't want to believe that stat."

But that stat, used by the players' association to get the attention of young millionaires, is thought to be an educated estimate.

Public stories of NBAers in financial trouble occasionally make headlines. Back in October, Jason Caffey, who made an estimated $29 million during his eight-year NBA career, was in bankruptcy court seeking protection from his creditors, among them the seven women with whom he fathered eight children. And late last year Latrell Sprewell, who famously turned up his nose at a $21 million contract offer – "I've got to feed my family," was the money quote – had a yacht worth more than $1 million repossessed.

Hinson said the problems go far deeper than the headlines. The players' association has long recommended a financial firm that offers players free second opinions on their financial particulars, but getting players to act is a challenge.

"Sometimes you can stop the bleeding, and other times you can't stop the bleeding," said Hinson, who added that many players associate with "too many `yes' people."

"Sometimes you need someone to say, `No, you can't buy that.' I fell prey to that myself, and I know a lot of people I played with who had the same problem," said Hinson, whose 10-year career ended in the early 1990s.

"It takes a strong constitution and a good team of advisors around you to make sure you're doing the right things."

Ballin on a budget? Shopping with coupons? Probably not. In reality, some of these NBA dudes live just like most of us our means. Keep in mind that an NBA contract is GUARANTEED!!! So if a bum...i mean player like Chris Webber signs a contract with a team that will pay him 60 million in 3 years...then that is the money that he will get. But Uncle Sam is gonna take his cut first! With the average player's salary having approximately doubled in a decade to $5.36 million, they have a huge start over people like us. What's your take? Do you feel for them? Do that make too much money? What can be done to prevent this from happening to others?


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

phat, phat

Phat Phat, uh
Ain't nothing wrong with big broads
Phat Phat

It's a sure bet
When I stare into your dark browns I get
Overwhelmed, overjoyed, overstep
My bounds, on your touchy subject
Your weight, your shape's not what I date
It's you, my crew don't mind it thick
Every woman ain't a video chick
Or runway model anorexic
I love what I can hold and grab on
So if you burn it off then keep the flab on
We gonna stay gettin our collab on
Girl we gonna stay gettin our collab on
We gonna stay gettin our collab on

Posdnuos from De La Soul (Baby Phat)

I heard this song earlier today and i couldn't get it outta my head. I've always liked De La Soul. This is one of my favorites off the AOI Bionix cd.

For those of you who aren't familiar with the song...this is De La Soul's tribute to the thick sistas. You know...the ones who are not too big but not too small. You know...the ones who has the desire to drop 15 pounds. Those are the sistas who will hit the elliptical machine for 30 mins...then do anutha 30 on the treadmill. She is that sista that is still carrying just a little bit of that baby weight from a few years ago. She wants the bust size but she still wants to be able to get into those jeans. She might even be the one who is hating on Erin, who is a size 4 but complains that she is "too big". LOL

Summer is right around the corner. When it gets hot, you gotta come outta those clothes! Bottom line. LOL. Spring is here for most of us. And I KNOW that we are all headed to the gym b/c I have a hard time finding a parking spot. Sooooo, what are YOU doing to lose, gain, or maintain your weight.

Hollacha boi!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

tha hypnotic

Wow! That felt good.

Those were the thoughts that ran through Pete's mind. He had just finished a long, steamy, sweaty session of passionate smashin' with his friend Dyna. The both lay in the bed in the afterglow of what just happened. This was not the first time that they had sex. Their sexual relationship has been going on for 6 months. Pete met Dyna through one of his boys. In fact, Dyna had slept with the same dude who introduced her to Pete. She didn't mind b/c she had only slept with him once. Pete didn't care either. He figured that they'd smash once or twice and then he'd move on. He wasn't really looking for much. He had just gotten out of a 3 yr relationship from a woman who he thought might be the one but she was someone who he grew tired of. She spent too much time bitchin' and moanin' about stupid stuff. She didn't want much outta life anyway. So, he was better off.

Pete liked Dyna. The chemistry that they had in the bedroom was phenomenal. Initially, he didn't expect to have much in common with her. He had his masters degree. He was a marine biologist by day and by night he was a dude who enjoyed the nightlife. Dyna wasn't like the typical woman who he was used to being around. She had a high school diploma and she had no ambition to go to college. She was doing some modeling on the side but other than that...she didn't even have a job. Dyna was far less qualified than Pete's ex girl. She just didn't measure up...or did she???

Over a period of time, Pete found that the more time that he spent with Dyna...they had a lot in common. She loved house music just... like he did. She loved to discuss worldly news and Obama...just like he did. She was a ride or die chick. He found that he could talk to her about anything. More importantly, they made each other laugh. He felt good when she was around. She never asked for a dime when they were together. When they went out to dinner, she paid for herself. Pete made nearly 300k a year so he could easily handle a meal but Dyna wasn't having that. She was an independent woman. She had no kids nor did she want any. Neither did he.

If the walls could talk in that SoHo'd be amazed with what you heard. There was a chemistry between the 2 of them that neither of them had seen before. But it was more than sex with them. They respected each other. They gave each other space. They never blew up each other's phone. She never spent the night at his house. Not because she couldn't but she just didn't want to crowd him. They never tried to define what was taking place.

Back to that night...

They lay in the bed drenched in sweat. It was 2am. She was thinking that she should get up and head home. She wasn't looking forward to that drive home. This night, she would have preferred to stay in SoHo. As they lay, still buzzing off the L that they had just finished off, they began to talk about a party on Saturday. But the conversation changed to a different path

Pete: "Why don't you spend the night tonight. I really don't want you to go. You can just leave in the morning when I leave for work.

Dyna: "Ok. I can do that. Pete...there's something that I want to tell you. I really don't know how to say it.

Pete: "What's the matter?"

Dyna: "I don't know where to begin."

Pete:"Spit it out. What is it? Do you wanna see somebody else?"

Dyna: "NO! It's not that. I just don't know how to say it."

Pete: "Tell me."

Dyna: "Well...i just feel like it should be more than what we have. Don't you? I mean...I'm falling in love with you."


What should Pete say?

What should he do?

Is Dyna the right one for him?

Is Pete afraid of the big 'C' word...commitment?


Friday, May 2, 2008

press konference

I ain't no joke, I use to let the mic smoke
Now I slam it when I'm done and make sure it's broke
When I'm gone, no on gets on, cause I won't let
nobody press up, and mess up, the scene I set
I like to stand in the crowd, and watch the people wonder "Damn!"
But think about it, then you'll understand
I'm just an addict, addicted to music
Maybe it's a habit, I gotta use it

Rakim (I Aint No Joke)

12kyle ain't no joke...but what else is new?

Today's post is a lil different. Today, you can ask me anything. We've seen this forum on just about everybody in the blog crew's blog...from -1- to muze...from swag to mika.

Today is the Press Konference. I'm at the podium. I'll field any questions from you. Questions about global warming? Questions about bull frogs? Holla at cha boi! LOL! Just kiddn.

I'll answer all questions later today and tomorrow.

Who's up first?

Thursday, May 1, 2008


the epitome of kool

my crew...

a nice clean whip with the shiny wheels...

a watch from Kenneth Cole...

me in a suit...

the sound of a child's laughter...

finding money in your jeans...

Billy Dee Williams in the 70s...

WeJa on the dancefloor...

getting an A on a test...

getting a promotion...

standing on Marietta Street in October...

watching a friend overcome a personal struggle...

my parents...

Denzel Washington...

a funny email or text msg

a soldier coming home from Iraq...

a tight beat and a dope verse...

South Carolina State University...

Barack Obama...

the epitome of sexy


me in a suit...

Sanaa Lathan...

black women...

yellow roses...

nice stiletto pumps...

Wilma Flintsone...

Jill Scott...

a DKNY suit...

lingerie from Victoria Secrets...

that "basket stuff" from Bed Bath Beyond...

Burberry cologne...

Oprah's bank account...

all of the females in my blog crew...

the epitome of krazy

Kanye West at an awards show...

my mind...

debates about who's better between Biggie and Tupac...

Dave Chappelle...

my homeboy's baby momma...

WeJa (lol)...

Bill and Hilary Clinton...

Uncle Ruccus...

gas prices...

the economy...

dogfighting (hold ya head Mike)...


Old Dirty Bastard (RIP)...


the person in your address book who sends you "Forwards" all day long...




crooked cops...

Your turn! Gimme something(s) that are kool, sexy, and krazy

Holla at me!