Wednesday, May 30, 2012


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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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TOPIC - The CYPHER...kickin it with the brothers from Dead End Hip (Ken, Rod, Myke, B, and Feefo). Tune in as we talk about hip hop and other topics. 12 RADIO  tonight at 9pm EST. Show link...

Dead End is a media company focused on providing coverage of hip-hop and conversations surrounding the culture. With over 8500 subscribers amassed in a little over a year, DEHH is growing at a phenomenal rate all while building a community of hip hop thinkers and activists.

Dead End Hip Hop Conversations is a weekly YouTube show that explores and discusses today’s hip-hop presence and its future – raw and uncut. New episodes are released every Wednesday
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Friday, May 18, 2012

the struggle

Trapped in the struggle between the head and the heart

First time in this place...and I'm not sure where to start

I've been overcome with feelings that continue to grow

I tried to hide them but now it's impossible for it not to show

The fellas told me that I would soon fall

Headed for a relationship where I'd have to give it my all

Am I ready to truly to be a one woman man?

I thought the objective was to get as many women as you can?

But she's different. Funny and mad cool. Very different from the others

Kind, warm, and kinda lover

But I'm ready to take that next step to be her man?

To be involved with a woman who expects me to give her all that i can

I don't know if that's me. Is that what I'm supposed to be?

But I can't seem to shake the way she makes me feel. It's strange

Heart racing...sweaty palms...loss of breath. Maybe I'm going insane

I don't know why this choice is so tough for me

I'm changing inside and out. But it's something I can't see

No, I'm not ready

Me? Going steady?

It's tough because I don't want to give her the bad news

And her smile and friendship I don't want to lose

Maybe I should do it. It can't be that bad

It beats the hell out of walking around looking sad.

So what should I do?

Shit...I wish I knew...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

let's go back 2 high school

The boyz are back at it!!!

Check out this week's podcast with Eclectik on the Eclectik Discussion Podcast. My boy Eclectik had me on his podcast this week. Tune in and listen as we laugh and talk about our high school days.

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Wilson High

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


She's just a fantasy
Image in a magazine
I've seen her face before
Body walks out of my door. (My Fantasy - Guy featuring Teddy Riley

Here's another interesting article from the good folks at Men's Health Magazine

We all have personal preferences in the bedroom, some very common and others illegal in Texas. Still, we all deserve for some of our desires to become reality. How do you make it happen? The best way: Talk to your girlfriend or wife well before you attempt the act. But asking for a little bleep bleep for your bling bling isn’t always easy. It can feel as if you’re being judged. Here’s what most women think about 10 of your top sexual fantasies.


She thinks:
 “Of course you do. Keep dreaming.”
Despite what you saw in Saturday Night Beaver, most girls don’t want to enter this territory. Granted, we can appreciate the female form. And we’re not horrified at the thought of being in the same room with another naked woman. But what if we asked you to be with another guy? Yeah, that’s what I thought. The thing is, we’d always wonder whose company you were enjoying more. We might not admit it, but it’d cause some insecurity on our part. Get this out of your system before you enter a committed relationship, okay? *


She thinks:
 “Ooo, in what?”
Ask me to put on a squirrel costume and I might crush your nuts. Hey, some people are into that stuff! If the costume has to be rented from, it’s probably a no-go. It takes courage to dress up (some of us are not thrilled with our bodies **) but we want to feel sexy for you. As long as we feel good in it, or you make us feel good in it, there won’t be a problem here.


She thinks:
 “What else is new?”
Some girls really enjoy giving oral. If your girlfriend doesn’t, it may be that she’s not comfortable or confident with her technique. Make her comfortable—and not by grabbing her head. Reassure her, tell her she does it the best, and guide her if you want something different. Also, I believe it was Jesus who said give and ye shall receive. So give, often and well. Ye shall receive.


She thinks: “Ouch!” (and clenches her butt cheeks)
Listen fellahs, this is a gift. If you want it, you have to earn it. This will likely be more “thrilling” for you than her. Hey, some girls are good to go, and enjoy it. Others, well, want some time to ease into that stage of a relationship. You know, the stage when she may drop a turd on your bed and you’ll love her anyway. Yeah, that stage. Anal isn’t for the feint of heart, especially if you’ve had Mexican for dinner. Before you go there, watch The Truth about Anal Sex.

5. YOU WANT TO FINISH IN A STRANGE PLACE (ya know, like her face)

She thinks:
 “Um, what? Why?”
Hey, it’s cool if you’re into that sort of thing. P.S.: Why are you into that sort of thing? Nevermind. The rule here is simple: Ask permission before you do it. Or expel your, ah, love on her heart first. You know, show respect for her before you put out on her face.


She thinks: “Awkward!”
Sorry, guys, but this is something we’re used to doing on our own, and in our own way. Though we understand why you’d enjoy watching, it can be super-awkward for us. Your best bet: While you’re pleasing her, grab her hand and encourage her to show you what she likes. And definitely tell her how amazing she looks doing it. ***


She thinks: “You go first.”
Use common sense here, guys. Like, don’t start off by calling her a sexy bleeping whore. Ease in, and take it from there. Tell her how gorgeous and sexy she is. She’ll follow your lead and probably get into it.


She thinks:
But let it happen spontaneously. That is the fun of it. If you plan for it, the thrill is gone. In fact, she may get cold feet if she has too long to think about it. Keep her on her toes! And try not to get arrested. Jail-cell sex isn’t nearly as hot.


She thinks:
She may not want to admit it, but some girls are just as turned on by porn as you are. Not the college-girl show-me-your-titties kind, but the grownup kind. We understand that you’re going to watch it anyway, and it’d be more fun to watch with you and reap the benefits!


She thinks: “Can I trust you?”
It’s not posing that puts us off. It’s the prospect of showing up on YouPorn—or, frankly, your buddy’s iPhone. We also know you won’t delete it. Bottom line: This takes loads of trust. No matter how in love we are at the time, we know that not all love lasts forever. But pictures and videos sure do! ****

From the Peanut Gallery
* We tried. Didn’t happen for us. Having sex with two girls at once is really every man’s calling, our life’s work. There’s just no getting it out of our system.

** What girlfriends and wives generally miss: We’re thrilled with your body, even if you’re not perfect. Your body is a playground for us. We want to explore you—that’s what makes intimacy fun for us. And, sure, planting our flag is cool too.

*** This one has always confused us. What’s the difference between our fingers or your fingers getting you off? We’re visual animals—we’d learn so much from watching just one time. Get over it, ladies!

**** Women don’t fully appreciate our motivation here. It’s not about creating a porn stash, or showing off your hotness to our buddies. It’s simply this: We think your body is amazing. Any time we get the slightest glimpse of you naked, it puts a smile on our face. Dirty pics, more or less, allow us to bottle that feeling. Plus, someday, when we’re shriveled-up 80-year-olds, we’d like to look at those pictures and remember just how hot you were.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


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Monday, May 7, 2012


I'll admit...the comment left by Bella on this post about spanking children ( left me perplexed.

I had to read it twice to get a better understanding.

I think if you decide to go the non spanking part you also have to watch the spoiling part because we have more than enough daddy's girls that never marry because of the crazy set of expectations some dad gave his daughter lol. Men do stuff for daughters they have never done for there wife, telling them a future hubby should do it.

While she went on to admit that she had veered off topic, the comment that she made left me to think about the dynamic between fathers and daughters. It's interesting. The father is the first man that his daughter will ever love. There is nothing like a father's love for his daughter. Even though I've only had Skyler for 7 months, I've found that to be very true.

I slightly disagree with Bella's point. I think expectations SHOULD be high for any man that she should meet (this goes for my sons, too). While there will never be another man who will love her and treat her like her DADDY, she should get the next best thing! She should DEMAND that of any man who wants to be with her. If he can't step up to the plate, then she should move on. As she gets older, we'll have conversations about men. I hope to give her REAL insight into what she will be dealing with in the future. I would never tell her that "all men are dogs" or "men ain't shit". Men are who we are but you can control some things about the man that you choose and how he treats you. For as great as I am (and I AM great...modestly speaking), I don't expect her to find a boyfriend or husband like her father. That's not going to happen. I'm built different from any man of her generation will be. However, I do believe that she should not settle for the first dude who calls her cute, comments on her body, or buys her stuff. Life...and relationships are so much bigger than that. I will tell her that she should lay out her be treated like a lady (not a baby mamma) from any man. More importantly, I will remind her that she should carry herself as such.

In the eyes of the women that I dated and in the eyes of my father in law...was I good enough? Probably not. Nobody is ever good enough. LOL. I would advise Skyler to seek some of the same traits that I saw in my mother...intelligence, self confident, driven, goal oriented. Her man could never be me but if he can treat her like a queen and his love is only second to the love from her father...she's found the one!

Friday, May 4, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i haven't put this iPhone down since I got it last week. i even took it in the shower with me...

Newton Leroy (yes...that's his real middle name) Gingrich called it quits this week. finally. but he's been losing for the last 4 months.

RIP Junior will be missed

Michelle Obama is so classy! is it just me or does she look like the type of woman who would buss yo head open if you stepped to her man? ride or die chick...gotta love it.

i was coloring something for my son, Brandon, the other day. and i realized that at the age of 39...i STILL can't color within the lines. smh

when you listen to a song for the first time, are you listening for the lyrics or the beat? i'm all about the lyrics

how much do stamps cost? i haven't purchased stamps in like 10 yrs

i don't wobble, 'lectric slide, or Cupid shuffle. never liked that line dance stuff.

if you aren't watching Scandal on Thursday night's on ABC...then you ain't watching tv

I made some Kool Aid the other day and my kids said they didn't like Kool Aid. I don't think they are black.

you ever had your mom tell you to "get my belt" so she could spank you and you acted like you didn't know where it was? LoL

I don't think Jay Z changes his daughter's diapers.

when people say "I can't cook"...i wonder about them. i do you eat?

ok...i'll admit it...i kinda like that song "The Motto"...shhhhh, don't tell nobody

we always had #2 pencils. not sure why

ladies...if you are gonna wear open toed shoes, please lotion your feet

never been to Vegas but I'm going. who wants to go with???

do people still write checks?

i don't blame y'all for listening to the "great" Nikki Minaj. i don't know WHY y'all listen but..hey... NOT let your homies wear shades in the club. that looks soooo corny. 

still laughing at the Saints and their crying fans. you deserve it. LMAO

Lebron needs to let go of the "hide-the-hairline-with-my headband" theory. we see you, man

never understood why people will almost run you off the road as they rush to a job that they hate

i need more ties

gas is now at $3.58. it feels strange to be happy about that...but i am.

fellas...when she says "do I look fat?" THINK BEFORE YOU ANSWER!!! hahaha

ladies...don't use social media websites to vent. it's not a good look

those who usually brag can't back it up. marinate on that

ladies...when a man says "there's nothing on tv" that means there's not a good game on

fellas...why do we watch a game for 2-3 hrs then watch the highlights on SportsCenter as if we didn't JUST see the game?

for as bad as things are in this country, there is no place that i'd rather live

did Big Bird have any kids?

i'll put Jill Scott in a singing contest against anybody and she'd win

as a kid, i don't ever remember being bored. i was always into something

Skyler is 7 months old now. she just got her ears pierced the other day. i didn't go with her. didn't wanna shed a tear.

i'm on the grill in my backyard at LEAST once a week. food tastes better from a grill. i'd cook grits on the grill if i could 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


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TOPIC - Sports Wrap Up...Cohosted by Juan. 

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