Tuesday, September 30, 2008

fresh or wack

Who gives you the latest dances, trends and fashion?
But when it comes to residuals they look past us
Woven into the fabric, they can't stand us
Even the white tees, blue jeans and red bandanas


Hip Hop

It started back in the Boogie Down Bronx in ' 78. I think I started listening back in like ' 84. I'm old school. But I've seen it rise from what people thought would be a passing fad to a multi-billion dollar industry. Hip hop brought many things to the forefront. Fashion trends immediately come to mind.

Over the years I've seen some things that made me wanna run to the store and purchase. And then there were other things that I wouldn't be caught dead in. LOL

Back in the day...if something was cool...then we described it as FRESH. If it wasn't cool...then we described it as WACK. So, I'll give you some fashion trends that I thought were FRESH...and some that I thought were WACK

FRESH- Gazelle shades (rocked by the Fat Boys...among others)

WACK- Polka Dots (popularized by Kwame)

FRESH- Fat shoe laces

WACK- Biker shorts (don't get me wrong...i liked to see women in biker pants but when dudes started rocking em...that was nasty)

FRESH- No shoe laces (Run-DMC)

WACK- Saggin pants (i dunno who started it but I wish they'd take it back with them)

FRESH- Fat gold chains (almost every rapper in the 80s)

WACK- platinum chains (never got into that platinum)

FRESH- Daisy Dukes shorts (nuff said)

WACK- Grillz (there will be some real yukmouths running around in a few years when they take that stuff outta their mouths)

FRESH- Button down shirts (Jay Z help start a movement to "change clothes")

WACK- Dudes rockin pink (Cam-ron...you'll never catch me in pink...PERIOD)

FRESH- Bandanas (Tupac)

WACK- Hammer pants (MC Hammer)

FRESH- Bald heads (Michael Jordan, Tupac, Onyx...to name a few)

WACK- Jheri Curl (drip...drip...drip)

FRESH- Door knocker earrings (can somebody bring those back?)

WACK- Kross Colors (nuff said)

FRESH- Timberlands (still rock em to this day)

WACK- putting your clothes on backwards (Kriss Kross)

FRESH- Hoodies

WACK- throwback jerseys (glad that one came and went)

I could go on and on.



Monday, September 29, 2008

mixtape monday

So Whatcha Sayin

MC Hammer
Pumps In A Bump

Jay Z f/Foxy Brown
Aint No Ni**a

Blackstar f/Common

To my football headz...how did your teams fair this weekend? It was a crazy football weekend in the NFL and College Football.

The Falcons lost (surprised? lol) but my SC State Bulldogs got anutha win. How did your team do?

BTW...set your clocks, PDAs, VCRs, DVRs, TiVos, etc to tune hear me TONIGHT on blogtalk radio. I have been invited by my girl The Jaded NYer who has her own show. Make sure that you tune in. Don't just tune in...be a part of the show and call in. We'll be talking about everything as well as sports so if you have questions...holla at us. The show starts promptly at 11PM EST...8 PM on the left coast... 6PM in Hawaii...and 4AM in London.


Friday, September 26, 2008



That's how the course was listed on the syllabus. I had no idea what the course was about but I knew that it was a required course for all freshman like me at South Carolina State University.

The course was called Professional Development-101. The course is the most important course that I ever took in college. The course taught me principles that I still carry with me to this day...being professional, how to dress/conduct my self on an interview, how to use the correct silverware at a business dinner, etc.

I wish everybody could take that course. In fact, we had to come to class (held once a week), dressed up! If you didn't come in a shirt and tie...no dice. You couldn't get in the classroom.

The reason I'm telling y'all about PD-101 is because I went to a job fair yesterday. The job fair was hosted by the minority professional group. 90% of the people who showed up... were dressed nice and looked good. But the other 10%...*sigh*...they looked horrible. Lemme recap what I saw...

a dude with a Chad Johnson football jersey on...

a chick with her arms exposed with the word "SEXY" tattoo'd on her forearm...(And she wasn't even sexy)...

a dude with a Braves hat AND a doo rag...

a chick with 8 inch pumps...looks like she borrowed the shoes from a stripper...

a dude with a white t-shirt and gray sweatpants...

a chick who brought her 2 year old child with her...

there were countless others in jeans and sneakers.

C'mon black people.

A job fair/interview is the time that you have to sell yourself! You can't sell yourself to a company if you look a fool!

PSA from 12kyle...

1. Throw on a suit, pantsuit, or some other business attire

2. Make sure that your hair is groomed. Personally, I would recommend cutting dreads and beard but that's up to you.

3. No short skirts

4. No kids

5. Look like the CEO and you'll say a lot about yourself

6. Greet everyone with a firm handshake

7. Make eye contact, smile, nod your head.

8. If you get a business card, follow up with a thank you letter or card.

Everybody didn't take PD-101. I feel blessed that I did. I'd be remiss if I didn't pass on my info on to my people. I know that most of you reading this know where I'm coming from.

I hated seeing that 10% today.

We've gotta do better than that.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

thanks for coming to the 12th Planet every day. i appreciate your vibe. i really do.

ok...so i go to the sprint store to make a payment and after some hard selling...i walk out of the store with the blackberry curve for next to nuffin. gotta love it

never was a fan of roadrunner or jerry (tom and jerry cartoon).

happy birthday taylor! uncle kyle loves you

the funniest thing i've heard in the last week was hearing my mom "talk shit" about mcshame/pale-lynn. pure comedy

we weren't that close when i was growing up but we are now. i love her to death.

some numbers are important. social security #, bank acct #, debit code, credit card #, employee id #...you remember all of those numbers.

why can't you can't remember more than 10 phone numbers without looking at your cell phones?

and you definitely don't remember more than 10 addresses or birthdays

why do i get ticked off when i see black people with mcshame bumper stickers??? i shouldn't get ticked off but i do. kinda like when sistas see a brutha walking hand-in-hand with a trailer trash white chick. lol

i'm thinking about voting early. i dunno. i don't want no bs. my vote has to count. people talk about long lines. who gives a damn about a long line? don't let that be a deterrent from you voting. we stand in line at the club! we stand in line to go to a game! we stand in line to go to a concert!

i heard that rumor about alicia keys and swizz beats. i dunno. i just don't see it

why are people obsessed with ti and tiny??? who cares?

instead of bailing out these companies, can you bail me and my blog fam outta debt??? can i get a witness?

quick poll...on a scale of 1-10...where do you rate your level of attractiveness to the opposite sex? your level of cool?

rode the train home from the game the other day...and yes...there are a such thing as nikkaz. all i could do was to shake my head and look at my sons.

big ^ to all of my folks who holla at me on twitter, facebook, blackberry messenger, or email.

as a result...when you add the personal emails that i get from my friends, blog emails...i think i get at least 200 emails/txt msgs a day. haaaa

with all of these judge shows on tv (judge judy, judge joe brown, judge mabeline)...why doesn't the judge from the oj trial, judge ito, have his own show?

i dunno why people watch that stuff

does jerry springer still come on tv?

i heard that d'angelo is in the studio working on a new cd. i like that dude. brown sugar was a great cd in my eyes

i hope i see rkelly on the street. i'd smack that dude. i really don't like him

i still miss the wire. good to see that stringer bell, avon, wee bay, micheal, snoop, prezbo, and the rest of the crew are finding work on other shows

have you ever been starstruck when seeing a celebrity or entertainer?

the gas shortage in atlanta makes no sense. i know why it happened, tho. these idiots jacked the price up before the hurricane hit and they increased the demand

i know...i haven't been on your blog this week. i'm coming. hold tight

i don't watch dancing with the stars but if toni braxton is on there...hmmmmmm

kesha knight pulliam...kesha knight pulliam...kesha knight pulliam

captain crunch...that's my cereal. what about you?

have you ever stolen something out of a store? tell the truth!!

go to the doctor. period. you could have something wrong with you and not know it.

kanye don't have nuffin on dj premier

lil wayne ain't big daddy kane

janet jackson said that she's ready to have jermaine dupri's baby. ohhhhhhhhhhhhh hellllllz no!!!

that baby will be talller than him.

you wanna hear something hot...blogtalk radio...jaded nyer and yours truly...more details coming soon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008










phone numbers...




significant other...


I was scrolling through my phone and realized that I have some people in my address book who I haven't called or heard from since the time that I entered them in the phone. That makes no sense. If we aren't communicating, why have them in my address book? Are they taking up space...well...no. But if they aren't being used...delete them. That's what I say. I'll delete you and you'll be gone. And you'll stay gone until I see you and then I'll have to front like I still have your number...but I don't.

That's my motto.

I'm doing some deleting in my life right now.

What about you?

Who or what have you deleted?


Monday, September 22, 2008

mixtape monday

Fat Boys
Fat Boys


Naughty By Nature
Hip Hop Hooray

Kriss Kross

Adina Howard
Freak Like Me

For the football headz...how did your teams do last week????

My SC State Bulldogs took an azz whippin from Clemson but we did leave with that check for 235k. Haaaaa

The Falcons won...again (beat it Eb the Celeb)

I got a win in fantasy football

And Kameron played well in his debut at the Georgia Dome. I'll post pictures soon. You should have seen the proud dad. I think I had more fun than he did. LOL

How was the weekend?


Sunday, September 21, 2008

quotes of the week

"A wise person speaks carefully and with truth, for every word that passes between one's teeth is meant for something."- Anonymous

"If you cannot find peace within yourself, you will never find it anywhere else." - Marvin Gaye

"Always be smarter than the people who hire you." - Lena Horne

"I really don't think life is about the I-could-have-beens. Life is only about the I-tried-to-do. I don't mind the failure but I can't imagine that I'd forgive myself if I didn't try." - Nikki Giovanni

"There is no easy walk to freedom anywhere, and many of us will have to pass through the valley of the shadow of death again and again before we reach the mountaintop of our desires."- Nelson Mandela

Friday, September 19, 2008


more randomness...

OJ is on trial again. This time he'll be judged by a jury of 12 white people. I'll bet that they will deliberate for 15 mins before he's found guilty. Haaaa

Speaking of OJ, I was in college when the verdict was read. I remember watching it in my dorm room. When they said not guilty...there was a roar of approval like you'd normally hear in our stadium.

It's going down on Sunday. My son, Kameron, along with the rest of his 6 and under team...will play a football game vs another team. The game will be played at the Georgia Dome immediately following the NFL game between the Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City Chiefs. How cool is that to play a game on the same field as pro athletes in a 72,000 seat stadium?

Most of the 72,000 will be gone by the time that they play. LOL

I played on that field, too. But I was in college at the time. Damn...that's what I call progress.

I watched Michael Phelps host Saturday Night Live last week. He's a cool dude...but he should stick to swimming.

Like my boy e...I'll watch women's track. Athletic women. Somethin about em. I married one!

I can't get into the WNBA. Sorry

Anybody remember the Harlem Globe Trotters cartoon?

If you are a pro athlete and you wanna go out and get drunk...hire a driver. You can afford one

I probably won't watch golf again until Tiger Woods come back

Gonna be hard to watch the playoffs in baseball because my NY Yankees aren't playing

In 1989, businessman Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for 120 million. In 2008, the Cowboys are worth 1.6 billion. Pretty good investment!

USC is the best football team in college football

Speaking of college football, my alma mater...South Carolina State University will play against the Clemson Tigers. Clemson is ranked # 21 in the nation. We are expected to get crushed by them. However, our school will make about 400 grand for playing this game. Not a bad days work for 3 hrs of getting beat up. lol

I don't like referees

Not fond of kickers in football either. Especially, when they are called upon to kick the game winning field goal and they've been on the bench all day sippin Kool-Aid.

I love tailgating at a football game.

Candice Parker...Candice Parker...Candice Parker

The Cowboys aren't as good as I thought they were

The San Diego Chargers had better win this week...or else.

I like the Falcons chances this week.

Everybody watches the Super Bowl.

I think I'm married to football.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

ask a married dude

The other day... Keisha the Kitten asked me to deliver some perspective on marriage. Well..if you ask...I'll tell you. And since females make up like 95% of the bloggers (lol)...here's a lesson for ya. Am I a marriage counselor? No. However, on Sept 23, I will celebrate 8 yrs of marriage. So...I know a lil sumthin about the subject. My thoughts come from the experience, wisdom, and knowledge of myself as well as those around me. With that said...here we go...Get your # 2 pencils out


1. Marriage is about committing to the commitment. Period. No turning back from that. There WILL be tough times. You have to try to make it work.

2. Marriage is hard work. If anybody tells you anything different, then they are lying.

3. Marriage is constant. You can't take a day off. Even when you are having a bad day.

4. It's a partnership...not a dictatorship. Well, that's how my marriage is. We wouldn't last long if it were a dictatorship. I'm not always right. Most of the times I am...but not all of the time. LOL

5. Communication, trust, and love. You need those 3 things to make it work and to make it last

6. Marriage is about putting your spouses needs/wants before yours! This is hard. It's hard because we're all selfish by nature. I have struggled with it myself. You have to be willing to make sacrifices.

7. Compromise is a MUST. Period. There has to be common ground. This is hard for men. Can't front. You have to have patience with a man on this.

8. Your husband should be your best friend. He should know your thoughts, fears, and desires.You should talk to him about stuff before you talk to your parents, siblings, and friends. If you meet a married man and he can't say that his wife is his best friend, then I'll bet you that his marriage will fail. The trails and tribulations of a marriage must enable you to wear different hats in a marriage. You could be the wife, friend, and homie. Sometimes when we have disagreements...I can't speak to her as my wife...but as my friend. "Look, I don't appreciate what you just said. That was not cool and I'm pissed off..."

9. You must know him inside and out. Know his likes and dislikes. Cater to him. Every man wants to be pampered. If he likes dinner to be cooked by the time that he gets home...hook him up. If you do it for him...he'll return the favor.

10. Don't smother him. Allow him to be a man and do things that men do. I love the fact that Mrs12 isn't "in my back pocket". She undertstands when I need time with the crew. And I feel the same way about her and her girlfriends. While I don't make it a "habit" of hanging out...I do kick it from time to time.

11. To keep the marriage fresh...do the little things that you did when you were dating. This is hard. Trust me! Especially when you have a family. But things like dates and movies are a necessity. Every couple needs to spend quality time together.

12. Sex. Period. LOL.

13. Seriously, you had better marry a man that has the same sexual appetite that you do. If you have a lotta sex when you were dating but you expect to "barely give him some" when you get married...then you are gonna have major problems. I remember the words of one of my married friends..."Sex ain't the only thing...but it's pretty damn important."

14. Never accuse a man of cheating unless you are SURE that he may be doing it. If you accuse a man that's innocent, then you will have major problems on your hands. It'll get to the point that he'll say..."She thinks I' cheating but I'm not. If she thinks that about me, then I should do it anyway."

15. Be you. Easier said than done. In a marriage, we change b/c we grow. I'm not the same dude that I was 10 yrs ago. I have a friend who cheated on his wife. He told me that it wasn't about the other woman. He said..."the other woman was every thing that his wife USED to be. She used to be fun. She used to love to spend time with me. She used to cook. She used to like being married. Now, she's just doing it just to do it." When he said it, I couldn't condemn him. That was his personal decision. But I saw the changes in his wife too. Without preaching to him, I reminded him of some things that he USED to do as well. It's funny b/c I learned a lot from him by watching him go through a marriage and then divorce. He used to always say..."cheating is about situations. Keep yourself out of certain situations and you won't have to make any decisions."

16. Waiting in the wings factor- I know that the ladies don't wanna hear this but when you're married there will always be another woman (or women) that will be waiting in the wings. It's a fact of life. You can be replaced. I know that sounds shallow. But we all know about the "shortage of black men". And there is always 2 or 3 woman who have their eye on your husband. It is what it is. I've seen it play out with friends and co-workers. For example, here in Atlanta, the woman to man ratio is like 13 to 1. So, if I were single I'd have my pick of the litter, right? Wrong! If I were single, they wouldn't all be checkin for me. But it's something about when a dude slides that ring on that left ring finger. Shoot, I've been approached by women who I'd see look at my hand and STILL approach me. I find it comical but that's the world that we live in. Those of you who are reading this might not do it...but you know 3 or 4 women who would.

17. Take it one day at a time. Marriage is a marathon...not a sprint.

18. Stay involved in his interests! If he likes to works on cars, you don't have to help him fix an engine. But you can ask him questions about what he's doing. If he knows that you're interested then he'll appreciate that.

19. You should have similar ideologies about child rearing. These things should be discussed loonnnnggg before you get married.

20. Marriage is what you make it. It really is. If it's not where it needs to be, then you do what you gotta do. Don't be afraid to get help if you need. It's not something that you hop in and hop out of. You stated vows that were recognized by God. Gotta live by those words.

If you live with her while you're dating...don't think that things will be the same once you get married. The mindset has to change. Marriage is a deeper level of commitment. When you're dating and living together, there is always an out. It doesn't work like that in a marriage. You gotta stay there and make it work.

I hope this helped. It doesn't matter if you're married or not. Male or female.

Your thoughts...


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

tell the truth...some of y'all initially go to blogs b/c you think that person is cute and you're attracted to em.

there will be no mention of menstrual cramps in this post. i've learned my lesson from last week

why is faith evans, pepa (from salt n pepa), and kim osorio writing "tell all books"? don't write a tell all book and say "it's not about the money." if it's not...then what is it about?

i wish bobby brown wrote a tell all book

i haven't purchased stamps in years. they were 30 cents the last time that i can remember buying stamps

i chuckle when i hear white folk say..."i have black friends. when i grew up...i didn't see color." really?? how is that possible???

for the last time people...put lotion on ya feet before you leave the house. if i see one more pair of crusty dogs...i'ma call the crusty patrol

that blackberry curve is callin me...kiiiiiyuuulllll....
kiiiiiiyuuuulllll. i was tryna wait until the blackberry bold came out but i dunno if sprint is gonna get it

if you are not mr t...no black man should rock a mohawk

i got gas for $3.99 the other day. i guess that's a "sale"

if you're in school...stay there!!! this economy is horrible

alicia keys...alicia keys...alicia keys

why do we give stuff that we don't want to the salvation army and goodwill? if we don't want it...what makes us think that somebody else would want it? lol

one of my favorite quotes from the late old dirty bastard..."i feel so good right now. i just feel like peeing on the floor right now." lmao!!!! that was my dude!!!

i love the "chill" in the air. fall is 'round tha corner

ok...if you are reading this...and you live in metro atlanta...and the company that you work for is hiring...hollatchaboi! a new job is on the horizon. why not work with a fellow blogger?

coming soon to blogtalk radio...12kyle making a guest appearance on the show hosted by jaded nyer. sept 29th. i'll remind y'all b/c i know that you have a.d.d

what happened to jody watley?

kerry washington...kerry washington...kerry washington

if you take a bath alone...isn't your back still dirty when you get out of the tub?

david duchovny was recently admitted to rehab for his sex addiction. riiiiiiiiiiiiiiite

let's keep it real...he's a freak. just like the rest of us. he just tried to take it to the next level. lmao!!!

you can't run that on no sista! "yeah baby...i'm cheatin on you b/c i'm a sex addict." you'd get your head busted to the white meat!

keep our texas fam in your prayers. the storm has gone and so are the cameras. there are millions of people who's lives have been "shook" up.

queen and -q. (hope y'all are str8)

twitter is maaad cool!

just heard that queen latifah's next album will be produced by dr dre. hmmmm...i dunno bout that! not sure how that's gonna sound

she expects the album to be out by december. but if dre is working on it...it'll be december 2015

i think i know more than sarah palin. lemme be the vp! pleeeeease!

wonder if there will be an influx of kids named barack over the next few years? you know how black folk do it! haaaa.

barack johnson?!? hmmmm...just don't sound right to me. lmao

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

in 3 more months...

I was looking at my calendar today.

Then...it hit me.

In 3 more months, we'll be celebrating Christmas.

Wow!! This year has really flown by. Seems like Christmas was just a few months ago.

Anyway, the thought of Christmas brings to mind the birth of Christ and the gift giving. They say that you should give and not expect anything in return. Well...we all know better than that! LOL!!!

As I think about the great gifts that I've gotten over the years, I think about the terrible ones, too. It's not that I'm ungrateful but some things should just not be given as gifts.

For instance...THE SWEATER. A few years ago, my Aunt Ruth, whom I love dearly, gave me a sweater for Christmas. I was in college at the time. The sweater was PURPLE and GOLD (my high school colors). The problem was it was not a good looking sweater. It looked like something from the 70s. Not to mention, it was too tight. I mean it was so tight that if i raised my arms...I'd rip through tha damn thing! LOL

Well, I accepted the sweater from my aunt. And I never wore it.


It was a bad gift. I know it's the thought that counts but she could've thought a lil bit harder than that! Haaaaaa

What about you? Have you had some horrible Christmas gifts? Or what about your best Christmas gift?


Monday, September 15, 2008

mixtape monday


Lauryn Hill
Sweetest Thing

A Tribe Called Quest
Check the Rhyme


Mary J Blige
Real Love

To all my football heads out there...how did your teams fare this weekend?

My school...South Carolina State...kicked azz on Saturday.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

the honest blogger award

I was awarded the Certified Honest Blogger Award by Flyyest.

Here are the rules to follow:

1.) When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back

2.) Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or even more) that you find brilliant in their content or design.

3.) Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’

4.) Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional).

5.) And then we pass it on!

Here are some HONEST things about me...

1. Motivation
I am motivated by the fear of failure. I have always succeeded at the things that I wanted but a part of that has been due to the fear of failure. I cannot accept not trying.

2. Loyalty
I am an extremely loyal person. I am loyal and trusting until you prove to me that you can't be trusted.

3. Marriage
Is a LOT of hard work. It's never ending. It ain't for everybody. If for some strange reason it didn't work for me...there WON'T be a second time. LOL

4. Love
I've loved a few times. But I've only been in love once

5. Hip Hop
Is on life support!

6. Fatherhood
I love it. It's the most rewarding job that I'll ever have

7. Sports
Can't live without it. But...I guess y'all know that by now

8. Drugs
Never tried it...never will. Period

9. Politics
I've been more political in the last 2 yrs than I've ever been in my life. I guess 8 yrs of Bush-it will do that to you.

10. Black People
I love em. I just do. Even those who act a damn fool! I love em. We're all that we've got.

I would tag 7 people but the ones who I had in mind have already been tagged. So I'll tag

kandi black
pretty black

Thursday, September 11, 2008

time on my hands

This is street ra-dio, for unsung heroes
Ridin in they regal, tryin to stay legal
My daughter found Nemo, I found the new primo
Yeah you know how we do, we do it for the people
And the struggles of the brothas and the folks
With lovers under dope, experiment to discover hopes
Scuffle for notes, the rougher I wrote, times were harder
Went from rocky starter to a voice of a martyr
Why white folks focus on dogs and yoga
While people on the low end tryin to ball and get over
Lyrics are like liquor for the fallen soldiers
From the bounce to the ounce, its all our culture
Everyday we hustlin, tryna get them custom rims
Law we ain't trustin them, thick broads we lust in them
Sick and tired of bunchin it, I look on the bus at them
When I see them struggling, I think how I'm touchin them
The People

Common (The People)
"Practice make perfect."

That's what I keep telling myself.

I've been MIA on some of the blogs but there's a good reason. It's this game. It's what I call the UTW (ultimate time waster) . Never worry...I'll be on your blogs tomorrow. Until then...I'm gonna dedicated these next few hrs to my new addiction...my UTW...NCAA Football 09 on Xbox 360

Taking on all challengers! LOL

What about you? What is the thing that you do that you waste time on?


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

off tha dome

got my backpack on...listening to instrumentals from Jay Dilla...time to go off the dome

random thoughts...

if any of you bloggers who come to the 12th Planet errry day see me on the street...don't extend your hand out to greet me. for the ladies...it's gotta be a hug. for the fellas...the proverbial pound/half hug. it's all love. there's a connection here. i appreciate that.

"Leave me alone" ... that's what my 1 yr old son, Brandon said to me yesterday. Oh lawd...he's off the chain already. Wonder where he gets it from?

Speaking of Brandon, he's still winning the stare down battles against me. I don't like that.

I could use this time to hate on McShame and Pale-lynn...but I won't. I'm done talkin'. See you at the polls on November 4! Sukkaz!

I missed the VMAs...but I heard that they stunk anyway

I almost witnessed a fight at work yesterday. A white dude named Mike asked a brutha named Rich "how much do you make here?" Whoooa playboi!!! Maybe Mike missed the memo but you don't count another man's money. Rich's response..."That's none of yo damn bizness, Mike. Don't ask me that again!" LMAO!!!

Brittney Spears is making a comeback. Why?

Puffy is complaining that he has to fly commercial now b/c he can no longer afford to fly private b/c of the high costs of fuel.

You know what Puff...I have that same problem!!!

Shouldn't a woman, who's been having menstrual cramps once a month for 10+ years, be used to it by now??? Just a guess?

Sanaa Lathan...Sanaa Lathan...Sanaa Lathan

Why are people in a rush to get work when they know that they hate their jobs?

Fellaz...if your opening line is "Hey ma" "Hey shawty" "Hey miss" "Excuse me miss"...get anutha line.

Try looking a woman in her eyes and saying..."Hello. My name is Kyle"

Well...don't use my name...but you get my point

Callin all my ATL Bloggers...when are we gonna have a get together and drink sumthin? I'm really getting tired of these New Yawk bloggers and their "social sips". Eb, Jaded Santana, ShellyShell, F' it List, Cap, and all of them New Yawk bloggers.

LMAO!! (in a new yawk accent) Got maaaaaaad love for y'all son!!! That's my word, Beeee!

You gotta admit...I have some cool people comment on this blog. Maybe it's b/c I'm cool. Maybe

JFresh...can I get a beat, bruh? Something simple. Email it to me or put it on a website. Something like Dizzy Chillin'?

My new alias is Skippy Nutman! Thanks -1-! LOL

I'm loving Facebook . On twitter, I'm down with Rezidl, Ms Jones, RawDogBuffalo, Skoolboikrush, and TheJadedNYer. Feel free to join us! It's free. And we don't bite

Do you know how to change a tire or the oil in a car?

Do you remember floppy discs?

Hurricanes are scary. Period

Hold ya head up Tom Brady. I had planned to win the fantasy football league with you like I did last year. It's all good. I've got McNabb. He'll get the job done.

Michael Phelps will make an estimated 100 million after his 8 gold medal triumph in the Olympics. Damn! Maybe I should've stuck with those swimming lessons for my son, Deion

What percentage of athletes do you think are on SOME type of performance enhancing drugs?

The NFL season has kicked off...i dunno if i told y'all. haaaaa

Why do people get quiet in elevators?

Zoe Saldana...Zoe Saldana...Zoe Saldana (back off e! lol)

What's your favorite sandwich? Mine? Peanut Butter and Jelly. The Greatest of All Time

LL has a new cd coming out. I'll pass

Interoffice romances almost always fail

Chicken wings just taste THAT much better with alcohol. I dunno why. They just do

that ain't my style

On my left hand...i have a gold ring (with diamonds) that I wear on my ring finger. Mrs 12 gave it to me the day that we got married. It's called a wedding ring.

On my right wrist...i wear a watch

On my right ring finger...i sometimes wear a my gold ring with diamonds. The diamonds are in the shape of a football. I earned this championship ring when I played football in college at South Carolina State University.

Other than these 3 things...I don't wear jewelry. I've always hated jewelry. Never had a chain to hang around my neck. Never understood the "platinum chain phenomenon" that so many bruthas are into.

Unlike most men...I don't wear much jewelry.

What about you? What are some thing(s) that you are not into that most members of your gender are into?

Unlike most men/women...I don't...(u fill in the blanks)


Monday, September 8, 2008

mixtape monday

Wu Tang Clan

Jay Z
Dead Presidents

LL Cool J
Round The Way Girl

Dead Wrong

To all my football heads out there...how did your teams fare this weekend?

My school...South Carolina State...kicked azz on Saturday.

And what do you know...my Falcons won a game, too! This calls for a celebration. LOL

My fantasy team took a blow...but we'll be back next week. Belee dat.


Friday, September 5, 2008


I stumbled across this article in yesterday's paper. After reading it...I HAD to post it!

Sex every day? That was her gift to him

Author of '365 Nights' in Decatur on Thursday

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Thursday, September 04, 2008

Some women give their husbands clothes or gadgets for their birthday.

Charla Muller surprised her husband with a gift of sex -- every day for an entire year. "365 Nights" is now a book.

"Sex was one of those things that fell by the wayside. I was tired. We were busy. And it just sort of sneaks up on you," said Muller, who lives in Charlotte. "At the time, we were married eight years and had two young kids and I thought, 'What could I give him that would be highly memorable and not cost a lot and be something only I could give him?'"

Muller, 41, will talk about the experience and the memoir Thursday at Wordsmiths Books in Decatur.

The AJC caught up with her by phone and asked her three questions.

Q: What was your husband's response to the gift?

A: At first, he almost turned me down. He was saying "What about the passion and spontaneity?" And I said we have jobs and two young kids and busy lives. We don't have
any spontaneity any more.

Q: How did it impact your relationship?

A: It was the most transformative year of our marriage. Women know intellectually that it's an important part of marriage. But you need to make it a priority. We stopped watching TV. We planned for it and scheduled it. We learned to keep a dialogue going. And we learned about that daily kindness we needed to keep going to make it happen.

Q: Did you really do the deed every day?

A: We averaged 26 to 28 days a month. ... Intimacy every day is not a long-term sustainable model. But neither is intimacy hardly ever. So [these days] we've landed somewhere in between.

Your thoughts? Would you want sex EVERY day from your mate or spouse for a year. This should be interesting


Thursday, September 4, 2008

da kickoff

Sup y'all. Today's post can be found here. It's a collab with Eb

Time to kickoff the NFL season

R u ready for some football????

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

love ain't enough

remember my boy Pat? well, along with being a playa he's a dude who sends emails all day. he can do that b/c he doesn't work. and i don't mean emails that are relevant either. he normally sends silly emails or forwards that i barely read. however, here's one that he sent me that i didn't delete. in fact, i don't remember reading this one. he sent it to me back in february. as i was cleaning out my inbox...i came across this one. thanks pat, this email is a keeper, bruh.

Love is Not Enough...
The Making of a Relationship

by Bill Malone, MSW, LISW
“Love doesn’t just sit there, like a stone, it has to be made, like bread, remade all the time, made new…, all the time, made new…”
Amy E. Dean

We think that the hardest thing in a relationship is finding the right person. After that, we fall in love and live happily ever after, right? Those in a relationship know all too well that fairy tales are only true in the movies. The truth of the matter is that having and maintaining a relationship is not easy. The rate of divorce tells us that love is not enough; other factors are needed to keep a relationship going.

As a therapist, I am privileged to work with many couples who come for help with their relationship problems. Looking back, it would be safe to say that the major problem that brings a couple in for counseling is because one or both of the parties are at their wits end and are seriously wanting out of the relationship unless some major change occurs. In working with couples, I don’t see that any one is at fault. Rather, the problems are usually caused by faulty interactions that have gone on for so long that the root cause for the problems are unknown to the couple. It is interesting to note that women tend to call for assistance more frequently than men do, but I believe this has to do with the fact that males have been socialized to be tough and handle all problems. Women on the other hand are reared to ask for assistance. Men need to learn to ask for help.
Communication problems are a major source for relationship problems. People in most cases just do not know how to talk to each other. Usually, the couple has spent years arguing, fighting or even avoiding problems, but the inevitable occurs, someone reaches the end of their rope. Loss of trust, confusion over whether we still love each other, fights all the time and the inability to agree on anything are some of the cues to recognize that a relationship is having serious communication problems. Many times a child’s misbehavior and conduct problems at home or school are directly related to a couple’s inability to communicate.
The goal of the counseling process is to teach the couple specific skills that are essential in keeping a relationship alive and growing. Many times the couples that I have seen had a deficit in one or more of the essential ingredients needed to cook up a great relationship. I don’t want to mislead anyone, love is important to a relationship. It is the catalyst that gets the whole thing going, but the following are ingredients that keep the love alive and the relationship healthy.

A mature individual is define as a person who has a sense of self. He/she is able to recognize that both members in the relationship are different. They are able to see that each has a different heritage, a different way of thinking, feeling and possibly different beliefs. The mature person is able to recognize the I, Me and the Us in the relationship. With all the differences in personalities, thoughts and feelings, it’s a wonder that we got together in the first place.
Without the element of maturity, a couple can get all messed up just because they lose themselves in a relationship. They can become jealous, dependent, resentful and distant. All of which can erode the reason the couple became a couple in the first place.


The ability to tell each other thoughts, feelings and wants is so important to a relationship. Good, open, and honest communication is like oil to a car. Without oil in the car, internal parts will burn up and the car will be ready for the scrap pile. Communication is important!
There are no mind readers. For a relationship to grow and prosper, likes, dislikes, desires, hopes, dreams and problems need to be said. If a couple’s communication is restricted, the relationship is destined for major problems down the road. We take cars for oil changes to keep them going strong, why not seek a professional’s assistance to change our communication patterns in order to keep the relationship in tip top shape just like our automobiles?

Relationships are not static. They are ever changing. If they become static for too long, they can become extinct like the dinosaurs. Relationships go through a life cycle: the honeymoon, with children, mid-life crisis, the empty nest and the reacquainting period and then death of a spouse and the end of the relationship. All of these stages require change, learning and exploration of new territory. If one or both members in the relationship becomes rigid and resistant to needed changes the relationship could end in divorce. In my opinion, one of the major reasons that couples end in divorce is because they were unable to change to meet the new needs and demands of the relationship. One or both were unable or unwilling to make the needed changes to keep the relationship growing; as a result, the relationship died. Change we mu st, it is part of the human condition. If it was not, we would all still be infants in diapers.

The ability to compromise refers to an individual’s willingness and proficiency at finding the middle ground. Being able to compromise is a sign of maturity. It is also needed in any relationship. If one person always gets his/her way, the other person is bound to feel dominated, and resentful. These negative feelings can rip the heart right out of any relationship. Finding the happy middle can provide the best of both worlds… giving and receiving. Sharing the last dish of ice cream with a friend is always better than eating it all alone, isn’t it?

A relationship is like a business partnership; it has common goals, assets and liabilities. Like in a business, if members don’t work together, the business will become ineffective and possibly not exist for too long. The ability to work together means recognizing each person’s strengths and helping them come out at the same time recognizing each member’s weaknesses and learning to turn weaknesses into assets. Two heads are better than one and if couples follow this rule, they will see that the deep depressing valleys that lie ahead may be nothing more than pot holes once they approach them.

Every one needs room to breath, room to sort out their own thoughts, feelings and problems. If someone is always hanging on you, there is a tendency to want to push them off to reduce the burden of carrying them all the time. Providing individual spaces gives any individual the ability to see things more clearly.

One of the benefits of a relationship is that we will have someone in our corner to support us and to affirm our existence. This support adds to the trust that is needed in any relationship. Without mutual support, a trusting relationship will not develop. Each member must have its emotional needs met in order to continue to invest in the relationship. The continued support and the being there for the other person emotionally is the way in which trust is developed. If a trusting relationship is cultivated and maintained, the ability to try new adventures and take new risks are enhanced. A supportive trusting relationship outside of the bedroom always increases the activity in the bedroom.

The open expression of feeling in any relationship is vital to the continued growth of the relationship. Lovemaking should not be overlooked in a relationship, but it need not be the only ingredient that exists in a relationship either. Lovemaking is the icing on the cake and it gets there by mixing all of the above mentioned ingredients.
Good lovemaking starts outside of the bedroom. If you want to increase the frequency and intensity of your lovemaking, try to increase the frequency and intensity of your communication, willingness to work as a team, sharing of self, being kind and supportive, give space and freedom to explore individual interests. All of these ingredients will add to the makings of a fine, wonderfully iced cake.

If you are in a relationship and are experiencing some problems and don’t know what to do, a trained professional can provide you with:
  • Support
  • A listening ear
  • Directions
  • Guidance
  • Communication Training
You owe it to yourself and your mate to find answers to your struggles. Remember, no one is trained on how to have a great relationship, so we are bound to run into problems.

“A man is wise and strong who recognizes he has a problem and seeks out a solution rather than see the problem and stick his head in the sand.”
Bill Malone, MSW, LISW

your thoughts???


Monday, September 1, 2008

mixtape monday

i had to go back for these...

some of these songs were made when i was a snot nosed youngin so i know that it'll be foreign to y'all but enjoy!!!


I'm Bad

Michael Jackson
Billie Jean (Motown Celebration)

Marvin Gaye
National Anthem (NBA All-Star Game)

Eddie Murphy
Party All the Time

New Edition
Can You Stand the Rain (Live)
Arsenio Hall Show