Wednesday, January 3, 2024

that time that i got fired... | The 12Kyle Podcast


In this bonus episode of the 12Kyle Podcast, 12Kyle shares the story of the time he got fired from a job. He starts by giving some backstory and reminiscing about a recent conversation with a friend who also got fired. He then recounts his experience working at Beneficial and later transitioning to ABC Mortgage. He talks about the training process and the expectations placed on him. Eventually, he takes a test and fails, leading to performance issues and ultimately getting fired. Despite the initial shock, he reflects on how this event shaped his career path and led to new opportunities.


Getting fired is a common experience that many people go through in their careers.

Sometimes, being fired can be a result of not meeting the expectations or requirements of a job.

It's important to be prepared and knowledgeable in your field to succeed in a new job.

Being fired can lead to new opportunities and a different career path.


00:00 - Introduction and Backstory

02:20 - Working at Beneficial

04:18 - Transition to ABC Mortgage

07:06 - Training and Expectations

09:27 - Taking the Test

13:08 - Failing the Test and Performance Issues

15:19 - Getting Fired

20:53 - Reacting to the Firing

25:38 - Finding a New Job

30:09 - Career Path After Being Fired

31:26 - Conclusion and Closing


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