Wednesday, December 18, 2013

off tha dome...12 RADIO SHOW

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

keeping up with the Carters...Beyoncé & Jay Z

Say what you want about the Carters. A lot of people don't like them...but there are more that do like them. And they are loved by more than a few.

The Carters...Shawn Carter (Jay Z) and his wife Beyoncé Carter.

And their daughter, Blue Ivy.

2013 has been a great year for them.

Jay Z's latest album, "Magna Carta Holy Grail," wasn't popular among music critics. But the promotion of the album, his 12th, has been a intriguing ride to say the least.

First there was the unveiling of a massive, $5 million business deal he secured with Samsung, in which the telecom company bought 1 million copies to be released a few days early through an exclusive Samsung app. The maneuver caused the RIAA to change its rules on how it counted its album sales and "Magna Carta Holy Grail" went platinum before the album was even officially released.

More than just the $5 million upfront, it got people talking about the album – which was announced only a few weeks ahead of its release, in a summer already packed with big rap albums from Kanye West, Wale and J. Cole – without hearing much of anything about its actual music. The fact that business story trumped all early buzz for the album had some feeling cynical. No matter, the deal gave Jay-Z the best first week sales of his career.

Beyoncé has managed to outdo her husband.

Last Friday, Beyoncé dropped her new self titled album, Beyoncé, with NO marketing and no promotion on iTunes. The move set social media on fire across the globe. She broke some ground with her straight-to-iTunes surprise album, and now she is also reaping the benefits of her strategy.

According to Billboard, the self-titled album "is all but guaranteed a No. 1 debut."

On Monday, iTunes announced the album has become the fast-selling worldwide on its site "with an unprecedented 828,773 albums sold in just its first three days." "Beyoncé," which is the superstar's fifth studio album, also broke iTunes' first-week sales record in the United States, with more than 600,000 copies sold.

Most artists WISHED they could sell they could sell music like this. The Carters are ahead of the curve. I'm a HUGE Jay Z fan and I was amazed at the marketing of his album. I didn't like the album. I thought it ranks as one of his worst. But that doesn't take away from what he accomplished. Conversely, I'm not a fan of Mrs. Carter. I can't name 10 songs that she's done. However, I respect her hustle as an artist. I gained a new found respect for her after viewing an HBO documentary on her this summer. I think they are a great couple. One of the things that impresses me most about them is that we know very little about their marriage. They don't speak on it publicly. Rarely do they speak about their love for each other. It's hard for most of us to keep others out of our business...I can't imagine how hard it is for them.

Like them or not...the Carter Administration ain't going anywhere.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

graduation day

17 years ago today...I did it. December 14, 1996

I accomplished one of the biggest goals that I've ever had.

I graduated from college.

I totally enjoyed every minute that I spent at South Carolina State University. I went there as a young boy and left as a man. When I graduated from high school, I really didn't appreciate it because it was just a stepping stone in my eyes. But this was different. This was where I wanted to be.

As a football player, I spent many hours in Oliver C Dawson Stadium. But there were none more important than the 3 hours of our commencement ceremony. I was happy to have my family, friends, and crew there to see me graduate. Many of them watched me play on Saturdays in that stadium. But the cheers that I got when I crossed the stage were the most important cheers that I'd ever receive.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was in the low 50s so I tried to stay warm during the ceremony. Ken Chenault, the first African American CEO of American Express, spoke at the ceremony. I don't remember much of what he said but I do remember one thing. 

He said...

"Never be too busy blazing your trail to stop and look back at where you have come from." 

Those words never left me.

pictured here with 2 of my partners in crime...teammates & homies for life...Moe & Russell

I'm thankful for the 5 1/2 years at South Carolina State (the business department was no, the good and the bad experiences...they were life lessons. I'm thankful for the people who were in my life before I got to college and those who came into my life during college. The experiences helped me into the man that I am today.

Bulldog for life.

I bleed GARNET & BLUE.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

WOMEN vs MEN - 750 Understanding Each Other...12 RADIO SHOW

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TOPIC - WOMEN vs MEN - 750 Understanding Each Other
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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Brandon

Seven years ago today I became a father for the first time.

My third son, Brandon, was born.

Brandon is a star! If you ever met him, you'd agree.

Happy Birthday, Brandon! Daddy loves you!

Monday, December 9, 2013

thank you

I just wanted to take a second to thank everybody for the phone calls, texts, emails, tweets, and posts today wishing me a Happy Birthday. I really do appreciate it. You have no idea! I am thankful to see 41 years on this planet.

I am also thankful for each and every day.

Thanks for making a special day that much sweeter.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

no winners

I'm a diehard Florida State football fan. I've been a fan since I was a kid.

You can imagine that I had more than a passing interest in the case against Jameis Winston.

Winston is Florida State's 19 year old redshirt freshman quarterback who has led the FSU team to being ranked number 1 in the country. Winston's phenomenal play has led him to being the leading candidate for the Heisman Trophy. Florida State, who is undefeated with 12 wins, is one win away from playing for the national championship game. On December 7th, 2012 a FSU student files a sexual battery incident report with the Tallahassee Police Department after initially contacting FSU Police Department. In January 2013, the complainant identifies FSU redshirt freshman quarterback Jameis Winston as the suspect to Tallahassee police. Tallahassee attorney Tim Jansen, representing Winston, is contacted about the case in February of this year. A week later, Jansen says, he was told by a TPD detective the case was closed. Winston was not interviewed by police or prosecutors. It wasn't until November that the case was reopened after several media outlets had inquired about the case.

On December 5th, it was announced by the district attorney that Winston would not be charged. There is a lot that happened here but I will spare you the details. After reading the police report, you have a 19 yr old female who said that she got into a cab and went to an apartment with Winston and 2 other men. She said she had been drinking and was raped. Winston's attorney said that Winston had consensual sex with the female. His story was backed up by the two men in the apartment, two Florida State teammates. They said that the door was open and they saw the female perform oral sex on Winston then voluntarily take off her clothes and have sex with Winston. At one point, the men said they walked in the room to "embarrass" Winston only to be yelled at by the woman who told them to "get out". The sports world was a buzz when a report leaked that they found Winston's DNA in the woman's panties that night. But they did not report that there was another man's DNA in her panties as well. It was from her boyfriend. This was all found in the report. The district attorney stated that they could not bring forth a case because of inconsistencies in the accuser's story. She had memory lapses and could not remember much of what happened that night.

She has a story.

Winston has a story.

The case took an ugly turn in two separate press conferences. Willie Meggs, the state attorney for the Second Judicial Circuit, announced the move during a news conference at the Leon County Courthouse. Winston had faced felony charges after being accused of sexually assaulting the woman at an off-campus apartment on Dec. 7, 2012.

"We've carefully examined all the evidence in this case and have concluded that no charges will be filed against anyone in this case," Meggs said.

Meggs began to take questions from the media and things got bad. Meggs had several jokes and there was laughter in the room. My thought was..."Why are you joking?" Even if you didn't believe her story...that's HER story. She said she was raped. Tell me the last time you've heard a good rape joke. It was tasteless.

Forty five minutes after Meggs' presser ended, Tim Jensen began his press conference. He stood and answered questions from the media. When responding to one question, Jensen began to insinuated that the accuser could be "like some women who go after athletes because they are targets." Huh? She said she was raped. I don't think she ASKED to be raped.

The sad thing about this case is that we'll never know what happen. Rape is always hard to prove. Based on what I've heard and read, I believe that Winston. That's not the fan in me. That's just what I see. I was once a football player at South Carolina State University. I was a high visible athlete on our campus...similar to Winston. I also found myself in a situation where I could have had sex with a woman who had been drinking...just like Winston. I didn't...but I could have. But I don't know the accuser nor do I know Winston. He seems to be a charismatic young man who happens to be a phenomenal athlete. But I know that as an athlete, you wear two faces. There is the face that you want people see and the face that you really have. It doesn't matter if I think this young lady is telling the truth or not. She said she was raped. That's no laughing matter. Her life will be changed forever. I feel for Winston. His life will be changed too. People will always associate this with him. Winston was never charged nor was he ever questioned by the police. If you believe his story then you see a young man who feels like he did nothing wrong.

There are no winners in this case. Judging from both press conferences, as a society, we have all loss.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

off tha dome

random thoughts...

this blog is coming up on it's 6 yr blogversary. the problem is...i can't remember when it is

i haven't worn a turtleneck since i was in the 7th grade.

it's mind boggling that people will wait in line for hours for black friday but won't attend a PTA meeting

one day it'll all make sense

that game between Alabama and Auburn was the second best finish in college football...behind the California vs Stanford game

i remember when me and my boy would call the girls that we liked on a 3 way call. not sure why we did that

if you have not seen this show, The Blacklist, do yourself a favor...check it out. i'll put it right behind Scandal as far as must see tv

glad to hear that Outkast will be touring next year. no mention of a new album but i'll take it.

if a woman sleeps with 4 different dudes each year...starting at the age of the time she's 39...she's got 88 bodies under her belt. sounds like a lot, huh? it is...but if you meet a 39 woman who said she's been slayed by 88 dudes...that's how she got there

somebody told me the Soul Train Music Awards came on tv the other day. i didn't even know Soul Train still came on tv...

i don't do music award shows. too many wack artists winning categories that they shouldn't even be in

what is your first memory of being on the Internet? mine? i remember getting in a Black Planet chat room. scared the hell out of me.

do people still talk on the phone? i do. gimme a nice long convo on the phone any day. text msgs are cool but i like to talk

i went to the gas station yesterday. the vehicle ahead of me was a Hummer. dude only put $10 in his tank. i hope he wasn't planning to go far

i slide into the age of 41 on monday. i'm having a party and you are invited. just bring a nice gift. i need more ties. and wine. that's all

The Best Man Holiday - MUST SEE MOVIE! I plan to see it again.

thanks for reading. i'm glad that you do. i see you!

potty training for girls seems to be soooooo much more easier than it is for boys

while scrolling through instagram the other, i found somebody who had like 500 "selfies". no lie. that seems a bit vain. do you love yourself THAT much? lol

i want a piano

me and the homie, eclectik nailed this podcast (The Blend Tape - hip hop and r&b collaborations)

most used app on my iPhone...Flipboard

the new Entourage movie starts production next month. can't wait

it's been a disappointing NFL season for the Falcons and the Giants. but the Cowboys will fall on their face. and that makes me smile

the two best Christmas songs ever...Silent Night - The Temptations & This Christmas - Donnie Hathaway

if you can't be happy for your friends success...who can you be happy for?

still praying for you! the breakthrough is coming. i believe it. i do

i'm very careful with the words i use...

i am moved by words

2013 is almost over. where did the year go?

you think you're good? you wanna play me?

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sex 800...12 RADIO SHOW

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Monday, December 2, 2013

5 Ways Orgasms Will Save Your Life

This article is from the good folks at This one is for the ladies but the fellas can appreciate it as well.


Ever have a week when you're so busy you forget to have an orgasm? We didn't think so. And it’s a good thing you two are getting busy all the time, because having orgasms on a regular basis can actually save your life. And unlike other things that are fun and good for you -- like glasses of red wine or handfuls of antioxidant-rich Halloween candy (chocolate's good for you -- look it up) -- you can't have too many orgasms. Plus, they won't result in back fat or gin blossoms. (And no, fake orgasms don't count.)

1. Orgasms are good for your lady parts.

A recent study found that women who have orgasms during menstruation are 1.5 times less likely to suffer from endometriosis, a potentially dangerous uterine condition that can lead to infertility. But they also make you 3 three times more likely to suffer from whistling and skipping and annoying your friends.

2. Orgasms help manage pain.

An orgasm can more than double a woman's woman’s tolerance for pain,according to a recent study. Seems likely, given that orgasms more than double your tolerance for your mate’s habit of leaving his underwear on the floor.

3. Orgasms can prevent a heart attack.

Research shows that the female orgasm lowers your blood pressure. And we all know that high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks. And by calming the runaway electrical impulses that lead to a rapid heartbeat, orgasms can also cure hiccups, which sure beats having your man “scare” you

4. Orgasms may treat addiction and depression.

Sounds like a stretch, but researchers say that being able to activate your brain's brain’s feel-goodery center just by touching your own nipples has broader implications: Being able get instant pleasure this way may keep you from seeking that dopamine high from other places, like, you know, drugs orDoritos. Although while you can eat Doritos in public, you probably shouldn't shouldn’t play with your nipples.

5. Orgasms burn calories.

An orgasm can burn up to 200 calories after 30 minutes of strenuous stimulation (which should hopefully include an orgasm). Yes, this sounds like a lot, but think of it as "strenuous stimulation" vs. "strenuous squats with hand weights and the choice is clear. Or unclear, depending on the sexual position you prefer.