Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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We'll be covering topics like...

1. When it comes to dating, what turns you off?

2. Never tell lies on a date to make yourself sound good. What's a lie(s) that you've been told?

3. Sex on the first date? Is that good or bad?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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This week's topic - 90s hip hop...

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We'll cover topics such as...

1. If you could rap on a track with an 90s hip hop artist, who would it be? Why?

2. 90s hip hop...who are you taking...De La Soul or Tribe Called Quest?

3. 90s hip hop...which debut was better...Illmatic, Ready 2 Die or Reasonable Doubt?

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It's safe to say that my clubbin' days are long gone. It's rare that you'll find me in a club

This past Friday I made a rare appearance in the club. My boy, Travis, came to town and he wanted to hit a club. No problem. This is my dude. We've been tight since we were kids. I had a good time at the club. It was good hanging with Travis.

I realized something while i was there. There are 10 reasons why I DON'T GO TO CLUBS

1. Too old - Man, I'm 38 yrs old. Married. Father of on the way. Despite my boyish good looks, I ain't giving you my phone number...and you can't have mine. As much as I like to dance, I don't wanna wake up with sore knees and hamstrings. I can still "scrrrrruuuuuuub the ground" but I chose to use my mean 2 step.

2. Smoke - I hate smokey clubs. I don't want my good clothes smelling like cigars or weed

3. Steppin on my Timbs - For some reason people always wanna walk past me...especially in a close space near the dance floor. And people are always stepping on my Timbs. Sometimes I just move out of the way before they get close to me

4. Deejays - the deejay can make or break a night at the club. If the DJ is wack, it will make for a long night

5. Sunglasses in the club - Most clubs aren't bright...yet you see dudes walking around with shades on in the club. I don't understand that concept. Can somebody explain it to me?

6. VIP - Never understood why dudes strive to get into an even more crammed area

7. The Circle Dance - groups of women (usually 3 or more) dancing in a circle TOGETHER and not dancing with the men in the club. That's corny.

8. Stay thirsty my friends - drinks cost wayyyyyy too much. $8 for a small glass of Henny. $4 for a bottle of water? C'mon son!

9. Bleeding ears - that ringing sensation in your ears from listening to loud music for 3 hrs

10. No man - scantly clad dressed women who are trying to find a man. I watch them closely. They strike out every time. Even when they get's unwanted.

Friday, June 17, 2011

flashback friday vol 1

I was talking to a good friend the other day who's an avid reader of this blog. We've known each other for years. She suggested that I give the readers some insight on the younger version of 12kyle. So I will present to you...FLASHBACK FRIDAY...a series of blogs that reflect on my childhood, college days, or my bachelor days. Not sure if I'll do it every week...but I'll try.

here's a post that I wrote in 2008. Hope you enjoy it.

Year : 1996

Place : South Carolina State University

Time : Senior year

I'm a jokester. I like to play pranks on my friends. I've always been like that. I dunno why but I get a good laugh out of it. Anyway, the victim this time would be one of my best friends and teammates at boy Moe. Me and Moe are tight. We've been hangin' since our freshman year. We have a lot in common. We both played on the football team (both of us were wide receivers), liked the same kinda women, liked the same kinda music, and we were usually hangin together at all times. We're still close to this day. Moe is the godfather to my oldest son. We talk every day. When we were in school, our wives (girlfriends at the time) would joke about how we were like twins.

Moe was a marketing major like me. We had took almost all of our classes together. And we needed to b/c we needed to push each other in the classroom like we did on the football field. One day, we were assigned to do a group project for our international marketing class. Our group consisted of me, Moe, and Marcel. As usual, we waited until the last minute to complete the project. We had a week to get it done but we didn't get started until the night before the project was due. I spoke to Moe earlier in the day and reminded him that we were meeting to do the project that night. Each of us had to do their 1/3 of the work and bring it to the meeting at the library. Well, Moe decides that he wants to go to the Pit (hangout spot just like on A Different World). Moe never shows up. I'm furious! In the back of my mind, I knew that he'd pull some kinda stunt so I was already prepared to cover him.

I advised Marcel that we should get him back. I told him "when Moe calls us on the phone...don't answer. If he asks about the project, tell him that we didn't do it and we're gonna get a F." Well, Moe calls me at 6am. I didn't answer b/c I knew it was him. He called answer. Our class didn't start until 4pm. He wasn't able to get in touch with anybody so he knew what he had to do...he had to do the project by himself. He didn't want to do it but he had no choice. He finally finds me around noon and I told him that we hadn't done anything. I also informed him that the "F" really wasn't gonna hurt the "A" that i had in the class. But he knew that an "F" would hurt his "C" average. LOL.

When we arrive in class at 4, Moe is clearly disgusted with me and Marcel. But he did the whole project. Much to our surprise!!! We told him that we finished it the previous night!!!! If you would've seen the look on his face...priceless. He wanted to kill me. I was on the floor ROLLIN'. "Haaaaaa!!!! I got you! I got you!!" He was clearly pissed but what could he do? We put some of his info with what we had and we got an "A" on the project. I got him good!

My joy was short lived. The next semester (our last) he got me back. We both needed to pass financial management to graduate. I hated the class but I had mad respect for our professor, Dr. Cole. Going into our finals, we both had "C"s and we needed to pass the final exam to graduate. The mere thought of financial management terrified me. This class was the sole reason why i didn't send out any graduation invitations to my relatives b/c I wasn't sure if I was gonna pass the class. And Dr. Cole was one of the toughest professors in the School of Business. Anyway...we took the final exam. I thought that I did well on it. Dr. Cole had advised us that he would post the grades in 2 days. I knew if I didn't pass it, I'd have to come back to school for another semester. I couldn't do that.

I sent Moe to Dr.Cole's office to get the results. I shouldn't have done that. He called me later that day. He told me that I didn't pass the final but he did. I was speechless. I kept thinking..."how am I gonna explain this to my momma?" I was pissed off so I told Moe that I'd call him back. I got off the phone and I told my girl (mrs12) that I had failed. I was crushed. Then...about 5 mins later...the phone rings. It's Moe. I didn't wanna talk to him or anybody else. He says..."tell Kyle that I was just joking...he passed. He's gonna graduate." She told me and I was livid!! Arrrrrrgh! How could you play with my emotions like that?

He got me! I can't front. We still laugh about it to this day.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Weiner sent meat pics on twitter and didn't think it'd get out?? c'mon son! twitter ain't private

the new NaS song (Nasty...) is givin me life

if you're ordering you leave a tip? i don't

#1 in your program...#1 in your heart

summer is definitely here. it's been in the low to mid 90s for the past 2 weeks

just found out Nia Long is pregnant...but it's not my baby. *sigh*

am i the only one who hates to wash clothes?

ladies...please lotion your feet before you leave the house. if you need help, ask your man

fellas...stop fronting for the ladies. be who you are. women don't like phony dudes

15 facebook status updates in an hour is a bit much. maybe you should be on twitter

speaking of facebook, what's up with the names..."rahmel "igotmyswagback" jackson. wtf?

please stop reporting that the NFL players and owners are meeting in hopes of getting a deal done...lemme know when it's done!

Miami Heat lost. Y'all happy now?

speaking of the NBA Finals, did anybody see Bosh fall out after the game like he was at a funeral? can't knock a man for crying but do that in the locker room or at the crib

people say they are happy that Jason Kidd won a ring. guess they forgot that Kidd is the dude who slammed his wife into the wall and broke her ribs a few yrs ago. don't get it twisted, great player but he's got some of that Ike Turner in him.

so Vancouver loses the Stanley Cup and their fans riot in the street...but THIS dude gets busy in the street

the other day i was at a store and a bum was trying to buy a Dutch cigar but was 50 cents short. i gave him 50 cents. we both walk outside and he said..."thank you bruthaman. can you buy me a Little Debbie cake, too?"

it was funny to hear Jason Terry "give all the praise and credit to God" after winning the NBA Finals. this is the same dude who was throwing up Crip gang signs during the game. i didn't know God supported gang banging from a "suburban gangster"

hey Eddie Long...25M is a lotta loot to pay for a man who is "innocent"

anybody seen D'Angelo lately? we need a new album

breaking news...Lauryn Hill is pregnant. In other breaking news...water is wet

bria myles...with clothes

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


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We'll be discussion topics like...

1. Why do you think so many people wanted to see Lebron lose?

2. Excluding centers, name YOUR top 5 best players in the NBA

3. Should college athletes be paid to play? Why or why not?

Monday, June 13, 2011

the definition

I've never been a firm believer in following the crowd.

I think you should always be your own man...or woman.

What is the definition of a man? What is the definition of a woman? For some reason, society has adapted the the theory that if you've reached the age of 30 and don't have a husband/wife and kids, then you're somewhat "behind where you should be." That makes no sense to me. Since when did having a spouse and kids make you a man or a woman. While I am grateful to have a spouse and kids, they don't define me. I define me. And YOU define who YOU are...not society.

I've got 5 close homies who are...good dudes, over the age of 30, college educated, have good jobs, attractive and they aren't married and don't have any kids. Should they be "settled down"? I don't think so. That's their choice.

Maybe they aren't ready for it?

Maybe they aren't at that stage in their life?

Maybe that's NOT what they want?

Some people in society will lead you to believe that "something is wrong with them" if they weren't married or have kids. The truth is...marriage ain't for everybody. Some people don't wanna be married. Some people have NO desire to have kids. I respect those who feel that way. Truth be told, there are a ton of parents who have NO business being parents. Those are the ones who should have never had kids. But I digress...

It's even worse for women. I know several women who are great woman...over 30, college educated with multiple degrees, good jobs, attractive, and they are without a husband and kids. Does that mean that they've failed? Does that mean that they are CRAZY? Everybody goes to different things at different times in life. People lose sight of that. There's a time and a place for EVERYTHING. No matter if you're male or female...when you desire a spouse and kids...and you're'll happen for you.

Don't let society tell you otherwise.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

never underestimate

Never underestimate the power of words.

On Friday, I had a conversation with a former co-worker and friend of mine. Prior to our conversation, we had not spoken in about 3 weeks. The last time that we talked, she was about to have her 1st child. I called her to check on her and to find out whether she had a boy or a girl. She told me that days after we spoke, she had a seizure. During the seizure, the oxygen to the baby was cut off. The baby, a little girl, did not survive. My friend almost died. I was shocked to hear the news. I knew that it had not been an easy pregnancy for her. She had some health issues, lost her job, and broke up with the baby's father during the pregnancy. There are no words to console someone who's lost their child. Personally, I hope to never know what that feels like.

Never underestimate the power of a friend

She began to tell me that she "didn't know how she was gonna make it". She was stressed over the lack of money and being unemployed. I advised her to apply for unemployment benefits. Although it's not much, it's something to help. She said that she had become depressed and was facing the possibility of losing her apartment because she couldn't pay the rent. I reminded her that we all go through struggles. Some are bigger than others. We all go through peaks and valleys. My belief in GOD helps me understand that no situation is TOO hard to overcome. I reminded her of that. I won't say that I know every verse in the Bible but I do have a relationship with GOD. I don't try to impose my beliefs on anyone but I believe in GOD and what he can do for us.

Never underestimate the power of prayer

Before we ended our call, I told a few jokes and made her laugh. She sounded much better than she did before. I told her that I'd call her on Monday to check in on her. When we got off the phone, I said a quick prayer for her. It wasn't anything out of the norm. I will pray for my I did just that. Later that afternoon, my phone rang. It was my friend. I answered the phone and I could hear the excitement in her voice. She had just landed a job that she interviewed for earlier in the week. The new job will allow her to get out of the debt that she's in and will give her a piece of mind. While a new job won't bring back the child that she lost, it's a positive step in the right direction for her.

The moral of this blog is that prayer works. One thing that I've learned that sometimes it's just as important for you to pray for others more than you pray for yourself.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

20 yrs...

June 7, 1991

I'll remember that day for two reasons...

One reason...Michael Jordan dropped 29 on the Lakers in Game 3 of the NBA Finals.

The second reason...I graduated from high school that day. Today marks 20 years. Wow. Time flies. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. As I reflect on that day, I remember it like it was yesterday. I remember seeing my family and friends in the crowd. I remember wanting the graduation to be over as quickly as possible because I was ready to party. More importantly, I remember those classmates who sat in their cap and gowns with me. We were a "different bunch" say the least. We weren't a unified class but we had a bunch of great individuals. I had gone to school with most of them since the 7th grade. There were a few who I'd known since I was in the 2nd grade. I woke up that day thinking that graduating from high school was no big deal. My thought process changed later that day. I realized the level of pride and strength that we had. I remember seeing my classmates crying after it was over. I didn't cry. No need for tears. This wasn't my final destination. This was a stepping stone to propel me to the next level. But it was sad because it would be the last time that I would be around this great collection of talented people. You never really knew how much you meant to people...or how much they mean to you...until you part from them. I remember giving hugs and dap to my classmates when it was over. Little did I know that we'd lose 2 classmates before I enrolled in college in August.

Through the years, I've learned more and more about those that stood with me that day. We are a great group of people. We're probably more unified now than we've ever been. That's cool with me. The pride and the strength is still there. And always will be

Wilson High School Class of 1991...I salute you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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Topic - The BREAK UP (relationships)...

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we'll be discussioning questions like...

If you're not feeling someone, how do you break up with them?

What should you do if you suspect your man/woman is cheating?

What's the craziest thing that you've done after breaking up with someone?

Can you truly be FRIENDS with your ex after it's over?