Saturday, December 31, 2016

PODCAST: Top 5 Hip Hop Albums from 1996

1996 was an incredible year for hip hop. Many people in hip hop circles think that 1996 marked the end of the "Golden Era of Hip Hop". On this podcast, we will discuss the landscape that helped make the music and some of the albums that were made.

More importantly, we will give you the certified Top 5 Hip Hop Albums from 1996. The list is based on the following criteria...lyricism, production, dopeness, impact, and longevity for each album. Leave a comment and let us know if you agree or disagree.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Year in Review Pictures

My year in review (sorta) in pictures...


Deion's band performed at the MLK Day Parade


The 12Kyle Podcast, featured on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher, GooglePlay, YouTube...was well on it's way to becoming your favorite podcast...

I attended the first...among many...Father/Daughter dances with Skyler. We had a ball

At the circus with Brandon, Skyler, and her friend Kai

At lunch with the kids at the best pizza spot in Atlanta...Fellini's


Deion participated in the Cotillion-Beautillion. It was an awesome experience for him. I was very proud. He's pictured here with his escort, Gentille

Mom & Dad made it. Having my parents be there for it was a very happy moment for me.

two of my favorite ladies...

Both Sherice and I were fly. Take a good look because you might not ever see me in a tux...

Hanging with the cool kids...Kameron and Brandon

3 the hard way...Deion, Kameron, and Brandon

the kids were happy to hang out with Grandpa

Skyler was named the Pre-K Scholar of the Week at her school. She is soooo smart

We lost one of my favorite MCs...Phife Dawg from A Tribe Called Quest. I grew up on their music and Phife always felt like the cousin that I never had. While I wasn't fortunate enough to meet him, I felt like I did. Gone but not forgotten. You on point, Phife???

Sherice turned 40. We had a ball celebrating her birthday with friends and family.


The kids with my niece, Mackenzie, in my hometown...Florence, SC.

Deion was headed to DC to visit Howard University. Skyler wasn't happy about it

Doughnuts with Dads day at Skyler's school

Arin, Jamison, and Kellen visited while on their Spring Break

We got to see our godson, Jalen, when we went to see his uncle get married. He's such a cool young man. We love him

Wedding flow

One of my personal favorite moments of the year was seeing Rakim perform here in Atlanta. Anyone who knows me knows how much I love and admire him. It was great to finally see him perform

We lost a legendary genius. Prince is one of my biggest musical influences. His death shocked me and the rest of the world. It's rare for me to feel the sense of loss when entertainers pass away. But I FELT this. I knew Prince...even if only through music...but I KNEW him. It's still hard to believe that he's gone. I did a tribute to him on the 12Kyle Podcast. He's gone but we can always bring him back to life when we press "PLAY".


Skyler's dance recital was great! She performed very well

Kameron was tooo smooth as he attended the 8th grade prom

Another proud daddy moment...Skyler graduated from Pre-K


We lost another legend...Muhammad Ali. As a kid, I didn't have many sports heroes. Other than my uncle, there weren't many sports figures that I looked up to. Not sure why...but I just didn't. But then there was Muhammad Ali. For as far back as I can remember as a young child in the 70s, Ali was larger than life. He wasn't just a great boxer...he was a showman, an activist, a humanitarian and much more.

"A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life." - Muhammad Ali

Thanks Champ

I cherish moments like this that we had at our family reunion. One day she'll be too big or too cool to be on Daddy's shoulders

Sherice & Deion


A night on the town...

I lost my buddy, Cheryl. It's funny how you can get close to someone that you've never met but we were really tight. I miss our conversations. I can't watch the Golden State Warriors and not think about her. I blogged about it here. She's still a Warrior


What is the summer without a day at Six Flags?

First day of school for the kids...Deion (12th grade), Kameron (9th grade), Brandon (4th grade), and Skyler (Kindergarden)

Grandma came to visit

So did my godson, LaKell. It was great seeing him. We love him. 

There was a new addition to the family...a fish named Stitch Abraham. He was only with us for a month. LOL


Baaaaaaad Booyyyyyy...Sherice and I hit Phillips Arena to see the Bad Boy Reunion Tour. It was phenomenal!!! It took us back to the 90s.

Deion and the Marching Rams

Kameron put on a great acting performance in the school play, Dreamgirls. I didn't know the kid could act.

Princess Skyler turned 5. She had a "spa party" at our house with her friends. They had a good time

Kameron and Deion with their little cousin, Zeniya.

Sherice and I celebrated 16 years of marriage. I think that's a major accomplishment!


Sherice and I went back to the place where it started for us...South Carolina State University. It was homecoming. We had a ball! We took Brandon with us.

Senior night

Skyler was Doc McStuffins for Halloween

Me and Brandon went to the Packers vs Falcons game to see the Dirty Birds win a thriller


Brandon participated in the Jr Atlanta Hawks Basketball camp


Skyler was named Scholar of the Week...this time in Kindergarten.

Skyler is chillin with her brothers after her Christmas concert performance

I turned 44 years old on December 9th and became the coolest, freshest, dopest 44 year old that you know

Brandon turned 10 on December 10th

On December 14th, I celebrated the 20 year anniversary of graduating from South Carolina State University.

2016 was a year that saw many highs and lows. Ultimately, it was a great year...because we ALL got to see it. And that is more than enough to be thankful for!!!

May 2017 be filled with blessings and prosperity for you and yours!!!