Saturday, December 30, 2023

12 dope things that i did in 2023... | The 12Kyle Podcast

In this episode, 12Kyle reflects on the 12 dope things he did in 2023. He highlights various experiences, including attending a podcast meetup in Houston, a Bulldog Roundup in Columbia, South Carolina, and a surprise birthday party for a friend. 12Kyle also shares personal milestones, such as celebrating 23 years of marriage and turning 51. 

Throughout the episode, 12Kyle emphasizes the importance of cherishing moments, building friendships, and appreciating life's blessings. In this episode, he reflects on the lessons he learned in 2023 and shares his plans for the future of the podcast. He emphasizes the importance of having something to look forward to and making every day count. He also discusses the value of listener feedback and engagement. 

12Kyle announces upcoming changes to the podcast, including more video content and a shift in promotional strategies. He teases exciting series for 2024, such as the HBCU series. The episode concludes with a wrap-up and well wishes for the new year.


Take time to meet and connect with fellow podcasters and friends in person.Celebrate milestones and reunions with loved ones and friends.Support local businesses and enjoy new experiences, such as trying out new restaurants or attending grand openings.Reflect on personal growth, relationships, and the passage of time.


Introduction and Overview - 00:00 

Podcast Meetup in Houston - 01:29 

Bulldog Roundup in Columbia, South Carolina - 06:19 

Niece's College Graduation - 09:43 

Prince Party in Houston - 12:09 

Grand Opening of Trillburgers - 14:05 

Attending a Tennis Match with Coco Gauff - 18:48

Surprise 50th Birthday Party for Moe - 21:11 

Celebrating 23 Years of Marriage with Sherice - 23:07 

Homecoming at Wilson High School - 27:31 

Reaching 500 Episodes on the Podcast - 31:24 

Attending Homecoming at SC State - 34:13 

Reconnecting with a Childhood Friend - 36:35
Celebrating 51st Birthday - 40:56 

Reflection on the Year - 49:10 

Finding Something to Look Forward To - 50:36 

Engaging with Listeners and Feedback - 51:03 

Upcoming Changes to the Podcast - 51:57 

Exciting Series for 2024 - 53:01 

Continued Content and Guest Features - 53:58 

Wrap Up and Well Wishes for 2024 54:28

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

the best places to eat and party at college... | The 12Kyle Podcast

From 25 cent partying in a club that USED to be a church...12Kyle shares comical stories about the best places for him to eat and party when he was in college at South Carolina State University. 

the best places to eat and party at college...


Saturday, December 23, 2023

80s vs 90s rap lineup... | The 12Kyle Podcast

In this episode, 12Kyle discusses the concept of an 80s versus 90s rap lineup. He came across a post on Facebook that compared 80s and 90s rappers and asked who would be better lyrically in their prime. 

12Kyle decided to do a breakdown of individual matchups and share his personal opinions on who would be better. The episode concludes with a discussion on the scoring and some debates around the choices.


Hip hop group discussions on Facebook can spark interesting debates.

Comparing 80s and 90s rappers' lyricism in their prime is subjective.

12Kyle acknowledges that personal preferences and opinions play a significant role in these discussions.


00:00 - Introduction

00:30 - Hip Hop Group Discussions on Facebook

01:27 - The Concept of 80s vs 90s Rap Lineup

03:21 - Setting the Criteria: Strictly Lyricism

04:11 - LL Cool J vs The Notorious B.I.G.

05:46 - KRS-1 vs Jay-Z

06:49 -  Big Daddy Kane vs Nas

08:24 - Rakim vs Tupac

09:28 - Kool G Rap vs Snoop Dogg

10:56 - Scoring the Battle: 80s vs 90s

11:23 - Debating LL Cool J vs The Notorious B.I.G.

12:25 - KRS-1 vs Jay-Z: The Top 5 Debate

13:12 - Conclusion

80s vs 90s rap lineup...