Wednesday, October 31, 2012


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Friday, October 26, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

"So much to write and say, yo I don't know where to start
So I'll begin with the basics and flow from the heart..."

i've been neglecting this blog for a minute...but i'm back

one of the highlights of my day...getting Skyler dressed. not sure why but i enjoy that quality time with her

willie washington...lmao! just hearing that name or saying it makes me laugh *inside joke*

go vote. i don't care who you vote for. go vote

i'm on instagram and sometimes i wonder...if somebody posts 8 pics in a day and i only "like" one of them, does that mean that i don't like the rest of them?

it's good to have the homie JFresh back on the East Coast. he's been in LA for the past 10yrs. welcome back, bruh

donald trump is an idiot and an asshole

i coach my son Kameron's 9 and under youth football team and we're 6-1 right now. it's been a fun season thus far

most left handed people that i know have sloppy handwriting

mitt romney reminds me of a lotta rappers of air with no substance

the NBA season starts next week. you ready for it?

kendrick lamar's a word...cooooooold

did you hear the story about the guy whose girlfriend broke up with him and the NEXT day he won the lottery? i wonder how she felt...

do you talk to telemarketers? i do. i like to cut them off while they are reading their "script" and see if they can still try to find their "place"

remember when mike vick was the "next best thing"?

i can't high school's homecoming events is bigger than a lotta college homecoming's. shoutout to Wilson High School

church people always talk about not being judgmental. but if you sit in "their seat"...see what happens.

i don't like cats

fellas...choose your words carefully. they can get you kicked out of her bedroom before you even get close to her

ladies...nothing worse than a woman with dirty white sneakers

the ESPN 30 for 30 on Benji Wilson was one of the best ones they've aired.

is it just me or has it been cool to be downright disrespectful to OUR president? people have gotten out of hand

my dishwasher is broke. guess who is bussin suds now?

you ever been at work and somebody sends you an email but their desk is a few steps away from yours?

remember when Cam Newton was the "next best thing"? wake up Cam!!!

i gotta get back to bloggin like i used to. gotta remind y'all how dope i am as a writer. i ain't no joke! *modestly speaking*

red wine is soooooo good...but it makes me sleepy

i slide into 40 in december. i'm looking forward to the party even tho i know nuffin about it.

when Jodeci's Stay comes on...

we always had # 2 pencils when we were in school. did they make # 1 or # 3 pencils?

RGIII is now the "next best thing"...according to the experts

i hate seeing kids get off the school bus with NO books in their hands

some parents are just raggedy

remember when stamps were $.20 ?

one day i had on sweatpants and a hoodie. the next day i had on shorts and was cooking on the grill. this weather is crazy

thursday nights...i'm watching Scandal!!!

i think i'm gonna push Kameron to be on the choir at church. he can sing. jussssss like his daddy

Skyler is walking now. It's hard trying to child proof the house...

why is there always ONE jerk who won't turn their phone off before the plane takes off?

the debates were funny

i don't like being lied to. don't piss on me a tell me that it's raining

who loads all of the information onto the Internet. can it be stored on a floppy disk???

Thursday, October 25, 2012

stuck in the friend zone

"There is a hole in every zone." - Anonymous

This rule applies in football and basketball.

The friend zone? Not as much

What is the friend zone? The friend zone is the equivalent of the Black Hole in outer space. Once you're in're stuck. I think it's damn near impossible to get out of it if you are a man. Women?? It's possible. 

The good folks at Men's Health Magazine has offered a few tips about getting out of the friend zone. Try it. Let me know if it works. 

Want to make your girl friend your girlfriend? Of course you do. In a study where 88 opposite-sex pairs of friends filled out questionnaires about their relationship, guys were more likely to be attracted to their female pals than the other way around, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships found.

Men were also more likely to overestimate their female friends’ attraction to them. So if you find yourself wanting to jump from the Friend Ship to the Relation Ship—see what we did there?—abide by these four strategies to make the tricky transition go as smooth as possible. (But believe us: There are still plenty of Good Reasons Not to Sleep with Her.)

1. Assess the Situation

First, is she available? “If she has a boyfriend, is just getting over someone, or is confused about what she wants, it’s a red light,” says Ian Kerner, Ph.D., sexuality counselor and author of She Comes First. “Otherwise you’ll look like you’re trying to seize an opportunity, which could leave her feeling betrayed.” If, however, you spend lots of one-on-one time together, your interactions often feel like dates, or they have a romantic energy about them, those are good signs that you could become something more than friends.

2. Test the Waters

“In conversation mention, ‘Gee, if I were dating you, I would do x, y, z,’ and see her reaction to it,” suggests Amy Laurent, relationship expert and star of Bravo’s upcoming series Miss Advised. “If it makes her uncomfortable or she laughs and says, ‘Oh stop!’ with an awkward smile, you may be crossing the boundary and need to respect that she may simply just want to be friends with you.” But if she seems genuinely interested in how you would treat her—for instance, she asks follow-up questions to your hypothetical scenario—she may already be thinking you’re boyfriend material.

3. Make a Pact

You have to know going in that there’s a risk of ruining your friendship if a relationship ultimately doesn’t work out, Laurent says. “Make a pact to not let that happen,” she adds. “If you’re going to risk a great friendship, make sure two elements—respect and communication—are always there. Because hopefully they’ll still be there and you can go back to being friends.”

4. Find the Right Moment

Telling her you want to date her while drunk and standing in the middle of a crowded bar surrounded by a group of friends: Bad idea, buddy. “Women are often very sensitive to context, so even if she feels the same way about you, she may not feel comfortable telling you in that moment,” Kerner says. Your game plan: Confess your feelings when the two of you are alone. “Make sure you’re in a fun, romantic context such as out to dinner, on a walk, or shopping together to help set the tone,” Kerner adds. “Then, depending on the situation, put your arm around her, hold her hand, or say, ‘I’m just going to do something here,’ and lean in for a kiss,” he adds. “These actions give her the opportunity to reciprocate if she feels the same way.”

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

life's lessons

I saw this today and I wanted to share it with you.

When I saw it, I thought about a good friend of mine

I think we all can apply this to ourselves.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


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