Monday, January 30, 2012

the dating game

It's been a few years since i've been on the dating scene

But there's ONE thing I know about it...

It can be EXTREMELY frustrating for some.

I won't profess to all of the answers...just all of the questions! A few days ago, I posted comment, on my off tha dome post, about how women should be aggressive but not thirsty. A few of my readers asked me to give more clarification on that statement.


1. Men like women who are aggressive and self confident

2. Men like women who can express themselves well

3. Men are genuinely flattered when they are pursued.

Herein lies the problem...

Most women won't aggressively pursue a man for fear of looking "thirsty." No woman wants to appear to be too eager for a man. They don't wanna appear to be slutty. You have to keep it classy! The problem comes when you have some women who will go ALL out and "sweat" a man.

Generally speaking, this isn't good because some men will confuse this practice with ALL women. Some women feel like they are doing the right things on the dating scene but they are coming up short to those "loose" women.

Ladies, there has to be a balance. And you have to find that balance. You need to appear to be interested in a man but don't look thirsty. Let him know that if his feelings are mutual then it's a good start for the two of you. By all means, let him know that you aren't playing games. Quite frankly, at our age (25 and up) we're too old to be playing games. I've asked women "would you ask a man for his phone number?" And many of them said NO! Really? You must meet men halfway. Is dating easy? Nope! Can it be frustration? Yes!

I'm often asked by women about my single male friends. I have a few of them. And they are all good dudes. But I'm no matchmaker. I can put you in a room with them. The rest is up to you.

This blog should give you some insight from here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

it's a new year and some of y'all doing the SAME shit you said you weren't gonna do this year. i see you.

this is a leap year. what day do leap year babies celebrate when it's not a leap year?

we'll have 3 days this week with temperatures at 65 here in atlanta. this means the summer will be a scorcher

are the cops still looking for biggie & tupac's killers?

fellas...if you have a closet full of Timberlands and Air Force need to have at least 10 suits aggressive when you're interested in a man. there is a fine line between being aggressive and being thirsty or desperate. don't cross that line

eli manning could win 3 more super bowl's and he STILL wouldn't be better than his big brother, peyton

it's those moments when you're at home alone...that's when you hear things that you normally don't hear in your house

valentine's day is less than 30 days away...*sarcastic, clap...clap*

did i ever tell you about the time that i broke up with a girl the week before valentine's day???

have we ever seen benny hill and newt gingrich in the same place at the same time?

skyler likes it when i beat box. see...i knew that skill would come in handy one day

they say that we learn more from birth to the age of 6 than we learn for the rest of our life. guess Fred Sanford was right...we're just big dummies

fellas...grow up. can't be a thug all of your life. and when did it become cool to be a thug? some point in won't be the flyest chick in the club. what are you gonna do then?

whatever happened to das efx?

RIP joe paterno

i really need to be cloned. where can i sign up for that? i have somewhere that i need to be

whatever happened to the ying yang twins? wonder what gas station do they work at?

duncan donuts suck...that is all

krispy kreme puts CRACK in their doughnuts!

my first computer had a floppy disk

ever listened to your favorite song...the instrumental version...then you realized that you really didn't know the song as well as you thought you did

the new beard is growing very well

why do a lot of women have more male friends than they do female friends?

wonder how many non blacks watch tv shows like baskeball wives, atlanta housewives, love and hip hop and they think that's how black people REALLY act. chew on that for a second...

hi rhianna

never liked it when we had to dissect a frog when I was in 7th grade

kobe's wrist had to hurt even more once he had to cut that check to vanessa for 75 million

you think jay z is changing diapers? i don't.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

just be

Someone sent this to me the other day and I found it to be fitting.

It also made me think about the word happy

Are you happy? Am I happy? Happiness should not only be the destination but your place of residence. I read a lot of stuff on the internet and I have to ask myself why some people are so bitter and mad. Are they not happy? Maybe it's just me...but if I was having the worst day in the wouldn't see me spazzing out on Facebook/Twitter or this blog. Not my style. I try to bring a positive vibe. Always have.

Maybe it's deeper for some people. How can you expect people to be happy about their life...when they aren't happy with themselves. You can't make your mate,family, friends, etc. happy if YOU ain't happy. I know this much...happiness starts from within.

Happiness comes to those who embrace it. And you should. If happiness ain't enough, live to be ESTATIC!!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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