Thursday, June 25, 2009

off tha dome

it's been a minute...i know

random thoughts...

i'm not going to see transformers. i didn't see the first movie. wasn't a fan of the cartoon. yeah...i said it

ok...will people stop asking me about governor sanford from south carolina. i'm FROM south carolina but i don't vote there. i haven't lived there in years.

since you's my .02. if you're willing to risk it all for a brawd in anutha country...she betta be fine! i mean finer than frog hair (shout out to

i don't pass judgement but i could understand if it was his secretary. no, this fool falls for the out of town chick. he gets the award

gonna be on the grill this weekend. come to the crib. bring a bottle with you.

congrats to kobe and the lakers. you won. *yawn* it football season yet?

why are we hearing from dick cheyney all of a sudden? i've heard more in the last month from him than i did the 8 years that he was the vice president.

death of autotune!!! <-------thank you Jay Z. You da bess...youda, youda,youda bess.

word on the street is that janet jackson has dumped jermaine dupri just weeks after this fool had her face tattoo'd on his ribcage. if sanford didn't get the dummy award...dupri would get it.

maybe it's just me...but if you're 7 mos pregnant, you prolly shouldn't be wearing a shirt with your belly exposed.

speaking of fashion, memo to the ladies...sundresses can't be worn by every woman.

chris brown beats up rhihanna and gets no time in jail? umm...they betta be glad she ain't my daughter.

funny how r kelly had sex (then pissed) on a minor but y'all still listen to his music? wow

speaking of music, i'm gonna pass on the eminem cd. i ain't feelin it.

i didn't have the heart to tell dude that he should throw these things away

i finally went to sleep on a plane last week. aren't you proud of me?

don't you hate it when people say..."guess who did _____?" why do you want me to guess? i don't want to guess. just tell me!

sometimes you gotta just go through your phone and delete people. especially if you haven't talked to them in over a year and the number has only been dialed when you saved it in your phone.

fellaz- if you spend half the night telling a chick about how much money you have, you can't be mad and call her a gold digger later.

prez O might be cooler than me. maybe...

ladiez- "you'll never find a man, until you find yourself." - Common. <------so true

i've been watching a lot of the history channel lately. very impressive

twitter...You da bess...youda, youda,youda bess.

almost everbody is on twitter.

what if Jesus was on twitter? that would be cool to get a tweet from Jesus (@12kyle you betta be in church on this sunday...or else)

ok...that last thought was wrong...but funny.

regina king...regina king...regina king

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


As we celebrate Black Music Month, we can be reminded of some of the great music that has been made for generations.

But we can also be reminded of some BAD music that was made. I'm reminded of some bad purchases that I made everytime I walk past my cd rack...

Da Brat (the last cd that she released)

Ill Al Scratch (don't ask)

just to name a few...

What about you? What was the worst cd, cassette tape, or 8 track that you've ever purchased?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

mood muzik

Music brings out different types of emotions. I don' think there is any debating that.

Music can inspire your creativity.

Music can get you pumped up.

Music can stimulate more ways than one.

Music can enhance you know.

I remember back in the day when almost every dude had a cassette tape. On that tape, he had recorded a compilation of songs that he could play when it was time to get busy with his girl. All of the songs were slow jams. Songs that were made for love making.

If you were making a "mood muzik" tape for you and your man/woman, gimme a song(s) that you'd put on the tape.

I'd have to say Moments in Love by the Art of Noise. That joint was like 7 or 8 mins long. No words. If you neva heard it.

Whut you got?

Monday, June 15, 2009


The month of June is the month that we celebrate Black music. Unlike the executive sukkaz at BET, we're gonna celebrate the month this week at the 12th Planet.

Let's get it started...

If you had to pick one of the two artists in each category during their PRIME...whoyoutakin?

Prince or Michael Jackson

Luther Vandross or Babyface

Biggie or Tupac

Beyonce or Janet Jackson

Rakim or Jay Z

Natalie Cole or Aretha Franklin

Whitney Houston or Mary J Blige

Aaliyah or Toni Braxton

Ne-Yo or Usher

NWA or Public Enemy

Boys II Men or New Edition

Jodeci or Dru Hill

Keisha Cole or Jill Scott

James Brown or Mc Hammer

Lil Wayne or TI

Common or Scarface

En Vogue or SWV

KRS One or Big Daddy Kane

Musiq Soulchild or Joe

Snoop Dogg or Nas

Maxwell or D'Angelo

Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles

Ludacris or Jadakiss

Jennifer Hudson or Jazmine Sullivan

Stetsasonic or The Roots

Foxxy Brown or Lil Kim

remember that you can pick as many as you want...or you can pick em all.


Friday, June 12, 2009


"Just sat down on the plane next to a fat dude who's sweaty and leaning on me. This is gonna be a looooong flight."

That was the text msg that I sent. I sat in between the fat man and my friend/co-worker Sherry. She saw the text msg just before I sent it. She started laughing.

"Who did you send that to?"

"It's a tweet. I'm on twitter."

"What's twitter?"

I've been asked this question several times. What is twitter? Well, here's the definition...

Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read each others' updates, known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters, displayed on the author's profile page and delivered to other users - known as followers - who have subscribed to them. Senders can restrict delivery to those in their circle of friends or, by default, allow open access. Users can send and receive tweets via the Twitter website, Short Message Service (SMS) or external applications. The service is free over the Internet, but using SMS may incur phone service provider fees.

However, when people ask me...I can't define it so I usually tell them to join and they'll figure it out. LOL. Twitter has become my latest addiction. It's sharing my thoughts, actions, and whereabouts with a network of friends (called followers). It has become something that I've gravitated towards. For example, the tweet above could generate a conversation between me and 4 other people at once. That's the best way that I can describe it. I'm addicted and damn proud of it! LOL

I'm interested in my followers and vice versa. My twitter name is @12kyle. Some of my followers are some of my peeps who blog on a daily basis. For a blogger, twitter is a natural fit. It's a condensed version of blogging. I don't think it'll ever replace blogging for me because 140 characters ain't enough for me to convey my points. However, it is more than a fad. Twitter is a way of life. Some people enjoy the fact that they can follow celebs and atheletes. Some will actually send tweets back to there's a connection. I'm not big on celebs and athletes b/c I would much rather interact with my peeps. Unlike Facebook, Twitter helps me process my train of thought.

I could go on and on about Twitter but I won't. The influence of twitter made the cover of Time mag this week. You don't need me to pitch it ot you. I'm hooked. And if you try will be too. Beware!

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I remember getting a phone call from my Dad a few years ago.

It went something like this...

Dad: "Hey...I've got some sad news...your grandfather passed away."

Me: "Really. Wow. Sorry to hear that."

And that was about it. If it sounds strange to you, that's because it was strange. It was strange to me because I didn't know him. I had only spoken with him over the phone once. I knew that he lived in Los Angeles for almost 20 yrs after leaving New Jersey. I didn't have a relationship with him because he didn't have one with my father. When my Dad gave me the news, it was almost like hearing that the old guy who lived down the street from you had passed away. I felt nothing. The fact that my grandfather's death didn't move me...bothered me. I mean, I was nearly in tears when Biggie died and I only knew him through his music. But I wasn't emotional upon learning about the death of the man who created the man who created me. Very strange...

Dad and granddad's relationship went sour when he and my grandmother split when my dad was a teenager. Granddad drank a lot and he wasn't "nice to be around" once he had that "oil" in his body. They had a bad relationship. When he died, dad wasn't mad at him. He seemed to be content with knowing that he loved his father and his father loved him. But I missed out on having a grandfather. Missed out on his wisdom. The fence was never mended. He and dad never connected again like a father/son should be. The one positive thing about their relationship is that dad vowed that if he ever had a son...he'd make sure that he'd be close to his son and be a better father than he had. And he did that for me and my brother.

Life is long...but it's also short. Tommorrow is not promised to any of us. Almost all of us have someone...parent, spouse, sibling, friend...that we should mend our fences with. We all assume that we'll be here forever but we know better. Sometimes people get relationships/friendships go awry and we don't even remember what happened. Life is too short to go around being mad at someone.

Maybe this post will move you to mend a fence with someone in your life.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

friendly skies

"I don't like the way this sounds."

These were the words coming from one of the flight attendents on the airplane that I was on the other day.

The flight attendents were passing out peanuts when the pilot ordered them back to their seats. Apparently, we were headed for some turbulence. I've never been on a flight when they had to tell the flight attendents to sit down. My mind began to race. Heart started pumpin a lil faster. You see...ole 12kyle hates turbulence. I want my flight to be smoooooth. None of that bumpy stuff. Unfortunately, I have no control over it.

I remember flying back from my honeymoon in Jamaica. We hit some bad weather. I mean, thunderstorms and everything. I can't lie...I was shook. Mrs12 found my "fear" to be soooooo amusing. So, as I was having a fit...she was laughing. She told me it was ok. As the plane rattled and dipped, she held my hand (I see y'all laughin' but this shit aint

Back to my flight, I remain calm as the flight gets rocky. I remind myself that I'm safer in the air than I am behind the wheel of a car. I also remind myself of the dream that I had 7 yrs ago. In the dream, I'm on a plane and it crashes. There is only 1 survior in the wreckage. And guess who it was...ME!!!!

Don't get it twisted...I don't ever think about dying. I plan to be around as long as Moses was. LoL. I'll prolly go out in my sleep real mellow like at the age of 135. So please understand...if y'all hear about a plane going down and I'm on it...dammit y'all betta come and find me. Because I'ma make it!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Sometimes you can amaze yourself by what you've learned...

More importantly, you can amaze yourself even more by what you've learned about yourself.

For me, I'm not sure the exact moment when it happened. I was in high school. I think I was in the 11th grade. It was that moment when I gained the knowledge of self (K.O.S). It was the time when I REALLY learned who I was. I knew where I had come from. And I knew where I was going. So many people go for many years without knowing who they are. They spend so much time "trying to find themselves." I guess you can never be too late in finding who you are but you don't want to be 40 yrs old and realize that you spent your 20s and 30s "looking for yourself." By then, you've let some great years pass you by.

From the time when I discovered who I was when I looked in the mirror, the way that I viewed life was much different than before. Confidence and self esteem begins to grow. I think once you know who you capitalize on your strengths but not bound by your weaknesses.

What about you? At what point in your life did you find yourself? Are you still looking?