Wednesday, February 29, 2012


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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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WOMEN vs MEN...who wins?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Did Mary J Blige KILL R&B???

Did Mary J Blige Kill R&B???

Well that depends on who you ask...

If you ask my boy, Eclectik, he'll tell you that she did. If you ask me, I'll tell you that she didn't.

Check out the first podcast on Eclectik's blog where he and I discuss this topic and why it is relevant. Be prepared to be entertained!!!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

gas prices are on the rise but nobody can tell me why

remember back in the day...when you didn't have any bills? sometimes i want those days back

i saw a poll the other day that said 47% of those polled wants a candidate "that can beat Barack Obama". word? i guess they don't care about the issues that they face.

Shaq has fit in well on the set of Inside the NBA on TNT

just when i thought spring was around the got cold. real cold

have you ever gotten chewed out as a teen because you were on the phone talking to your friends and you didn't "answer the call waiting beep" and your mama missed a call?

i think we should mandate a law...if a couple is not EXCHANGING gifts, don't celebrate Valentines Day

speaking of VDay, i'll admit to breaking up with a girl before VDay...but I was like 16. sue me.

have we ever seen Tracey Morgan and Andrew Bynum in the same place at the same time?

i love Chick-Fil-A...but it's too expensive

that was a GREAT Super Bowl. another chapter in the Book of Eli

NBA All Star game is around the corner. you won't catch me anywhere NEAR Orlando. too many people. just hope people stay safe

i have a coworker who'll ask a question. you answer the question. then she'll ask somebody else the SAME question. that irks me

i see a trip to Los Angeles on the horizon...

remember when you were friends with Kim & Monica...but Kim disliked Monica. and Monica disliked Kim. then they would talk bad about each other and you were caught in the middle?

RIP Whitney Houston

when a singer dies...we press 'PLAY' to bring them back to life. no one lives forever but music lives on

can somebody explain to me why some women wear heels but can't walk in them?

i think i'm gonna check out that new Denzel Washington movie. he doesn't disappoint

if you were in a spelling bee RIGHT NOW, could you win?

don't forget the pumps...

Kodak is going out of business. wow

remember back in the day when you took a picture and it had to "cool off" before you could see the image?

i think they should bring back the old school saturday morning cartoons

it's been a tough 2012 for celebs/entertainers...we've already lost Etta James, Don Cornelius, and Whitney Houston...and it's only February

make sure that you listen to the 12 Radio Show every Wednesday night at 9pm EST. *shameless plug*

can you write in cursive? outside of my cursive is not legible.

sometimes you gotta tell your kids and show them how blessed they truly are

tell people that you love them

ladies...say what you mean...and mean what you say honest with women. you're too old to be playing games

i've got like 800 channels from DirecTv but i only watch 15 of em

my girlfriend is gone, y'all. what am i gonna do?

Monday, February 13, 2012

i want a girl...when i want a girl

Sometimes I think I'm from another world
When I'm trynna tell a woman just exactly where I stand that
I want a girl, when I want a girl
And when I don't want a girl, I want a girl who understands that
And that's some hard shit to explain
To a woman that's in love with you, it's a pitiful thing
Until I had to figure
That I don't wanna play around, but I don't wanna settle down
And that's a man's dilemma, 'cause every man remembers
How his daddy and his uncles did it
'Cause more than likely that's the way they're gonna do it
I know it sound fucked up and most wont admit it
- Phonte from Little Brother (Slow It Down)

Even though Phonte spit this verse when he was a member of the rap trio from North Carolina, Little Brother, the words still hold true. I can't speak for women but I can speak for most men when I say that we can all identify with this verse. It has applied to MOST of us at some point in our lives. We all get to that point when we WANT a woman. Then we get to that point when we DON'T want a woman. Sometimes committing ain't easy for us.

Two months ago I got a call from one of my boys. He told me that he was settling down. He said that he had met "the One". I was floored. In the 8 years that I've known him, I'd never seen him have a girlfriend...period. He always had women...but never one chick. He was the ultimate educated, smart, women thought he was good looking, no kids, good sense of humor, etc. Those kinda guys, at the age of 38, just don't fall out of the sky. Especially here in the city of Atlanta, a place where good lookin'/successful women outnumber men 20-1. He was the LAST one of my friends who I thought would ever settle down. An engagement will be coming soon and I think he'll be married within a year. But it made me think...

What makes a man settle down and get married? Men have been conditioned since their pre-teens to get as many women as they can. We were raised to be HUNTERS. Once you capture your "ultimate prey" you are supposed to put "your spear away." Makes sense, right? It doesn't make any sense but you get my point. your man...or any man for that matter if he envisioned himself being with ONE woman for 50,60, 70 years. Don't be mad at his answer. Most men will tell you that they grew up knowing that one day they'd be a father. Husband??? Not so much. And that's not to say that we grew up thinking we'd be somebody's "baby daddy". So what makes us settle down???

Finding a woman that will give YOU as much as YOU give them...unconditionally.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Kids are funny.

One thing that I know about kids...they speak their minds.

The other night at the dinner table Brandon posed a question. He's 5 years old and very inquisitive. He said...

"What does Valentine's Day mean?"

I paused. Surely, he didn't want ME to answer that question! Noooo, not Daddy. Lol. My wife answered him by giving him the most political answer that you could give a kid. "It's a holiday of love" she said.

I smirked

Brandon walked away. Did he really want to ask me THAT question? Why would he ask a dude who broke up with a girl TWO days before Valentines Day...only to go back with her 3 days late? Nah..wrong dude

Honestly, Valentines Day was cool when I was 5...8...11, etc. When I was a kid, we would get VDay candy and pass it out to our classmates. Male and females. I would find the candy that had "KISS ME" written on it and give it to the girls that I liked. I damn sure wasn't gonna give it to Sean. Back then VDay was cool and innocent. That's part of what love should and innocent. Nowadays, it's commercial. It's about THIS or about THAT. Or about how much you spent on something. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for showing my gratitude and appreciation. But I don't think it has to be on THAT day. I have a new Valentine this year. My daughter, Skyler, is 4 months old. What will I tell her about Valentines Day when she gets older?

"Love should be given and shown 365 days a year. If its not, then it ain't love."

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

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