Friday, August 29, 2008

long weekend

i'ma keep it simple today.

for most of'll be a 3 day weekend. whutugonnado?

as for'll be football, football, and more football. oh yeah...i'll throw something on the grill and watch more football. and blog! haaaa

what about you??


Thursday, August 28, 2008

i ain't neva scared

"I ain't scared of you muthafuckaz!!!"

Those words were uttered by the late comedian Bernie Mac.

"The only thing we have to fear itself."- Franklin Roosevelt

Or do we? We all are afraid of something or somebody. For's failure. I'm not afraid to try but I don't wanna fail at anything. Period!

What about you? What are you afraid of?


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts... if you have 3 kids...from at least 2 baby there really a reason to wear white at your wedding???

i've never been to a wedding (mine included) that started on time. mine was about 5 mins late but i've seen em run as late as an hour

if you watched the olympics and didn't pull for your country, then you don't have a pulse

speaking of the olympics, it was good to see the men's hoops team reclaim the gold. they got the job done

as soon as kobe bryant sets foot on united states soil...i can resume my dislike for that dude. lol

why is table tennis and synchronized swimming an olympic event? synchronized swimming is nuffin but dancing in water. if you wanna make dancing an event, i say we let Hammer be the coach and we'd never lose.

it's a job...looking for a job why aren't any of my friends ceo's? if they were, i could get hired and wouldn't have to do any interviews.

i don't have any white friends. does that make me racist?

i found my boy sean on facebook. he's the first white friend that i had in elementary school. it was good to catch up with him

lauren london...lauren london...lauren london...

the new polls suggest that mcshame is in a tie with obama. who says that? i wasn't interviewed about no damn poll!!! where do they come up with these numbers?

would it be politically incorrect for obama to accept the nomination to the party with the song hi haters playin' in the background?

why are those products that you see on infomercials only available on tv and aren't in the stores? who wouldn't wanna spend $20 at walmart on some ginsu knives?

i wish i could do like a weekend getaway to nyc and la within the next few months

are you left handed?
if you are...then you would be considered "wrong handed"

just found out that my supervisor (a white chick) is married to a brutha. this should make for interesting gossip in the office

why do people take 20 items to the line that ask for 10 items or less?

if you have a co-worker that you don't like...invite them to a blanket party. a blanket party is when you get em to come into a throw a blanket over their head and beat the hell outta them

do cats still put spinnin rims on cars?

i was in the airport the other day and a foreign dude asked me if i worked for delta. my response..."no, nobody from delta dresses this nice."

was that arrogant? of course it was! lol

"i'm too old for this crap" how many times have you uttered this??

for those of you who have do you handle the kid who acts just like you???

I love black people each day i try to make sure that i hit up everybody's blog in my blog crew and those who comment here.

i love bloggin'

i have a awesome fantasy team. i'm gonna take the crown. smarty, eb, and krush...i'ma dominate the league. get ready. haaaa

i'm lookin for a new alcoholic beverage. any suggestions?

why are some of my favorite bloggers leaving the blog world?

i think i'll leave too. i'm not gonna do anutha post...
...until tomorrow. lmao!!!

preciate the luv


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

just a lil crazy...that's all!!!

i'm not single. i haven't been single in a long time. i remember telling my boy jfresh..."stay single, bruh...less hassle." i was joking at the time. however, i've learned that the dating game aint the same as it was when ole 12kyle was in tha mix.

i'm friends with dudes who are single. they are all what society would deem as a "good catch". you know...single, college educated, no kids, good job (with, and all around good dudes. i'm also friends with several women who are possess those same qualities. you know..."wifey material". nevertheless, i make it a point not to try to play "match maker" with people. just b/c kevin is single and tonya is single too...shouldn't mean that i should be the one to put them together. however, i may make sure that they end up in the same room. but that's it. the dating scene aint what it used to be. it can be scary at times.

saturday, i got a phone call from my boy gee. gee is a good dude. he possesses those above attributes and he lives here in atlanta. women think he's cute.

a week ago, me and gee went to a surprise birthday party for my boy, erv. while at the house party, gee met a woman named pam. she seemed to be nice. she was cool, intelligent, college educated...etc. well, after the evening they exchanged phone numbers. pam called gee the very next day to talk. and the day after that...and the day after that...and the day after that.

friday night they went to the movies. the night ended with gee telling her that he'd call her tomorrow (saturday). well...pam flips the script. she calls gee at 8am on saturday morning. who does that? then she calls him on his home phone number!!! stop! that's a huge mistake b/c he never gave her his home phone number. he later finds out that she looked up his home phone number on the internet. huh? are you kiddin me? that's crazy!!! he hung up the phone after he heard her voice. and she calls back immediately!!! this time she leaves a long detailed message...

"hey, gee. this is pam. you know...we met at erv's birthday party last week. you can call me back at this number (404)......."

it's almost like she left the message hoping that another female would hear it.

the crazy thing about this story is that gee didn't even touch her! lmao!!! he texted me today and said that she has called him 9 times since saturday. she is emailing him at work and everything! he just hasn't responded.

i guess she can't take a hint. and it's not always just the women. eb the celeb just had a similar situation, too.

the moral of the story never know how crazy or bothersome a person can be. lmao

your thoughts? has this ever happened to you? hollatchaboi!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

mixtape monday

enjoy tha mix...

Ice Cube
It Was A Good Day

Rosa Parks

Geto Boys
Mind Playin' Tricks On Me

Digital Underground
Humpty Dance

A Tribe Called Quest
Electric Relaxation

Friday, August 22, 2008

lyrics 2 go...

I love music. I'm a ole skool hip hop head to the core. I have nothing against some of these new cats who are on the scene. I just think that you have to put more effort into what you're talking about to get the results that you want. If you want to get drunk or get high before you write your verse, then you never know what that will do to your creativity. I don't knock cats for doing what they do. I just know that music ain't what it used to be. Damn...I sound like my pops.

We're gonna keep it real simple today. Today's vibe is gonna be a verse, a rhyme, or 16 bars from one of your favorite songs. It doesn't have to be rap. It can be r&B, country, rock, or poetry.

Here's mine. NaS...Ni***r (Slave and the Master)

[Verse 1]
We trust no black leaders, use the stove to heat us
Powdered eggs and government cheeses
The calendars with Martin, JFK and Jesus
Gotta be fresh to go to school with fly sneakers
Schools with outdated books, we are the forgotten
Summers, coolin off by the fire hydrant
Yeah I'm from the ghetto
Where old black women talk about their sugar level - it's not unusual
To see photos of dead homie's funerals
Aluminium foil on TV antennas
Little TV sit on top the big TV, eating TV dinners
Girls die their hair with Kool-Aid
They gave us lemons, we made lemonade
But this nigger's payed, ancestral slaves
Descendant of kings, it's necessary I - bling
Put rims on everything, where tims on every scene
They say we N-I double G-E-R, we are
Much more, still we choose to ignore
The obvious, man this history don't acknowledge us
We were scholars long before colleges
They say we N-I double G-E-R, we are
Much more, but still we choose to ignore
The obvious, we are the slave and the master
What you lookin for? You the question and the answer
Have a good weekend


Thursday, August 21, 2008

vibes and stuff

I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
When you’re face to face with your adversity
I really know how it feels to be, stressed out, stressed out
We’re gonna make this thing work out eventually

A Tribe Called Quest (Stressed Out)

some people say that it's not easy to have a positive outlook on things.

i disagree.

you can be as positive or negative as you wanna be

so today...i'ma keep it simple

tell me something positive that going on in your life.


i am watching my sons develop into being better students than they ever were before.

it's on you. gimme sumthin positive.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

why did we have to learn about pi and the pythagorean theorem? it's not like we've ever used it since high school.

outside of the 12th planet...i'm on facebook and twitter (still tryna figure it out) so i guess you can say that i stay connected.

do you have a pda? if so, do you have a sidekick, blackberry, iphone. i'm wondering who has just a regular cell phone these days.

i don't think i've ever driven faster than 100 miles and hour in a car

ever seen a roach at somebody's house and you had to act like you didn't see it???


i love to see a sista with a nice body walk past me and other men...and it's always funny to see the dudes who act like they don't wanna look at her.

do you mind if you see somebody checkin' out your man/woman when you're together?

big ups to the half man...half fish...michael phelps. i watched this dude and he's unreal.

speaking of unreal...did anybody see the sprinter from jamaica (bolt) shatter the world record in the 100 meters? if he didn't showboat he would have an even better record. i know what you're thinking...he's on something!!!! lol

why are people complaining about the alleged age of the chinese women's gymnastics team? you're supposed to be 15 or 16 to compete in the olympics but some say that they have girls that are as young as 12. who cares???

if i'm 19, then there's no way in hell that i'd be beaten by a 12yr old. period!

i think jackie is competing today so you should check her out

i always feel strange going to the store to buy some damn pads. i mean...i don't wear em. haaaa.

r-a-r double e (you fill in the blanks...if you can)

sometimes when i bring out the the old skool...i feel old when i realize that some of these songs came out when some of y'all were in diapers. haaaa

plan for the marriage...not the wedding. the wedding only lasts 25 minutes.

fellas...if she gave it up on the first did you.

ladies...feed your man and listen to him and he'll stick around. i promise

if i had a dolla for everytime a woman told me "i don't trust him but i'm not leaving him" i'd be sittin on a lil bitta change right now.

kellita smith...kellita smith...kellita smith

barack...if you're still looking for a vp...hollatchaboi!!!

i see more young people involved in the race for president than i've ever seen. all it took to move em was 8 years of bush-it!

why are people paying millions to see baby pics of the kids of these celebs?

i'll email anybody a baby picture of brandon for 10 geez.

i'll email anybody a baby picture of me for $100 and a pack of microwave popcorn

why doesn't the ups truck have any doors? who wants ride around in the heat all day?

ever wonder what happened to the "booger" kid in your elementary class? you know...the one who ate their own boogers!

there's nothing cool about pulling up to a traffic light and blasting a slow jam!!! if you're gonna turn your music up and drop your windows, you should be playing something that is uptempo.

I was talking to my boy Clark the other day. He was pissed b/c that his girl was going to get her hair done that day. I asked why. He said..."If she is getting her hair done...then tonight...I won't be getting some." Haaaaaaa.

why does it take Dr. Dre 7 yrs to make ONE album????

I'ma suckka for pretty eyes, bow legs, and a sharp mind.

neva trust a big butt and a smile (haaaa)

$20 to carry your bag on a plane? wonder what's next. $50 to wear your shoes on a plane

Clair Huxtable...Clair Huxtable...Clair Huxtable

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

rip X...z motion...81 scissors...4 flat...

We learn new things every day. It's a part of our growth process.

Vibe with me on this one...

As you know, I have a deep love and passion for the game of football. I played it from the age of 8...all the way through college. To say that I took some things from it would be a huge understatement. I learned a lot. I learned things that you can apply to every day life. For example...

1. Game Plan
In football, you must have a game plan. Your game plan is your strategy for how you will play the game.

In life, having a game plan is essential. You can't wander though life aimlessly without having a plan...or a goal. If you fail to plan...then you need to plan to fail.

2. 4 quarters
A football game is divided into 4 quarters. It is a grueling sport. The 4 quarters are a test of your endurance.

In life, there are many games that you play within the big game of life. Your objective in life is to win more than you loose. For example, you want to win with your personal relationships but you'll lose (heart break) from time to time. You have to endure the trials and tribulations that come your way. But you can't quit. You won't quit. You just do it. Period!

3. Halftime
Halftime is the midpoint of the game in football. It is the time where you review the plans and make any adjustments

In life, you must constantly make your adjustments. As we all know, life will deal you the unexpected. You can try to plan for things but life is constantly changing. And thus...we have to make our adjustments and strategies for our lives.

4. Injuries
If you play the game of football long enough, you're gonna be injured. It's almost like being in a car crash every play

In life, your feelings will be bruised and battered...especially at the hands of those that you love. Just like in football, you don't complain about your injuries. You deal with it and move on. You can't dwell on it too much. Nobody will feel sorry for you. We all get injured. The story is not about how you got injured but it's about how you overcame the injury and moved on.

5. Fans
In the game of football, the fans enter stadiums to watch you play. They will sit and watch no matter if it's 100 degrees or if it's -4 below. They are there to cheer you on.

In life, we all have fans. No matter who you are and what you do. There is SOMEBODY out there who is rooting for you to succeed. They want to see your success just like you do. And that's important.

6. Hard Work
In life, hard work pays off. Suffering + sacrifice= success. To be successful doesn't mean that you have to be a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. It just means that you do what you're supposed to do and get some satisfaction from it.

Football is no different. It is a game that will teach you discipline. It will teach you how to push yourself...when you don't know if you can push yourself any more than you have been. is just like the game of life.

Who said that you couldn't learn something from a simple little game???

You just did!


Monday, August 18, 2008

mixtape monday

let's take it back a lil bit...

Stop the Violence Movement
Self Destruction

Slick Rick
Children's Story

MC Lyte
Poor Georgie

Dr Dre
Nuthin' But A G Thang

Sir Mix-A-Lot
Baby Got Back

Friday, August 15, 2008!!!!

I like going to the movies. I like watching a good movie that will hold my attention span. Because it costs an arm and a leg to go nowadays...i wanna get my monies worth. Sometimes i can imagine myself on the big screen.

That leads me to today's post. I'm jackin' this one from LRenee (c'mon back, gurl). She did this a few months ago.

1. If you wrote a movie about your current love story and had to use a song as a title. What song would you choose and why?

Gotta go with Sade as well...Kiss of Life. My ole lady (lol) is my best friend. We've been through thick and thin and we're still together

2. If you could reenact your favorite love scene from a movie, what movie would you choose and what scene?

Eddie Murphy and Robin Givens in Boommerang. He went from having is "toes curled up" to sucking his thumb. That's me. haaaaa

3. In your love story movie....what celebrity would you cast to play the role of your significant other? Why?

Sanaa Lathan. Why ask why? LOL

What about you???


Thursday, August 14, 2008

25 to life

Marriage. Most of us who don't have it...would like to see it one day. Some want to be married tomorrow. LOL. Marriage is a lotta hard work. Prior to marriage, one must have effective communication about their goals and ambitions about marriage. The good folks at WebMd sent me this article and i thought i'd pass it along.

Before you walk down the aisle, ask the questions that really matter. Dr. Robin Smith shares 25 questions from her book, Lies at the Altar

Work Questions

1. Are you working in your chosen profession?

2. How many hours a week do you work?

3. What is your dream job?

4.What is your retirement plan? What do you plan to do when you stop working?

5. What does your job entail? (For example: Do you often travel for business, work at home or perform dangerous tasks?)

Money Questions

6. What is your annual income?

7. Should individuals within a marriage have separate bank accounts in addition to joint accounts?

8. Do you have significant debts?

9. Do you believe in establishing a family budget?

10. How important is it for you to make a lot of money?

Sex Questions

11. What sexual activities do you enjoy most? Are there specific sexual acts that make you uncomfortable? Be specific!

12.Do you feel comfortable initiating sex? If yes, why? If no, why?

13.What do you need in order to be in the mood for sex?

14. How often do you need or expect sex?

15. Is sexual fidelity an absolute necessity in a good marriage?

Parenthood Questions

16. Do you want children? When? How many? Are you unable to have children?

17. Do you believe that children should be raised with some religious or spiritual foundation?

18. How important is it to you that your children are raised near your extended family?

19. Do you believe in spanking a child? What type of discipline do you believe in (time outs, standing in the corner, taking away privileges, etc.)?

20. Should boys be treated the same as girls? Should they have the same rules for conduct? Should you have the same expectations for their sexual behavior?

Religion Questions

21. Do you believe in God? What does that mean to you?

22. Do you have a current religious affiliation? Is it a big part of your life?

23. Does your religion impose any behavioral restrictions (dietary, social, familial, sexual) that would affect your partner?

24. How important is it to you for your partner to share your religious beliefs?

25. How important is it to you for your children to be raised in your religion?

i think that these questions are relevant...even if you're married b/c you have to stay on the same page.

these are great questions to have for someone that you're dating or on a date with.

your thoughts??? how do you think your man/woman would answer some of these questions?


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i didn't blog at all yesterday. it felt real strange. i won't be doing that again.

If you're not on the phone, then take the bluetooth outta ya damn ear!!!

Only in the south is a white tee shirt acceptable

I'm feelin the Olympics

why would I pay $1.00 for a newspaper when I can get the news online for free?

Martin Luther King once said..."Two thirds of the Earth is covered by water. Why must we pay for it?" I wanna know the same thing!!!

how do we know that bottled water really isn't tap water that they put in a bottle?

John Edwards...what can I say??? Maybe you should've kept the lie going. I mean you could've gone on Maury to do a paternity test.

I can't front. Cheating on ya ole lady while she's battlin' for her life is pretty damn cruel.

The phone rings at the Obama residence...

Michelle Obama: "Honeee...John Edwards is on the phone."

Barack Obama: "Tell him I aint here."


Thanks for all of the birthday wishes for Deion and Kameron. The party was HUGE. I'm still recovering

Gas prices are coming down

Why don't aren't all bra snaps located in the front and not the back?

Do you like root beer? I don't. It's nasty.

Bernie Mac (RIP)

Issac Hayes (RIP)

HBO's show Hard Knocks reminds me of my football days in college

"You'll loose money chasin' women. You'll never lose women chasin' money." Classic line.

Ladies...would you be upset if a guy treated you like a queen but he didn't spend a DIME on you...would you be cool with that?

Brett Favre is a Jet. Who cares? They still won't make the playoffs. I just bet my boy Juan a steak dinner on it. He says that the Jets will go 11-5. Yeah right!

Dubya visited USA basketball team before their first game vs China. Who cares? Those dudes aint voting for you nor McShame.

Why don't we have any sistas on the gymnastics team or the diving team?

Melinda Williams...Melinda Williams...Melinda Williams

I work with a woman who looks JUST like Peppermint know...Charlie Brown's friend.

Is it harder to find love or to keep love?

When you talk about great MC's...why don't more people mention Ice Cube?

The Star Wars (Clone Wars) cartoon movie looks kinda cool.

NaS' cd is smooooooookin'!!!

I told myself that I'd take a week off from bloggin...but that was 4 weeks ago! LMAO! I can't stop...I won't stop...I don't even know how to stop! Haaaa

Monday, August 11, 2008

mixtape monday

let's go back to when hip hop meant something.

it had a message

it made you move

it was pure hip hop...not rap.

this one was inspired by -Q. and Dessex

Salt and Pepa

Public Enemy
Fight the Power

Eric B and Rakim
Know the Ledge

Kurtis Blow
If I Ruled the World

Boogie Down Productions
My Philosophy

Friday, August 8, 2008

from me to you...


They say that lightning doesn't strike twice in the same place.

That's true. But it almost did.

Nine years ago on tomorrow (Aug 9), the first bolt of lightning struck. You came to us. You came earlier than we expected. Actually, the doctor's said that you'd be here on August 18th. I remember when I first saw you. You were long and thin. Just like you are now. Before you were born...we had planned to name you Kyle, Jr or KJ. I wanted to name you after me. Then, I realized that you needed your own identity. It wasn't until I laid eyes on you that I told them that your name would be Deion. Your middle name would be Kyle. So, it worked out b/c my middle name is Deion. But your name fit who you are...and who you will become. I know that I had a life before you came but sometimes those memories become blurry b/c I know about the life that I have now. You made me a father. You are a gift from God. And I love you.

The second bolt of lightning would come a day short of 3 years later (August 8th). You came to us earlier than we expected as well. The doctor's said that you'd be here on August 18th. I had hoped that you'd be here on Deion's birthday. But you came at your you always do. You have your own identity and your own day. I remember holding you in the delivery room and thinking..."this is the biggest baby that I've ever seen." Mommy couldn't hold you b/c she fell asleep after you were born. I guess she was tired. Nevertheless, you look like her! You even have a round head like her. LOL. But you are who you are. You are Kameron. You made me a father. You are a gift from God. And I love you.

And tomorrow...we will party. We will party as hard as any 9 and 6 year old kid can party. I want you to enjoy yourselves. Let's have some fun. Happy Birthday to the both of you!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

just schoolin em'

The king of crowd rockers finally is back
My voice is your choice as the hottest wax
True as a wizard, just a blizzard, I ain't taken no crap
I'm rhymin' and designin' with your girl in my lap
The bass is kickin' always stickin' cause you like it that way
You take a step because it's def and plus it's by Cool J.
Cut Creator on the fader, my right-hand man
We rock the bells so very well cause that's the name of this jam
Rock the bells

LL Cool J (Rock the Bells) my joint!!!

"C'mon Daddy, you're taking too long."

Those were the words spoken to me by my soon to be 9 yr old son, Deion. He was in a hurry to attend the open house orientation at his elementary school. He and his brother, Kameron go back to school on Monday. The summer vacation is over. Time to go back to school.

You'd think that he would want a few more days of summer vacation. He could stay up late and he didn't have to do any homework. No. Not him. He's ready to go back to school.

As we walked the hallways at his school. I kept hearing the same things...

"Hey Deion."

"Whussup, Deion."

Well, it didn't take me long to realize that this kid is like the mayor or something. He knows everybody and everybody knows him. The only thing that he didn't do was shake hands and kiss some babies. He had a huge grin on his face when he met his 4th grade teacher. He picked out "his seat" and he told her that he couldn't wait until Monday morning. I don't ever remember being this pumped up for school. LOL

The first day of school always brings back good memories for me. Much like him, there'd be a lotta "hello's and high fives". I remember a lotta stuff...checkin' out the new chicks, rockin your new school clothes, crackin jokes on the bus, notebooks and #2 pencils.

One embarrassing memory was in 7th grade...this chick had her period for the 1st time...and she had on white pants!!! Haaaaaaaaa. Classic

You got any back to school memories??? Hollatchaboi!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

I forgot to bring my sax to church! I counted 2 tambourines. Maybe I should get a harmonica

Speaking of church, I remember when we were kids a woman "caught the Spirit" and her wig fell off. Jfresh suggested that I "slap it back on her head."

It was 95 degrees the other day. I can't wait until fall gets here.

I hope En Vogue makes a comeback

I hate it when somebody at work, who is sitting within walking distance, sends me an email. That's lazy. If you got something to say, then walk over to my desk!

Is your city sexy? If so, what is sexy about where you live?

I don't care how much you dress up your Chrysler 300. It's still...a Chrysler 300! It's not a Bentley!!! Actually, it's a Fentley...a fake Bentley.

I hate to see dudes with those "lonnng" jean shorts. The shorts are long enough to be pants. Some go as low as your shins. It looks foolish. Make up your mind's either shorts or jeans.

I love sweet tea. Fyi...don't ever order sweet tea up north. They'll think that you're crazy. I went to a diner in Philly and asked for sweet tea and they were like..."u aint from around here...are you?"

Who said it was cool to wear shades in the club? That's wack

If you're a hairdresser and YOUR hair is busted...that's not a good look

I met a young lady the other day. She's 21. I thought that she was bright until she told me that she had tattoo'd her boyfriend's name on her forearm. "TRAVIS" was written I cursive from her wrist to her elbow. Dummeeeeee!!!


Did you know that Peyton and Eli Manning have an older brother named Cooper? He didn't play football in college and in the NFL like Peyton and Eli. Wonder if he feels like a scrub?

LeBron James named one of his son's Maxiumus. WTH??? You named your son after a Nissan? C'mon, b! Your son is gonna kill you for that later in life

Who in their right mind would wanna blood dope?

Lela Rochon...Lela Rochon...Lela Rochon

One of John McShame's aides accused Obama of not addressing the issues of black america. WTF?? Aint that a beyoch? YOU haven't addressed anything about my people. Your "token" appearance at the NAACP meeting was bs to me. Beat it!

You can go in ANY hood in this country and you'll find at least one if not all of the following...
1) liquor store

2) church

3) wings/fish spot

4) chinese restaurant

I love black people

Where's Arsenio?

I'm not lookin forward to potty training...AGAIN

I would never tell anybody what to do on their blogs...buuuuuut...i hate word verifications!! LOL. They are a pain. Especially when I'm bloggin on the phone. I think that most people don't know that they are on their blogs.


She had a great interview with BGG.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

main attraction

I was watching this video and I was reminded of my attraction to this woman. I love me some Jill Scott. Always have. The funny thing is...she's generally not my type.

What I mean by that is that she's a + sized woman and I'm not generally attracted to them. But I am to Jill. I think she is very attractive. Now...she aint got nuffin on my wife but if I wasn't married...I'd get at her. I'm just attracted to her even tho she doesn't fit the "profile" of someone who I might date. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That's what I say. And I think she has it.

What about you? Who is the celebrity, entertainer, or regular person who you find attractive but they don't fit the "profile" of who you might date. I don't mean Halle Berry! We all know how fine she is. I'm talking about being attracted to somebody who will make your friends say..."what do you see in them?"

If anybody mentions Flavor Flav...i just might loose my mind from laughing too hard!!!


Monday, August 4, 2008

ain't got no gun...but i got my crew

How many of us have them?
Ones we can depend on
How many of us have them?
Before we go any further, lets be

Is a word we use everyday
Most the time we use it in the wrong way
Now you can look the word up, again and again
But the dictionary doesn't know the meaning of friends

And if you ask me, you know, I couldn't be much help
Because A friend is somebody you judge for yourself
Some are ok, and they treat you real cool
But some mistake kindness for bein' a fool

We like to be with some, because they're funny
Others come around when they need some money
Some you grew up with, around the way
And you're still real close too this very day

Homeboys through the Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall
And then there's some we wish we never knew at all
And this list goes on, again and again
But these are the people that we call friends

Whodini (Friends)

"Ain't got no gun...but i got my crew."

T Mo from the Goodie Mob (Soul Food)

Friend. That word is often thrown around alot. Many of us don't know what that term means. Here's the definition...

1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.

2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.

3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.

4. One who supports, sympathizes with, or patronizes a group, cause, or movement: friends of the clean air movement.

I am a man who has many associates...even more friends. My associates are people who I'm cool with but they just aren't friends. For example, I may share some personal experiences with an associate but it wouldn't be anything that I wouldn't broadcast on the 6 o'clock evening news.

Friends are different. My friends fall in line with the definition that is above. There is a connection with your friends.

Then, for me , there is the next level. That's my crew. If you're in my crew, then you're in my inner circle. You are like family to me. Everybody ain't crew. Period. It's not meant for it to be that way. If you're crew...then you are in the crew for life. There's a much deeper connection of shared thoughts and experiences that cannot be defined. Crew is crew. I hope that makes sense. It does to me.

Much like your friends, the crew operates under the same premise...loyalty, dedication, trustworthy, accountable, flexible, and there's unity. Nobody comes before the crew. Period. In my world, if you have to ask if you're in my probably ain't in it!

What about you? What defines friendship? How does your hierarchy break down? Do you have alotta friends?


Friday, August 1, 2008

off tha dome

Yo, yo
Lost generation, fast paced nation
World population confront they frustration
The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken
It's all contractual and about money makin
Pretend-to-be cats don't seem to know they limitation
Exact replication and false representation
You wanna be a man, then stand your own
To MC requires skills, I demand some shown
I let the frauds keep frontin
And roam like a celluar phone far from home
Givin crowds what they wantin
Offical hip-hop consumption, the 5th thumpin
Keepin ya party jumpin with an original somethin
Yo, I dedicate this to the one dimension-al
No imagination, excuse for perpetration
My man came over and said, "Yo we thought we heard you"
Joke's on you; you heard a bitin-ass crew but um..
Black Thought of The Roots

i know we went off the dome the other day...well...dammit we're doin it again

random thoughts...

remember h.w.a (hoes with attitude)? wonder what they are telling their kids about their rap career.

this is gonna be a big year for donovan mcnabb

gotta love high definition tv

mrs12 has me watching the food network. to my's not that bad

claudia jordan...claudia jordan...claudia jordan (sorry e)

i'm impressed with team usa. go get the gold! go kobe!

damn...that felt strange to say

i told my boy jfresh that you can out run a hurricane or a tornado but you can't outrun an earthquake. he loves livin' in la, tho. i just couldn't do it

d'angelo is workin on a new album. i'm lookin forward to it

i still say that you have to be crazy to play football

still laughin my ass off at the "hammer"

who's better...jet lei or jackie chan?

the packers offered brett favre 20 million to stay retired. shhhiiiiiiit! i wish somebody would pay me to retire

remember est from the rap group 3 times dope? the self proclaimed greatest man alive

do women really fake orgasms?

be on the lookout for 12kyle on blog talk radio with a radio show. coming soon

michelle obama...michelle obama...michelle obama

red sox traded manny ramirez. as a yankees fan, i say "thank you"

i love to hear anita baker. "you bring me joy" is my joint

i'm gonna win fantasy football this year

essence atkins...essence atkins...essence atkins

who makes the best pizza?

party hard this weekend...that's what i'm gonna do.