Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Ways to Save Your Kids from Alzheimer’s Now…

5 Ways to Save Your Kids from Alzheimer’s Now...

Alzheimer’s isn’t just a disease that starts in old age. What happens to your child’s brain seems to have a dramatic impact on his or her likelihood of Alzheimer’s many decades later.
Here are five things you can do now to help save your child from Alzheimer’s and memory loss later in life, according to the latest research.

1. Prevent head blows: Insist your child wear a helmet during biking, skating, skiing, baseball, football, hockey, and all contact sports. A major blow as well as tiny repetitive unnoticed concussions can cause damage, leading to memory loss and Alzheimer’s years later.

2. Encourage language skills: A teenage girl who is a superior writer is eight times more likely to escape Alzheimer’s in late life than a teen with poor linguistic skills. Teaching young children to be fluent in two or more languages makes them less vulnerable to Alzheimer’s.

3. Insist your child go to college: Education is a powerful Alzheimer’s deterrent. The more years of formal schooling, the lower the odds. Most Alzheimer’s prone: teenage drop outs. For each year of education, your risk of dementia drops 11%, says a recent University of Cambridge study.

4. Provide stimulation: Keep your child’s brain busy with physical, mental and social activities and novel experiences. All these contribute to a bigger, better functioning brain with more so-called cognitive reserve.’ High cognitive reserve protects against memory decline and Alzheimer’s.

5. Spare the junk food: Lab animals raised on berries, spinach and high omega-3 fish have great memories in old age. Those overfed sugar, especially high fructose in soft drinks, saturated fat and trans fats become overweight and diabetic, with smaller brains and impaired memories as they age, a prelude to Alzheimer’s.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Off tha Dome...12 RADIO SHOW

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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Blend Tape Podcast

Do you remember when R&B and Hip Hop was blended?

Do you remember when R&B artists and Hip Hop artists collaborated and made HITS?

Check out the latest podcast from eclectik co-hosted by me...PODCAST - THE BLEND TAPE

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We look back on some of the best collaborations in music history...songs like One More Chance (remix), If I Ruled the World, Fiesta (remix), Hey Lover, Still Not a Player, You Got Me, You're All I Need to Get By...etc

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

THROWBACK - Childhood Memories...12 RADIO SHOW

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Monday, November 4, 2013

end of the road

It's over.

Just like that.

Our football season is over. We lost in the first round of the playoffs. 12-6 in overtime.

While it was tough to lose a heartbreaking game like that, I was proud of the kids. They fought hard until the last play. They were prepared and they played their hearts out. Our coaching staff told them to "leave it all on the field" and they did. The kids were truly a pleasure to coach. It goes without saying that I enjoy coaching my son, Kameron. He started at tight end and cornerback for the team. He even got his first interception last week. Much like most of his teammates, I saw him develop and get better each week. We had so many kids get better from the beginning of the year. As a coach, that's what you want to see. It's not all about wins and losses. It's about watching these young 10 and 11 year olds develop into young men. Wins will come. We won 6 games and loss 3. It wasn't the season that we had expected but it was a good season nonetheless. I'd take all 28 kids and go to a battle with them. I love them just as if they are my own.

The future is future on the sidelines. Kameron is 11 yrs old but was able to play in our 10 and under league. He could play for the 11 and under team next year or he could play for his middle school. Unlike most of his team, he's already in middle school (6th grade). There are only 3 other kids who are in middle school on our team. We have been able to keep the core of our team together for 6 yrs. We have coached almost all of them since they were 5 yrs old. And our coaching staff has been together for 6 yrs. There are about 15 kids who make up the core. Honestly, some will be back...some won't. Some will move on to middle school football. That includes Kameron. He's expressed his desire to play for his middle school team next year. Will he do it? I'm not sure at this point. He'll make that decision next spring. If he does, then I'm not coaching. My days of coaching will be over. My youngest son, Brandon (who's 6 and under team is still in the playoffs after an 8-0 season), will continue to play if he likes but I have no desire to coach on his team. His coaches have a staff in place and they have been together for a few yrs. I enjoyed coaching with the group of men on our staff. We are close. I couldn't see me coaching with anyone else. There is a bond that extends beyond the football field.

As many of you know, I had major reservations about coaching when I was approached about it 6 yrs ago. I wasn't sure how my knowledge, experience, and love for the game could be translated to a bunch of kids. Football is my first love. I played the game for the love of it. Nothing else. But this ain't 1980. It's a different era. I didn't know if I could do it.

But I did it...and did it well. I won a championship and several divisional championships. More importantly, I was able to give myself and my time to kids. Nobody can put a dollar on how much that is worth. It's going to feel weird to not be at practice on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays at 6:30. We've been conditioning since the beginning of June and practicing since July 8th. I have free time on my hands now. Is it the end? It could be. I truly won't know until next spring but if it is...I'm ok with it. I'll hang up the whistle with pride and happiness. I'm done.

Unless Skyler plays football...