Thursday, March 29, 2012


Funny thing happened to me yesterday

I was in the local CVS (pharmacy) and I was waiting in the line so that I could purchase my chewing gum.

There was a gray haired, elderly white woman who was purchasing a few items. She was having a conversation with the cashier. Once she had made her purchase, she seemed to be struggling with the multiple bags that she had as she walked toward the door.

There was a young black man who was standing near the door. The dude was about 19 yrs old. He had his hat turned to the back, saggy pants, and both arms were covered with tattoos. At first glance, he looked like he could pass for a wannabe rapper. With the gold teeth in his mouth, he fit just about every stereotype that you could think of.

As the old white woman walked closer toward the door. He walked towards her. His eyes were fixed on her and the bags in her hand.

Was he gonna rob this old lady and run?

The black kid open his mouth and said...

"Hello ma'am. Do you need some help with your bags? Let me take them to your car."

The woman didn't flinch. She handed the bags to him. He took them and then opened the door for her.

I watched from inside the store as they walked to her car and he placed them in her car. She thanked him. He took off his hat as if to say "you're welcome". He pulled up his saggy pants and walked away as she drove off.

That scene that I had just witnessed reminded me of something that I had learned...never judge people. Let them show you who they are before you formulate an opinion about them.

(RIP Trayvon Martin)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


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Monday, March 26, 2012

memo to the ballaz

Money is relative.

You can have it. Or not have it.

I've seen it come and go for some. I've spent more than the past 10 yrs in the financial industry. I'd like to think that I have an idea of how money works.

There has been a disturbing trend of the separation of money and athletes. I will be the first to say that athletes are paid a LOT more money that I make (and probably you too). Yet, there's a trend of prominent athletes (Lenny Dykstra, Antoine Walker, Allen Iverson, & Terrell Owens...just to name a few) who are going broke. How does someone who has made MILLIONS lose their money? It's a lot easier than you may think. We live in a culture where it's celebrated to be BALLIN. I'm all for BALLIN...but I'd advise any athlete to ball on a budget. Allow me to impart some wisdom on you ballers...

This may be hard for some people to understand but you don't need a fleet a cars. Two...maybe 3. Cars have no appreciation value. The value decreases even more when you "trick" the cars out. If I had millions, I'd have 3 cars...that's it. At the end of the day, you can only drive ONE at time.

It's ok to buy a house for your mama. There's nothing wrong with having a house or 2 for yourself. But that can be tricky. The housing market is still unstable. Don't buy a house today that you can't resale in 3-5 yrs and make a profi

You have to understand how YOUR money works. Make your money work for you. Not the other way around. Ignorance can never be an excuse. If your financial adviser and accountant can count your money...and you can't...guess who's gonna be broke????

I'm amazed at how many athletes have friends and family members who are on their payroll and they do nothing. Personal chef, barber, event planner...are all some of the pseudo titles that you'll hear from time to time. You can't pay for everybody. I understand the feeling of not wanting to disappoint your "posse" or "click" but you have to be practical about how you spend your money.

If you have money, the groupies will come. Athletes are quick to talk bad about groupies but they are just as guilty. Some chicks are looking for a good time. Others are looking for a meal ticket. They know if you get them pregnant, they'll be "set for life." I remember an old head told me when I was young that "a child is a million dollar investment." Guess that means ole 12kyle is worth 4M! LOL. Seriously, child support is no joke. It's hard to fathom why an athlete would have to pay 10k per month for a baby who can barely walk. But that's the rules. Before you lay down, think about the consequences.


This is the golden rule that all athletes must remember...As a professional athlete, you have the best TEMP JOB in America! Nobody plays forever. It doesn't matter how great you are, one day you won't be able to play. And when that day comes, you can't earn that check. It doesn't matter if you make 20M a year. There will come a time that you won't earn that. If you don't take care of your money, you're gonna be in trouble. Money is relative. Most people spend/or save as much as they make make. If you make 5M a year, you'll live the lifestyle of a person who makes that kinda money. The same goes for someone who makes 40k a yr. If you don't adjust your spending habits before you retire, you will struggle financially. That goes for millionaires and us hundredaires. LOL

Always remember what most of us were told when we were young..."A fool and his money shall soon part."

Monday, March 19, 2012


vibe with me on this one...

take a second to THINK before you ANSWER this question

remember when you were 17? remember who YOU were?

remember how you thought? remember what you used to do?

that said...answer this question


Thursday, March 15, 2012

grade school

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


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Monday, March 12, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i hate seeing kids get off a school bus with NO books in their hands

i wonder if Oprah can cook?

when the temps are in the 70s, the sundresses and open toed shoes come out

ladies...please lotion your legs and feet. we don't wanna see ashy women

google +, google wave, google circles...i think i'm google'd out

why do people who are on facebook use (#) hashtags? i think that's just for twitter folks

gonna be strange to see Peyton Manning in another uniform next year

newton leroy gingrich (that's his real name) said he'd get gas under $2.50. riiiiiiiiiight! *wink, wink*

have we ever seen the rapper Plies and gospel legend Kirk Franklin in the same place?

i have to chuckle at people who tell me that i shouldn't eat red meat "because it'll kill me" but they smoke weed

these non football weekends suck

for the record, i've never smoked weed. i figured that if i tried it...i might like it

every time we have a discussion about Biggie's spot in hip hop's top 10, some fool always has to mention Tupac. i think Tupac was the most influential rapper of his time...but he wasn't lyrical.

if you have on jeans...and your socks can't be seen...does it matter if they don't match?

ladies...if you send a man a nude picture of yourself, then there's a 95% chance that he's gonna send it to one of his friends

fellas...if you're driving, don't let your homie hang out the window and holla at chicks. the FIRST thing he's gonna ask a woman is..."you wanna ride?" Um...sir...isn't that what YOU are doing?

ladies...if you're gonna send pics and you're in your room or your bathroom...make sure that it's CLEAN.

12 Radio is on every Wed night at 9pm EST. You'd betta tune in...or else...i'ma tell yo momma on you!!! (

"these oranges are sooooooo good!!!"

momma 12 told me a long time ago..."You can't change people. They are who they are." I truly believe that. Thanks mom

i still refer to cds as "albums". Sorry, I'm old school

bottled water is a scam. yeah...i said it

i played my 9 yr old son, Kameron, in NBA 2K12 and he won. now he won't let me live it down.

did I tell y'all how unreal the CIAA tournament parties were in Charlotte last weekend? i'll tell you right now...they were!!!

one of my favorite joints from Sade...Kiss of Life

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

lessons learned...

With age...comes maturity.

With maturity...comes wisdom

Over a period of learn things. I think you should continue to learn no matter HOW old you are. Here are some things that I've learned...

surround yourself with friends who will tell you what you NEED to hear...not what you WANT to hear.

make your plan then work your plan

life is short. cherish each day

find something...or someone...or something to laugh at each day

never settle and never be content

every relationship and friendship requires work

learn from mistakes...don't repeat them

love hard

if you treat people nice then they will return the favor

sometimes goals are easier to be obtained when they are written down

hard work always pays off

you're superman or superwoman in your kids eyes

never be afraid to ask for help

say I love you to those who you love

stay focused

never forget the simple things in life

take time to reflect on how blessed you are

thank the people who helped you become who you are

breathe air. take it. embrace it. and know that you cannot live without air

Thursday, March 1, 2012

very superstitious

Very superstitious, writing's on the wall,
Very superstitious, ladders bout' to fall,
Thirteen month old baby, broke the lookin' glass
Seven years of bad luck, the good things in your past.

When you believe in things that you don't understand,
Then you suffer,
Superstition ain't the way
- Stevie Wonder

Things happen.

There's a reason why things happen.

Are we victims of circumstance?

As Stevie said...we SHOULD NOT believe in things that we don't understand. I do. But then I don't. Hell, I don't know. I am a degree. I believe in things. I believe in NOT doing some things. Sometimes these beliefs come from something that went RIGHT or WRONG at some point in time in my life. Is there any scientific proof that there is a link between these things? No. But here are a few of mine...

1. DON'T play a game without your left wrist being taped - I sprained my wrist in a football game vs Timmonsville when I was a junior in high school. I played my ENTIRE senior year with my left wrist being taped before every game despite the fact that there was nothing wrong with my wrist

2. When putting gas in your car, the final amount ALWAYS has to be divisible by 5 - I do this EVERY time that I put gas in my car. I started this when I was in college. Not sure why. But I can't put $32.37 in my car. It would be $32.50 or $32.80.

3. When I'm in a restaurant, ALWAYS sit facing the door - gotta see who's coming in and who's leaving

4. Baseball...NEVER step on the white lines because it's bad luck. (I heard this and never questioned it...LOL)

5. DON'T have sex when it's a full moon because you have a good chance of getting pregnant - I heard this when I was in college. I don't know if you could ever prove this. I will say that this superstition never stopped me but I was always mindful of it. At least...for a little while. LOL

6. NEVER answer the phone on the first ring - I could have the phone in my hand and I'll still let it ring twice.

7. NEVER listen to Mobb Deep in my car - the last time that I was listening to Mobb Deep in the car I hydroplaned on Interstate 85, crashed my car, and almost ended up in the south bound lanes despite the fact that I was headed north. Now, the crash probably had more to do with me driving 70mph when it was raining cats and dogs than it did Mobb Deep. I walked away without a scratch. But Mobb Deep gets "no play up in my ride!"

8. NEVER eat leftovers after 2 days because you'll get sick - I don't care if it's Thanksgiving turkey! You've got 2 days to eat it.

I have a few others but I'll stop here. I could care less about walking under a ladder or letting a black cat cross my path. LOL

Some people are superstitious

I'm not.