Monday, April 29, 2013

muzik monday...Jill Scott

Music has...and always will be a passion of mine.

I was reading some old blog posts and I came across a Muzik Monday post. I realized that I haven't done a Muzik Monday post in more than 2 yrs.

As many of you know, I'm a huge hip hop head. But I don't listen to hip hop 24/7. One of my boys told me "At some point during the day, you've gotta smooth that thang out." And I do! One of my favorite artists is Jill Scott. I first heard Jill in 2000 when she dropped her debut album, Who is Jill Scott? Words and Sounds Vol 1. It was crowned as a "neo-soul classic".

I've been a HUGE fan ever since. Jill has always impressed me with her melodic voice and crowd pleasing stage presence. I found it interesting that on her first album cover you could barely see her face. In an industry that would prefer to see skinny women, Jill wasn't a size 4 but she was...and still is very attractive to me. More importantly, she can sing better than MOST artists right now. If you compare her to Beyonce Carter or anybody else...she blows them away...literally!

Here are a few of my favorite joints from Jill that I'd like to share for your listening pleasure. Just press PLAY.

A Long Walk - a smoothed out neo-soul love song...
You're here
I'm pleased
I really dig your company
Your style, your smile,
Your peace mentality
Lord, have mercy on me
I was blind, now I can see...

Slowly Surely - Jill breaks down leaving undeserving love
I just don't know
Where i should go
Slowly surely
I walk away from
Constantly hurting me love
Deserting me love
You said, I said, we said

Crown Royal - sexual, erotic, sensual...all in 1 min 50 seconds. This song is TOO short but we love it!
Your hands on my hips pull me right back to
you, I
Catch that thrust give it right back to you,
In so deep I'm breathing for you, you
Grab my braids arch my back high for
you your
Diesel engine, I'm squirting mad oil ah
Down on the floor til my speaker starts
to boil

All I - self explanatory!
Every time I close my eyes
All I dream about is makin' love
I can't even sleep at night
All I dream about is makin' love

It's just all the things I see when you're inside of me
That keeps my mind goin' crazy
I can't even think at night
All I dream about is makin' love to you

My Love - Jill speaks on a love that she lost...surprisingly. She wonders what happened and why they aren't together. "You know what it is! You know what it was." Classic line

Every time I close my eyes
All I dream about is makin' love
I can't even sleep at night
All I dream about is makin' love

It's just all the things I see when you're inside of me
That keeps my mind goin' crazy
I can't even think at night
All I dream about is makin' love to you

Sunday, April 28, 2013

still funny

This is STILL funny to me!!! Anytime I need a good laugh...I watch this video

Friday, April 26, 2013

A new CHANGE in Philadelphia

How often is it that we hear people complain about things that are NOT happening in the community and nobody does anything about it? Some people will talk but never make any changes.

Andrea Walker is not one of those people.

Both Andrea and Matthew Myles are bringing change to their hometown, Philadelphia. They have recently launched a non-profit organization called I.N.E.R.D Inc. in Philly. I've known Andrea for years and she is someone who is about to make a major impact on her city. I recently interviewed her to find out more about her new movement.

I.N.E.R.D Inc., a new, local non-profit organization plans to launch Campaign I.N.E.R.D. An innovative, thought provoking, empowering, dual educational mentorship and resource initiative, whose “goal is to focus on empowering youth and young adults in our local communities, to nurture, mold and develop a superior understanding of the importance of intelligence,” says Co-founder Matthew Myles. They will begin first by implementing their Sisters Sittin Pretty mentorship program this June 1, 2013. This program will target inner city youth girls ages 6-16. Sisters Sittin Pretty will encourage sisterhood and foster self-respect and self-esteem. It will explore every platform from the controversial conversations that most parents dread having, such as, safe sex, rape, peer pressure, abstinence, and teen pregnancy to life skills, team building, leadership skills, bullying, to high-school and college preparation. The girls will engage in meaningful, thought provoking, and age appropriate activities which will help them develop self-respect and empower them with a core understanding that intelligence is “cool”.

Founders and Philadelphia natives Andrea Walker and Matthew Myles believe that, by getting the necessary resources to the youth, you equip them with the tools required to lead a successful and productive lives as upstanding citizens of the communities. However, deprive a child of knowledge and engage them with substandard community resources and they become the criminals that bombard our media outlets with hate crimes, gang on gang violence and other senseless acts that rip through the communities. “They can’t do better if they don’t know better”, says Co-founder of I.N.E.R.D Inc., Andrea Walker. For Myles, I.N.E.R.D stands for I Never Ever Rely on Dummies an acronym he coined three years ago while living in the inner cities of DC, but for Walker, I.N.E.R.D stands for Imagine New Emotions Rediscovering Dreams, an acronym that speak volumes to her personal struggle with her mother’s diagnosis of HIV. Any way you look at it, I.N.E.R.D stands for a change and the founders of I.N.E.R.D plan to do just that beginning in Philly’s own backyard with hopes of one day operating on a national level. 

Sisters Sittin Pretty mentor ship program is just the first of many aids to be implemented by I.N.E.R.D Inc. The organization is also in the process of developing a Soup Kitchen in Camden, New Jersey, as well as a Financial Literacy Program, a Global Language Program, and Trade/Organizer Blend Workshops which will include youth prevention/intervention programs. Walker plans to partner with local AIDS activist to launch a HIV/AIDS Activist outreach and Support Program which will be a dedication to her mother. She plans to make children aware of the epidemic and provide counseling and support for them and their family members, something she wishes would have been provided for her as she struggled with the harsh reality that her mother was battling the disease. Walker says “no longer should people be in fear of the disease HIV/Aids, just like they aren’t about Cancer. Its 2013, it’s not taboo anymore. People contract this disease every day and many times, they are unaware.” 

1. What made you decide to start this venture in Philadelphia? 

We were all raised in Uptown Philadelphia and most of our team still lives in the city so starting this venture to give back to the city that has molded so much of our lives was an easy decision. That, along with the cities painfully obvious lack of community involvement and the crisis that we see our youth struggling to overcome when it comes to such issues as education or other significant resources. This was an answer for that calling. 

2. What separates your non-profit organization from others that may be
somewhat similar? 

What separates us is that we are a collective of young urban professionals who have achieved different degrees of success in our individual pursuits but we all intend to push forward together. Very often, people focus on themselves and create non-profits after they have “made it.” We feel that success is a journey rather than a destination and we intend to share that journey with our community as well as one another.

3. What has been the biggest challenge in launching this movement? 

The biggest challenge has been coordinating everyone’s schedules as we are all very active, busy people with responsibilities and goals of our own. Other than that, our shared passion for our cause has made the process relatively smooth. What has been the biggest reward? There are two. The first is being surrounded by such powerful, positive, energetic young people. The second reward comes from knowing that we are going to make a difference in the lives of families and children. We are creating a legacy that will live beyond us. We are creating something much bigger than anyone of us alone could ever do.

4. Where do you see your organization being five years from now? 

In five years, we see ourselves running full after school and summer programs that will provide safe, nurturing environments for at risk youth. We see ourselves providing our community members with information that will have a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of their children. Such information will come by way of empowering them with basic to in-depth understanding and ability to manage their finances, to realizing the strength and power that we as a people possess, if we stand together. We see I.N.E.R.D Inc. as a bridge in the disconnect between the generation that once lacked intelligence for fear of scrutiny and the generation who will possess and use it as effortlessly as texting on a cell phone. We see ourselves forming lasting relationships with like-minded organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club, Blues Babe Foundation and Black Girls Rock. We see ourselves providing scholarships for deserving young people who might otherwise not be able to continue their education. At the VERY least, we will be a strong, consistent positive influence on our communities. We may very well save some lives.

While I.N.E.R.D. Inc. is the nonprofit sector of the brand, I.N.E.R.D is clearly not limiting themselves to any one area of expertise. I.N.E.R.D is a one stop shop. From a dope t-shirt and hoodie line to a “feminine, flirty, and sexy line” known as Tulip, by I.N.E.R.D’s own fashion designer Amber Cuff. There is also their music division which is spearheaded by the one and only Verso a.k.a Verse Mega, “The Voice of Reason,” “Dignity in the Flesh,” “An Emcee’s Emcee,” Jamaica-born, Philadelphia-bred lyricist. With unremarkable talent, Verso works alongside some of I.N.E.R.D’s best new and upcoming artist such as Uptown Tone and Friends and the No Names. Although the clothing line and the music division are platforms for the designers and artist, these entities also create opportunities for youth in the areas of internships and shadowing. Members of the mentorship programs are granted a behind the scenes look at how music is created, what goes on in the studio, to live performances, as well as a day in the life of a fashion designer. There are many events that can easily turn into a field trip for the mentees at any given moment.

I.N.E.R.D Inc. is on the move to take back its community. It is calling for any and everyone who has a voice to join them. They believe strongly in their youth and will stop at nothing to empower them with the message that intelligence is cool with the hopes of planting a seed to grow and nurture upstanding citizens of our communities. To learn more about their efforts, donate, or purchase a t-shirt, or to sponsor a child please visit their website at

Media Inquiries:

Andrea Walker

Co-Founder and CEO

I.N.E.R.D Inc.

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1994 - A Great Year in Hip Hop...12 RADIO SHOW

Tune in to the 12 RADIO SHOW tonight at 9pm EST.

TOPIC - 1994 - A Great Year in Hip Hop

Join me and my co-hosts...Rashan Jamal and eclectik as we discuss the hip hop in the year of 1994. That year brought us groundbreaking classic albums like

NaS - Illmatic

Biggie Smalls - Ready to Die

Outkast - southernplayalisticadillacmuzik

We will discuss these albums as well as the countless others that made hip hop dope in 1994. You don't want to miss this show. You can call in with any questions or comments for us (347)215-7162

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your favorite athlete is gay...

Your favorite athlete is gay...

Lebron James is a queer...

Peyton Manning is a fag...

Derek Jeter is a homo...

Danica Patrick is a dyke...

Yeah...your favorite athlete is gay. The cat is out of the bag. Now what? How do you feel? Does it even matter?

My hope is that you would say that it DOESN'T matter. Personally, I could care less if my favorite athlete (or anybody else for that matter) is gay. That's their personal choice. It's none of my business who these people sleep with. And who I sleep with is none of their business. Honestly, I think the above mentioned athletes are straight. We assume that they are. But we don't know because we don't know them personally. And it really doesn't matter if they were. Not to me at least.

There has been some discussion in the sports world that there are "as many as FOUR current NFL players who may come out of the closet." They should! Now may be the best time to do it. I think most people would be willing to accept a gay teammate in their locker room. Truth be told, there are already gay players in all major sports. If teams don't think they have gay players on their roster, then they are delusional. The numbers suggest that they are there. I think it would be a great thing. Come out of the closet. Be who you are. Anybody with an open mind would be ok with it. I know there are some who will say "well, in the Bible it says blah, blah, blah." Kill that noise. I believe in the Bible but it was written a gazillion years ago and everybody's interpretation of it is different. (I wish I had time to talk about how "church folk" talk about inclusion of all people but are quick to look down on gays and lesbians...but that's not a part of today's discussion). 

Recently, there has been some pictures to surface online of NFL player Kerry Rhodes and his personal "assistant" on vacation. While Rhodes has denied being gay, the pictures of him sharing intimate hugs and laughs with this man could suggest otherwise. Would there be backlash if he came out? Not really. I think Rhodes...and any other player would feel relief that they no longer had to hide their secret. 

We are all different and we all do different things. If we worried more about ourselves and not about other peoples personal business...things would be much better. 

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Women vs Men (the differences and understanding each other) co-hosted by Crys Renee and Chantay. 

Join us as we discuss the differences between women & men. This show will give you a entertaining and funny look at the opposite sex. You don't want to miss this!


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Dating & Relationships 501...12 RADIO SHOW

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TOPIC - Dating & Relationships 501 co-hosted by Mz Kayotic. Join us as we discuss the good & the bad...the positive & negative of relationships. You don't want to miss this!!


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you are the FATHER...NOT the baby daddy

I think I must've went insane
Thinking I was in love, but really in chains
Trapped to this girl through the two-year old who carried my name
I tried to stop tripping
But yo, I couldn't and the plot thickened
That shit affected me, largely
Because I know a lot of people want me
To fail as a father
And the thought of that haunts me
Especially when I check my rear-view mirror
And don't see him in his car seat
So the next time it's late at night
and I'm laid up with the woman I'mma make my wife
talking 'bout how we 'gon make a life
I'm thinking about child support, alimony, visitation rights
Cause that's the only outcome if you can't make it right
Pissed off with your children feeling the same pain
So, Pop, how could I blame cause you couldn't maintain
I did the same thing
The same thing...(Phonte from Little Brother "All for You")

Me and my homeboys have a LOT in common. Far beyond our tastes in women, music, and sports we share a lot of similarities.

I've noticed one thing that me and all my closest male friends have in common...we ALL have fathers who have played a significant role in our lives. Not some of my friends. ALL. That says alot about those men. Their influence have made us the men that we are today.

By society's standards, we are all successful, progressive, young black men. If you ask any of them, they will tell you that their father was the definition of a man. This is not to say that our mothers weren't there...because they were. I'm a firm believer that a woman can raise a young man and show him how to become a productive citizen. But only a man can teach a boy how to become a man. I feel fortunate and blessed that I have a father who showed me the way and I feel fortunate that my homies have too. Every one is not as fortunate. I don't take that for granted. I think that if a young boy doesn't have a father in his life then he needs a father figure in his life. That could be an uncle, older brother, teacher, mentor, or coach. It's very critical in a young boy's life to have that interaction with a male with whom he loves and respects. As the father of 3 sons, I feel that I have to be the man that they learn from. Being a father is the most rewarding and important job that I'll ever have. It's a job that I enjoy but I take very seriously. I can't make them into a miniature 12kyle. But I can show them how to become a man and how to make it in this world.

As men, we have to get beyond the point of leaving our sons to fend for themselves in this cold world. Is your child supposed to suffer because you are no longer with his mother? Is it smart to neglect your son because you are no longer sleeping with his mother? As men, we have to do better. Our sons need us. More importantly, our sons watch our moves. If we don't show them them the right way...they will be destined to follow in our footsteps.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


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Topic - Kickin It with Dead End Hip Hop

Join me as I talk hip hop with the crew from Dead End Hip Hop (Modest Media, Myke C Town, Kinge, Feefo, and Beezy. You don't wanna miss this!