Saturday, January 31, 2009

twas the night before the game

As we move closer to the Super Bowl...I wanna let you in on a little secret...there is no such thing as getting rest the night before the game.

It is a misnomer.

Trust me.

The night before the game is the night where you get the LEAST amount of sleep. When you are about to play in the biggest game of your front of the world...the mere thought of it keeps you up for most of the night. I've never played in a Super Bowl. Neither have you. One can only imagine what it must be like in the hours leading up to the game.
As many of you know, I played football when I was in college. I played at South Carolina State University. When I played, I could barely sleep the night before the game. Neither could most of my teammates. It would be routine to find my teammates up until 3 or 4 am. Some would be playing a game of cards. Some would be up watching tv. Some would be studying. Some would be mentally preparing for the game. Very few would be asleep. Too much anxiety. There is a lot of preparation that leads up to the 3 hours that you spend on the field. As you prepare, sometimes you forget to do the little get some rest. I remember times where my roommate Russell and I would stay up talking about the game for hours...before we even played it.

We only played on the college level. It's magnified even more when you're talking about the NFL.
The players who will participate in the Super Bowl will probably get very little sleep tonight. They've worked hard all year to get to this point. You can't view the game as "just another game" because it's not. It's the only game. I've only attended one Super Bowl in my life. It was Super Bowl XXI...the Denver Broncos vs the New York Giants. My uncle, Harry Carson, was the starting middle linebacker for the Giants. He told me that he barely slept the night before that game. He said that just before kickoff, he found himself unable to breathe and hyperventilating. I understood. I had the same thing happen to me a few times when I played at South Carolina State. There was one time where I nearly fainted after the 1st play of the game. It was the emotion...adrenaline...anxiety of playing in a game. I'm sure that it's 10 times more extreme when you're playing in a Super Bowl. My uncle also told me that he had several teammates throw up just before they went on the field. One teammmate, quarterback Phil Simms, only had an hour of sleep. Simms went on to lead the Giants to victory that day and was named the Super Bowl MVP.

As you watch the game tomorrow, don't be suprised if you see guys getting oxygen before the game starts. Don't be surprised if you see some guys sitting on the bench and they are yawning. There is a lot of pressure and anxiety that is built up. And the one thing that we all need...will be the thing that the players won't get tonight...a good nights sleep.

Friday, January 30, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

ever notice how you don't appreciate your good health until you're laying in a bed sick?

if i see ONE more kid on the way to school without a book in his hand...i'ma cuss him out! how do you expect to learn without the proper tools? have you ever seen a carpenter go to work without his tool box?

some parents are just sorry. period

there are some parents in my son's 1st grade who are complaining that the teacher is "giving the kids too much homework." too much? how much is too much? kids need to be pushed! do you think the parents of 1st graders in china are complaining?

where is dave chappelle? come back!

although i'm not a fan of saturday night live, i have to admit that the way that they played sarah palin was hilarious. it'd be interesting to see how they play president obama.

i went to mcdonald's the other day. the girl at the window had the world "BLACK" tattoed on her neck. i started to wonder if she didn't know what her race was and she decided to tattoo it on her neck so that she could remember. lol

you know i had to ask her why she had that word on her neck...she said that was her last name. hmmmm....interesting

do people still go to the library? i mean...with the internet at your fingertips do people still go to library?

i remember when i was kid we had this thing called the book mobile. it was sorta like a library on wheels.

i dunno bout y'all but i'm big on kissing. i remember having a girlfriend back in MY day who couldn't kiss. let's just say she wasn't my girl for too long. beat it, chick.

sanaa lathan...sanaa lathan...sanaa lathan
i want to take piano lessons.

i've never seen one epidsode of american idol...and i'm not about to start watching it now.

when the steelers win the super bowl (i'm predicting it) it will be ironic. they will be the 1st team that president obama will host at the white house. black head coach meets the black president.

this story about eddy curry is sad...and strange

dudes really get disappointed when a woman says that she can't cook...

most people say that i'm a nice guy. really? i'm not. i'm a baaaaaad man. really i am! hehehee

i think i could be a vegan for 30 mins. that's it

women love men with confidence (swagger). if you don't have it...fake it till you make it!

ever notice how nobody ever sings live anymore?

i'm a HUGE jay z fan. i've heard some of his "leaked" songs off the new cd...and i ain't feelin em.

i heard that lil wayne has a rock album coming out. ugh. blah...blah...blah

if you wanna stump somebody...just randomly ask them..."hey, have you ever been beaten up before?" if they pause, then it's likely that they've taken a few losses in their day. some people will just say "huh?" that's a stall tactic. lol

in the 13 yrs that i've been here in atlanta, i've watched this city grow. i'd like to think that i've grown with it.

how do you know where i'm at...when you haven't been where i've been? understand where i'm coming from? cypress hill

grad school is right around the corner. i can't wait

i still know the words to the alma mater from my high school and college. you've gotta know what you're fighting for!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

it's gotta be tha shoes

Shoe models...

The 2 words are synomous. Many of you have heard me use that term before. It's what we affectionately call women instead of calling them what most people call them...strippers. We don't use the word stripper because that word sounds kinda degrading. Besides...if a woman is nekkid and she's only wearing 8 inch stilletos...then she is merely modeling the shoes and nothing else (hahahaha). I wanna take a minute to let you get a male perspective on shoe models and shoe model establishments (or strip clubs/shoe show)

It doesn't matter where you live...Miami, New York, Las Vegas, LA, Detroit, or Atlanta (the black strip club capital)...almost every man has been to at least ONE shoe model establishment in his life. If he says that he hasn't...then he's probably lying. LOL

Men going to watch ladies model shoes is usually shared by at least 2 dudes. If you're a dude and you're going there by yourself, then that's not a good look.

Straight women go to the shoe show. Some go for the vibe. Some go because it's a great place to catch a man. Some women can look at another females body and not be attracted to them.

Not all shoe models have been molested or have psychological issues. Some of them use what they have to get paid. Nothing more...nothing less.

I may go to a shoe show once or twice a year. I always seem to go when I have friends who come here from out of town and they want to go. If they didn't ask, I wouldn't go. It's not that I'd stay away because I'm married. The truth is...I'm a cheap dude. I can't see me giving up my money to a random chick.

Here in Atlanta, the shoe models get totally nekkid...but you can't touch em.

It's very common to see husbands/wives...boyfriends/girlfriends at the shoe show.

Most men think that they can pull a shoe model. You know...get the phone number...then sex. In reality, it's prolly not gonna happen.

Some women would like to model shoes but they' re either too scared, too self conscious, or too concerned with their bodies

I think most some point in time of a relationship...have done a strip tease dance for their man in the privacy of their bedroom.

Lap dances don't last as long as you'd like them to. Some times the shoe models try to start dancing half way through the song. "Nooooo sweetheart. I want you to start as soon as the next song comes on. I just paid $10. I wanna get my money's worth for these 4 minutes."

Memo to the shoe models...look at the dude that you're dancing for. He just gave you $10. It's all about the fantasy. For 4 minutes, you belong to him! LOL. The LEAST that you could do is to look at the man! Haaaa

I know dudes who swear that the shoe model establishments have the best food. Ummmm...I dunno about that. I won't eat food at the shoe show. I mean, if you're nekkid...I don't want you gyrating over my wings and fries.

Making it rain...I still don't understand that concept. You're throwing money in the air? Are you kidding me...we're in a recession!!! Who has money to throw away?

I hate it when shoe models ask you REPEATEDLY if you want them to dance for you. Don't ask me. If I want you, I'll ask you!

I've never taken a female to the shoe show. I think I'd feel awkward. I know dudes who have taken their girlfriends/wives

Memo to shoe models...tattoos look good when you're on stage. But you've gotta think long term. When you're 40, you can't walk around with the word "HONEY" tattoo'd on your forearm

The dj's at the shoe model establishments are funny. They are pushy!

Memo to the shoe models...don't ever take your shoes off.

The nude female body is beautiful. It's crafted with curves. But at the shoe show...who cares...afterall...we're not looking at bodies...we're only looking at the shoes.

Monday, January 26, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

I had to explain to my 6 year old son, Kameron, that it's not nice to call people fat. He looked at me. Then, he looked at the woman on the tv who he had just called fat. Then he replied..."She is fat, Daddy."

Kids will say anything

I don't think the inauguration of Barack Obama has sunk in just yet. It says sooo much about our country.

Don't expect miracles from the man, tho.

They said that there was 2 million people at the ceremony to see Obama. I think if McCain had won...there would have been 237 people out there.

If I could be anywhere in the world, it'd be on a beach in Jamaica. What about you?

The Pittsburgh Steelers will win the Super Bowl.

I'm really gonna miss the NFL. I'm going through withdrawls right now.

Have you ever seen somebody get straight A's but they had no common sense?

Just saw the movie Notorious. Great movie. Any fans of Biggie will love it

What happened to the person who you went to your senior prom with? I just saw my date on Facebook. She's put on a few pounds...

I'm tired of TPain

Will somebody explain to me why there's always 3 or 4 police cars used just to pull over ONE vehicle?

How long will it take before somebody names their child Barack?

Women are interesting creatures...

You should want your mate to "mentally joust" with you. Mental stimulation is so underrated.

Rudy Huxtable...Rudy Huxtable...Rudy Huxtable...

Ladies...I hope that this never happens to you

Do you know how to play poker? Not me. I stick to what I know...Spades and Uno.

Friday, January 23, 2009

tha big game

The biggest day in sports is nearly upon us. The Super Bowl is the most watched sporting event almost every year. This is the ultimate game.When the Super Bowl happens, there are lots of Super Bowl parties. Most of us will attend a Super Bowl party.

There are some DO's and DON'Ts when it comes to the Super Bowl

DO- know who's playing in the game. You'd be surprised how many people ( don't know who's playing

DO- know SOMETHING about the teams that are playing.

show up to a Super Bowl party with a New York Jets jersey on. There's nothing more irritating than seeing a dude with a jersey on and his team is NOT playing.

DO- know what to wear (women). Come to the party dressed for the occasion. Leave the flip flops at home

DO- (women) know that there may be other women who are at the party who look better than you. Understand that when you walk in the aren't the center of attention...the game is.

DON'T- bet on this game

DON'T- argue with people at the party. Fights at a Super Bowl party CAN happen. LOL

DO- (men) know if the woman who you want to approach is alone or with someone. Fights at a Super Bowl party CAN happen. LOL

DON'T- drink too much

DO- have a designated driver

DO- talk trash

DON'T- talk too much trash

DON'T- show up to the Super Bowl party with a Cardinals jersey. You're not a fan of the Cardinals.

DON'T- yell "Homerun" when a touchdown is scored. Please know what sport that you're watching.

DON'T- talk too much during the game (women....drunk men). Talking too much will piss somebody off. And you'll probably miss something

DON'T- worry about watching the famous Super Bowl commercials. If you wanna watch the commercials...stay at home.

DO- be safe as you go home. There are just as many drunks on the road after the Super Bowl as there are drunks on New Years Eve.

If you don't you know!!!

So...who's gonna win? Arizona or Pittsburgh

Thursday, January 22, 2009


People are interesting.

Well...I think so. I can't speak for everybody.

Maybe I should have been a psychologist. I'm always intrigued about how/why people think the way that they do.

Peep this a tell me whut you think...

I was talking to my boy Demarcus the other day. He was perplexed by a situation that he found himself in. Demarcus dated Kaylin for 3 years when they were in college. Not long after he graduated, they broke off their relationship. They agreed to go their separate ways. The relationship didn't end on a sour note. They had just simply grown apart. But they remained friends even after they called it quits. They would still talk from time to time as the years passed.

One of Kaylin's good friends in college was a chick named Tattina. Tattina was good friends with Demarcus, too. Tattina and Kaylin hung out a lot. They took classes together b/c they had the same major. One day when they were in college, Tattina told Kaylin that she slept with Demarcus. Kaylin and Demarcus were still dating. Tattina was more than apologetic. She said that they had gotten drunk one night and one thing led to another. Kaylin was shocked to hear the news. She couldn't believe that her friend had slept with her man. Kaylin was determined to be an adult about the situation. She never even mentioned it to Demarcus. She forgave them and moved on.


One day, Demarcus was on the phone with Kaylin. She had called him to wish him a happy new year. Somewhere during the phone call, the conversation changed.

Demarcus: "Hey, have you talked to Tattina lately?"

Kaylin: "I talked to her 2 weeks ago. Why do you ask?"

Demarcus: "I was just asking b/c I know that you are tight with her."

Kaylin: "Yeah, we're still cool. I have to give myself props for that b/c I could have really killed her for what she did. What Y'ALL did!"

Demarcus: (sounding surprised) "Y'all? What did I do?"

Kaylin: "Aw c'mon. You know that you slept with her. Don't play dumb. She told me about that night that y'all got drunk and had sex. I can't tell you how much I wanted to kick both of your asses. But I was grown...I let it go. It hurt, tho. I cried many nights b/c of it. You and I are still friends so we can talk about it now. But it hurt back then. I forgave y'all."

Demarcus: "She told you that? Are you serious?

Kaylin: "Yeah. She told me the whole story. Let's just drop it. I don't wanna fly down there to kick your ass."

Demarcus: "Aight"

Here's the kicker...he really DID NOT sleep with Tattina. He was in a state of shock. He's not sure why Tattina would tell Kaylin that they slept together. Did she do it to break them up? He really wanted to defend himself and tell Kaylin the truth but he didn't want to make her upset. He told me that Tattina will be coming to Miami (where Demarcus lives) next month to visit her mother. He said that he always found Tattina attractive but he never tried to push up on her. But now he's asking me...

1. Should he confront her about lying about them sleeping together?

2. Should he try to sleep with her know...make the lie a reality?

3. Should he tell Kaylin the truth even though he knows that they'll never be together again?

Like I said...interesting.

(true story...the names have been changed to protect the innocent)

Your thoughts...hollatchaboi!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Today is a different day.

Different from yesterday.

Or is it?

While we're feeling the love, joy, and pride from watching a black man become President of the United States and leader of the free world. Somebody is homeless now...b/c of their love for him and the ignorance shown by some coward.

I hate to bring bad news on a day like today but I had to share this story. A far as we THINK we've come...we've got sooooo far to go.

Suspicious fire destroys home while owner in D.C. for inauguration
By Julie Arrington
Staff Writer

This house on Lanier Drive in northeastern Forsyth County burned to the ground about 4:30 a.m. Sunday. Investigators say the fire is suspicious.
Authorities are investigating a suspicious weekend house fire they say occurred while the homeowner, a single mother of three, was in Washington, D.C., for the presidential inauguration.
They also are trying to determine if she may have been targeted because of her support for President-elect Barack Obama.
No one was home when the house on Lanier Drive in northeastern Forsyth County burned to the ground about 4:30 a.m. Sunday. Someone spray-painted graffiti that included the phrase “your black boy will die” on a fence along the property.
Forsyth County Fire Marshal Steve Anderson said Monday the fire is considered “suspicious,” but would not say it was racially motivated.
“What we’re doing right now is we’re investigating a suspicious house fire,” he said. “There are indications that there may have been some type of terroristic threat.
"We can not verify that at this time, not knowing how [the graffiti] got there, who it was for, several things. But right now we’re just looking at it as a suspicious fire with suspicious circumstances.”
Anderson said he spoke briefly on the phone with homeowner Pam Graf, who is on her way back to Georgia from the nation's capital. He plans to meet with her Tuesday.
Attempts to reach Graf for comment Monday were not successful. But her father, William Morrow, said he thinks she was targeted because of her political views.
Morrow said Graf had two Obama campaign signs in her yard before the fire. He wasn’t sure what happened to one sign, but said he asked her to remove the other after she received a negative letter about a week before the fire.
Morrow said the letter addressed her political views, though he couldn't remember any specifics from it that his daughter had shared with him.
He said she had taken the sign out of her yard before she left Friday.
Anderson said if fire investigators determine that the graffiti is a possible threat against Obama, they will involve the Secret Service. The department's Atlanta field office was closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday.
“Once I sit down and talk with her and we can discuss this a little bit more in depth, if we feel that’s what it is we’ll call them and give them the information and see what they want to do,” he said.
Anderson said the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office has been notified, but is not yet involved in the investigation.
“It’s ongoing and we’ve got investigators out today working on it,” Anderson said, adding that the sheriff’s office has offered to help.
“If we need it, we’re going to take advantage of it,” he said. “We’re still very early in, we’re still trying to collect information dealing with the fire. At this point in time, we can’t even say the fire was an intentionally set fire, it’s just suspicious.”
Graf's three children did not travel with her over the weekend, but stayed with family.
William Morrow said Graf did not actively campaign for Obama in Forsyth County. A few years ago, however, she lived in Delaware and supported 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry.
He said Graf told him she attended a Democratic party meeting last week, but he was not sure of her involvement in the group.
Lanier Drive winds along a heavily wooded peninsula dotted with homes that juts out into Lake Lanier.
Crime scene tape wrapped around the charred remains of the house Monday. A basketball goal, go-kart and some outdoor furniture were just a few of Graf’s belongings not scorched by the flames.
The foundation and what appears to have been part of the front of the house are all that’s left of the structure.
Forsyth Fire Capt. Jason Shivers said the house was “beyond fully involved” in flames when firefighters got there and it “had already experienced some structural collapse.”
Monday afternoon, Morrow was still in disbelief. The incident, he said, “doesn’t represent the community."
"It doesn’t represent Forsyth County,” he said. “And I just can’t believe this is what’s happening.”

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

24 with 12

When I started the 12th Planet, I said that I wasn't gonna have a blog that just detailed my life. I've read blogs like that and they were boring. I mean, if I talk about how nice I am on the Xbox're not gonna be impressed. I wanted my blog to be inclusive with those who read it...and it has been. Besides, my life is pretty regular. If I had this blog 10 yrs'd be wild! Nevertheless, I wanna let you peek in for a second. Give you some perspective. Let's spend 24 hrs with me...

SATURDAY-January, 17

12:00 am- I'm watching the Hawks vs Warriors. The Hawks look sluggish. Looks like we're gonna lose this one.

(at some point in time I stop watching the game and the game is watching me b/c I fall asleep)

4:22 am- For some reason, I wake up. I hardly wake up this early but I'm up. Head to the bathroom to take a whiz. Wash hands and back in the bed. I doze off back to sleep

7:30 am- Alarm clock goes off. Mrs12 punches it and it falls on the floor. I roll over and notice that our 2 year old, Brandon, is in the bed with us. He grabs the remote and turns the tv on. "Good mornin, Dahhhdeeeee!"

7:36- I turn on the blackberry. I see that my boy Russ (aka @3rddeadline) has sent a tweet on twitter. I respond and we begin IM chat on blackberry messenger.

Russ and I played football at South Carolina State University. Our coach, Willie Jeffries, used to always say "Millionares don't sleep past 6am." So, it was good to see a couple of thousandares like us up early on a Saturday morning.

8:03am- Outta bed. Time to shower and get dressed. I'm going into the office to "work" for an hour.

8:45am- Headed out the door. It's freezing outside. I hate getting in a cold car. Musical selection...Illadelphalflife by the Roots

9:08am- Arrive at work. Nobody's here...good!

11:25am- Leave work. Call home and tell Mrs12 that I'm gonna stop at the grocery store. Gotta buy some wood. Funny. When I was a kid in South Carolina, you couldn't buy no stinkin wood! You had to gitityadamself! There was plenty of wood in the forest behind your house. Most of it, YOU'D have to chop. I kinda miss those days.

11:47 am- Leave the store and head home.

12:02pm- Make it home. Mrs12 is headed out the door. Her day is full with a meeting and events at church. It'll be me and the boys today. That's cool. I'm the Father of the Year. Brandon is asleep. Deion (9) and Kameron (6) are watching tv.

12:07 pm- I start a fire and turn on the tube. Syracuse, my favorite college hoops team, is on ESPN playing against Notre Dame. We should beat these clowns.

12:41pm- Fire is going well. Chatting with The F$%k It List on bb messenger. She's schooling me on the Notorious movie. She's from Brooklyn.

12:46 pm- Syracuse is beating Notre Dame. It's halftime 42-35. Time to que up the DVR. Also time for lunch. The boys like PB&J. I'll be eating a subway.

1:26 pm- Despite the feet are cold.

1:31 pm- I'm being followed by some weirdos on twitter.

1:58pm- Brandon is up from his nap. I change his diaper and now it's time for him to eat. Rice and chicken. His favorite.

2:12pm- Called Jimmell. Jimmell has been one of my best friends since I was a youngin. We went to high school together but she's a year younger than me. She's prolly the closest female to me outside of my wife. Graduated from Duke and is now a doctor. She holds the distinct position as being the only female who I haven't pissed off! Her son is my godson. She is Deion's godmother. We talked for an hour. I also spoke with my godson, who is now in the 6th grade.

3:15pm- I'm watching Georgetown vs Duke. Ughhh. Boring.

3:16 pm- Put the clothes in the dryer.

3:21pm- Despite it being cold outside, I'm contemplating throwing some food on the grill.

4:01 pm- Tuned in to see Obama speak to 100,000 people in Baltimore. CNN covers it well. It's 19 degrees with a windchill of 11 degrees. Anderson Cooper said..."Have the Bush's moved all of their stuff out yet?" That made me laugh

4:19pm Obama hits the stage in baltimore & the crowd goes wild. Wonder if bubz, mcnulty, marlo, bunk, daniels, and the rest of the crew is there?

4:57pm- Time to play housefootball with the boys. They like to tackle (jump on) me.

5:05pm- Popped Brandon on the leg for jumping on the couch

5:26 pm- Time to start dinner. Spaghetti w/ garlic bread. I'll have a salad, too

5:45 pm- Brandon just punched Kameron. I guess he's hungry...

6:06 pm- Dinner is served.

6:30 pm- Watching the Nighly News on NBC. I watch the world news every night. Even if I'm not home, I'll DVR it. I've always been a fan of Tom Brokaw. He passed the torch to Brian Williams. (RIP-Tim Russert)

6:40 pm- There's a recall on peanut butter. Damn! There goes my lunch for next week!

7:00 pm- Time to clean up the kitchen and fold clothes. I hate folding clothes but it'll help wifey out.

7:30 pm- Received a phone call from mom. I haven't talked to her all week. She loves the fact that she can talk to Brandon now. "Love you too, graaamaaaa."

7:45 pm- The boys are upstairs getting rowdy. I'm downstairs on the computer. Working on blog posts for next week.

8:25 pm- Called Q, Clark, and Moe. Nobody's answering their phones!! Y'all don't wanna talk to ole KD???

8:37 pm- Cell phone's Dad. I haven't talked to him all week. Always good to talk to him. I let him talk to the boys. Funny how my parents want to talk to the kids before they wanna talk to me. Oh and Dad chop it up for about 30 mins. He too is impressed with the pilot who landed the airplane in the Hudson River. During our conversation, wifey comes in. She's tired and heads to bed. Dad and I talk about my plan and goals for the week. Funny how he has evolved into my best friend. Same for mom. I love them both.

9:03 pm- "Ok fellas...time to go to bed. Brush ya teeth and go to bed." They are hesitant (as most kids are) but they go.

9:32 pm- Kameron walks into the room. He's supposed to be asleep! "I have a question Daddy. Where does President Bush go when he leaves the White House?"

"Go to bed Kameron."

9:45 pm- Can't find nuffin on tv. I'm gonna lay on the couch for a second. Just for a second.

11:43 pm- I wake up (barely) and SNL is on. Not interested in watching. Let's see what's on ESPN.

11:59 pm- Tired of fighting sleep. Lemme take my azz to bed!

See...I told y'all that I live an exciting life! LoL

Monday, January 19, 2009

mixtape monday

Lords of the Underground
Chief Rocka

Black Moon
Who Got The Props

Pete Rock and CL Smooth
T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You)

Brand Nubian
Love Me Or Leave Me Alone

Slick Rick
Hey Young World

To my football headz...your thoughts on the football action from this weekend. Super Bowl Predictions???

Friday, January 16, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

big ^ to the pilot who landed that plane in the hudson river!!! for him to be able to land the plane and nobody dies was simply a miracle.

i've flown out of laguardia once. i found it strange that the runways were surrounded by water. kinda spooked me a lil bit.

hard to believe that a bird could bring down a plane...

oddly enough...i was planning to take a flight yesterday morning. maybe i need to hitchhike now. lol

reagan gomez...reagan gomez...reagan gomez...
hey dubyah...i got 3 words for ya...beat it clown

i've been critical of the dude for the 8 yrs that he's been in office. i will say that i was impressed when he led the country after 9/11.

i'ma be even more impressed once he exits and gets off tha stage.

i'm looking forward to the inauguration. i won't be in dc but i'll be watching it on tv.

if you're in dc...please don't act will get locked up!!

this is a cool bird. his name is chester and he belongs to a friend of mine. he is an african gray and he has the verbal capacity of a 3 year old. word on the streets is that these birds cost about 5 stacks!!!! there's no way in hell that i'll pay 5 stacks for a damn bird!
don't bump into me and NOT say "excuse me".

i think everybody has that one friend that "forwards" them emails all day long.

i had a former teammate who was a lil different. he'd send 10 emails a day. nine of the emails would be pics of nekkid women. the last email would be something religious telling me how much Jesus loves me. lmao!!!!

do you know somebody who emails tons and tons of pictures of their kids? that can be annoying...especially if you ain't related to them!

wouldn't you like to get away...sometimes you wanna go...where everybody knows your name...and they're always glad you came...

i think we're in store for a pennsylvania super bowl...pittsburgh vs philadelphia

sam bradford...i'm sorry...but you are a dummy! you could have left the university of oklahoma and been the #1 pick in next year's nfl draft. that would have landed you a guaranteed contract of at least 30 mil. but you said that you wanna go back to oklahoma to play college football next year????

in the great words of clay davis..."sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyttt!!!"

who would you say is the most popular athlete who is known around the world right now?

cheerleading is not a sport. i'm sorry. it aint.

i don't care where you are right is coooooold!!!!

maybe they should've had the inauguration in someplace warm like miami

can somebody please make sure that all of the boxes are packed at the white house? i don't want them to have to come back and try to get nuffin!

bernie madeoff...damn! talk about a thief!!! he stole 60 billion and he's NOT in jail...yet

you won't catch me watching one second of that train wreck that y'all call american idol

as i've gotten older, i've become less and less patient with the bs that i see on tv.

speaking of tv, i'd like to ask bob johnson why none of the black shows from back in the day (cosby show, different world, martin, living single, in living color, etc) weren't developed on his network...BET? all we ever got was comic view!

i hate BET right now but i do remember when rap city had da mayor, prince dajur, joe clair, and big tigger

hey superhead...your 15 mins are up. beat it!

gotta go see that notorious movie! i hope it's a great movie. i'm a huge biggie fan

remember this...without martin luther king...there would be no barack obama. thank you for paving the way, mlk

obama will not be the only black president that we'll see in our life time. beleeee dat!'

the bombing attacks in gaza are crazy!!! there's no way that you could pay me to go over there and report what's going on

the shooting of an unarmed black man as he was lying face down by a BART officer is senseless and it enrages me every time that i think about it.

charles barkley...*sigh*...i feel you, bruh. every man has broken a law or 2 on their way to go get some but can't run the red light bruh! that's going too far!

thanks for coming to the 12th could have been anywhere in the world...but you're here with me...I appreciate that!

scary movies don't scare me

fellas...if she says "do i look fat?" you betta know what to say!!!!

ladies...if he says "was i good last night?" you betta know what to say!!!!

i know we've talked about it before but's ok to approach a man. lmao!!!

fellas...don't grab or snatch a woman by her arm. you might call it "getting her attention" but let's call it what it is...assault!

if you don't like somebody, then tell em! no need to beat around the bush.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009




1. the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.

2. the act or process of communicating; fact of being communicated.

3. something imparted, interchanged, or transmitted.

4. a document or message imparting news, views, information, etc.

We're bad when it comes to communicating. We really are. When I say we...I and me. Men and women. Just bad. And we have to do a better job. Period. I was thinking about this after co-hosting on Jaded NYer's show on blog talk radio on Monday Night. We had a spirited conversation about some of the many differences between men and women. One of the things that was quite evident is that there is a breakdown in communication as to how members of the opposite sex relate to each other. Communication is a two way street. Let's remember the definition...the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.

For example, I asked Jaded NYer, Eb the Celeb, Smarty Jones, and The F$%k It List if they would ever approach a man who they found attractive. They all said no. I can respect that b/c there are some real weirdos out there. However, I contend that if you're not willing to approach a man and if you are defensive/stand off-ish when a man approaches've broken the lines communication before anything could have been established. And yes...I understand that some men DON'T know how to approach women correctly. I think we need to do a better job of doing that and understanding that you can't approach every woman the same way. But men do like to be approached! If you don't believe me...ask any male blogger...Eclectik, Rich, Keith, Torrance, Charles, Dessex, 3rd Deadline, Cnlmike, Rashan Jamal, Super Dave Van Buren, Darius Williams, Stew, Swag, Verbal Arteest, Second 68 (that's all the male bloggers who I know b/c it's only like 20 of Or you can ask any man. He'll tell you

Also, I think we don't do a great job of communicating after the APPROACH has been established. For example, ladies...if you're not feeling a guy...don't give him your number! I'm always amazed at how some women who I know will complain about how some dude is blowin' their phone up. Helllooooooo, you gave him the number!!! Giving your phone number is a YES. For men, we're looking a series of confirmations (YES STATEMENTS) that will help us get closer to you.

Can I have your number?...YES

Can I call you sometime?...YES

Do you have a man (she answers no)?...YES

Do you want a man?...YES

Can we go out on a date?...YES

If the scenario plays out like this, then the female may view this totally different than a man would. In a man's mind, if he can get this from you...he's at 3rd base already! I think that's where some lines of communication are broken. These are just 2 examples. I think whether we're in a committed relationship, or marriage we have to be mindful about what we say as well as how it is being interpreted. Say what you mean...mean what you say.

Keep in mind that I'm not a relationship doctor...i just play one on tv.

Monday, January 12, 2009

mixtape monday

Foreign Exchange

Nas f/Lauryn Hill

If I Ruled the World

Special Ed
I Got it Made

Chaka Demus & Pliers
Murder She Wrote


To all my Wire headz...this is for you!!!

The Wire (Rap Up)

To my football and NBA headz, how did your teams do this past weekend? What did you think of the games?

Friday, January 9, 2009

da P iz free!!!

Have you ever read something and laughed real hard out loud? I mean, laughed so hard until your head started to hurt?

Well, that happened to me today. I was scrolling news articles on the ' Net and came across this one. The headline immediately caught my eye...


Say whut? Bailout for the porn industry? Are you kidding me? Here is a part of the article...

LOS ANGELES — In an announcement that launched a thousand unprintable puns, adult-entertainment moguls Larry Flynt and Joe Francis said Wednesday that they are asking Washington for a $5 billion federal bailout, claiming that the porn business is suffering from the soft economy. Francis insisted in a phone interview that this is no joke or publicity stunt, though his tone suggested otherwise.

“The government’s handing out money to the auto industry,” Francis, producer of the “Girls Gone Wild” video series, said on the phone from his Santa Monica office. “Why shouldn’t it hand some to an industry the nation could not live without?”

The request, Francis said, was being made in a letter to Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass, and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson. The $5 billion figure, he said, reflects the decline in U.S. adult-entertainment- industry revenue from $18 billion three years ago.

If porn producers are feeling the effects of what one wire service called “the sagging economy,” the pain might be felt most acutely in the San Fernando Valley. In 2007, revenue from more than 200 Valley-based adult-content companies was estimated at $1 billion.

One adult-film star from the Los Angeles area said she is feeling the pinch.The actress who performs as Jenna Presley said her Web site has seen a 20 percent decline in customers, about 1,000 of whom pay $19.99 a month to watch the 22-year-old perform online. Presley said the downturn has forced her to cut overhead.

“I said, ‘I’ve got to stop paying guys and girls to perform with, and I’ve got to find (other Web site proprietors) to do a content exchange with,’ ” Presley said matter-of-factly. Instead of paying co-stars, she is posting their videos on her site and they’re posting her content on theirs. Adult DVD sales and rentals have decreased by 22 percent in the past year.

“People are too depressed to be sexually active,” Flynt said in a news release. “This is very unhealthy as a nation. Americans can do without cars and such, but they cannot do without sex.”

LMAO!!!! C'mon man! Porn is free. There's sooooo much free porn on the internet that it ain't even funny! Nowadays, it's easier to find it online than it is to get a loan from a bank. I'm sure that we've ALL seen some form of porn at SOME point in our life. I'm not asking if you watch it now (even though I'm sure that somebody will go as far as naming their favorite but if they think they are gonna get a bailout...they are crazy. I'm a dude...I can appreciate a skin flick just like the next person but I'm not gonna endorse a porn bailout.

Not in this SAGGIN economy...

Times are HARD...


Memo to President Obama...when they call you about this one...tell em that you ain't home!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

1on 1

Have you ever had a friend who was always hard to reach by phone?

Or a friend that you'd call but they'd hardly ever return your call?

Well...I've called this dude a couple of times and he FINALLY called me back. I'm sure that you remember the last conversation that we had.

Ladies and one on one interview with President Barack Obama

(ringing phone)
ME: Hello.

Barack Obama: Sup, bruh

ME: Who is this?

BO: It's me!

ME: Me who?

BO: Barack!!! I'm returning your call!

ME: Ohhhh! Whussup, bruh. Whut's good fam? I called you a month ago and you're just returning my call?

BO: case you haven't noticed...I have been busy!

ME: (laughing) I know...I know. Thanks for calling me back. How have you been?

BO: I'm good, fam. I can't complain

ME: Ok. I know that your time is limited so I'll go ahead and get this interview started.

BO: Before we get started, you need to tell the people what happened 3 months ago when you were in Chicago.

ME: Awww I have to? LOL

BO: If you don't...I will!!

ME: Ok...ok. Well, I was in Chicago. I was playing basketball at the gym. My team was playing against Barack's team. I was guarding him and he scored a couple of times. Big deal. haaaaa

BO: You should tell them that I hit the game winning 3 pointer over you!! And you had to call me President Three for the rest of the day. Haaaaa

ME: Aiiiiight bruh. We're gonna play again in DC in a few months. I'm gonna win! LOL. Ok...let's get on with the questions. Are you ready to take over and lead the free world?

BO: Yes. I'm ready. I've been destined to do this. The people have chosen me to lead and I won't let you down

ME: When did you know that you'd win? Was it election night?

BO: Honestly, I knew that I was gonna win once I beat Hilary! I knew that John McCain couldn't beat me. Period

ME: What did you think about Sarah Palin?

BO: Who?

ME: Palin

BO:'re tryna get me to playa hate on her! LOL. I've got nothing bad to say about Palin

ME: What are you pumping in your iPod right now?

BO: Eric B and Rakim's Paid in Full

ME: What's your favorite card game?

BO: UNO! I can't be beat at UNO!!! And I can't forget about Spades. Michelle and I will beat anybody in a game of Spades

ME: Are we gonna party hard for the inauguration?

BO: Fa sho! You betta believe it.

ME: I don't have anywhere to stay. Can I...

BO: C'mon, bruh! You know I got you!

ME: No doubt!!! Who's gonna win the Super Bowl?

BO: The New York Giants

ME: At the inauguration...when you walk out...can we at LEAST play the beat for Hi Haters?

BO: (laughing hysterically) I'll see what I can do

ME: Chicken or fish?

BO: BOTH!!!!!

ME: You know that my sons are the same age as your daughters. Can we let them date later in life?


ME: How are you gonna cope without the Blackberry? I mean, you and I talk on Blackberry Messenger more than we talk on the phone

BO: *sigh* That's gonna be very difficult. As you know, the BlackBerry keeps me connected. I love talking to the fellas. Keeping up with the scores, etc. That's one thing that I don't like about this move into the White House

ME: Can you take care of the BCS in college football?

BO: You know that I'm gonna change that crap. I can't stand it. On a side note, I'm gonna pull the plug on BET, too!

ME: YESSSSSSSSS!!! Thanks bruh!!! Ok. One last question...when you sit in the Oval Office and stare out the window...what will you see

BO: I'll see ALASKA! (laughing hysterically)

ME: You are crazy, bruh. Thanks for calling, fam. I'll holla at you next week. Aight?

BO: Aight fam. Be easy

ME: One!!

BO: One!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Somewhere between Twitter, Facebook, and The 12th Planet you can find me...thinking. You all know about the off the dome...random thoughts. But this day, I was thinking about me being single and without children.

Before your mind wanders, everything is good with wifey and the fam. LOL. The thought came from something that I saw on tv. There's a 42 yr old sista who was on Good Morning America. She has created a website to help her find a husband. Her goal is to find a a year!!!

My first thought was like "huh." Who in their right mind would set their goal to find a husband in a year? She has created a website where she will "solicit" dates and get advice from her close friends as well as thousands of Americans. In essence, she's "pimpin" herself over the 'Net.

It got me to thinking...if I was a single dude with no kids...could I do something like that? I mean, I do have the intangibles. Smart, good looking, driven, college educated, witty, and extremely modest. Could I internet pimp myself like that? Would I accept dates from women from all across the US in an effort to find a woman who would share my last name and have my children?

Hell no!

I applaud the sista's effort but she's going about it the wrong way. Take it from a dude who's been married for nearly 9 yrs. That's not how it's supposed to go down. You can't put a time limit on a relationship. If she meets a guy in September that she's she trying to get married by the following September? That's just backwards. I know that some of you who are reading this are looking for a man who you could settle down with. Please don't do this! LOL. This chick is gonna waste a year chasing a dream. You can't force things. flowers...must be cultivated so that they can grow into something more than what they are. IF (and that's a big if) she finds a man, she sounds like the type who may spend too much time worried about the wedding and not the marriage. She's spend a year trying to find him...marry him without really knowing him...and be divorced in 6 months.

She's going about this like a kid on the basketball court who spends countless hours trying to dunk but never works on his jumpshot. He never learned the fundamentals. He was too busy being worried about something else. You've gotta crawl before you can walk.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Let me be the 1st and last to wish you a happy new year.

Got to thank y'all for coming thru every day. The 12th Planet is growing and changing. This is the year of change

Guess who got a new blackberry for Christmas??? Not me. Mrs12 did! I got it for her and she can't put it down!

We'll see who's addicted more!

If a shirt was 30% off on Dec 24...then it's 60% off on Dec 26...then we all should just wait until after Christmas to get the best "deal"

Tell the truth...this time last had NO IDEA who Barack Obama was...did you?

Maybe I'm being cynical but I'm tired of hearing about how the Obamas are moving and where they are moving. For his safety, I'd rather that stuff not be made public like that.

Eight years ago...we didn't give a damn when Bush moved in. LoL

Never thought I'd see this...

Toni Braxton...Toni Braxton...Toni Braxton
Thanks for your responses about the best of 2008 (music). Sounds like Jazmine Sullivan is a must have.

And for those of you who wanna hear good muzik...cop that Foreign Exchange

Thinking of making a new years resolution? Think again...

NFL Playoff football cannot be beaten

I heard Stephon Marbury wants to play for the Celtics. Yeah...and I want to win the lottery!

Ever had a man/woman that you used STRICTLY for creepin?'s time to take your Christmas decorations down

There's something about the new year that brings forth hope and optimism.

Still wondering why I can't win a stare down with my 2 year old son, Brandon. SMH

Will Twitter replace blogging?

I think it's time that they take Dick Clark off the New Years Eve countdown. He hasn't been the same since he had that stroke

Never underestimate the value of a true friend

Have you seen the new Pepsi logo? It looks like the Obama logo.

Keri Hilson...Keri Hilson...Keri Hilson
I just saw a dude with spinning rims on his truck. Wowwwwwww

Why do you yawn when you see someone else yawning?

Does a yawn mean that you're sleepy or bored?

If I see one more grown man with a mowhawk, I'm gonna lose it!!

Amel Larrieux...Amel Larrieux...Amel Larrieux...
I really hate it when pedestrians walk behind my car when I'm parked at a light. I get nervous when that happens.

Do you play an instrument? If so, what do you play?

I got a Christmas card from wifey's cousin. One name was spelled "Carl" on the envelope. Damn! I thought my name was Kyle. How do you get the two names confused?

Is love a feeling or an state of mind?

Monday, January 5, 2009

mixtape monday

Enjoy the mixtape!!!

Outkast f/Goodie Mob
Git Up, Git Out

MC Lyte

Gangstarr f/Nice and Smooth

I'll Be Dat

Snoop Dogg
Doggy Dogg World

To my sports did your teams (nfl, ncaa, nba) do this week? My Falcons were knocked out of the playoffs but i'm proud of em. The Hawks are ballin'. We've won 7 of our last 8. I think Florida will beat Oklahoma in the national championship game. bout dem cowboys??? lmao!!! i had to say it...just had to!