Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Year in Review (pictures)...

2018 Year in Review (pictures)


It was a busy month. Kameron, Skyler, and Brandon all performed at their piano recital.

Sherice had several sorority events

Deion was back in the ATL and the whole family got to see him perform in the band at the Honda Battle of the Bands. This was the first time that his grandparents saw him play in college. The band had Mercedes Benz Stadium rockin'

Skyler and I hit the annual Daddy/Daughter dance. We had a ball!!!!


Brandon completed his basketball season

The whole world traveled to Wakanda to see Black Panther

Skyler was named Scholar of the Week at her school

She also attended the first of many coding workshops. She loves coding. I'm not sure what coding is but she can tell you about it. LOL


Sherice turned...a year older

Brandon hung out with the Falcons at the fan fest


The proverbial car selfie...


Deion finished his first year of college on the Dean's List.

Brandon graduated from the 5th grade. Time to move on to middle school

Skyler learned to roller skate. Now she skates better than me


Kameron completed his first year of service with the Black Rhinos

Mom turned 70 years young! And we surprised her for her birthday


Time to head to South Carolina for the family reunion and fun

I took the boys on an excursion to the record store.

Then it was time to take Deion back to school for band camp. Skyler wasn't happy about that...


Deion turned 19 & Kameron turned 16

These 3 stepped got fresh for an event...

First day of school pictures


Sherice & I walked, strolled, climbed to the top of Stone Mountain

These 2 kids celebrated 18 years of marriage

Skyler turned 7. She had a skate party and one of her best friends, Kai, came to hang with her.


Back on the Hill for Homecoming. It was the young folks say...

Made it to the Queen City to kick it with the crew and watch our boy represent with the Giants. Unfortunately, the Giants lost but we had a great time.


Back on the Hill for the last home game

They dropped the top at the Benz & we watched the Falcons take on those stinkin Dallas Cowboys. Great times...other than the Falcons losing on a last second field goal. Smh


Skyler and I hit the Daddy/Daughter dance again. She spent more time dancing with her friends than she did dancing with me...

I turned another year older...

One of my birthday gifts was a surprise trip to the College Football Hall of Fame. If you know me, you know that I'm a HUGE football fan. While at the Hall of Fame, I spotted some familiar uncle, Harry college football coach, Willie Jeffries, and the legend Donnie Shell. All of them, like me, played at South Carolina State University. This was a proud moment for me.

Brandon turned 12

Skyler and I celebrated Kai's birthday party at the bowling alley

Me and the boys hit the final Falcons home game vs the Cardinals. The Falcons won...

Skyler is chillin 

Sherice & I will close the year out with one of my favorite hip hop groups of all time...The Roots. If you know me, you know how much this means to me. 

2018 was filled with memories. I never get too caught up in the thought of whether it was a "good year" or a "bad year". Ultimately, if you got to SEE was a good year. 

May 2019 be filled with blessings and prosperity!