Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Childhood Memories 850

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Thursday, February 19, 2015

how to survive a relationship in the world of social media...

While I was doing some research for last night's 12 Radio Show, I came across this article. Pretty interesting if you ask me. I have highlighted my thoughts in red...

With our quick paced, technology driven world, is it possible to have and build a lasting relationship? The answer is yes but you have to follow these key rules.

1. Never have arguments online - Your business is your business and the world should not be involved every time you and your partner gets into a spats. This causes unwanted attention and advice. It can also add fuel to the fire. A fight that can be easily fixed can turn into world war 3 because you let in unwanted troops. My mom always use to tell me no one should know 100 percent of your relationship, the good or the bad. Telling the wrong people the wrong things can set your relationship up for failure. | I've seen a few of these play out on twitter and Facebook. All I did was grab my popcorn. This should NEVER happen. People make certain assumptions about your relationships by what you say (or don't say) on social media. You have to understand that you can't control that. The minute that you have an argument online...everybody knows that you've been "frontin'" and there is trouble in paradise. 

2. Talk to each other - Put down the phones, get off of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and talk to each other. Get to know each other. Ask questions, dig deep to see if this person is who you want to be with. Communication is one of the biggest factors in a successful relationship. You cannot talk with a cell phone or tablet glued to your face. If there is a problem talk about it. Ask about your partners day. Find out there likes and dislikes. Become an active listener and communicator. This is essential in building a strong foundation. | I've struggled with this from time to time...honestly. I like being connected to the world. But sometimes you gotta put the phone down. If not, bring them into what you're reading or looking at on the phone or computer.

3. Explore - Have date nights and explore the world around you. Put the phone away for an hour or two. You are not going to miss a thing trust me. Do a technology free date night. Try out that trendy new restaurant downtown. If that’s not your thing try out indoor rock climbing or a murder mystery dinner. Events that requires you two in interact far beyond the physical. Building a bond and finding out things that you two can share together. | Date nights are a must. Make them whenever you can. Get out and live life. See new things. Never be afraid to step outside of the box. 

4. Stop lurking - It is cool to still like pictures but once you are in a serious relationship stop lurking on your ex’s page or other potential mates. It is disrespectful. | Not cool. Not cool at all. Why would you do that? Are you THAT lame? 

5. Trust - Yes you should stop lurking but if someone likes a picture don’t act like you caught them sleeping in your bed with another person. Ground and surround your relationship in trust. You know the person you are with and if they really want to be with you they will never do anything to intentionally hurt you. | A relationship without trust is like a car without wheels. You're not going anywhere

6. Stop doing things for likes - Life is not based on the opinion of others. They do not go to sleep with you. They don’t pay your bills. They have no factor on your life. So, who cares if a status or a picture gets a 100 likes. Those likes are not putting any money in your pocket. Social Media should not display every aspect of your relationship. Every time you kiss, you should not have to make an announcement. | Remember back in the day when your momma told you "whatever happens in this house...stays in this house!" Same thing applies here. Every detail of your life...especially personal stuff...isn't meant for public consumption. I share a lot on this blog...but you don't know my deepest darkest secrets. Some things just aren't meant for everybody to know. Period. 

In short, Keep your relationship to yourself. Guard it and protect it. 

A relationship can be complicated to understand between the two people who are involved in it. You only complicate things when you bring others...especially nosey people in it. 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Dating & Relationships (good, bad, & ugly)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4 Resumé Secrets That Give You an Edge

Here's another pretty good article from the good folks at Men's Health Magazine. Check it out!

It doesn't take long to leave an impression: Recruiters and hiring managers spend an average of 6 seconds reviewing a candidate's resumé before they make an initial assessment, according to a study from the job-search website TheLadders.

Six seconds.

Now that you’re done shaking your head, give you resumé a 6-second look and ask yourself what you took away from it.

If you scan documents like the majority of hiring managers, your eyes moved over your resumé in an F-shaped pattern, finds a study from the research and consulting firm Nielsen Norman Group. That means you probably read all of the top one or two lines, the first few words of the next lines, and very little of the bottom portion apart from section headlines. And knowing that, you can rework your resumé for better results, the study authors say.

First of all, your most impressive and relevant accomplishments need to find their way into the top-left portion of your C.V., the researchers advise. Applying for a sales job? Consider a headline like “Award-Winning Sales Experience” for the career portion of your resumé. Right away, you’re announcing to the hirer that if he keeps reading, he’ll see something impressive. You could even begin your resumé with one or two bullet points highlighting your greatest professional feats. Just get the good stuff up top and to the left, the study suggests. 

Here are four more gems to help you spit-shine your resumé:

1. Drop in an achievement stat between your former employers’ names and the dates you worked for them, TheLadders study suggests. Hiring managers spend a big chunk of those 6 seconds looking at who you worked for and how long you were with them. So force employers to read about your successes by wedging them into that portion of your resumé. For example:

ABC Labs, New York, NY - Awarded Chairman’s Chemist Honor 2008 to 2013

2. Emphasize numerical rankings if you’re part of an elite list, says Mathew S. Isaac, Ph.D., of the Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University. We’re talking “Top 10” or “Top 25.” Such rankings are inherently impressive and eye-catching. Just make sure you’re not on the outside of a round number. For example, mentioning you’re #11 or #6 will give the resumé reader the impression you failed to make it into the most-successful echelon. In both of those cases, it may be better to say you’re in the Top 15 or Top 10, Isaac suggests.

3. Don’t hide your time off after college. Employers will likely see this break as a sign of your “flexibility," a trait that’s especially valued in creative fields like entertainment, marketing, or architecture, says study coauthor May Ling Halim, Ph.D., of California State University, Long Beach.

4. Present your accomplishments in the simplest, most-flattering context, urges a study from the University of California, Berkeley. For example: If you grew your team’s profits by 10 percent in an industry that averages just 2 to 3 percent growth, don’t assume the interviewer will figure that out. Instead, point out that you “tripled the average growth rate”, the research suggests. On the other hand, if you achieved 30 percent growth in an industry that averages 50 to 60 percent improvement, leave out the context. “Play up the interpretation that shows you in the most favorable terms,” advises study coauthor Samuel Swift, Ph.D.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

24 with 12

I've been writing this blog 7 years. I think one of the first things I said before I started writing. I told myself "you're a cool dude but people aren't gonna want to read about your's not that interesting."

That said...I want to give you a small glimpse of what a day in the life of ole 12kyle is like...


7:15 am - The alarm clock goes off and I'm up. I've never been one to "sleep in". We weren't allowed to just lay around as kids. You had to get up and do something. Nevertheless, on this wife is out of town so it's just me and the kids.

7:32 am - Skyler (age 3) runs in my room and jumps on my head. "Daaaadyyyyy!!! I want some pancakes. The princess gets what she wants.

7:36 am - Brandon (age 8) walks in the room. He wants to know if he can watch SportsCenter.

8:01 am - After a quick shower, I get dressed and make my way downstairs. I walk down the hallway and wake up the "big kids"...Deion (15), Kameron (12).

8:25 am - I crank up Pandora on my iPhone to so that I can listen to music while I cook.

8:30 am - Brandon asked "Dad, did you watch SportsCenter on Saturday mornings when you were my age?" No son...we had REAL cartoons back then...

8:47 am - Breakfast is served...pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs

9:12 am - Skyler needs to get dressed. This is always interesting because she's at the point now where she may say "I don't want to wear that" Huh?

9:18 am - Incoming phone call. Face Time with my Mom. I think FaceTime might be the best thing since sliced bread. My mom, who lives in South Carolina, gets to actually see the kids. We use FaceTime 4 or 5 times a week. Once you get older and have kids, your parents don't wanna talk to you...just the kids. LOL

9:39 am - "Clean your rooms!!!" I'm yelling this to the boys. It's too early to be yelling...

9:46 am - Skyler's hair is done...from the previous day. But I see some hair sticking up. I think I can fix it. But she won't let me touch her hair. I don't know how to do hair. Maybe she knows that. She won't let me try to fix it

10:15 am - The doorbell rings. I wasn't expecting anybody. I look out the window and it's the Jehovah Witness crew. Damn!

10:17 am - I give out the instructions to clean up. We've got to sweep and vacuum the floors. I don't mind these chores

10:25 am - While the boys are doing that, I start to wash clothes. I hate washing and folding clothes

11:11 am - Brandon and Skyler are playing football in the living room. I'm amazed at how rough she is. I guess it's like that when you're the only girl.

11:45 am - Incoming phone call. It's my boy Melvin (aka Melly Mel). He's one of my boys that I played football with at South Carolina State University. We talk once every two weeks. The last time we spoke, I told him that I was eating and I'd call him back. So, when I answer the phone...he says "Hey still eating?" LOL. That's how we are. We're always clowning. He is one of my favorite teammates.

12:15 pm - Skyler has to eat lunch then take a nap. Unlike most kids, she doesn't make a fuss when it's nap time.

12:35 pm - The boys all eat pizza for lunch. I skip lunch. Not sure why but I wasn't hungry

12:40 pm - Deion and Kameron make an attempt to explain to me who the Migos are. No thanks...I'll pass

1:22 pm - They go outside to toss the football around in the back yard. I watch from the deck. It's good watching them play together. most brothers...they are teasing each other.

1:47 pm - I find a game on tv. I check in and browse twitter and Facebook

1:52 pm - The twitter timeline is buzzing about something crazy on tv. I pass on tweeting about it. Most of the time, I tweet my thoughts and stay in my mentions. It's more enjoyable that way. Facebook is hit or miss. Some days it's good. Other question who these "friends" are.

2:12 pm - I forgot about the clothes that were in the dryer

2:15 pm - Incoming phone call. It's the homie, JFresh. 

2:45 pm - I'm hungry but I'm totally confused about what I want to eat. I hate when that happens

3:22 pm - Reading tweets about the pending divorce for Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon. Somebody said they couldn't figure out their favorite song by Mariah. For me...that's easy. We Belong Together. That's my joint!

3:35 pm - Skyler is up from her nap. She runs downstairs and asks for some cookies. I shouldn't give them to her...but I do. 

3:37 pm - Clothes still not folded. I forgot about them

3:52 pm - The boys head to the back yard to play football.

4:01 pm - An episode of The Chappelle Show is on tv. It's the Rick James episode. My favorite episode of Chapelle Show. Hands down. I always watch it and laugh as if I've never seen it. RIP  Rick James

4:45 pm - For some strange reason, my eyelids are getting heavy. Not sure why...

5:45 pm - That was a great nap. The boys are back in the house and are playing video games. Skyler is watching Dora the Explorer.

6:15 pm - Deion challenges me to play against him in a game of John Madden football. This is a trap. He's been playing and has gotten better. As for me, I'm a Madden champion. I was a monster in college. But I hardly play now. Playing Madden is like riding a bike...once you never forget. So...against my better judgement...I settle in on the couch to play him.

7:00 pm - I win by a field goal 24-21. The kid is good. Not better than me but good enough to beat me. Rule #7979 as a parent...never let your kids beat you in ANYTHING. Once they can beat you, stop playing! LOL

7:15 pm - I'm not cooking so I ask the kids where they want to eat and they yell McDonalds. I don't want no stinkin McDonald's so I convince them to pick somewhere else. We decide to grab some Chinese food and bring it home.

8:25 pm - Bath then bed for Skyler.

8:57 pm - While the boys are watching tv, I sit down the computer with the hopes of writing something for the blog. I write when I feel I have something to say. If I don't have anything to say, I don't write. You can't force creativity. I have plans to write a poem about a woman who fell in love with the perfect guy.

9:02 pm - My 3rd grade teacher always told me that the first two lines of any story are the most important. That's always stuck with me.

9:07 pm - 1st two lines are done

9:10 pm - The boys are in the living room arguing about what to watch on tv. I walk in the room...grab the remote...and turn the tv off. Nothing to argue about now

9:15 pm - Group messages from the fellas. The conversation comes up about _____ who went to high school with us. I'm laughing so hard. Tears

9:54 pm - Another win for the Atlanta Hawks. We're looking good

10:02 pm - Wait...let me fold up these clothes

10:33 pm - I tell the boys to jump in the shower then go to bed. Gotta get up early for church tomorrow. 9:30 am

10:36 pm - Skyler's hair is fine. I won't have to do it for church tomorrow. This is good because I can't do hair. I never learned. At some point...I will. Right now, she won't even let me TOUCH her hair. If I ask her if I can do her hair, she'll say no.

10:50 pm - I sit back down at the computer. All I have is 2 sentences. Damn!

11:05 pm - dozing off at the computer

11:10 pm - gotta shower and hit the sack. Tomorrow is a new day. Another day to be better

See...told you my life is boring.


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

5 Ways Your Phone Will Get You Dumped

Once again...the good folks from Men's Health magazine has enlightened us. I found this article the other day and it left me puzzled. I'm all for texting. I like texting. Should it be a HUGE part of your relationship??? I don't think so. I'm still in favor of picking up a phone or talking face to face. I'd much rather be on the phone with you for hours...but that's just me. Read this and let me know what you think. 

Spending too much time on your iPhone can damage more than your data cap. That’s because while you’re plugged in, she’s tuning out. A growing body of research indicates that your cell phone habits could be sinking your relationship.

When people text, they miss the immediate impact they have on others, causing communication to become messier and easier to misunderstand, says Lori Cluff Schade, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist at Brigham Young University.

If you’re guilty of these glitches, re-up your game with tips to keep your relationship from going under.  

1. You Don’t Text Her Enough…

In a 2011 study from the University of Hartford, the people who had the most tension in their relationships were those who were pissed at their partners for not calling or texting enough.

“Technology is a means of testing the relationship,” says study author Robert Duran, Ph.D. “How quickly you respond is often of barometer of how interested you are.”

Fix it: The goal is to maintain independence without disappearing from each other’s radar. A lack of response can easily translate to a lack of interest, or leave you both fearing infidelity.

But researchers also reported that establishing rules for cell phone use actually elevated tension between couples. So go about it casually: If you’re about to walk away from your cell phone, send a quick message that you’re “at the gym” or “driving.” Clue each other in on the best times, or ways, to be reached. This can leave you both with less time to worry about what you don’t know.

2. Or You’re Texting Too Much

A recent study from Brigham Young University found that the more a guy texted, the less happy he and his significant other were in their relationship. “When women are texting more, they are simply using it as an additional way to connect in a happy relationship, says Schade. But when guys get text-happy, she says, “it could be a sign they’re avoiding more interpersonal forms of communication.”

Fix it: Strike a balance of back-and-forth communication—wait for her to respond before firing off multiple messages.

The same BYU study also found that couples who expressed affection via text enhanced their relationship quality. But don’t take that as license to smother her with heart emojis: Instead, text her with more depth. Something like “I just heard a song that reminded me of you,” can compliment her and start a two-way conversation.

3. You and Your Phone Have a Very Special Relationship

No one wants to be the third wheel with you and your phone. A study published in the journal Psychology of Popular Media Culture noted that ‘technoference’—interruptions from computers, cell phones, and television—all negatively affected a couple’s happiness.

“Allowing technology to interfere with or interrupt conversations, activities, and time with your significant other—even when unintentional or for brief moments—could be sending an unwanted signal to your partner about what you value most,” says study author Brandon McDaniel, Ph.D.(c).

Fix it: It’s not totally your phone’s fault. People with impulsive and easily distracted personalities tend to have a harder time tuning out technology.

Try turning off all your devices on a date, or during a meal, and focus on one-on-one conversation instead, says study coauthor Sarah Coyne, Ph.D.

What’s more, keeping your phones out of eyesight and earshot can help you connect on a more intimate level, research from the University of Essex suggests.

4. You Sext More Than You Text

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, an unsolicited sext could say way too much, too soon. According to a recent report from Indiana University, about 50 percent of men and women sext, even when they don’t want to.

Their reluctance comes from very different reasons—women tend to reciprocate sexts as a means to revive a relationship and appease their partner, while men sext partners simply because they felt expected or obligated to.

The status of a relationship is a critical factor for why women respond to a sext, says study author Michelle Drouin, M.D. “Women who feared losing their partner were more likely to do so, but even women in healthy relationships would sext to avoid an argument.”

Fix it: If your conversations aren’t leaving much to the imagination, there could be an underlying issue you’re both skating around. And be careful: Consenting to avoid an argument and sexual coercion could easily be blurred when one of you asks for explicit photos. Flirtation is fine, but make sure you’re incorporating conversational foreplay as well so you’re both clear on what you want out of the relationship.

“Let your own relationship and sexual boundaries help you figure out when it is appropriate to send such musings,” says Drouin. “Respect your partner’s boundaries and don’t push the issue.”

5. You Attempt to Discuss Serious Stuff

Don’t mistake your phone for a shield. The Brigham Young University study also notes that when men used technology to bring up potentially hurtful topics with their partner, both experienced dissatisfaction in the relationship. Certain topics don’t translate well through texts or social media, so bringing them up in these settings can often make the face-to-face conversation even worse later on.

Fix it: Treat texting like a cocktail party chat—mild-manner drunkenness is fine as long as you check political debates and religious musings at the door. “The more emotionally laden a topic is, the less successful a texting conversation will be,” says Schade.

If you start to broach a topic that can’t be discussed in 3 to 4 texts, call or meet to resolve it, she says.

Friday, February 6, 2015

off tha dome

random thoughts...

have you ever listened to a Michael Jackson song...then it hit you...he's dead. I just had a moment

why don't we see more professional athletes with agents who are women?

I think there has been a movement to bring back the "extra long eyelashes" look. I wish it'd leave. It doesn't look good

remember when movies like Above the Rim and New Jack City came out and they had dope soundtracks. I miss the days of movie soundtracks

to the the the the right...

Brian Williams said he "mis-remembered" about being in an aircraft that was shot at...but it wasn't. I'd like to think if you've ever been shot'd DEFINITELY remember it.

can we move Black History Month to July? I think it's a better fit

let me see you TOOTSIE ROLL

the decision to throw the ball from the one yard in the Super Bowl by coach Pete Carroll far...the dumbest decision I've ever seen

guess who dropped their phone down the steps at their house after the Super Bowl...

if your friend is going through a struggle...and it doesn't bother you to see them struggle...then you're probably not their friend.

this measles outbreak is crazy.

"silence is golden but duct tape is silver."

I spend a lot of time watching The Food Network

speaking of tv, I've DVR'd every episode of Empire. I just can't bring myself to watch it

my girlfriend is gone :(

my favorite snack is popcorn. i could eat popcorn for dinner if you let me.

speaking of snacks, i've never been a fan of Twizzlers but I have a friend who LOVES them. I'm not gonna call her out because I know she's reading this. LOL. But I wonder when is the last time she's had a bag.

do you think lab rats get upset about being tested on?

The Atlanta favorite basketball team...are one of the best teams in the NBA and they have a shot at winning the NBA title. Let that marinate for a second...

Skyler's been talking about dogs ever since she played with my boy Zell's dog. I ain't getting a dog

i was reminded the other day of when I was in college and I was introduced to this thing called electronic mail. Scared the hell out of me.

I wrote letters in college. No such thing as cell phones, emails, or making long distance phone calls. You'd better pick up a pen and a pad

Mitt Romney announced he's not running for president. I am very, very, very sad about that

creativity should never be forced

LADIES...a dope set of earrings can really compliment your facial features

FELLAS...every man should have a nice watch that compliments your clothes

Is there a better late show host than Jimmy Fallon??

check me out on Dead End Sports (Tuesday nights from 9p-11p est) and the 12 Radio Show (Wednesday nights 9p-11p)

i'm giving Brian Williams a pass. I'm a fan

the NFL season is over and NFL players are about to start getting in trouble in 5...4...3...2...1

remember that snot nosed kid who sat beside you in 3rd grade? what happened to them?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dead End Hip Hop on the 12 Radio Show

Check out the 12 RADIO SHOW. The 12 RADIO SHOW is the most innovative and interactive show on Blog Talk Radio. Tune in tonight at 9pm EST as the host, 12kyle, informs and entertains! Don't just listen to the a part of the show and participate in the interactive chat room...or call in to speak with 12kyle and his co-hosts.

TOPIC - Kickin it with Dead End Hip Hop 

On this week's show, we'll be joined by the new voice in hip hop...Dead End Hip Hop. This crew of 5 has been on fire for the past 4 yrs!! They are back on the 12 Radio Show to premiere their new mixtape...The Joint. They will talk about the new mixtape, hip hop artists, hip hop from 2014, and much more!!! They will also be taking your calls live on the air from 9pm-11pm EST. Join the Dead End Hip Hop crew...Modest Media, Feefo, Beezy, Myke C Town, and Kinge with the host 12kyle. You don't want to miss this show!

WATCH and SUBSRIBE to their youtube just as more that 75,000 people have.

You can listen online ( or via phone (347)215-7162. Press #1 if you want to speak to the host. You can also send tweets if you want to have your questions answered or comments to @12kyle

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