Monday, December 31, 2012

liner notes

Long before people had their music downloaded digitally, they had the music compressed onto a thing called a compact disc.

The compact disc was usually packaged with some information about the music that you had purchased.

I was always interested in reading the liner notes inside the packaging.

The liner notes gave you the general information about the music. You could also find out who wrote and produced the music. I was mostly interested in reading the liner notes where the artist gave their "thank you's" or "shoutouts". It let you know who they were down with and it also gave the people that they named some props. Sometimes if you read the liner notes and somebody's name DIDN'T appear in the could only assume that they were no longer down with that person. (long before the innanet)

The thought of liner notes gave me the idea to come up with my own...*imagine you've just opened up a cd from me...LOL*

Sorry for anybody who I forgot but my PR people gave me a short period of time to come up with this list.

THANK family, wife, and kids...All of my love! I do what I do for you. My parents - you are simply the best and I hope to be half as good as a parent as you both were for me. My brother & sister - Love you both. Continue to shoot for greatness. Blaze your own trail. My cousins - we are brothers and sisters...not cousins. I love you all. Let's keep the family tight and raise all of our kids together just like we were. My aunts and uncles - Your love and guidance has made me grow into the man that I am. Florence, SC - thank you for allowing me to grow. You will always be home! Wilson High - Is there a better high school? Of course not. Thank you for the support and love. Shoutout to the Class of ' 91. I got nothing but love for you. Orangeburg, SC - the hottest place in the world in the summer time. Haa. My second home. You will always be home! South Carolina State University - The best 5 1/2 years of my life! Period. I bleed Garnet & Blue. It was an honor to play football there. Bulldog for Life! Atlanta, Ga - I can't imagine living anywhere else. I didn't know anybody here when I got here. I am thankful for it all.

Special Shoutouts...The Oceans Crew - World's Most Dangerous Crew. You know how it goes. Crew love, everybody on Norwood Lane & Spaulding Heights, JFresh, Shaft, Jimmell, Fred, JayH3, Dluvhall, Zeek, Zo, Ryan, RC, TQ, Denise, TuTu, Nyesha, Joey, Erv, Marie, all of my teammates at Wilson High (i can't name all of you but you know who you are! LOL)...Coach Wells (RIP) I still hear you, Coach..."Time waits for no man. You must have a respect for time" ....Everybody at SC State University, all of my classmates, professors, and all proud alumni (RIP Alan Robinson). Most importantly, love and respect to all of my teammates who wore that Garnet and Blue. Thanks to those who played before us and those who carried on the tradition after we left...Bulldog teammates and partners in crime...Moe, Russ, Clark, Big Mel, Pizzo, Big Shot, Naylon, Q, Bruce, Hemby, Early, Tez, Spann, Bush, Frankie Sanders, Barr, Shorty, Trez, and everybody from that Class of ' 91. Shoutout to the old heads who paved the way...Zeus (RIP), Big Larry, Carnell, Big Rodney, Colson, Faulk, Joe, Top, Quincy, Houston, Big Ty, Greer...the crew...Juan, Steve, TurkNice, DG, Mal, Toine, Zae,  Shawn, Dia, Avis, Tan, Wilson, Scmoove Capone, Larry, Boogie, Rich, Shaun, AL B, Naz T, Brad, RobMa$e, Hov, Nicole, Sean I, Crystal, Will, Kimmie, ERob, Charles, DK, Hakeem, Kim, Sherry, and B. My favorite spots in Orangeburg...Foxy 44, Club Ritz, The Silver Spur, Fairgrounds, Dukes Gym, SHM, Bethea Hall, Mitchell Hall, all of the female dorms on campus (haaa). And last but not least...Kick Booty ; ATL spots...Club Esso, The Underground, Kaya, Shark Bar, Visions, DragonFly, Whiskey Peach, Northview High (best Sunday hoops in the city), Atlantic Station, Lenox Mall, the old Buckhead, Strokers, Magic City, Club Nikki, Gentleman's Club, Kamal's 21 (we still gotta go, you owe me!), Los' crib, GA Dome, Phillips Arena, Peachtree Street, Piedmont, Candler Road, Panola Rd, Earwax, Electric Fetus...Much love the kids who I coach and the coaching staff at Central blogger crew - thank you! we all share a bond. Long before Twitter and Facebook...there was Blogger. LOL. Much love to you all. Special shoutout to those of you who read this blog but NEVER comment. It's all good. Thanks for reading...12 Radio Show - it would never exist if I never had this blog. Thanks to all who have co-hosted and those that listen. Shoutout to all of my peeps on twitter and facebook! Major shoutout to my homegirl LRenee who gave me the idea of starting a blog. You helped create the 12 Brand. I owe you five dollaz. Haaaa.

My PR guy is really rushing me to finish this list.

Thank you for WATER AND AIR!!! I need it to survive. Thank you. I love water and air.

Last but not least...Thank you God. I am who I am because I am your creation. I'm thankful each day for the opportunity at life to be a little better than I was the day before. Grateful. Blessed. Eternally

12kyle aka Kyle aka KD aka Kid Chocolate aka KDot aka Randy Floss aka Lunchmeat Mumford aka Rollo Lawson

if I forgot anybody...charge it to my head and not to my heart. Peace

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


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Thursday, December 13, 2012

you're better off...

The 2012 election has come and gone.

The dust has settled

President Obama has defeated Mitt Romney.

What's next?

As we move forward into President Obama's second term, I can't help but look back at the election and the past four years. Back in 2008, I voted for CHANGE and President Obama. In 2012, I voted for him again. I think he is the best man for the job. Not only did I think so, but so did most of this country.

During the campaign, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan began to ask the American people..."It's been four years. Are you better off now than you were four years ago?"

Wow. That's a loaded question. Most people are gonna vote based on their party or their circumstances or both. While it was a clever question, it wasn't a smart one to ask people.

When I look at where I was 4 yrs ago, all I can do is smile. Back in 2007, I left my job (voluntarily) at a major bank as a mortgage underwriter. I had been underwriting for years but the game was changing. The days of having rules and following protocol were gone. It was all about doing what you had to do to get MORE money. The mortgage industry was the Wild, Wild, West. Subprime loans were as common as liquor stores in the hood. I grew tired of my authority as a senior underwriter being undermined by managers and VPs who were after a fast buck. As 2008 rolled around, I found myself leaving the mortgage industry and making an attempt to use my marketing degree by taking a sales job. I left the comfort of a nice office job to something that I wasn't sure that I wanted to do. But I did it. I hated it too.

President Obama entered the White House in January 2008. A month into his administration, he set forth several programs that would encourage people to refinance their homes. These programs increased the demand for underwriters. Without hesitation, I got back into the game...a month after Obama was in office. Looking back on it now, I can only thank President Obama thanks for doing what he did. The mortgage business is 10 times better than what was. Things are getting better. Will it ever be what it was? I'm not sure. Foreclosures and low values aren't going anywhere. Interest rates are low. But that doesn't matter if credit isn't "opened" to most people. Credit has to flow in order for it to work. Today, I am an underwriter for a global firm and I primarily approve/deny loans for people who have perfect credit scores and 1M in liquid assets. But what about the little man who has a credit blemish or 2 on his credit report? Doesn't he deserve to refinance his house or purchase one? Of course. President Obama should be praised for cleaning up the mess that was left behind by Bush. However, he needs to find a better strategic team to help stop some of the bleeding right now. Call me...I have a strategy. LoL

So...that goes back to the question that Romney/Ryan asked..."4 years later...are you better off?"

Of course I am.

And so are you. Regardless if you voted for him or not.

Sunday, December 9, 2012


And so it is here...another year.

But this year is different.

This year I slide into 40! Today! And it feels good.

I had to take a moment to reflect and express my thanks. It's amazing to know that I've been around for 40 yrs. That's not old...that's a blessing. The great part is that I know I've got 75 more years left.

Thank you for all the well wishes. I really do appreciate them all. Thanks to everybody who came and partied with me this weekend! It means alot to see my family and friends travel from near and far just to spend time with me. Thanks to those who wanted to be here but couldn't.

Growing up, I never felt comfortable with people making a fuss over my birthday. Not sure why. As I've gotten older, I've accepted it. Lol. And I am grateful

One Love

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


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