Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

what's on the box?

I'm a big NBA fan.

And as many of you know, the NBA season is in jeopardy.

So...with no NBA to keep me occupied when there's no football on, I have to find other things on TV when there's no football on. I've realized that despite the fact that DirecTV provides me 800 channels, I only watch 10 channels. I have a few options with my TV programming...

I could...

1. Watch reality TV - I could catch up with those lovely "women" from the Atlanta Housewives. You know...see who NeNe is cussin' out or see who's sleeping with who. Maybe I could watch the Basketball Wives? If I did, maybe I'd figure out why Doug Christie married that psycho 17 times? Who gets married 17 times? Or maybe I could check out the hip hop wives show...where they are called wives but are really baby mommas. Seriously...I've never spent a minute watching any of this stuff. I only know of it through conversations at work and Twitter. I will...shamefully admit to watching Flavor of Love (season 1) & the Salt N Pepa Show (loved that joint)...but that's it

2. Watch movies I've never seen before - hmmm...where should I start...Casino, any of the Mission Impossible movies, Ironman, the Matrix Trilogy. Or maybe The Color Purple, Pulp Fiction, The Godfather, (Soul Plane <---definitely won't be watching that). As you can see, there's quite a few that I haven't seen so I've got some catching up to do.

3. Break out the XBox 360 - Who wanna see me in Madden??? It's been a minute since I've played my 360. It's been about 3 yrs. But I know...I mean I think...I'm still nice on the sticks

4. Watch CSPAN - you can NEVER get enough of CSPN

5. Watch Animal Planet - it's always fun to see a tiger bring down a zebra in the jungle

Who am I kidding? Pass me the remote so that I can find Martin, Good Times, and Sanford & Son

Monday, November 21, 2011

hey coach

It came and went.

*snaps fingers* Just like that.

The football season for my team came and went just like that.

As many of you know, I coach my son, Kameron's 8 and under youth football team. I've coached them for the past 4 yrs. We finished this season with a 7-3 record. We lost in the semi-final round of the playoffs. As I reflect on the season that we had, I can only smile. We've been working with the kids since mid MAY. I am extremely proud of the kids. They worked hard and did EVERYTHING that we asked them to do.

Coaching these kids have been very rewarding to me on a personal level. As I told the parents after the last game, it's all about watching the kids get better and developing as young men ON and OFF the field. I've watched the kids get better each week. I've watched their personalities come to life. While it's not always easy to keep the attention of 7 & 8 yr old, I coached a great bunch of kids. Our season started in the sweltering heat of May as we did conditioning and agility drills. Then our practices started in July. Unfortunately, the season ended on a brisk November afternoon. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every minute of it. Not only do I get a chance to coach the game that I love, but I also get a chance to help mold young men. I also enjoyed watching Kameron develop as a player. He started on offense at tight end and on defense at cornerback. It's been interesting to see him develop his confidence on the field.

As a coaching staff, we made sure that the kids perform well at school as well. If a kid gets out of line at school or at home, they were disciplined at practice. They hated it but they know that we don't play. Each kid had to regularly bring their report cards to practice. We wanted to monitor their progress in school. Sometimes we would randomly show up at their schools just to make sure they were "in line". We were hard on them...but they all delivered. Now we are faced with an off season. It feels strange not to go to practice after work. It feels even stranger to wake up on a Saturday and not have a game or practice. We've been doing this since July so I'm definitely missing the game and the kids.

There's always next year

*team chant before/after practices and games*

All we got
All the time
All out
All game
All season
Blood, Sweat, Tears
Yours not ours
In God we Trust
Defeat all others

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

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if you ever drove a Big Wheel

if you ever made food with an Easy Bake Oven

if you ever spent your Saturday mornings watching cartoons

if you ever remember when there were only 3 channels on don't wanna miss this show!!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i was dreamin' when i wrote this, forgive me if i go to fast...

the next time you're in a crowded elevator...just start beat boxing and watch what happens.

ever notice how people will damn near run you off the road on their way to they hurry to a job that they hate?

cheap hand sanitizers will make your hands ashy

who shot Gaddafi...the Bloods or the Crips?

the older that I get...I've become less and less a fan of Halloween

kim kardashian and kris humphries are getting a divorce after being married less than 90 days. guess he found out that the video tape doesn't lie

have we ever seen the rapper Jay Electronica

and the NBA player Mickel Pietrus in the same place???

gonna be a long offseason for Ron Washington and the Texas Rangers

Prez O has managed to drop Bin Laden, Sadam Hussein, and Gaddafi and people said he was "weak" on foreign affairs

speaking of polytricks, that dude Herman Cain is a joke. he's the real Uncle Ruckus

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

you feel that chill in the air? gotta love it

have you ever heard about a celebrity dying and the first thing that you say is..."damn, i thought they were already dead."

had a ball at my high school homecoming 2 wks ago. it gets bigger and better each year. shoutout to my class...the Class of '91

follow me on twitter won't be disappointed TRUST me!

i think Rick Ross needs to get healthy before he gets back into the studio

please get your cuzzin

in no particular...some of my fav beat makers...JDilla, Preemo, 9th Wonder, Pete Rock, The Bomb Squad, Swizz Beats & Mannie Fresh

sometimes the best dinner is a bowl of cereal appreciate you in a nice skirt and pumps. keep it classy

fellas...women don't like dudes with ashy hands. make sure that you lotion your hands...especially the area between your index finger and thumb

"Follow your heart, but be quiet for a while first. Ask questions, then feel the answer. Learn to trust your heart." - C. Petersen

ladies...if you're over 30 and can't cook...take lessons, yo.

fellas...children don't ask to come into this world. they don't come with instructions either. take care of your responsibilities

ladies...never be afraid to love

fellas...never be afraid to love

"Insecurity is the cancer of a relationship that can only be cured by the radiation of trust."- Kevin Arrington

i've been craving thai food lately

i'm da champ! who want some of me????