Monday, October 26, 2015

off tha dome

random thoughts...

who is President Obama's barber? I mean...the prez always has a fresh cut. you can't have a busted head when you're the leader of the free world. I would imagine he gets his haircut every other day

cheap hand sanitizer will make your hands ashy

have you ever noticed that the Tambourine lady at your church is almost NEVER on beat...but nobody says anything to her about it

my girlfriend is back!

i'm not sure how people drink coffee past 10am

Groove Theory was so dope. They should come back with another album

it ain't about what you're's about what you can negotiate

major props to Viola Davis for winning an Emmy. I'll be honest, prior to watching her on How To Get Away With Murder (one of my favorite tv shows), I had never heard of her. But I love watching her. Incredibly talented and beautiful.

I've never had a weak shoe game...never

not sure how I feel about McDonald's serving breakfast all day...

why do people get in the "10 Items or Less" line at the grocery store...with 20 items in their cart?

i had to remind my sons that these silly dances that they do will mean they will be the generation of boys who don't know how to dance with girls...

ever notice how when you're in a store and you NEED help finding something...there's never anybody around

there will NEVER be somebody this cool in the White House. Never!

the best hour on tv? The Blacklist.

i've been successful at almost everything i've tried in my life...except growing a beard. but after a month and a's looking good

when you're waiting at a traffic light, there's always somebody who you have to blow your horn at...because they are looking at their phone.

don't get it twisted...Rick Pitino knew his players were getting strippers and hookers

sometimes...i'm the dude that you have to blow your horn at while sitting at that traffic light

Sherice and I hit our 15 yr anniversary (Sept 23rd). that's pretty impressive...if i do say so myself.

there should really be a third day added to the weekend

a year ago, the prospective front runners for the Republican ticket were Chris Christy and Jeb Bush. let that marinate for a second

now the front runners are Donald Trump and Ben Carson. somewhere...Mitt Romney is pissed off. he could have beaten all of these clowns. lol

favorite pizza spot here in Atlanta...Felini's. if you're ever here...get yourself some

i updated my phone to the iOS 9.1...can't say I noticed any differences

saw a car with spinning rims on it the other day. i didn't know they still did that

Skyler just turned 4 a few weeks ago. and i'm beginning to realize how funny she is. she cracks me up each day. you know where she got her sense of humor from...

i need a piano

the NBA is back. i think LeBron and his crew wins the title this year. but i wouldn't bet against Steph Curry and the Warriors

the summer came and went...and i didn't make it to NYC. i'm not happy about that

i remember when i was in college, i would schedule my classes around the Young and the Restless. nowadays, you couldn't pay me to watch it.

it's jeans, hoodies, and Timbs weather

i couldn't find the remote control the other day to turn my tv on. so, i walked around for 10 mins looking for it. i didn't turn the tv on until i found it.

i'm making some major changes to the 12 Radio Show. stay tuned

all i need is a new album from the Roots and NaS and i'll be happy

my crew cracks me up every day. i really think they would still treat me the same if i won a 300M lottery tomorrow.

this is my 900th post. wow. i've had this blog since 2007. i'd be lying if i told you i thought i'd have it this long. but this is my baby. long before there was a 12 Radio Show. long before i was a host on Dead End Sports. long before some came to know me as 12kyle...there was the 12th Planet. this is my outlet. more people read now more than ever. i really don't care about that. i write for me. just glad and thankful that y'all read and rock to what i write. i appreciate the love.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

gays in church

It's rare for me to go downtown on Saturdays. There is always so much happening out in the 'burbs where I live during the fall that I don't get downtown as much as I used to. When I do, I enjoy downtown Atlanta because I think it's beautiful. I've been living here since ' 97 so this is my home. I love my city.

Yesterday, I had a chance to get downtown to run some errands. As I was sliding down Peachtree Street, I came to a red light. To my left, I noticed the North Avenue Presbyterian Church. I've seen the church thousands of times. You can't miss it because it sits on the corner and is 2 blocks down from the famous, Fox Theater.

What caught my eye wasn't the was the rainbow flags draped on the outside of the church. The sign in front of the church said "

I thought Gay Pride Weekend was Labor Day it is every year. But someone later told me that the Labor Day weekend was
BLACK Gay Pride Weekend. I didn't know there was a separate one...but I digress.

Nonetheless, when I saw the flags...I paused for a second. Then I said..."Interesting" out loud to myself while sitting alone in the car. I found it interesting because when you mention the word gay in church...people have a HUGE problem with it. Some "sanctified church folks" will tell you that the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) community has no business in the church because of their "sinful actions".

Welp. Aren't we all sinners? I thought the church was a place where you could "come as you are because all of God's kids are welcome." Maybe it's just me. If they aren't welcomed in church...where are they welcomed???

People have strong opinions about this. Who am I to tell you if they are right or wrong?

I find it all interesting. And it's definitely something to talk about...

Friday, October 9, 2015

PODCAST : 12 vs 27

True friendships are rare.

Friends that become brothers are even more rare

How did two young men meet in college on a football field and become brothers?

Two young men who grew up just 9 miles apart for more than 13 yrs but didn’t know each other until they met at South Carolina State University.

Listen to their story as they talk about various topics spanning from…attending South Carolina State, playing football, being a student athlete, music, college life, playing practical jokes on each other and various topics.

Be prepared to be entertained and be prepared to laugh as they share stories that will crack you up.

co-hosted by Moe

we present to you...

12 vs 27


Wednesday, October 7, 2015

12 vs 27 (show preview)

True friendships are rare.

Friends that become brothers are even more rare

How did two young men meet in college on a football field and become brothers? 

Two young men who grew up just 9 miles apart for more than 13 yrs but didn’t know each other until they met at South Carolina State University.

Listen to their story as they talk about various topics spanning from…attending South Carolina State, football, being a student athlete, music, life, and various topics. 

Be prepared to be entertained and be prepared to laugh as they share stories that will crack you up. 

Check out the 12 Radio Show tonight!!

9pm-11pm EST


Co-hosted by SloMoetion

Monday, October 5, 2015

how to get more done at WORK

here's another article that should help you dedicated workers LOL...

Ever have those workdays when you know by 10 a.m. that you won’t be making it home for dinner? Instead of resolving to work after hours, tap into these seven surprising secrets for boosting your productivity. 

1. Work for 52 Minutes, Break for 17

That’s the schedule that super-productive people follow, according to a study conducted by DeskTime, a time-tracking app that monitors your work efficiency. The app analyzed its top 10 percent most productive users and found that on average, they took 17-minute breaks throughout the day. 

That aligns with previous research touting the stress-busting benefits of breaks. One Australian study found that employees who took a short walk at lunchtime felt more enthusiastic and more relaxed in the afternoon than those who didn’t head outdoors.

But breaking every 17 minutes all day long isn’t exactly realistic—according to this formula, you’d be on a break for 2 full hours of your day. Consider saving this strategy for when you’re working on something particularly complicated or draining. 

Research from Singapore also shows that brief “cyberloafing”—i.e. watching funny YouTube videos—provides an instant recovery from the humdrum of day-to-day work, helping people stay productive for longer amounts of time. 

2. Drown Out Chatter with the Right Soundtrack 

When you need to churn out work on a tight deadline, the last thing you want to hear is your chatty cube mate shooting the bull. 

Putting in earbuds to drown him out seems like the obvious fix, but blasting your favorite tunes can actually be counterproductive. Research in Applied Cognitive Psychology found that listening to pop music with lyrics while performing memory and reading comprehension tests led to lower recall and poorer comprehension than doing the tasks in silence. 

But another study from the Acoustical Society of America found that listening to natural sounds, like flowing water, could boost your mood and productivity. 

3. Hide Your Phone 

Sure, you know that browsing Instagram probably won’t help your work performance. But research from the University of Southern Maine found that simply having your cell phone on your desk distracts you during complex tasks.

Is answering the occasional text really all that bad? Science says yes. In a study at Michigan State University, people who were interrupted from a task for just 2.8 seconds made twice as many mistakes when they returned to it—and a 4.2-second disruption led to three times as many flubs. 

4. Find Your Zone

There are certain times of the day where you’re totally in the zone, like after your morning cup of coffee, or maybe right after your lunchtime run. Keeping track of when you’re at your best and capitalizing on that time will help you knock out top to-do list items, says Kathryn McKinnon, Harvard Business School Executive Coach and author of Triple Your Time Today. 

“If you’re spending your most productive time of day doing email or other tasks that aren’t your true priorities, you won’t get your best work done,” says McKinnon. Save the important stuff for when your mind is sharp and your energy is high. 

5. Break Free from Email

One of McKinnon’s clients was drowning in emails and came to her for help. After assessing the guy’s workday, McKinnon found that he was spending an average of 4 hours a day just on email, and 60 percent of the messages weren’t related to his highest priorities. 

It’s 2015—there’s no getting around a digital inbox. But highly productive executives follow the 6-12-6 rule, says McKinnon: They scan their email early in the morning, (6 a.m.), again at lunch (12 p.m.) and at the end of the day (6 p.m.). 

If someone has a really pressing message for you, they’ll give you a call or swing by your office. Otherwise, all emails can wait. 

6. Get a Head Start on Tomorrow 

Prep tomorrow’s to-do list before you head home today, suggests productivity coach Cathy Sexton, founder of 

When you’re already in work mode, it’s only going to take you a few minutes to assess what you really need to get done first thing in the morning. So taking an extra 15 minutes at the end of the day to strategize might save you up to an hour tomorrow A.M., says Sexton. 

Keep your list organized by splitting it in two: Have a master list with tasks you can complete at a comfortable pace, and a must-do list with no more than three top priority items on it, Sexton suggests. 

7. Analyze Your Distractions

Just when you’re making progress on a tricky task, your coworker knocks on your office door. If daily distractions often throw off your workflow, consider the source, says Sexton.

Do an experiment: Every time you’re interrupted, jot down who it was and what it was about. You might find that it’s the same person always interrupting, or the same issue that repeatedly occurs.

In that case, you may be able to nip common problems in the bud before they become distractions, says Sexton. 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

PODCAST : hip hop...DEAD and ALIVE

Welcome to another addition of the 12 RADIO SHOW Podcast!!!

On this episode, we talk about various hip hop topics. This is an informative and introspective look at hip hop.

My co-host, Q the 6th Man, and I discuss a wide range of topics from...

How MCs from the Golden Era may feel about today's music and rappers...the Internet and it's influence on hip hop...the difference between rappers and artists...rap's authenticity...why did New York fall off and how did Atlanta take over hip hop...rap's influence of violence and rappers...and MUCH MORE!!!