Monday, April 30, 2012

we're getting a divorce

This will be the first and the last time that I address this personal issue...

But it is official...

We are gettin a divorce!

Am I mad? No. It's been a great run. We've had some great times. We've been together for years. I cannot...and will not say anything bad about her. We've spent countless hours together. And you just can't put a price tag on that.

To say that she meant a lot to me is an understatement.

If you ask ANY of my friends, they'll tell you that we were inseparable.

Remember when she held it down on the trip back from Destin, Florida?

Or remember how she hooked everything up at the WHS Homecoming a few years ago?

You'll never hear me bash her. I didn't want it to end. But don't all good things come to an end? Well...that's what they say. It's funny...I starting writing this blogpost about a month ago but I didn't think I'd ever publish it. Didn't think we'd go our separate ways. Some people would say bad things about her because they didn't want to see us together. But I wouldn't listen to them. Never thought we'd be HERE!

But we are...and it's sad. It wasn't 'sposed to end like this. So...where did we go wrong? When did we drift apart? I'm not even sure

Maybe it was the days when she would "reset" for no reason?

Maybe it was the days when I kept getting that "hourglass"? And that led me to having to do a battery pull

Maybe it was when she couldn't hold a charge? Then last Wednesday...I would "open" her up and the screen just went black. Well...that was the final straw. I had to divorce her that day!

I miss the BBMs and the emails and all of the great times. But I always said we'd be together until she could no longer do the stuff that I needed for her to do. And that day came last Wednesday.

And while I have moved on to the biggest TEAM in the world...I know that I could have never become the social media mogul without you.

Love you, BlackBerry

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

off tha dome

random thoughts...

so...I heard the Secret Service knows how to party! drinks and hookers...can't beat that

somebody should have told them that you can't go to another country and bug out

anybody seen Herman Cain lately?

trips to New York AND LA are on deck for this summer!

the older you get...the smarter your parents sounded.

if you're not watching Scandal on ABC on Thursday night''re missing out

some dudes gossip more than women

Bobby Petrino said his downfall (loss of job, 3 mil salary, and destruction of his marriage) started with a kiss to his mistress. DUHHHH.

my days on blackberry are numbered :('s ok to go to the spa and get a massage. manicures and pedicures...not ok.

ladies...just because a guy speaks to you doesn't mean he wants to holla at you

i took this picture at a gas station in my hometown, Florence, SC. i'm not sure WHO would return cigarettes and beer. are they used?

NBA playoffs are right around the corner. can't wait

one day we'll find out the truth...bottled water is REALLY tap water

it was 55 degrees today (Monday) but will be 85 degrees (Thursday) in Atlanta.

why was Mary J Blige singing for food in that Burger King commercial? should never be in the car with another dude and be blasting ANY slow music is NEVER acceptable to leave the house with a head scarf on. NEVER...

why was the dutchie passed on "the left hand side?"

and why were kids singing about passing the dutchie?

the four gray hairs on my mustache have doubled!! arrrgh

remember when MTV played videos?? I do more shades on in the club

ladies...if you're gonna wear opened toed shoes...your toes shouldn't touch the ground

do you have iTunes? if so, download, subscribe, and enjoy 12 Radio on iTunes. (search BTR 12kyle)

why do some people on Facebook talk in all CAPS?

speaking of social media...have you noticed how some people are on Facebook and Twitter. I've seen how some are very "tame" on Facebook but on Twitter...they are TOTALLY different and unfiltered. Well, there's a reason for that. On Facebook, you're "friends" with people who actually know you. On Twitter, you're "followed" by most people who don't know you. Some people can get on Twitter and say whatever they want but wouldn't dare say it on Facebook. Why...because they know people would call them on their bullshit. Be who you all times.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


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Dead End is a media company focused on providing coverage of hip-hop and conversations surrounding the culture. With over 8500 subscribers amassed in a little over a year, DEHH is growing at a phenomenal rate all while building a community of hip hop thinkers and activists.

Dead End Hip Hop Conversations is a weekly YouTube show that explores and discusses today’s hip-hop presence and its future – raw and uncut. New episodes are released every Wednesday
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Friday, April 13, 2012

spank me

"If you spare the rod, then you'll spoil the child."- Anonymous

This was an old saying that I heard when I was growing up.

There were no spared rods when ole 12kyle was a youngster. I got my share of spankings. But at a certain age (which I can't remember), the spankings stopped. I was having a conversation with my boys today. And one asked "when should he STOP spanking his child?" Apparently, the kid is at the age where spankings should no longer occur.

I think this varies from child to child. I spank my sons. My oldest son will be 13 in August. I don't spank him as much as I used to because he's getting too old. When he gets 13, it'll probably stop. My daughter WON'T be spanked by me simply because I don't want her to ever think it's ok for a man to hit her. My sons...on the other hand...get it and they know Daddy will swing the belt.

Here's my question to you...

1. How old were you when you STOPPED getting spankings?

2. At what age should you stop spanking your kid(s)?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

tips to please her

From Men's Health

14 foreplay and sex tips...

dudes and dudettes...let me know if this works

1. Try this great warmup
The precoital massage: As a warmup to the main event, start by massaging the length of her legs, from her upper thighs down to her ankles. Then focus on the feet, kneading her heels and all other points beneath. Then zero in on the toes and stretch them individually. Of course, if her impeccable hygiene encourages you to suck her toes, you'll have her in ecstasy.

2. Ask what turns her on
Come right out and ask what she likes during sex. "Most women appreciate men who want to make sure they're satisfied," says Barbara Bartlik, M.D., a professor of psychiatry at Cornell University. "If she notices you're working hard to please her, she'll be more likely to return the favor." And tell us: Is there a better place to develop your work ethic?

3. Boost your foreplay quotient
Improve the quality of foreplay and she'll never again bug you about the quantity. "If you act as if you're just going through the motions to get to the sex, she's going to notice, and it will take longer for her to get excited," says Michael Perry, Ph.D., a sex therapist in Encino, California. So do what you want to do. If you like how her calves feel, stroke them. If you like her butt, kiss it. "When a man is loving what he's doing, it's going to show through and turn her on, too," says Perry.

4. Go easy
Yes, the clitoris is the obvious place to focus your attention. Still, many men do wrong by it. "Direct stimulation of the clitoris can actually be painful," says Cathy Winks, author of The Good Vibrations Guide to the G-spot. "It's much better to rub the clitoral hood [where the tops of the labia meet] or to rub along the side of the clitoris than it is to go straight for the head of it." When playing with the clitoris during oral sex, Birch's advice is to "focus on the clitoris, then don't focus on the clitoris. The clitoris reacts best to being teased, so you want to lick it and suck on it a little, build a little tension, then back off on it a bit before going at it again."

5. Drive her wild with the 'figure 8' technique
The figure-8 tongue technique: When you're at her service down below, work the supersensitive area around her clitoris in a figure-8 pattern. Arouse her with gentle sucking until the little button swells, then carefully expose the area with your fingers. Use the slippery underside of your tongue to circle it to the left and then to the right. With the rougher top side of the tongue, flick from right to left and then up and down. Finally work up to figure 8s, alternating between your tongue's smooth underside and firmer tip. Constantly vary the degrees of pressure you use.

6. Expand your repertoire
Expand your repertoire of oral sex with this method: You lie perpendicular to her body, which allows you to stroke her clitoris with your tongue in a crosswise motion, rather than up and down. She'll appreciate the change in stimulation -- hopefully, enough to return the reward.

7. A Body Part You Shouldn't Neglect
Oft overlooked as mere roadblocks to the vagina, the labia are packed with nerve endings and are not to be ignored. Hold each one between your thumb and forefinger and massage it, working your way up and down. Or, using all of your fingers and your palm, "smoosh" the labia together, almost like you're (gently!) kneading dough.

8. Best position for hitting the G-spot
Most experts say that G-spot stimulation works best when you do it by hand, since it allows for more subtle manipulation. But that means less fun for you. To get at her G-spot during intercourse, enter her doggy-style from the rear. "It's the best angle for hitting the G-spot," says Cathy Winks, author of The Good Vibrations Guide to the G-spot. Keep your hands on her hips and pull her towards you each time you thrust forward.

9. Get down and give me the sexual push up
There's a reason girls swoon when they see a six pack. They know a man with strong abs is going to be great in the sack. Sexual push-ups are a great way to flex your abs for her: Assume the standard push-up position you'd use if you were working out. Then have your partner slide underneath you. This variation on the man-on-top position works extremely well for guys with flat stomachs, says sex expert Michael Perry, Ph.D. "You should have your arms down along her sides, and thrust with your shoulders as well as your abdominals," he says.

10. Try the 'X' position
Women like a guy with strong arms. Emphasize yours by using the "X" position. Sit facing your partner, legs apart. As you enter her, have her straddle your hips with her legs. Both you and your partner should then reach backward with your arms, placing them about shoulder width apart. Keep your arms straight, and lean back onto them, so that you arch your back and slightly raise your pelvis (together, your bodies will form the shape of an X). Once you're in position, lean back on your arms and rock your pelvis to create a strong, thrusting motion.

11. A trick for lasting longer
If you're worried about getting off too early, try become more aware of your pre-orgasmic sensations. Most men only recognize that last, no-turning-back feeling, that occurs just before ejaculation, says David Copeland, of the How to Succeed with Women website. By then it's too late to do anything about it. Try to become familiar with the two or three more subtle sensations that precede that one, so that you can slow down at the right time.

12. Kissing keeps her going
You're close, really close, but you're forgetting what got you here in the first place. "Women get their greatest erotic pleasure from frequent, passionate kissing," says Britton. "If you get the sense that she's starting to lose interest, kissing is always the best way to bring her back into it." Just remember that passionate kissing doesn't always mean frantically swabbing out her tonsils. Try to mix up your tongue play with the occasional closed-mouth kiss on her nose, eyes, and forehead.

13. Another good trick for lasting longer
To her, 14 minutes feels like "been there, done that." Time to be the man of the hour. Rock and roll. Before you get too close to the 14-minute mark, penetrate her as deeply as you can and then stop thrusting. Now press your pelvic bone against hers and start shifting up and down in a kind of rocking motion. "It won't be as stimulating for you, so you'll last longer, and it may be more stimulating for her," says Jed Kaminetsky, M.D., a professor of urology at New York University.

14. Reward her bravery
When she initiates the action, make an extra effort to please her sexually and to let her know how much you approve. Tell her you loved her initiation. Sometimes women wonder if you're going to perceive initiation as negative or if it might make you uncomfortable.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

it takes time

At the age of 18, I had the world figured out!

I knew it all

Or at least I thought I did.

I listened to my parents and did not stray far from their teachings. But in my mind...I was GROWN. It was time for me to live the life that I wanted to live. I was in college and I was ready to take the world by storm.

A funny thing happened between 18 and 22...I experienced life. I grew up even more than before. I still thought that I knew it all.

By 30, I had truly experienced so many things that I was in position to REALLY know it all.

As I slide toward my 40th birthday in December, I realize what I should have learned as a teen...what I should have learned at 18...I don't know it all. Life's experiences help mold us into who we are. Through those experiences we gain wisdom. I'm sure you thought you knew it all at one point in time. Just be glad that you got a chance to live long enough to learn more.

Monday, April 9, 2012

12 on 12

you've been reading this blog for a long time

you know me

maybe you do...maybe you don't

12 random things about 12kyle

1. I Can Speak Spanish - well...let me rephrase that...I understand Spanish when it's spoken slowly. I can speak it a little but I want to learn to speak it fluently

2. I Don't Sleep When I'm the Passenger in a Car or an Airplane - maybe it's a control thing but I will NOT go to sleep in a car or plane no matter how tired I am

3. I Don't Eat Watermelon - I am from the south and I am black and I hate watermelon. All jokes and stereotypes aside, I hate it. Don't come around me with it

4. I Have NEVER Seen the movie The Color Purple - Yes...I'm black. LOL. I've seen parts of it but just not all the way through. For the record, I've never seen Casino, The Godfather Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy, sue me. I'll watch day

5. I Can Sing - I can sing very well. I was in the chorus in elementary, middle, and high school. I was in the Honors Chorus while in high school for all four years. I made All-City chorus as well as All-State chorus. I can sing...but don't ask me to sing because I won't sing for you.

6. The One Place I've Always Wanted to Visit - the Soviet Union. This is on my bucket list. I've always been intrigued by this place. Not sure why

7. My First Love Wasn't a Girl - it was the pigskin

8. I'm Global but not Local - I watch the World News (NBC) every night but I almost never watch the local news. Not sure why I do this but I have very little in the local news

9. I Like to Lay and Eat - At least once a day I will have a meal on the floor. I like to lay flat on my stomach and eat food. I don't know if these practice is healthy for my digestive system but I've done it since high school. I do it but I won't let my kids do it.

10. Word Association - I have a tendency to associate words that I hear in conversation into prevalent rap lyrics. Most of the time it's mental but sometimes it comes out verbally. For example, one day when I was at work a co-worker said..."Hey Kyle, I have a question." And before she could ask the question, I recited the lyric from Eric B and Rakim's song "I Ain't No Joke"

"I gotta question. It's as serious as cancer. Who can keep the average dancer..."

11. I Hate Math - Ever since the 7th grade, math has been my enemy. Sometimes I wonder how I ended up in banking/mortgage industry as a career because of my hate for math. Luckily for me, at my job I just need to know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide. I can do that. Never understood why...

x + y = z

To me that's dumb

12. I Won't Shoot Again - When I was in the 10th grade, I fired a loaded gun...IN THE HOUSE!!! My cousin told me that the gun wasn't loaded when he handed it to me. He didn't tell me that there was a bullet in the chamber. Luckily, I didn't hurt him or myself or the rest of my family who were all asleep when it happened. I complicated matters by LYING to my mom about shooting the gun despite the gun smoke in the room and the hole in the wall. LOL. She wasn't buying it.