Thursday, April 29, 2010

6 things she needs

If a woman is looking for a man, there are some things she should look for.


There are things she should NEED her man to have...







Did you notice that I didn't mention anything about looks, money, status, etc. ?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

12 Radio

Tune in to tonight's show

My co-host will be the F It List

We'll be talking about MARRIAGE

Check it out

Show starts at 9pm EST/ 8pm CST/ 7 Mountain/ 6pm Pacific

Not sure what time the show starts in Samoa

Here's the link...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TV crush

I think I was like 4 or 5 the first time that I saw her...

She had afropuffs, blue jeans and some big shoes!

But she was fine

Her name was Thelma Evans. She appeared on the 70s sitcom "Good Times." She was the only the only daughter...middle child for James and Florida Evans. I remember being mezmerized when she came on the screen.

I'll never forget her.

She was my first TV crush!

Who was yours?

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Politic ditto...

I normally don't talk politics

But today I had to keep it real.

I voted for this man. I don't consider myself a Democrat nor a Republican. He is the President of the United States. The Leader of the Free World. I understand that those titles come with a great deal of pressure. He has a daunting task. He has to fix all that is broken. Can he? I dunno. He appears to be trying. I'll give him that. I know that no matter what he does he won't. He certainly has his detractors...

Tea Party (Tea Baggers)

I don't understand these people. I did my research on em. And they just sound like a bunch of pissed off people. Why are they pissed off? I dunno. I really don't. I understand that they don't like government's involvement in how we live. I get that. Everybody don't want big brother looking over our shoulder. But if you listen to these people talk, they seem to be misled. Do they think the Obama administration is gonna give all of the benefits to minorities? If you listen to some of them....that's how they sound. They are led by the Great Sarah Pale-lynn. I'd like to sit down and talk to them. One of the things that I'd ask is..."where were you on November 4th, 2008?" That's all I want to know. It's obvious that they didn't show up.

Militia groups

There has been a spark in these groups since Obama came in office. They are practicing for "warfare". REEEEEALLY??? War against your own government? Oooooookay! Free speech means that everybody can say what they want. But freedom of speech aint free. And when you plot to do bodily harm to this man, it's to be accepted? Nah. I didn't like Dumbya. I didn't vote for him either. But I never wanted to see him hurt. He was my President. Just like Bill Clinton was.

Tavis Smiley

Don't think I wasn't gonna talk about your ass, Tavis. ain't racial b/c you're black just like Prez O. I understand that no man, especially an elected official, is above criticism. I'm not gonna say that I've agreed with everything that Prez O has done since he's been in office. I can't say that I put you in the same category with Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reily, and that pill popper Rush Limbaugh. You're in a class by yourself. You are a hater! That's what you are. I don't know when the hate started. Was it when Obama beat Hilary? Tell the truth. Hilary had promised you a position in her administration. Because when he won the nomination, you turned the heat up BEFORE he won the election. Was it when he didn't come on your show? He told you that he couldn't make it and even offered to send Michelle in his place. You said no. The problem that I have with you is the problem that I have with people (black and white) who sat through 8 yrs of bs but wants Prez O to make miracles happen. If you listen to Tavis, you'd think that Barack stole Michelle from him!

Criticism is fair game. I understand that. If you're dissatisfied, you have the opportunity to change it. Don't run ya!

Monday, April 19, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Truth be told, we ALL suffer from sex addiction...we just don't go to rehab.

Celebs get caught out there and they go to sex rehab. No rehab for the "common people". Go figure

Sarah Pale-lynn writes in her hand? I did that before. It was to cheat on a science test in 10th grade

Freedom of speech aint free...betta watch what you say

My boy JFresh got pulled over for DWB in West Hollywood last week. He was in a Honda Prelude. Good thing he left the Bentley at home or he'd be in jail with all kinda murder charges on him

Earthquakes damn near every week. Wonder why?

Happy belated birthday Grandma. She's 89 years young. She made the man who made the man!
Treme on it

No more black shows on network tv just black faces sprinkled throughout. I see. Wow.

More reality tv shows where we can look like fools? Gimme more...gimme more!

Chili from TLC, Shaunie O'Neal, Tiny and Toya all have reality shows that people actually watch? Nah son. Y'all can watch. I'd rather watch Animal Planet

12 Radio is going well. Thanks for tuning in every Wednesday night.

Pollen sucks!

Riding in style...

50 Cent says he's gonna remove all of his tattoos. Why? Does he think that's gonna help him sell more records? Face're falling off

Memo to are simple. We like simple things. Don't try to change that

Memo to men...when a woman says "I don't have anything to say."...that means she has LOT of stuff to say!

I hate those chain emails that have been forwarded 10,000 times to the point where you scroll so long that you miss the message.

No mail = no bills...and that's a great thing!

I'd go back to college and live on campus right now if I could but I don't wanna do any work

Honed my skills right here...

I ALWAYS have my headsets on when I get seated on a plane. I will NOT allow you to talk me to death for the entire flight.

I slept on this Trey Songz cd. It's nice. Thanks for puttin me up on it

Have you ever seen Sade's hair any different from that slick back pony tail style?

Ben Roethlisberger...c'mon son! Why are you in a bathroom stall with a 20 year old chick? You've got a 100 million dollar contract and you're strong arming chicks for the P? If she says's rape

Father's day is right around the corner. I'd like a pair of white on white Air Force 1's for the summer. That is all. Who's gonna buy me a pair?

Note to those of you who read this blog...make sure that you check out these other blogs that are on this site. These are some dope writers and damn good people!

Y'all love how I used young Brandon to smooth it over with ya! LoL

Speaking of blogs, if you love the random stuff...allow me to introduce you to the king of boy e

Yankees are looking good! My Atlanta Hawks are in the playoffs. NFL Draft is this week! All is right with the world!

You are the only person who knows when YOU are gonna sneeze. Cover ya mouf!

I'm going to see The Foreign Exchange in Atl on May 21st! If you're in town, come to the don't wanna miss it.

I love red wine but I get tired of the bartenders who try to serve it to me in a "woman's glass." I aint Rupal, son. You can put mine in a beer mug!

Trust God. Period

I told one of my friends that I've never seen The Color Purple all the way through and she asked if I was crazy.

What ever happened to Sista Souljah?

"Never let being good prevent you from being great."- Anonymous

Gimme a steak, some Merlot, and good conversation and I'm straight!

I can stand dudes that gossip like women. I know I aint the only one?

Ever noticed that some of the finest women are some of the craziest women?

Speaking of fine...

Regina King...Regina King...Regina King

Friday, April 16, 2010


dear bloggers,

my daddy told me to tell y'all that he hasn't forgotten about you. he hasn't forgotten about the 12th Planet either. he's sorry that he hasn't been to your blog or blogging on his own blog. he said he's gonna do better. he say he's been busy. yeah rite. he also told me to tell y'all...

"between the blog happens."

i'm not sure what daddy means by it but take him for his words. he'll be back next week. he also said...


dont know what that means either.

anyway, lemme get back to this epispode of spongebob.


Brandon (age 3)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

12 radio

Tune into tonight's show...

Topic...HIP HOP

Gonna talk about the Top 5 Hip Hop Groups of all time, the state of hip hop, and the lack of female MCs

Show starts at 10pm EST, 9PM CST, 8PM Mountain, 7PM Pacific

Not sure what time the show starts in Saudi Arabia...

Here's the show's link...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

12 radio

Tune in to tonight's show.

You will be enlightened or pissed off

Or both

Topic...child mommaz/baby daddies

Show starts at 10pm EST, 9PM CST, 8PM Mountain, 7PM Pacific

Not sure what time the show starts in Greece...

Here's the show's link...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

off tha dome

random thoughts...

it's been a minute since i've gone off tha dome. wanna know why? twitter! it's twitter's fault. that place is soooo random

don't you hate when people invade your personal space??? 6 inches, son. back up!

women's basketball is hard on the eyes because the WOMEN aren't cute. yeah...i said it.

too bad they don't look like this...

i love TVOne...hate BET

puffy told y'all 10 yrs ago, he'd still be on top! hmm...i can't name 5 artists on bad boy right now

almost everybody endured snowstorms this past winter. be prepared for a long hot summer!

you can run from tornadoes and hurricanes, but when the earth shakes...ain't a damn thang that you can do!

speaking of earthquakes, i called my boy jfresh to check on him after sunday's earthquake in los angeles. he missed the earthquake...he was asleep. he was like "what earthquake?"

i'm done with sodas...just as soon as i finish this sprite that i'm sippin on.

i peeped stacey dash in the new beer commercial. she looks like THAT at 42? dayyyyyyyyyummmm!

do yourself a favor...GO to the CIAA tournament in charlotte next year. i've gone the past 2 years and i've had a ball! if you go and don't have fun, you're wack

ever wonder what happened to the booger kid in your elementary class? you know...that boy/girl who always had boogers in their nose or a snotty nose.

kobe is better than lebron...right now

to me, there's no better cereal...

they are coming out with an A-TEAM movie. i'll check it out!

speaking of movies, i'll pass on why did i get married too by tyler perry. the 1st one was ok. not a fan of tyler perry. no hate...just not a fan

healthcare bill has when is rush limbaugh gonna kick rocks

speaking of the bill, before you cheer or boo...understand how it works for YOU!

iPad? blahhhhhh

i hate when i have to STARE at a chick to figure out if she's a chick

here's my niece, Mackenzie. she steals my heart. and her shirt reads SPOILED ROTTEN BY MY UNCLE...nuff said

i love seeing people getting jacked up by airport security.

nfl draft, major league baseball, and the nba ready? i am

ollie do it....ollie do it...ollie do it! who is the hell is ollie? lmao!!!

why do women have to have new shoes for the summer?

i'll admit that i give my girl Reina a hard time about her pics. i usually say that they are ok...or wack. But these are nice. You're on your way, kiddo. You've made it to the 12th Planet. I can make you famous...haaaa!

make sure that you check out my show on wednesday night...gonna talk about child support/babymommas/babydaddys...1opm est

Thursday, April 1, 2010


She gets a glimpse of Shawn and she likes that.
He 2 ways her, so she writes back.
Smiley faces after all of her phrases.
Either she the one or I'm caught in the matrix

Jay Z (Excuse Me Miss)

Have ever met a man/woman who are into the new age technology?

I mean the technology of the new age relationship

Now, there’s a new online annoyance — the person who doesn’t want to meet but is all too happy to e-mail, text, tweet, IM, or scrawl on your Facebook wall indefinitely. They don’t want a real relationship as much as its virtual doppelganger.

Welcome to the world of the “elationship.”

Elationship's are all over the place. You might be in one and NOT even know it.

Have you dealt with a man/woman who wants to SOLEY communicate via everything else but the phone??

One woman described it as...

First he e-mails, then he begins texting all day. Then he’s guilting me out for not being available when he calls. Then I don’t hear from him for a week. Then he’s back and wants to know if there’s anything new in my personal life. Then he starts playing the hurt puppy and sending passive-aggressive texts. I finally texted him and said, ‘I think we’re having a miscommunication.’ ”

Makes a lotta sense don't it? LOL

Lemme know what you think about elationships!

Have you had one of these? Holla at me!