Friday, December 29, 2017

2017 Year in Review (pictures)

The Year in review (in pictures)


We brought in the new year in my hometown...Florence, SC to spend some time with my parents and then stopped to see my brother, Damon.

Me, Deion, and Kameron went to the Georgia Dome and got a chance to see the Falcons beat the Seahawks on their way to the Super Bowl


My uncle, Harry Carson, was recognized at the Super Bowl. This was a very proud moment for me and my family.

Skyler and I hit the Daughter/Father dance

My grandma, Opal, passed away in January. While I was sad to see her leave us, she was here for 95 years. We'd all be pretty lucky if we are around that long. One of the beautiful things about her leaving us was getting a chance to see my family...some of whom I had not seen since I was a kid. And some who I had only heard about. It was a truly a blessing.


Sherice got a year

Deion hit the prom with his girlfriend


Deion's cotillion was dope

Brandon, Skyler and Kameron enjoyed visiting my mom

Time flies...


Deion graduated from high school and made us extremely proud


I found some of my old videotapes and found one with Deion (age 4) and Kameron (almost 1). Seeing these tapes brought a smile to my face and great memories. I think somebody snuck some onions in the room at some point...

I found this picture of both my grandmothers. My maternal grandmother, Gladys (left), and my paternal grandmother, Opal (right). This is the only picture that I have of them together. Gladys passed away when I was 6. These were two of the sweetest women in the world. I hope I've made them proud. And yes...the lil guy in the picture is me.


The family vacation in Hilton Head

By the end of July, this little dude was off to college. Where did the time go? One minute he was on my shoulders...the next minute he's in college. I couldn't have been prouder.


The duo celebrated their birthdays on consecutive days. Kameron turned 15 on August 8th and Deion turned 18 on August 9th

Me at the Braves game with my office. It had to be 150,000 degrees that day.


Me, Brandon, and Kameron toured The Benz, the new billion dollar stadium for the Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United

Sherice and I celebrated 17 years of marriage

Princess Skyler turned 6


We got a chance to see Deion and his band play several times. That was a thrill for all of us


The kid was home from college for a week for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed having him here...even though we didn't see him that much. lol

Thanksgiving lunch with Skyler


We had 3 inches of snow on December 9th. I don't think I've ever seen it snow in December in the 20 years that I've been living in Atlanta

More importantly...on December 9th...this guy turned 45

Brandon turned 11 on December 10th and became the coolest 11 year old on the planet.

2017 was a great year. There were ups and downs. Ultimately, it was a great year for us all because we all got to see it. May 2018 be a year filled with blessings and prosperity for you and yours


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

off tha dome (hip hop edition)

off tha dome (random thoughts...the hip hop edition)

lyrics matter...always have...always will

PSA...never argue with people online about hip hop. save your breath

I've noticed how almost everybody refers to albums as "projects" instead of "albums". that sounds weird to me. maybe it's semantics...but an album ain't a project. projects...much like that science project that you did in the 8th something that you focus on for a brief period of time, then you move on. albums should stay with you for a long time. but hey...maybe that's just me

i hope Kendrick Lamar wins a lot of grammys but i won't be watching

it's been 30 years since Scott La Rock was murdered and i just found out 2 weeks ago that he was shot and killed by bullets that were meant for D-Nice. i never knew that

much to my surprise...i listened to 17 new hip hop albums this year. i think there was some good music released this year

if you are telling me about why a rapper or a song is good and the FIRST thing that mention is the beat...i'll tune you out

my favorite albums from 2017...

1) Lailah's Wisdom - Rapsody

2) DAMN - Kendrick Lamar

3) 4eva is a Mighty Long Time - Big Krit

4) Big Fish Theory - Vince Staples

5) All Amerikkkan Bada$$ - Joey Bada$$

we were trained to listen to the lyrics. if you listened to your favorite song with no would you enjoy it?

i know who the Migos are. i've heard one song from them...and that's enough for me

thank you, Black Thought

i'm disappointed in Russell Simmons. do i believe his accusers? honestly, yes

i love Tupac is he in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame before LL or Rakim?

i don't think we'll ever get a solo album from Andre 3000 or Black Thought

can Cardi B actually rap?

my favorite DJ...Jazzy Jeff...hands down

i hear that Pete Rock and DJ Premier will help produce the next De La Soul album. that would be dope

have you ever noticed how many times Donald Chump has been referenced in old hip hop songs?

for the record...for the 1st time ever...i didn't like De La Soul's last album

y'all loved Jay Z's 4:44 ; i liked it. that's it

Wu Tang is for the children

i've never seen The Roots perform live. that needs to change

Rapsody is sooooooooooo dope. i love her

Geechie Suade...still a dope hip hop moniker

who knew that Go Stetsta was a "chain snatching anthem" back in the day

if you ask ten people when the Golden Era started and when it might get 20 different answers

shoutout to Uncle Luke and the 2 Live Crew.

although i've never smoked weed, i get so much enjoyment listening to Redman rap about it

i can't tell you about the hip hop on black radio because i haven't listened in over 10 years

however, i do listen to the legends, Ed Lover and Monie Love, on the Ed Lover Show

where is Jean Grae?

i miss going to the record store

i'll never call Puffy...Diddy. he's Puffy or Puff

remember when New York ran hip hop?

rap videos SHOULD match and enhance the song

remember when LA ran hip hop?

do they still make rap videos?

this may surprise you but i liked the Rick Ross album

i don't dump on this generation's hip hop. i want them to understand the path that their predecessors paved for them. that's all.

don't get it twisted...there are a lot of wack rappers today. and there were a lot of wack rappers in the 80s and 90s. the difference? back then, you were ridiculed and admonished for it. nowadays, wack is accepted and celebrated

there's room for everybody at hip hop's table

thank you to all of those...especially the younger cats...who listen to my podcast and get enjoyment & knowledge from me talking about hip hop. i appreciate it

i'm gonna pass on this new Eminem album

i find it funny that my son, Kameron, is called "Old School" by his fellow 15 year old friends. i wonder why? LOL

my Dad reminded me the other day about he conversations that we had when i was a teen and he said "rap is terrible". years later...have I become like him? lol

Monday, December 18, 2017

hip hop slang...

This week...we celebrate hip hop week! I figured that we'd get the week started off with talking about slang.

Hip hop slang.

One of the things that has helped define hip hop and the culture, is how we actually speak. In many ways, the slang that we've used over the years says a lot about who we are. Like most things in hip hop culture, slang can (and will) change. Or even can have several meanings.

I found a few ofline. Look at how dope (lol) this is...

English Words with Changed Meanings (These words can be found with the same spelling in any English dictionary, but they are used as slang words and given an alternate meaning in hip-hop)

bent - adj.- intoxicated

bird - n.- girl

biscuit - n.- gun, pistol

blunt - n.- a cigar used as a joint, filled with marijuana instead of tobacco.

blunted - adj.- same meaning as 'stoned', but specifically the intoxication from smoking a blunt or blunts of marijuana.

boo -n.- affectionate term for one's significant other

bounce - v.- leave, go (EX: "Let's bounce." = "Let's leave.")

bugged out - adj.- Acting weird, unorthodox, or upset, etc. (EX: "He's bugged out.")

buggin'- v.- acting weird, unorthodox, or upset, etc. (EX: "Why you buggin'?")

bumpin'- adj.- cool, pleasurable, to one's liking. EX: "That song is bumpin'." Also as a verb, as in the phrase "It's bumpin'.", which usually refers to music.

burner-n.- gun

bust -v.- perform, do. (EX: "Bust a rhyme" = "Rapping a rhyme", while "Bust a move" ="Make a move/perform a move")

busted -adj.- ugly, caught doing a crime. {EX: "Yo' girl is BUSTED!")

cap - n.- bullet (EX: "I'ma bust a cap in yo' ass." = "I will shoot you.")

capped -v.- shot.

cheese - n.- money

chill - v.- relax, keep cool

chill - adj.- relaxed, alright. (EX: "He's chill." = "He's alright." or "He's relaxed.")

chillin' - v.- relaxing

cold - adj.- tight, good, nice, and sometimes mean, as in the phrase "cold-hearted". If a guy cheats on his girl, a response might be "That's cold." If one is looking at a really nice suit, the response might be "Man, that suit is COLD!"

coolin' - v.- relaxing, being comfortable

crib -n.- place of residence

dime - n.- a very attractive woman; a "ten" on a scale of one-to-ten.

dip - v.- leave. (EX: "Let's dip." = "Let's go.")

dog (also "dogg" and "dawg") -n.- a close and trusted friend.

dope - adj.- cool, appealing, etc.

down - adj.- with it, or willing to take part. (EX: "I'm down to do it." = "I'm up for it." "Thatfool thinks he's down." = "That guy thinks he's hardcore.")

fat - adj.- cool, appealing. When written, it is almost always intentionally spelled " phat".

fire - adj.-tight, nice, cool. may also refers to marijuana.

flow - v.-rap with beat, can also be used as a noun. (EX: "He was flowing." or "Listen to my flow.")

fly - adj.- cool, appealing, etc.

folk - n.- friends, acquaintances, or at least temporary partners.

front - v.- pretending to be that which you are not, acting tough. also short for confronting someone.

game - n.- knowledge, skill, expertise, knack, "mack-skills", techniques, etc. (EX: "He got game with those girls." = "He has good technique with the ladies.")

ghost -v.- to leave, leave quietly, quickly. (EX: "He got ghost." = "He left quickly." or "It'stime to get ghost." = "It's time to evacuate from the scene.")

gully - adj.- from the hood or ghetto.

hate - v.- aside from its usual meaning, has different shades of meaning such as "criticizing", or "disrupting" someone's game. (EX: "Why you gotta hate on me?" = "Why do you have to insult me?")

hating (hatin') - v.- same meaning as 'hate' (see above). (EX: Don't be hatin'!)

heat or heater - n.- any type of firearm

heat - n.- police, FBI, law enforcement in general (used especially in the film,Heat).

herb - n.- especially marijuana but can be any sort of drug.

hood - n.- neighborhood, usually, or the turf of certain gangs

ice -n.- diamonds, usually refers to the plural. (EX: "That nigga got shit loads'a ice on hiswrist." = "That guy is wearing a bracelet with a lot of diamonds.")

ill -adj.- 1. cool, appealing, far-out (EX: "That's ill!") 2. crazy, rowdy, mean ("Why are you acting ill to that guy?")

I'ma - a contraction of "I'm" and "gonna"

jet- to leave quickly (EX: "C'mon, let's jet.")

iron -n.- firearm

kickin'- adj.- appealing; (EX: "Those rims are kickin'.")

lamp- v.- chill, relax

marinate -v.- chill, relax

murk (Also mirk) -v.- 1. leave. "I'm finna murk." = "I'm about to leave.") 2. murder, kill. (EX:"Pass me the strap, I'm 'bout to murk this foo." = "Give me a gun, I'm about to kill this guy.")

piece -n.- 1.firearm 2.pipe 3.a tagging (graffiti marking a certain gang or individual's turf)

piff 1. -n.- 1. cocaine (EX: "Pass the piff!") 2. -adj.- something cool (EX: "My style is straightup piff!")

pig -n.- police officer

player (also playa) - n.- 1. Someone who knows how to manipulate women towards sex, etc. 2.Someone who knows how to manipulate things in general. 3. Someone who cheats on hisgirlfriend or wife (or if a woman: boyfriend, husband). 4. Less correctly applied to a"baller" (see "baller").

popes - n. - the police, an abbreviation of po-po. (EX: "Look out for the popes!")

punk - n. - a coward, alternatively an asshole

punk - a coward or wimp. (EX: "Don't punk out on me." = "Don't get cowardly.")

punked - intimidated. (EX: "He got punked by that fool." = "He got intimidated or bullied bythat person.")

pussy - n. - a coward, a sissy. used as a put-down, usually against males. It also refers to thefemale vagina or the female in general.

pussy - v. - Sex (EX: "I'm gettin' hella pussy back at my crib tonight" = "I will have sextonight at my house.")

scratch - n. - money

skrillah - n. - money

shorty - n.- a girl or woman if referring to a girlfriend, a child if referring to someone's son or daughter.

spit - v.- rap (EX: "He can spit." = "He can rap.")

steel -n.- firearm

straight - adj.- fine, okay. not related to sexuality. (EX: A person asks "You want someHenny?" The other person replies, "No thanks, I'm straight.")

strapped -adj.- bearing a firearm

stunting - showing your best or to act out of the ordinary

tight - adj.- cool, high-quality, appealing.

toaster -n.- firearm

trippin' -v.- high on drugs, kidding, or being crazy. (EX: "You must be trippin'.")

tweak -n.- to do crystal meth; Can also be altering something

Drug Related Slang Terms

Papi - The drug connect

White Lady - Cocaine

Slanging - Selling Drugs

Girl - Cocaine

Dope boy - Drug Dealer

Trapping - Selling drugs

The Trap - Place where people sell drugs

boi -heroin

brown - heroin

bud -marijuana

buddha - marijuana

butter -crack cocaine

chewy - a cigar that has been emptied and refilled with marijuana and cocaine

chronic - marijuana

cookies - crack cocaine

dank - marijuana

dime (also "dimebag" or "dimesack") - ten dollar bag of illicit drugs

dodo - marijuana

doja - marijuana

drank - codeine

'dro- marijuana grown using a hydroponic set-up

dub - a twenty dollar bag of marijuana. can also refer to twenty inch rims on a car.

fire - marijuana or meaning a sex term towards oral sex

ganja- marijuana

gizz - crack cocaine

green - marijuana

hard - crack cocaine

hydro - marijuana grown using a hydroponic set-up

indo - marijuana from Indonesia or marijuana that has been grown indoors

limb - marijuana. a term popularized in Florida.

mota - marijuana

nick (also "nickel", "nickelbag", "nickelsack") - a five dollar bag of illicit drugs

Reggie Miller - "regular killer" commercial weed, usually from Mexico.

rocks - crack cocaine

shwag - marijuana

soft -cocaine

smack - heroin

smoke - marijuana

sticky icky - marijuana

piff- cocaine

powder - cocaine

primo - a joint laced with angel dust or crack cocaine

purp - codeine (Houston)

thizz - ecstasy. Other forms of the word include thizzin', thizzed. Used primarily by Bay Area MCs

wet - a marijuana cigarette that has been dipped

white - cocaine

work - cocaine

yayo - cocaine

Maybelline - cocaine

Powdering his face - snorting cocaine

Hip-hop Slang Phrases

Brain - Oral sex from a woman

Buck - 1. To act uppity o provoke (EX: You wanna get buck fool?) 2. To steal (Yo, we was buckin' gummy worms all day!)

Bus a nut - Ejaculate

bum rush - crashing into a show hoping to see it for free, to arrive in force, to ambush from behind

bust a cap - shoot a bullet

bust a move - to act first in an altercation, to perform a dance step. popularized by YoungM.C.'s hit single, "Bust A Move" (1989).

bust out - leave or exit quickly. (EX: "He busted out of the club." = "He left the club quickly.")

bust out - show or bring out something. (EX: "He busted out a fat dubsack from his coat pocket." = "He took a big sack of drugs out of his pocket.")

cappin - lying, saying you were going to do something and not doing that thing. popularized by rapper Tampa.

clap iron - to shoot a firearm

coolin' it - relaxing

da bomb - the bomb. cool, appealing, or popular

da shiznit - "the shit". cool, appealing, etc. popularized by Snoop Dogg.

dead presidents - money (U.S. currency has a picture of a former President of the United States)

heavy metal - firearms

keep it trill - keep it true and real (true + real = trill)

kickin' it - relaxing

my bad - my mistake or I'm sorry

off the chain - unbelievable, outrageous, wild, etc.

off the hook - unbelievable, outrageous, wild, etc.

oh fo sure - no problem, you're welcome

open up shop - sell drugs, establish a drug-selling spot

peace out - good bye

peep game - to take note of someone's game, observe someone's game in action, etc.

plexing - starting stuff or beefing

roll out - leave. specifically, to get in your vehicle and leave the scene.

spit game (also "spittin' game") - to speak "game". see the definition of "game" above.

to the beat - acceptable, on top of things

throwed - tight, the best, or great

what's goin' down? - what are we doing tonight? can refer to a fight.

what tha dilly yo? (also "...dealio?") - what is going on?. Originated from "What the deal, yo?"

what up? - hello, how are you?, or what is going on?

wiggity-wack - very disturbing. presently, the "wiggity" has been dropped and those in hip-hop now use just "wack".)

word up - you got that straight, that's right, or how's it going. many now simply use the word"word".

5000 - to say peace or to leave (short for Audi 5000)

Did you learn anything? I hope so. There's about 1 million slang words that I didn't mention...



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PODCAST: The Chronic...25 Years Later

On December 15, 1992, Dr. Dre released the hip hop classic album, The Chronic. Where were you? What are your thoughts on this album? Listen to this podcast as I give you my thoughts on the music, Dr. Dre, and the impact of this album. Check it out | The Chronic...25 Years Later

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