Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Lack of interest?


Maybe it's old age?


Just can't relate to those who don't have a damn thang to say.

That's what I was thinking after I saw the list. I was drawn a website b/c I had rec'd an email from hiphopdx.com. The email was titled The Top 25 Hip Hop Albums of 2008. I went to the website and saw their list. There were a few albums that made the list that I had copped. That was cool. However, there were some albums from some dudes who I neva heard of. I was like... who is THAT guy? I'll spare you the list of their top 25. I'll tell you about the ones that made their list that I have...

1.The Roots- Rising Down

2. Lil Wayne- Tha Carter III

3. Nas- Untitled

4. Elzhi- The Preface

5. T.I.- Paper Trail

6. Q-Tip- The Renaissance

7. Ludacris- Theater of the Mind

8. Scarface- Emeritus

9. Kanye West- 808 Heartbreak

Since I listen to very little R&B, no country, pop, rock, gospel...you tell me who dropped some of your favorite albums in ' 08.

(btw...I would ask for your top 5 but I'm sure that SOME of y'all would give me your top 45! LOL)


Friday, December 26, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

Hope that Santa Claus brought you everything that you desired!

RIP Eartha Kitt...the scenes that you had in Boomerang will be forever etched in my memory. Marrrrrrrrrcuuussssssss! LMAO!!

People say "Happy New Year" at the beginning of the year. Does that mean that i can't say "Happy New Year" in July?

Maybe...just maybe...the Detroit Lions will get their first win season this Sunday

I've become more and more impressed with President Obama (love sayin' that) during this transition period.

Obama works out for an hour...every day! I'm impressed! He's leading the nation by example in so many ways.

Wonder if McCain is gonna ride off into the sunset...like a real maverick?

Maybe Obama will give him a job? LoL

Rita G...Rita G...Rita G
I think they should get rid of all the bowl games that air before New Years Eve. There are far too many bowl games!

Anybody heard the new Jamie Foxx joint? Lemme know if it's good. I'll cop it via "secondary marketing"

Speaking of good music...love that Foreign Exchange. One of the best joints to come out in '08

Just saw Dark Knight for the first time...powerful!!!

Wonder what happened to PM Dawn? LoL

Meagan Good...Meagan Good...Meagan Good
Who eats ice cream in the winter? Not me!

I'd like to see snowfall...just once here this winter

One of the reasons why i don't go up north during the winter...don't wanna get stuck in an airport b/c of the snow

I'm all for family gatherings...but don't come to my house and try to rule the tv. I rule the tv!!

I'm sure that y'all have seen the LeBron James commercial where he throws the white chalky substance in the air and on the crowd. I'ma do that at work on Monday. Just walk into the conference room and throw chalk on errybody!

Ok...i think i've heard enough Christmas songs for one year.

Rosario Dawson...Rosario Dawson...Rosario Dawson...
In a few years, we'll have a house with 3 teenage boys in it. Wonder what that grocery bill will look like?

I guess that's better than having 3 teenage girls in the house. LoL

Can't wait till we have the "sex talk". I'm looking forward to that.

My cousin, Crystal, just returned from Iraq. She made it home just in time to spend Christmas with her 8 kids

Not sure why she has 8 kids...

There is something special about bringing in the new year. Where will you be when '09 comes?

What if the stock market, the credit crunch, the housing market and the economy all take a positive turn on Jan 21?

Dubyah was the worst president in the history of the USA. That HAS to make him feel like crap.

If you ever want to strike up a conversation with somebody...ask them something about their favorite subject...themselves.

RIP Dr. Robert Beauford
It's not often that you can say that you watched a person develop from "Joe Cool" to a doctor. You were 2 yrs older than me when we were at Wilson High but I admired what you did. I was deeply saddened when I learned that we lost you on Monday. 37 yrs old. And just like that...you collapsed and were called home to God. No known sickness or illness. We're only left to mourn your loss. I pray for your wife, 2 kids, unborn child, your mom, and your brothers. We're not sure why God called you home. Maybe HE needed another great doctor in heaven. We're gonna miss you homeboi!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

gotta give it up

They say that this is the season for giving.

Why can't it be the season for receiving? LOL

Seriously, it's good to give. Then again...it could depend on what you give. I remember one time a young 12kyle gave a chick his a pink slip for Christmas. Yep...broke up with her the week of Christmas. LOL. But I was young and crazy back then.

Nevertheless, we're talking about gifts today. What is that special gift that you'll be getting for your man/woman? Or your child/parent/family member?

Keep in mind that you may have to be discrete. For example, don't say that you're gonna buy your momma a mink coat if you know that she reads this blog...b/c she does read this blog. haaaaa


Monday, December 22, 2008

mixtape monday

Enjoy the mixtape!!!

I Used to Love H.E.R

Lil Kim
Ladies Night

Little Brother
Lovin It

De La Soul
Baby Phat

To my football heads...how did your team do this weekend. Well, after a year that saw our quarterback go to jail for fighting some damn dogs...and the punk ass coach quit...my Atlanta Falcons drafted Matt Ryan...hired a rookie coach named Mike Smith...and we are headed to the PLAYOFFS!!! How ill is that?? What did your team do?


Thursday, December 18, 2008

do remember

No matter what obstacles you face...faith and determination will see you through.

When I saw this picture, those were my first thoughts. Only faith and determination is gonna help this dude. This picture wasn't photoshopped. It is real.

As we move forward into 2009, let's rely on our faith and determination to overcome obstacles and accomplish our goals. And I don't mean a resolution that you prolly aren't gonna keep. I mean something real. For me, one goal is to go to grad school

What about you?


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

i dunno who does the advertising for blackberry but they must have paid the nfl a ton of money. as i watched the falcons game last sunday, i saw a commercial for blackberry every time there was a commercial break. no lie!

looks like i'll do my christmas shopping...on christmas eve!!!

nuff respect to dubyah...he's a damn good ducker!!!

throwing shoes is a sign of disrespect? damn...wonder what they think about slapping somebody in the face? where i'm from...that's disrespect!

how was dude able to throw one shoe..."re-load" and throw another shoe without getting tackled? where was the secret service? whoever those guys were, let's make sure that they don't work for obama. we can't have nobody throwing stuff at our president

the last thing a brutha or a sista is gonna do is throw a GOOD shoe at somebody! can't imaging throwing my kenneth coles or jordans at somebody.

celtics vs hawks tonight! i can't wait. the game will be on espn. i'll be the dude sitting behind the celtics bench yelling at them.

as soon as somebody responds, i'ma ask them for a job.

the recession hasn't really hit the sports teams. my new york yankees just signed pitcher cc sabathia to a 7 yr, 161 million dollar deal

maybe i'm in the wrong sport...

love watching the charlie brown christmas special on tv

that old lady was back in church last sunday with her tambourine. wonder if the church pays her to play?

my 6 yr old son, Kameron, told me that the state bird (georgia) is the thrasher. i've been here almost 13 yrs and i didn't know that. the pro hockey team here is called the atlanta thrashers

now...before you start laughing...don't act like you know what a thrasher was! in fact...non of y'all know your state bird! lmao!!!

pam grier...pam grier...pam grier

"i'm over they headz...like a bulimic on a seesaw"

i'm all for taking care of the elderly but i gotta scratch my head when i think about why penn state university gave it's football coach, joe paterno, a three year contract extension. the man is 82 years old!

the 12th planet will be coming to radio or stream tv very soon. should i do sports or talk about different things? lemme know what you think.

"kyle, i think she likes you."

"she's supposed to!" lol!!!

one of my boys told me that he's tired of meeting "loser chicks". i thought that was funny. i told him that he should read some of my favorite blogs...my sistaz are tired of "loser dudes"

speaking of dating, how long does it take before you can see the "crazy" in a person?

i'm constantly in prayer that GOD will bless me with a better paying job with less stress.

i think i recite the Serenity Prayer at least 5 times a day. lol

zoe saldana...zoe saldana...zoe saldana (sorry e...lol)

dubyah had better be glad that the dude didn't throw a pair of timberlands at him. that would have really hurt

wonder how that dude is gonna explain to his family that he's about to do a bid for throwing a shoe???

on an average day, we take about 40,000 steps

dunno what i want for christmas...i really don't.

i need some new ties...maybe a new black watch (kenneth cole...hint hint)

peep The F$%k It List's post...the most embarrassing black person of 2008...funny!!!

angela bassett...angela bassett...angela bassett

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

talkin loud,,,sayin nuffin'

You're the instigator, the orator of the town
You're the worst when you converse, just a big mouth clown
You talk when you're awake, I heard you talk when you sleep
Has anyone ever told you, that talk is cheap

Run DMC (You Talk Too Much)

I told y'all last week that I was skipping the office Christmas party. Now, I'm glad that I did.

As I walked into the office yesterday, I was immediately hit with questions..."Kyle, how was your party?" "Where did you go?" "What did you do?"

You see...to avoid going to the Christmas party I told them that a birthday party was being thrown for me. That way, I wouldn't have to deal with the fools on last Saturday night. So, I gave them the line about how nice my party was...we had a deejay...and how much fun I had. And they hung on my every word.

Not soon after I told my lie...i mean story about my party...people started talking about the office Christmas party which featured several karokye contests. I thought to myself..."here comes the drama, rumors, and gossip." I don't get down like that. I've never been one to worry about what's going on with the next person. Why worry about their problems...I've got my own.

Before I could make a cup of coffee, my supervisor pulls me in her office. She starts the conversation by telling me about the party. She says that it's probably not the "corporate thing" to do...you know...gossip about folks at the company. I was like "cool...I didn't ask." I really wanted to say..."i don't give a shit!" But that may have been too harsh for her ears. After she tells me this...she proceeds to tell me EVERYTHING that happened. She told me who was drunk...who got hit on...who passed out. Then, she even went to talking about this dude named Mike and his wife. I like Mike. He's a bit nosey but he's cool with me. She said that Mike's wife "looked like his mother". WTF??? Why would you say that?

My response...much like Flav on his show...wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

This brawd proceeds to show me pictures that she took!!! I offered no comments but I looked just to appease her. I couldn't believe how she was talking about how somebody looks when she looks like trash. She's white and her hubby is black...and he ain't no Denzel (lol) but that's besides the point. My point is this...if people are willing to talk bad about others to you...what will they say about you behind your back to others?????

Anybody know people who gossip like this? Ever had to confront em? hollatchaboi!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

mixtape monday

Hip Hop 101...enjoy the mixtape

My Philosophy

Heavy D and the Boyz
Mr. Big Stuff

The Juice Crew
The Symphony

You Gots To Chill

De La Soul

To my football heads...how did your team do this weekend. My Falcons got a HUGE win over Tampa! I also have a give a shout out to my Atlanta Hawks who beat the Cleveland on Saturday night to end their 11 game winning streak. We've got Boston coming to town on Wednesday. Should be an electric atmosphere!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

fill in tha blanks

I want you to do me a favor...just want you to fill in the blanks and complete the following statements. Just write the 1st thing that comes to your mind


Men are______
One thing that I like about men is that men_______
One thing that I don't like about men is _________

W0men are ________
One thing that I like about women is that women_______
One thing that I don't like about women is that women______


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

first and foremost...gotta say happy birthday to my 2 year old son, brandon. this lil dude runs our house. i've never seen such a determined little boy. he definitely has his own mind and is determined. wonder where he got that from? lmao. daddy loves you brandon.

why do people say..."well, me personally...?" how can you say the word me...then say personally? that's the same thing.

contrary to popular belief...white people do get ashy

contrary to popular belief...all black people can't dance.

i can dance

they sentenced oj simpson to 9 to 33 yrs in prison. i don't think he'll see the light of day again. dummmeeeeee

i think he would have got less time if he would have cried. i mean...cried to the point that he had snot running outta his nose.

not only will obama have to give up his blackberry but he can't smoke squares (cigarettes) no more! i know that's gotta be tough on him but we need him healthy for the next 8 yrs

wonder if he smokes newports? that was like the cigarette of the black man when i was growing up.

i'll bet dubyah was smokin sumthin!

lauren london...lauren london...lauren london
i'm really feeling the series "unsung" on tvone. very entertaining programming. far cry from the bs that you see on bet

bet is a joke

name one blogger who you'd like to hang out with

i like the fact that we know nuffin about beyonce and jay z's marriage. it ain't none of our business

three more weeks left in the nfl's regular season. it's gonna be off the chain!!!

quick poll...if you are going outta town for christmas...how are you traveling...plane, car, bus, or footz? lmao

ever notice how some people "borrow" stuff and they have it so long that you have to "borrow " it back?

why do women say one thing...and mean something totally different?

why do men say everything and mean nuffin!?!

ever notice how when somebody dies of aids, people always wanna know "how they contracted the virus."

Why do you care? They are gone.

regina king...regina king...regina king

i miss the wire

i love black people

the last thing that we need for is our people to show out in dc next month.

those erectile dysfunction commercials crack me up.

who wants a 4 hr erection? lmao!!!

i'm definitely gonna skip the office christmas party. i don't wanna be around those fools as they talk about work all night.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


432 months

13,149 days

315, 579 hrs

454,433,760 seconds

What ever you wanna call it...it all should equal to 36 years. Thirty six years of existence on this Earth for ya boy. And it feels good. Your age is what it is. I'm happy to have seen 36 years and I hope to see a hunnid more years. I feel blessed to be here. Every year I ask for the same thing...a cake and a card. But first...I must give thanks.

Mom and Dad: Thank you for molding me into the man that I am. I couldn't have asked for better parents. Your divorce made me stronger as a person. It warms my heart to see you being friends to each other. Thanks for all the spankings and the lectures...it worked! I can honestly say that you are more not only my parents but my best friends.

Damon and Cara: The best brother and sister that I could ask for. You've always listened to your big brother. I told you both a long time ago to blaze your own trail...and you have. I hope that I set a good example for you.

Eric, Mike, Aja, Tammi, Tara, Marc, Scott, Kori, and Benji: We are cousins only by definition. I say we are brothers and sisters b/c that's how our parents raised us. The bond can never be broken. Let's make sure that our kids grow up and know each other the same way that we did.

Aunts and Uncles: Thank you for the lectures and "heart-to-heart" talks. I love y'all

The Florence Crew: What can I say? We go so far back. So many memories. We'll make some more in a few weeks! LMAO!! Who's got the first round? One love

The SC State Crew: We lived by the creed..."Ballin, babes, and books." And it wasn't always in that order. haaaaa!!! Blood sweat and tears we shed to get the degree...the rings...and in the process, we became men. One love

Lastly...but certainly not least

Mrs12: I dunno how many birthdays that I've had since we've been together. But I'm sure that you'll keep reminding me how old I am. LOL. Thanks for putting up with me 24/7. Love you

Deion, Kameron, and Brandon: You are the best 3 lil boys that any man could have. Daddy loves you and is proud of you.

and finally...

God: Thank you for all of the blessings that you've bestowed upon me. You have truly been good to me. Thank you for allowing me to see this day. I know that you will continue to bless me, keep me, and guide me...each step of this journey. Thank you for everything. Without you there is no me!


aka 12kyle
aka KD
aka KDitty
aka KDizzle
aka Quik 1
aka Randy Floss
aka Joe Rockhead
aka Chocolate Boy Wonder
aka Handz McCoy
aka...well...y'all get the picture!

Monday, December 8, 2008

mixtape monday

R U ole Skool??? Enjoy the mixtape!

Jackson 5
Can You Feel It?

Maze featuring Frankie Beverly
Before I Let You Go

Vanity 6
Nasty Girl

Let's Go Crazy

Al Green
Love and Happiness

Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five
The Message

To my football headz, how did your teams do? My Falcons lost a tough one to the New Orleans Saints yesterday. But watching the Dallas Cowboys choke made my day! How bout dem Cowboys? LMAO!!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

where i'm from

I'm from where the hammer's rung, News cameras never come
You and your man houndin' every verse in your rhyme
where the grams is slung, nuggas vanish every summer
Where the blue vans would come, we throw the work in the can and run
Where the plans was to get funds and skate off the set
To achieve this goal quicker, sold all my weight wet
Faced with immeasurable odds still I get straight bets
So I felt some more something and you nothing check
I from the other side with other guys don't walk to much
And girls in the projects wouldn't f#ck us if we talked too much
So they ran up town and sought them dudes to trust
I don't know what the fuck they thought, those nuggas is foul just like us
I'm from where the beef is inevitable, Summertime's unforgetable
Boosters in abundance, buy a half-price sweater new
Your world was everything, So everything you said you'd do
You did it, Couldn't talk about it if you ain't lived it
I from where nuggas pull your car, and argue all day about
Who's the best MC's, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas
Where the drugs czars evolve, and thugs always are
At each other's throats for the love of foreign cars
Where cats catch cases, hoping the judge R and R's
But most times find themselves locked up behind bars
I'm from where they ball and breed rhyme stars
I'm from Marcy son, just thought I'd remind y'all

Jay Z
"Where I'm From"

I did this one back in March. It's been a while so I figured that I'd re-mix it for those who missed it the first time!

This is one of my favorite songs from Jay Z's second cd. In the song, he tells you distinctly and descriptively where he's from (Marcy Projects...Brooklyn, NY). I've never been to Marcy. But through this rhyme...I have.

There are a lotta people who read this blog and participate each day on the blog. Their profiles may say what city they are in but I'd like to dig a little deeper today. Tell me about where you're from. What do you like about where you're from? What don't you like about it? And if you wanna throw in a statistic about it...do it!

WHERE I'M FROM- Florence, South Carolina

population- 67,000

Likes- great place to raise kids, it has a "down home feel" for a small town, it'll always be home
Dislikes- very little social and economic development, people stay locked in the "small town mentality" and aren't willing to break out of it.

Stat- Florence is at the intersection of I-95 and I-20, approximately halfway between New York City and Miami, Florida.

Where are YOU from???

Thursday, December 4, 2008

keep it real???

Come on ya'll now, let's be real
Some jokers got a rough time keepin' it concealed
I wonder what it mean, it's probably self-esteem
They fiendin to be seen, get hemmed like Gaberdeens
Cats think it can't happen until the gats start clappin
They comin' down the wire spittin fire like a dragon
Cause while the goods glisten, certain eyes take position
To observe your trick, and then catch that ass slippin'
Like, come on now ock, what you expect?
Got a month's paycheck danglin' off your neck
And while you Cristal sippin', they rubbin' up they mittens
With heat in mint condition to start the getti-gettin'
They clique starts creepin' like Sandinistin guerrillas
You screamin' playa haters, these niggas is playa killers
Mr. Fash-ion, that style never last long
The harder you flash, the harder you get flashed on
There's hunger in the street that is hard to defeat
Many steal for sport, but more steal to eat
Cat's heavy at the weigh-in, and he's playin' for keeps
Don't sleep, they'll roll up in your passengers seat
There is universal law, whether rich or poor
Some say life's a game, to more, life is war
So put them egos to the side and get off them head-trips
'Fore some cats pull out them heaters and make you head-less...

Mos Def (Got)


We've all heard that term before. Honestly, we've probably heard it too much. On the heels of this Plaxico Burress case, I'd like to take a second to jump into it.

Prior to poppin a cap in his own leg, most people outside of football fans had never heard of the guy. Burress is the latest athlete to have a run in with the law. He's not the first and he certainly won't be the last. From OJ Simpson to Michael Vick to Pacman Jones, the laundry list continues. It is very disappointing to see that alot of the athletes are black. I'm not saying that all athletes are bad...not saying that all black athletes get into trouble. I'm just saying that it's disappointing. It's disappointing b/c I grew up in an era where the athlete was somebody that you looked up to and could identify with. Y'all know that I'm a HUGE sports fan but these athletes aren't like those in the past. But keep in mind that they are human...just like you and me. They make mistakes...just like you and me. They live in the same society that we do. If there is crime, drugs, sex, corruption in society...you'll have athletes that will fall under those categories. It is what it is.

In speaking on Burress, I want to look at the mind set of him as well as others. All of us. This dude knowingly took a loaded gun into a club and accidentally shot himself. Why would you need to take a gun in a club? If you don't feel safe in the club...don't go. I don't begrudge him for wanting to go in a club. Who hasn't been a club before??? All of us have. And we could have been in that club when his gun went off. I could have been on the dance floor...minding my own business...sweating somebodies perm out...and then POW...I'm shot! That makes no sense to me. I don't begrudge any athlete for wanting to be in public and not be bothered. If that's the case, then you can hire a security guard. You can afford it. Why wouldn't you do that? Do you think we'd think that you're a chump because you need a bodyguard? Or are you willing to keep it real?

Burress is a married man with children. I'm not gonna say "he should have been at home with his family". I can't say that because I go out with my friends. Mrs12 is cool with it because she trusts me and she trusts my friends. And she also knows that I'm not gonna put myself in a situation that I shouldn't be in. When I was 25, I would go to any party around ATL. Now at the age of 35, I don't. Why? Because SHIT HAPPENS...that's why. If I got shot at some hole-in-the-wall club, how would I explain that? Married father of three catches a bullet in club! That doesn't make sense. I'm gonna hang out where there are people like me. People who have the same stuff as me and don't wanna rob me. Burress feared that somebody would jack him for his cash and jewelry. Well...take off the jewelry and get rid of the cash! We're in a recession, bruh! If I saw you with 100k worth of jewelry on...I MIGHT ROB YOU!! LOL. Times are hard. Why bring attention to yourself? I don't begrudge you for enjoying your wealth with jewelry and cars but that stuff brings attention to you. And sometimes you don't need that attention. The "harder you flash...the harder you get flashed on." Unless you're willing to keep it real.

This ain't just about some athlete who made a stupid mistake. It's about us as a people. Personally, I'm not going to a place where I need to be "patted down" as I enter. I'm too old for that. If I were a miliionaire, I'd hang with other millionaires. Or I'd hang with people who wouldn't do any harm to me. Decisions. Reasoning. One of the things that separates humans from other animals is our ability to reason and think logically. Be smart about what you do. We all make mistakes. But let's stop keeping it real. I just heard a song on the radio (never listen to the radio) about some chick who bragged about "busting out the windows on a dudes car". Huh? Are you kidding me? Is this the type of stuff that we promote? Let's call that what it is...BATTERY! Or is that keeping it so real that we'll be ignorant?

Like I said earlier, this just ain't about some athlete. It's about us. We control our thoughts, words, and actions. Every action has a reaction. In every action, there are consequences and repercussions.

*stepping off soapbox*


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

plaxico burress!!!! don't think i wasn't gonna get at you! what kinda man shoots his OWN damn self in the leg by accident???? i dunno. not kyle.

if you feel the need to carry a gun in a club b/c you "fear for your safety"...then maybe you should stay your ass out of the clubs??

taking a gun in club? c'mon bruh. you just signed a $35 million contract. and you wanna pack heat? please explain why???

whose bright idea was it to put lil wayne in the new lebron james sneaker commercial?

feels good to the mailbox and don't see a bill

i'm a lil disappointed in obama. i thought that he'd call me and appoint me to his cabinet. i've been waiting by the phone. damn...

i love twitter

i realized how real twitter was when i got read messages from people who were stranded in the hotels in mumbai. they were sending messages to each other letting the world know what they were seeing. scary

sarah pale-lynn is thinking about writing a book. that's a scary thought

"see sarah. see sarah run. see the maverick. see alaska. hooray!"

gas is at $1.52...i still don't understand why or how long this will last

do you bail out the big 3? do you give money to companies that have wasted billions of dollars every year? that's like giving an alcoholic a beer.

sharon leal...sharon leal...sharon leal

just heard the new scarface...it's smokin'. 'face never disappoints me.

speaking of music, why didn't y'all tell me that kanye had a new cd out? i guess i'm behind the times. just copped it via "secondary marketing"

black friday came and went. i stayed away from the malls

the ny knicks are paying stephon marbury 21 million not to come to work!!! i wish somebody would pay me not to come to work

i think it's corny when you see a man and a woman eating at a booth in a restaurant and they are sitting next to each other...and not across from each other

do you hold hands with your spouse, man/girl, boo, etc...in public? what about kissing?

less than a week before i turn 36...looking forward to it

kim fields...kim fields...kim fields

step outside...breathe...and you see your breath. that's cold weather. i love it

wonder if it's harder to find a good man than it is to find a good woman? (i know what ya'll gonna say. lol)

big ^ to pretty black. get that degree!

welcome to the crew...Nikki ; MzInspired Mind ; and last but not least my boy Russell...(aka rezidl aka 3rddeadline aka lou diamonds). he's commented on this blog for 10 years. and he never had a blog...until now

how bout dem cowboys? lmao!!! y'all might not make the playoffs.

if you made new years resolutions for this year and you didn't do any of em...don't make any resolutions for ' 09

this year flew by. glad it's almost over

gimme a tight beat and a dope rhyme and um str8

they announced that we've been in a recession since last december! really??? say word??? i never knew that!

dubyah...do you need help packing up yo shit? if so, hollatchaboi

queen latifah...queen latifah...queen latifah

these people around here really get serious about their christmas lights

the office christmas party has been moved back to dec 13. i'm still not going. actually, i wanna go just to see who will get drunk and make a fool of themselves. but i really don't wanna be around those suckaz

it ain't cool if you are 30 yr old dude with 20 pair of air force ones but you don't own 1 suit

maybe this lottery numbers will come out just right for me. maybe.

why do fools park their cars sideways and it takes up 2 parking spaces?

a bum asked me for a penny the other day. i thought that was creative. if he asked for a dollar, then you can easily say no b/c we don't always have dollars. but we all can get our hands on a penny.

here's a dime. beat it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

school dayz

"College is not dream...it's a destination."

My mom told me that when I was about 8 yrs old. And it stuck with me. My parents instilled in me that I was going to college. In fact, they made it sound like that was something that EVERYBODY did. So, I never gave it a second thought. By the time that I got to high school, the only question in my mind was which school I would attend.

Maybe the school would be like my favorite show...A Different World? Maybe...

My mom's mind was made up...I was going to South Carolina State University. There were several reasons why she knew I'd be going there...1) The school was only a 90 minute drive from our home. 2) My cousin, Mike, was already in school there. 3) My uncle had gone to school there in the 70s. 4) It was one of the best HBCUs (historically black colleges/universities) in the country.
In my mind, there were other things to consider. When I was in high school, I had good grades and I was doing well on the football field. I was getting interests from other schools for an athletic scholarship. I also knew that I could probably land an academic scholarship if i didn't get a football scholarship. I had looked at some HBCUs...but I also had looked at North Carolina, Syracuse, and University of Houston. I really had my eyes on Houston and I knew that if I got an academic scholarship...I could make the football team as a walk-on. South Carolina State was on my list but it wasn't the only HBCU on my list. I was also looking at Hampton and Howard. I had to make a choice...was I going to attend a big white school or an HBCU?

Well, I made the decision to attend South Carolina State University...and the rest is history. Do I have any regrets? Nope! Would things have been different in my life if I had gone to North Carolina, Clemson, or South Carolina? Of course. That doesn't mean that it would have been better or worse in my opinion. I had gone to a predominately black elementary school, middle school, and high school. I didn't need to spend any more time with black folks. LMAO!! I had already had my crew for life so I didn't need any more friends. I didn't need to be near home.

However, when I visited South Carolina State I felt like I was at home. I had been on that campus plenty of times prior to my senior year in high school. But when I visited the school, I just had a "feeling". I can't really explain it. If I went to a white school, I would have never met my wife. Never would have won a Black College National Championship in football. Never would have met my teammates. Never would have added cats like Moe (#27), Russ(#3) (aka 3rddeadline), Q, Naylon, Bobby and Mel to my life crew. Never would have grown up and matured the way that I did.
One of my best friends, Jimmell, graduated from Duke. She is Deion's godmother and I'm the godfather of her son, LaKell. I often jokingly tell her that although she earned her medical degree from Duke...she went to the wrong school. I tell her that I'm gonna make sure that LaKell goes to SC State or any other HBCU. We laugh. She will admit that attending Duke wasn't what she expected socially. But she has no regrets. Neither do I!

What about you? Where did you go to school? Did you attend an HBCU? If you didn't...would you attend if you had to make the choice again? Would you attend the same white school?


Monday, December 1, 2008

mixtape monday

Enjoy the mixtape!!!

The D.O.C
It's Funky Enough

Da Butt

The Freaks Come Out At Night

How's It Going Down

The Roots
What They Do

To my football headz...how did your teams fare? Mine was bittersweet. My Falcons beat the San Diego Chargers yesterday to improve it's record to 8-4. However my alma mater, South Carolina State University, lost in the first round of the FCS Playoffs to Appalachian State on Saturday. It was a tough loss. Although we were knocked out of the playoffs, we still went undefeated in our conference and we should win the Black College National Championship. Nevertheless, I'm very proud of them and they finished the season with a 10-3 record.