Monday, March 27, 2023

car r&b...


This was a question that came up on my social media timeline the other day.

Fellas…if you’re with your lady in the car…which group are you listening to? 

Ladies…if you’re in the car with your man…which group are you listening to?

Boys 2 Men



I read the question.

Then, I read the responses. I was surprised by some of the responses. 

There’s really no wrong answer.

But for me…there’s only ONE answer. It’s Jodeci.

While I can say that I’m a big fan of both groups, I’m bumping Jodeci all day! And it’s not even close.

Both groups have hits…

Both groups have smash singles…

Both groups have incredible albums…

But nah. 

Gimme Jodeci. Easily! 

Who are YOU taking?

Monday, March 20, 2023

off tha dome...


off tha dome...random thoughts's been a minute...i know. my bad

it's 2023. just that statement alone says a lot

i haven't seen Creed III but I will. i've heard great things

is it just me or does all of the songs from the 80s from The Time & Prince have the same drum sound? is THAT the Minneapolis sound? 

it hasn't been a's been an hour since we've done this

hey Tee...i'm not back bruh but i'm here. lol

milk was awesome when we were kids. now? not so much

i had a dream that i had a dog. it was definitely a dream

i think these off tha dome posts got gobbled up by twitter

joe biden fell down the other day going UP the stairs. how does that happen?

speaking of twitter...twitter ain't even twitter no mo.

i think a lot of these off tha dome posts got gobbled up by The 12Kyle Podcast

remember when gas was like $2? can we run it back?

congrats to LeBron on becoming the NBA's all time leading scorer

i don't think i've seen Creed II. i probably should see that before going to see Creed III

music should move you. it moves me...daily

i need a vacation

why did we make mud pies as kids? i's not like we were going to eat them

every now and then...a celebrity will pass away...and i'll say... "damn, i thought he/she was already gone. RIP, tho..."

i think these off the dome posts got gobbled up by too much time on the iphone

oh yeah... i turned 50 this past December. still cool. still fly

it's definitely pollen season. my black car is now black and and and yellow...

i don't like watermelon. never have. never will

blogger used to be the hangout spot...kinda like the mall

milk will upset my stomach now

watch what you drink

the pandemic ain't over...don't forget that. 

i was dreamin when i wrote this...forgive me if it goes astray...

speaking of drinking, i've only drank water and champagne this week. odd combination. i know

ok...i'll be honest...i only wear my mask when i fly. other than that, i don't wear it

i think these off the dome posts got gobbled up by the nfl 

i'd love to learn how to skate backwards. i can't do it

play another slow jam....this time make it sweet

still can't get into reality tv

my ability to parallel park is really bad

live life to the fullest. all breaks

ok...i tried to watch the Xscape & SWV reality show. i gave it 20 mins. i tried. i love SWV. Xscape? never cared for em

i still have never seen The Color Purple. if i'm ever gonna watch it, i must do it before these nba playoffs start

if you send me a youtube video or a tik tok video, it'd better be less than 2 mins. that's about as long as i'm watching.

alex isley's voice is feathery 

i think these off the dome posts got gobbled up by car rides...

i grew up in house where all my folks did was play music. i'm thankful for that

the best conversations that i have daily are in the group chat with me and our 3 sons

jordan is still the GOAT (yeah...i said it)

don't just vote on election day. be an active participant in the political process. especially on the local level

ja morant...the definition of hustling backwards

i went down a youtube rabbit hole the other day watching Nipsey Hussle interview videos. very deep cat. gone wayyy too soon. 

all of the music in my house is played in our ears and not in the house for everybody to hear. technology has failed us. lol

wakanda forever...that opening scene almost tripped me up. thank God for popcorn. you can't eat, drink, and cry at the same time

i still mess around on my piano...every blue moon. 

i think these off the dome posts got gobbled up by facebook

if i ever learn to play Smooth by D'Angelo on my's a wrap. i might give the piano away. there's nothing else for me to do're still reading? it's been a year. long year. i'm here. 

if only you knew by Patti LaBelle is just sooooo cold

shoutout to you for coming here to read this. it's been a long time. thank you

you asked for it here it is...months later! lmao

if you have allergies, you are in my prayers

sorry for any mistakes, it's late. and i ain't proof reading none of this. and i'm turning the spellcheck off because i'm gangster like that. lol

i'm sure i'll think of 5 more things after i turn this computer off

do you turn your cellphone off? i don't 

i think these off the dome posts got gobbled up on the plane

do you delete text messages? i don't 

RIP Tara of my favorite people in the world. it's hard to believe it's been 3 years since you left. i miss you, cuz

can we get a new album from The Internet? 

i'll take a new album from The Foreign Exchange, too

i still watch Jeopardy daily

i these off the dome posts got gobbled up by my dog

wait... i ain't got no dog?!?!?!