Thursday, July 29, 2010

he got it

The cold, dark night started with a plan.
He wanted to hit the club so that he could dance.

A place where he could release stress and be free
A place where there was always a pretty lady to see.

He looked through his closet for the right thing to wear
He wanted to make em look and maybe even stare

Found a nice shirt, shoes, smooth slacks
Tonight was gonna be his...his outfit couldn't lack

He made it to the club and got in for free
He was confident and excited about how the night would be.

As he made his way to the bar...
he exchanged daps and hugs like he was a star.

On his way, he saw a fine chick who caught his eye
Nice hair, pretty face, great body...she was mad fly

They made eye contact and he saw her smile
His heart raced. He hadn't felt like this in a while.

He was headed in her direction.
A woman with whom he'd want her affection

Out of nowhere stepped another man
She must have came with him and he didn't understand

Why would she give him "The Look"
Her ulterior moves had him shook.

He played it cool and proceeded to get his drink
Knowing that she faked him out, the night was beginning to stink.

He watched her dance with him for the rest of the night
He quickly noticed that she kept him in her sight

Despite being with him, she didn't stop with her eyes
Her actions told him that she was telling lies

You know...I'm here b/c I have to be
Suddenly...curiosity was getting the best of he.

This went on until the club was ready to close.
Her and her man went separate ways and it was time for her to show

If she was wid it
Could he get the digits?

She gave him the number and told him to call
He said he would and he knew they'd have a ball

He called her the next day anxiously with no delay.
The number was to the fish market. Damn...did he just get played?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Verse of Love/12 Radio

what do you think of this verse???

"Love, your happiness don't begin wit a man
Strong woman, why should you depend on a man
I understand you want a man that's resourceful
If he pay your bills, he feel like he bought you
Talkin to a friend, about what love is
Her man didn't love her, cuz he didn't love his
Hugged her from afar, said what I felt
You never find a man, till you find yourself
Time helps mistakes, you can learn from
Cuz one man fucked up men you shouldn't turn from
You want a certain type of guy, gotta reach a certain point too
At the destination, a king will annoint you"- Common

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LOVE - The Love Jones Edition Volume 1 an indepth discussion about LOVE and the inspiration from the movie Love Jones. Co-hosted by Sweet Stiletto


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Friday, July 23, 2010

wedding bells

I've been watching her.

I keep a close eye on her each day

I wonder how she handles it.

My co-worker who sits next to me is planning her own wedding. I watch her each day as she scrolls from website to website trying to find something. I never stopped her to ask her about the process. Is she stressed? Probably. Her wedding is next week. Planning a wedding is hard work.

I guess

I didn't plan mine so I really don't know. I DO know that people spend a great deal of time planning for this BIG DAY. I'm sure that she (like a lot of women) has always dreamed about what this day would bring. She's probably envisioned it all of her life. Unlike her fiance, she has planned for this day...this moment. This is it...the wedding day! Maybe I should let her in on a HUGE secret...

The wedding is only 23 minutes long!

Months, days, hours, and minutes of preparation for 23 minutes!

She may spend 10k, 15k, or 20k on this wedding that will only last 23 minutes.

Does she realize that these 23 minutes will come and go so fast? It'll be a blur to her.

My late, high school football coach used to always say "We must prepare for war in a time of peace." Translation...we must be prepare ourselves for the battle BEFORE we go to battle. So if that's the case...

Shouldn't she be spending most of her time at pre-marital counseling??? I'm just sayin'

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

12 Radio/Top 5 MCs

Tune in tonight to 12 Radio. Tonight's topic...Top 5 Hip Hop MCs of All Time

The MCs are based on the following criteria...

Classic Album (Gotta have at least 1) defined by a hip hop publication (The Source, XXL Magazine) or hip hop website

Classic Songs (Gotta have at least 5)

Memorable verses (gotta have at least 2)

Lyrical Skill - can rhyme with NO beat and it’s still hot

Lyrical Content - Has to have the ability to rhyme about something…not just the latest whatever is out drink, chick, cars, clothes, jewelry

Storytelling - Foundation of Hip Hop is to be able to tell a story and make it hot and visual

Show starts at 9pm EST/8pm Central/7pm Mountain/6pm Central


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Monday, July 19, 2010

just twitterin'





And the winner is...

To say that Twitter trumps the aforementioned things is an understatement. Twitter is the leader of the pack and it's not going anywhere. I've mentioned on this blog about my love for twitter. I guess you could call me a twitter veteran. I signed up for twitter in July 2008. I'll be honest...I had no clue what it was. It was foreign to me but cool. At the time, I only knew one person on twitter (@rawdawgbuffalo). No athletes were here. No celebs. No news sites. Just common people. Twitter was so random that we all would get each other's tweets via text messages. There was no SocialScope or Ubertwitter. Those were the some funny times.

What is twitter?

Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read other user messages called tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters displayed on the author's profile page. Tweets are publicly visible by default, however senders can restrict message delivery to their friends list. Users may subscribe to other author tweets—this is known as following and subscribers are known as followers.

One of the reasons why I love twitter is because if you follow someone's tweets, you'll get SOME insight into who they are. Also, you can say something random and your followers will engage in a conversation that could last any where from a few minutes to a few hours. Two weeks ago, I sent the following tweet..."I hate watermelon." That one tweet spawned a 2 hr conversation between me and some of my followers.

Here are some of my other thoughts (and past tweets about twitter and it's dominance in the social networking game)...

1. Twitter is 10 times better than Facebook because it's not as personal.

2. If you've ever noticed one of your Facebook friends with 15 status updates during an event (awards show, game, tv program), tell em to get on Twitter

3. I don't follow celebs/athletes. Very few of them are interactive and they usually don't have much to say. In fact, the more that they say, the less you'll probably like em.

4. I follow people who I'm interested in. Thus, I keep the number of people whom I follow at a low number (currently at 177/being followed by 164). If I was following 2000 people, there's no way that I'd be able to keep up. I can honestly say that I know at least ONE thing about each follower that I have. Sometimes I wonder why some people follow me. Maybe one day I'll ask em.

I remember once when a woman said good morning on twitter to her followers. Before I could say good morning to her. She sent the following tweet..."I'm followed by 5,628 people. I say good morning and only 2 people responded?"

That's b/c they really AREN'T following you, clown. I immediately unfollowed her.

5. You can unfollow people. I've unfollowed a ton of people. I've never followed more than 190 people and I won't follow more than that. I wanna stay connected to my followers on twitter. It's ok to unfollow people on twitter. I've been unfollowed. You can't take it personal. If you deleted a friend from your Facebook page they'd be pissed! You can't take it personal if I unfollow you on twitter. Hell, I unfollowed my brother once. So, if I unfollowed him, I'll unfollow anybody! LOL. (i'm following him again...LOL)

6. Tweets can be protected. You gotta love that. That means you control who reads your tweets.

7. News can be found on twitter minutes...and sometimes hours before it appears on CNN, ESPN, or your local news station's website. For example, I learned of Michael Jackson's death 2 hrs before it appeared on

8. Twitter never goes to bed. I can always tweet with people at any hour of the night.

9. Almost every blogger than I know is on twitter. And subsequently, we all blog less than we used to! LOL

10. Even President Obama used twitter during his campaign.

11. Most people who say they don't like Twitter...have not tried it. #fact

12. Twitter aint going nowhere. Get on board.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

12 Radio

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

life and times of KD

Step into the world of 12kyle

I wanted to share a few pics from Deion's graduation from 5th grade.

It was a great time. My parents came down from South Carolina to attend the event. My parents, who have been divorced for nearly 25 yrs, stayed at my house. They slept under the same roof! It really meant a lot for me to have them there. They are good friends now.

Have a good weekend

The youngest in charge...3 yr old Brandon


Mom & Dad with Deion

Deion...the star

Deion the graduate

Deion with Mom & Dad

Deion's chillin

Deion (10) & Kameron (7)

Mrs12 and the boys

Mrs 12, Deion, and me

Me & Da Fam (minus Brandon who won't stand still long enough to take a picture)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010





the nominative plural of I

I know that you know the meaning of the word but I wanted to give it to you anyway. The word stood out to me in a recent conversation.

A few weeks ago, I noticed a tall, athletically built, young man. I was at my son Deion's all star baseball game. The young man, who stood almost 6-1, had a younger brother who was on Deion's team. Within a few minutes of noticing the young man, I realized that I was sitting next to his father. His father was 6-3, 330 pounds. The father and I began to talk sports. Within our conversation, he revealed to me that he played football in college at Alabama State. He also informed me that his son wore a size 16 shoe and was 14 yrs old. Translation...the kid is gonna be HUGE!

I asked the father if the kid was playing football. He said that he wasn't playing football nor basketball. He said he was only playing baseball. I found that to be somewhat strange because the kid is built like a basketball or football player. The father then explained to me that he has provided his son with private lessons in baseball, a hitting instructor, and he plays in a travel league...all year.

Then he said something that really caught my ear...

He said..."I'm gonna make sure that we get drafted."


He said it again minutes later..."When we sign a with a major league team out of high school, we'll be in a good spot."

We? Was he speaking French?

It became obvious to me that this guy was one of those overzealous parents who is trying to live their athletic prowess (or lack thereof) through their child. Not only is that wack but it's not fair to the child. I would never pressure or influence any of my sons to play sports. I think my boys will gravitate toward sports b/c they watch sports with me. Deion is playing baseball. Kameron is playing football. Brandon is too young to play but he'll play whatever he wants to play. They can play whatever THEY want to play. I won't force them. Not will I place unreal expectations on them.

I've had "my day" in the lights. My time has come and gone. I truly enjoyed it and I have no regrets about it. But it's over. It's not my job...nor any other parent's job to make their child a professional athlete.

Too bad some parents don't understand that.

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