Thursday, October 28, 2021

PODCAST: Death Certificate - 30 Years Later with Vernell…

On this week’s episode, we take a look back at the classic but controversial album from Ice Cube...Death Certificate

The podcast is co-hosted by Vernell

Death Certificate - 30 Years Later with Vernell…

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

PODCAST : Top 5 R&B Jams from the 90s with Autumn & JBoog…


On this week’s episode, we're taking it back to the 90s because it was such a great era for music. 

Autumn & JBoog stop by the podcast and we talk about OUR Top 5 R&B Jams from the 90s! 

Check us out!

Top 5 R&B Jams from the 90s with Autumn & JBoog…

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Monday, October 25, 2021

off tha dome...


random thoughts…

*blows dust off the blog…*

yeah, it’s been a minute…over a year since my last post. my last post was about my late cousin, Tara. And then the pandemic happened. I can give you 1000 reasons why there hasn’t been any posts. But it’s just been life.

"In between the blog posts…life happens…" - Pretty Black

y’all good? I hope you are. I’m good.

the dude who lives around the corner from me has put his Christmas lights. It’s October, bruh. Relax

I wasn’t surprised at all by Jon Gruden’s emails. His privilege told him that it was ok. The people that he emailed felt the same way that he does…

it’s not even Halloween. It’s wayyyyy too early for Christmas lights. But I don’t celebrate Halloween. The idea of demons and devils just comes off real weird and wack to me.

a few weeks ago, twitter and facebook crashed for a day…and people lost their damn minds

joe biden is handling his presidency as a nice guy. I don’t think that’s gonna work. at some point, you gotta be an asshole

I saw the latest joint from Dave Chapelle, The Closer. I thought it was good. But after awhile, the trans jokes got old. I think he made his point. But he can relax on the trans jokes…

that VERZUZ with Big Daddy Kane and KRS One was epic…

see…I told you I’d do it, Terry! Bwhahahaa . Maybe I’ll do this once a month. LoL. Thanks bro! I appreciate it

KRS One won the battle. It wasn’t even close

Great ending to Season 5 of Billions!! I don’t know how they will go on without Axe, though. I guess we’ll see in Season 6 in January

Season 5 (the last season) of Insecure is here. I’m glad it’s back but I’m definitely not ready for it to end

Covid ain’t going nowhere. Put on a mask, social distance, and wash your hands. Even if you’re vaccinated

Skyler just turned 10. She’s playing tennis. Time is flying by…

I’m tired of the vax vs unvaxed argument…

why does bacon cost $1000?

I got a promotion at work. It’s cool. I’m happy. But never content. I’m still pushing myself

Wu Tang : An American Saga…is a must see series

why is a tank of gas $10,000?

JFresh used to cuss a lot in church when we were kids. Especially when his dad was preaching. And that always made me laugh

funny…the pandemic happened and the blogs stopped but the podcasts exploded. I put out a lot of content.

The 12Kyle Podcast is available on all streaming platforms…and it’s free

every time I watch an episode of Insecure, I want to move to LA. I’d need a few more zeros to make that happen.

speaking of podcasts, my boy King Jerm…host of The Frocast podcast called me & eclectik… "The Hedge Fund brothers." And he introduced a segment called "if I had money like 12Kyle & eclectik…" and I couldn’t stop laughing at that

Curb Your Enthusiasm is back too! That’s my shiiiiit. Larry is hilarious

Brandon is in high school. Time is flying…

Mad love to Simone Biles. That performance in the Olympics was great!

Speaking of the Olympics…the ladies from Jamaica are fassssssssss

we’re starting to see what the "other side" of Covid looks like

it’s homecoming season. There’s NOTHING like homecoming at an HBCU

Jay Z should cut his hair. He looks crazy. Too old for that crap

We had our homecoming at South Carolina State University last weekend. Great times! It felt good to be at home.

Kameron is a sophomore in college. Deion is a senior in college. He graduates in December. Time is flying…

blue crabs > crab legs

Do your own research and make an informed judgment about the vaccine. And go see your doctor. Then go from there. You may want to do that…as opposed to listening to the doctors on Facebook and Twitter. But hey…

have you noticed how people have turned LinkedIn to Facebook, Jr

the best thing that i see each day…it’s the group chat text messages from my sons

we’ve reached the time of the year in Atlanta where you’ll need to turn the heat on in your car in the morning…then turn the AC on afternoon