Monday, March 27, 2023

car r&b...


This was a question that came up on my social media timeline the other day.

Fellas…if you’re with your lady in the car…which group are you listening to? 

Ladies…if you’re in the car with your man…which group are you listening to?

Boys 2 Men



I read the question.

Then, I read the responses. I was surprised by some of the responses. 

There’s really no wrong answer.

But for me…there’s only ONE answer. It’s Jodeci.

While I can say that I’m a big fan of both groups, I’m bumping Jodeci all day! And it’s not even close.

Both groups have hits…

Both groups have smash singles…

Both groups have incredible albums…

But nah. 

Gimme Jodeci. Easily! 

Who are YOU taking?

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