Thursday, October 30, 2014

off tha dome

random thoughts...

good to see that the price of gas is now under $3. maybe somebody can explain why it was over $3 to begin with

i laugh when i see people on facebook post about "people being in their business" but they post all of their business on facebook

the Blacklist...the best hour on tv

you can't tell from week to who the best team in the NFL is. there are no dominant teams

is it just me but i hate mass text messages. you always get 5 responses from people who you don't know.

i still want to learn to play the piano. 

two weeks ago, i finally met a good friend who i've known for over 10 yrs. Trish and I have been friends "virtually" for 10 yrs but we never met until she came to Atlanta from New York a few weeks ago. we "met" via email through her cousin and have been cool ever since. it was good hanging out with her. she's just as crazy as i thought she was. lol

liver and okra is soooooo nasty

i'm grown and i still don't understand daylight savings time

at age 25, you know what i understood about women...not much

remember when you were a kid and your parent spanked you? you cried loudly. the first thing they said was "shut up! stop crying!" can i stop crying when you just hit me with a belt, lady?

at age 41, you know what i understand about women...not much

i wonder if leonard hubbard is still somewhere on the bass...

have you ever seen slick rick without his eye patch? i haven't

every now and then you gotta have one of those weekends where you hang out and have a good time. but your body reminds you that you are too old

i rarely eat hot dogs...and i have no reason for why i have stopped

"real recognize real...and you lookin' real unfamiliar, Grandad." - Riley Freeman

vote. i don't care who you vote for...but you should vote

my homegirl told me the other day that she knows far too many "men who want women to be sympathetic with their issues. they need to watch an Iyanla episode and work it out." <---- br="" but="" lmao="" sad="" true="">
we've always used #2 pencils. do #1 pencil or #3 pencils exist?

i found myself trying to explain to my kids why the Space Shuttle was so dope back in the day. doesn't exist

i've been pleasantly surprised with the success of Dead End Sports. thanks for the support

football will always be my first love.

i still have a box filled with cassette tapes and maxi-singles. do you remember the maxi-single?

i remember when me & my boy JFresh moved to Atlanta in '97. we had a townhouse. we had a living room that had a tv...but no furniture.

Me: "Hey Sweetness."
Skyler: "I'm not no sweetness. I'm Skyler, Daddy!" LOL

speaking of Skyler, I'm still miffed that she will NOT let me do her hair. maybe she knows that i don't know how to do hair.

i really shouldn't have long distance calling on my home phone. i never even USE my home phone

2014 was supposed to be the year that i got my first tattoo. it's almost november and it still hasn't happened. smh

i don't celebrate halloween

if i could publish the daily text msgs or group messages that i get from my'd crack up

still waiting on that D'Angelo album

speaking of albums...that new Run the Jewels album (Run the Jewels 2)....fishgrease!

i love that new to get away with murder

joe buck is annoying

here's a $1...can somebody give it to stacy dash so that she can buy a clue

RIP Mike Brown...your death will not be in vain

the iphone 6 plus can't go in your have to put it in a knapsack

Deion is doing well in geometry. i'm glad because i don't remember anything about it outside of the Pythagorean theorem

all mammal

remind me to never buy white sneakers again

too cold for golf. damn!!!

peyton manning was built in a lab in France.

ebola jokes aren't funny. keep them to yourself

i want a snickers today


Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I can't believe y'all gas is under $3! We out here rejoicing because it's under $4! lol

I have seen Slick Rick w/o his eye patch. I'm going to tweet the picture to you.

The Blacklist is the best! I can't really watch it when it comes on w/o being exhausted the next day, but I love the show and make the sacrifice sometimes. Like next episode for sure I'm staying up!

Liver and okra and onions for me are the most disgusting foods ever!

You better get on learning the piano. I have a desire to learn electric guitar!

I love hotdogs, but only from one place. Casper hotdogs are the best!

"real recognize real...and you lookin' real unfamiliar, Grandad." - Riley Freeman HAHAHAHA! Those seasons were the best! The new :(

I vote! I'm looking at the booklets this weekend to be informed.

Aww Skylar is such a cutie pie!

The people making Ebola jokes are idiots.

Forever and always f*ck Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman and all the other racist murdering crackers!

Snickers are GOAT! I swear if I'm starving I grab a Snickers to make it through over a protein bar. lol

Queen of My Castle said...

Man I love your Off the Dome posts!!! I JUST got my 4th tattoo two weeks ago.

Shiiit, I'm still pay 3 dollars and some change for gas!

Hot dogs are for kids now. I feel that same way about them. Just stopped eating them out the blue.

Ha! That was too cute on Skyler's part!

Tricia said...

I told you folk LOVE the off tha Dome posts!!
Keep em coming my friend !

Yes, I am the infamous Trish that he only virtually knew until we FINALLY met face to face a few weeks ago in the ATL. Ive always known you to be a great friend, listener & advice giver and heart you even more now that we've actually met. You knew i was crazy already, you had to know it would be worse in (a