Thursday, July 31, 2008

throwback thursday

Welcome to Throwback Thursday. Take a ride back in time with ya boy 12kyle as we travel to the good ole days

Year : 1996

Place : South Carolina State University

Time : Senior year

I'm a jokester. I like to play pranks on my friends. I've always been like that. I dunno why but I get a good laugh out of it. Anyway, the victim this time would be one of my best friends and teammates at boy Moe. Me and Moe are tight. We've been hangin' since our freshman year. We have a lot in common. We both played on the football team (both of us were wide receivers), liked the same kinda women, liked the same kinda music, and we were usually hangin together at all times. We're still close to this day. Moe is the godfather to my oldest son. We talk every day. When we were in school, our wives (girlfriends at the time) would joke about how we were like twins.

Moe was a marketing major like me. We had took almost all of our classes together. And we needed to b/c we needed to push each other in the classroom like we did on the football field. One day, we were assigned to do a group project for our international marketing class. Our group consisted of me, Moe, and Marcel. As usual, we waited until the last minute to complete the project. We had a week to get it done but we didn't get started until the night before the project was due. I spoke to Moe earlier in the day and reminded him that we were meeting to do the project that night. Each of us had to do their 1/3 of the work and bring it to the meeting at the library. Well, Moe decides that he wants to go to the Pit (hangout spot just like on A Different World). Moe never shows up. I'm furious! In the back of my mind, I knew that he'd pull some kinda stunt so I was already prepared to cover him.

I advised Marcel that we should get him back. I told him "when Moe calls us on the phone...don't answer. If he asks about the project, tell him that we didn't do it and we're gonna get a F." Well, Moe calls me at 6am. I didn't answer b/c I knew it was him. He called answer. Our class didn't start until 4pm. He wasn't able to get in touch with anybody so he knew what he had to do...he had to do the project by himself. He didn't want to do it but he had no choice. He finally finds me around noon and I told him that we hadn't done anything. I also informed him that the "F" really wasn't gonna hurt the "A" that i had in the class. But he knew that an "F" would hurt his "C" average. LOL.

When we arrive in class at 4, Moe is clearly disgusted with me and Marcel. But he did the whole project. Much to our surprise!!! We told him that we finished it the previous night!!!! If you would've seen the look on his face...priceless. He wanted to kill me. I was on the floor ROLLIN'. "Haaaaaa!!!! I got you! I got you!!" He was clearly pissed but what could he do? We put some of his info with what we had and we got an "A" on the project. I got him good!

My joy was short lived. The next semester (our last) he got me back. We both needed to pass financial management to graduate. I hated the class but I had mad respect for our professor, Dr. Cole. Going into our finals, we both had "C"s and we needed to pass the final exam to graduate. The mere thought of financial management terrified me. This class was the sole reason why i didn't send out any graduation invitations to my relatives b/c I wasn't sure if I was gonna pass the class. And Dr. Cole was one of the toughest professors in the School of Business. Anyway...we took the final exam. I thought that I did well on it. Dr. Cole had advised us that he would post the grades in 2 days. I knew if I didn't pass it, I'd have to come back to school for another semester. I couldn't do that.

I sent Moe to Dr.Cole's office to get the results. I shouldn't have done that. He called me later that day. He told me that I didn't pass the final but he did. I was speechless. I kept thinking..."how am I gonna explain this to my momma?" I was pissed off so I told Moe that I'd call him back. I got off the phone and I told my girl (mrs12) that I had failed. I was crushed. Then...about 5 mins later...the phone rings. It's Moe. I didn't wanna talk to him or anybody else. He says..."tell Kyle that I was just joking...he passed. He's gonna graduate." She told me and I was livid!! Arrrrrrgh! How could you play with my emotions like that?

He got me! I can't front. We still laugh about it to this day.


The Jaded NYer said...

And that's what you get!!!

LMAO! that was funny.. only real friends can pull that off and STAY friends.

ShellyShell said...

LMAO!! That sounds like some shyt I would do!!!

Kandi Black said...

Ya'll is silly...ya friend kinda sorta deserved the prank ya'll pulled on him...

i aint even gon lie, if one of my buddies told me i wasn't gonna graduate i'd probably break down in tears...and once i found it was a prank i'd just have to kick his ass one good time...all in the name of friendship of course

Dreamy said...

damn shame, yall aint right

i would have beat you in your head

and that is what you get

Darius T. Williams said...

That's sooooo what you get...this is too funny.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he got you good. You deserved it.

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
If somebody else would have done this to me, I would've choked em out. No lie. But since I did it to him, what could I say?

@ ShellyShell
Are u cruel like that? Haaa

@ Kandi Black
I was damn near in tears when I hung up the phone with him. But I didn't cry. If you ask Moe to tell his version of the story, he'd swear that I was cryin' like a 3 year old. LoL

@ Dreamy
I had it coming to me

@ Darius
LOL!! You're right. I deserved it

@ BorednTalkative
That may have been the longest 5 mins of my life

Jeff S-Class said...

Great laugh! Well it was me Dyrek & Mike Johnson. Well everybody new who Mikes girlfriend was (Angel) and he spent 90% of his time over her house during the football season. Well one morning me Dyrek decided to call Angel house about 4:30am to tell Mike he better get over here becasue Coach Harper is doing a wake up call for the running backs knocking on doors. Man to see Mike Johnson running up either Russell or Calhoun Drive around 5am in the morning on A Sunday We laughed our asses off until we yelled his name in front of Mcdonalds and said Mike "were you going". Mike said Coach Harper is knocking on doors doing a wake up call. We told him that I called him and anyway today is Sunday! Man you should have seen the look on Mike's face! Dyrek and I laugh to this day about that Shit.

Rich said...

He was wrong for that. He dissed y'all and you taught him a good lesson w/ your prank, but he really played with your head on his. He knew you had everything riding on that. That was cold, but I'm sure a GREAT relief when you found out it was a prank.

Rich said...

Jeff S-Class's prank was real funny. That would have been too funny to see.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said... when you said, "This class was the sole reason why i didn't send out any graduation invitations to my relatives b/c I wasn't sure if I was gonna pass the class."

LMAO...I understand

Your friend got you goood though b/c that's a messed up feeling when you think you're not going to graduate.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

They say what goes around comes around...I'm still ducking and dodging a friend who is gonna to scare the life out of me whenever she gets a chance....I scared the mess out of her one night....she was shaking in her

Glad that yall made it through...jokes and all

12kyle said...

@ Jeff S-Class
Mannnn, that was classic! I would've paid top dollar to see Mike Johnson running through the streets tryna get back on campus. Y'all were dead wrong!

@ Rich
Moe was a good student but he was lazy that day. We had to teach his azz a lesson.

@ Rich
Mannnn, we have soooo many football stories.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
This was the SECOND time that I was taking that class. Financial management was boooooring. I liked Dr. Cole b/c he'd challenge us. But I hated it. I really was too scared to send invitations b/c I knew that I'd need the Lord to get me outta that class. LMAO

@ Keisha the Kitten
Yeah. We made it. We laugh about it right now. In fact, I'm expecting him to pop in and give his version of the story. LOL

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...


If you have a Blackberry Curve or Instinct please check out my post and help a sistah out!

Smarty Jones said...

I mighta had to fight both of ya'll!

mlinz said...

I can't get past the fact of you having an A in a class. I can just see you and Moe fighting it out in the middle of the plaza and then Willie finding out about Lord know that would have been some s*^&. BTW, who is the tallest of ya'll two anyway (this answer should be the same both now and then, cause I don't think you have grown a bit) cause I'm thinking the one with the height advantage would have won.

The Flyyest said...

hahahahah!!! thats what you get.... i bet he wanted to see the look on your face!!!!!

dessex said...

man this made my day. Thats funny

Rezidl said...

Moe is an a-hole!

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Gotcha covered

@ Smarty Jones
If we weren't such good friends, we would've come to blows.

@ mlinz

I got plenty of A's. Moe is slightly taller b/c of his peanut head

@ Flyyest
I'm soooo glad that he didn't see me!!

@ dessex
Thanks, bruh

@ rezidl
Yes! Moe is truely an azzhole. You and I know that dude better than anybody. But that's why he's our boy, too! Lmao

The F$%K it List said...

I hope you have curbed your pranking ways.

But if this was a prank played on me, whooo Moe would have caught a bad one.

Kieya said...

Yall are fools!!

Had a friend told me there was an F, I woulda fell OUT.

I stopped w/the pranks in HS when I had my guidance counselor call my mom & tell her I was kicked out of school - she threatened to end my life LOL

12kyle said...

@ the f$%k it list
my days of playin pranks are lonnnnng gone! lol

@ kieya
lol!!! now that's funny

Stew said...

its good that you can take a joke as good as you can dish it. that's why i do not joke much. for some reason i just do not take it well.

Anonymous said...

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