Tuesday, July 22, 2008


We're gonna tell ya somethin put your mind in a swirl
God bless the next baby that comes in this world
The world's full of hate discrimination and sin
People judgin other people by the color of skin
I'll attack this matter, in my own way
Man, I ain't no slave, I ain't bailin no hay
Written a deposition, in any condition
Don't get in my way cause I'm full of ambition
I'm proud to be black (and I ain't takin no crap)
I'm fresh out the pack (and I'm proud to be black)

Run-DMC (Proud to be Black)

I see you!

Look at you!

You look real smooth today!

Is it the way that the blue pinstriped suit drapes over your frame?

Is it the way that your baggy jeans fall on your Timberland boots?

Is it the way that your fitted Yankees cap is tilted slightly towards the east?

Is it that swagger or "pimp" in your walk? Is it your strut?

Is it the way that you engage your co-workers in topics like the ozone layer and environmental issues?

Is it the way that you bounce to a beat from J Dilla? Or the latest verse from NaS or Jay Z?

Is it the way that you bi-lingually speak...good English at work...slang on the cell?

Is it the way that you hold it down for your entire family?

Is it the way that you've made it to the point that there are a few people who enjoy what you have to say on a daily basis and look forward to reading what you've written?

Is it the way that you are a friend, homie, confidant?

Is it the way that you know your past and understand the humble beginnings from which you came?

Is it the way that you've succeeded but understood that you have even further to go?

Is it the way that you live hip hop culture?

Is it the way that you've made sports a huge part of your life?

Is it the way that you know that God has put you here for a reason and you must do the job that you've been assigned to do?

Is it the way that you...are you?

Who are you?

You are Kyle.

A black man. A strong and proud black man. A black man who has been blessed with the gift and the experience to raise 3 black boys into black men.

These are some things that I think of when I'm asked "what does it mean to be black to you?"

This week CNN will air the special "Black In America". I will be tuning in as many of you will as well. It's easy for celebrities and athletes to speak about being Black in America. But what about the common folk. People like you. What does it mean to you? When you look in the mirror...do you like what you see? What does it mean to you to be black?



Sexxy Luv said...

1st!!!!!!!!!!!! lol going back to read the post! istaye up to be first! LMAO

12kyle said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh lawd!!! LMAO!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

LOL! Kyle, I can't even red all the post, i'm rubbing my eyes like a 1 year old baby!

i'll be back tomorrow to talk about what it means to be "black" to me!

nighty night :)

Dreamy said...

okay Sexxy Luv is gonna make me beat her black tail,lol

okay Kyle, you know what you are on, you are the shyss.

i look forward to reading your blog each and every day, cause you keep it so real, and i got maddd love for you!!!

okay what do i see when i look in the mirror, lol do you really want to know???? j/j

i see a work in progress
i see myself growing
i see myself loving me
i see myself for the true blessing that i am
i see myself completing the task that God has set for me
i see myself being the best that i can be
i see somone deserving of love
i see myself suceeding
i see myself as the beautiful,humble, spirit that I am
i see me Dreamy

hope that answered yor question!!

PrettyBlack said...

What does it mean to be Black me in America:

It means I am the truth.
A conquerer
an overcomer
an element
Mother Earth
A fighter
An independent Soul

What do I see when I look in the mirror?

A Woman 100%
A Black woman 1000%
The originator
The real
Black Beauty
A mother
A lover
A bitch
80% Lady
10% ghetto
10% hog
A Southern born Cali raised West coast rider
A warrior.
A friend.
A daughter
A sister
An Auntie

I just love your shit Kyle!

Kandi Black said...
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Kandi Black said...

hey...im finally over here kinda early...even if i aint first...lol

anywayz...i can't really even sit here and give you a list of pro-black stuff...i don't know exactly what it means to be black, it's kinda hard to describe...all i know is that's what i am...

when i look in the mirror, i see a blossoming young woman who is tryna find herself and where she fits in the world...

and that's the simple and plain, man...

Interracialmatch said...
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Darius T. Williams said...

I set my DVR this morning for the shows on CNN this week. Being black in America means so much...this comment box won't contain all the thoughts I have.

I will say this - I understand your post so much. Despite all of our separate differences as Blacks there are so many things that join us together...so many things.

Eb the Celeb said...

why is this first thing suck an obsession over here...


I will miss the first night.. so take good notes for me... my happy hour is wed... but will watch on night 2

being black to me means being strong, being independent, being able to handle any triumphs that come our way. We are survivors by nature and are our own worst enemies. If we stick together we could conquer the world but instead we get in our own way.

that's in general though... wont get into the "I" aspect of my blackness... its too early in the morning for all that

Keith said...

Being Black to me means surviving and thriving in spite of racism and
a society that stacks the deck against you at birth. For those of us who get an education, whose raise their children and who manage to make it through another day intact, mentally, physically and somewhat economically...That's
Real Black...

Rich said...

Being black in America means we are Survivors in every sense of the word.

TravelDiva said...

I'm proud to be black and I'm proud to be African American--to me it's about a rich culture--the way we talk, behave, dress, dance, and express ourselves. It also means that our ancestors came from slavery, prevailed over years of strife and abuse and we are here representing them. I don't know, I just love it.


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

I usually don't get into the color/race thing...because we are all human beings....we are all God's children...just so happens that he destined us to be a specific race....still we all bleed the same color blood...which speaks in volumes if you really think about it.....I'm proud of who I am....and thankful for my roots....our people are strong...and I believe our faith is what has kept us moving...even when others have tried to push us down...

Yes...I like who I see when I look in the mirror...WHY...because again I NOW know that I am a child of God....a royal priesthood...from a chosen people...I am blessed....we are blessed...and when you truly know and believe that....you can't help but like who you see in the mirror...no matter what shade reflects from that mirror.........

Brad said...

I see a constant struggle.
I see my blackness as a culture that I'm proud of.
I see a people who have been harndened from 400+ years of murder, rape, kidnapping, slavery, Social Sodomy, Cultural Castration and Religious Reprogramming.
I see a people who were then told to be like "them" to survive in this country, when for 400 years you made it clear that we were nothing like YOU.
I see a people who are the essence of stereotype. Everything from complexion to intelligence.
I see a world where our men are seen as criminals and our women are seen as whores before they even reach 15.

All that being said....I'm proud to be black. I talk like I'm black, I walk like I'm black, I cook like it, eat like it. I have a degree but I still say "YO" and "Sup Son". But at the same time, I do like to socialize with other cultures. Just to learn more about where they're from or what they do. Cause I think the worst thing we can do is be black and forget to be human.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see you recognizing your worth 12kyle! I have also been tuning in to CNN for "Black in America," and am just really ready to tip my hat to Soledad O'Brien. She deserves credit for being a reporter and journalist that doesn't mind digging deep into something different. I've watched her do it before, and Im sure she will do it again. Being a black woman today for me represents pride for today, respect for the past, beauty in natural skin, struggle to break the barriers, celebration of heritage, love of children, a nurturing soul; there are so many things that are both bad and good..the list could go on and on! But it's nice to take the time to really think about what I bring to this world as a black woman. Thanks for the opportunity to do so. Take care 12!


Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

My "blackness" represents a story of all mankind, starting with a hue. This hue, in all its splendor and glory, encompasses the majestic ability to give birth to nations near and far, with precision and infallibility. Therefore, when I view myself in the mirror, the same precision and infallibility that created the various nations, is the same precision and infallibility that created me. I’m partaking in this legacy by respecting, loving, nourishing, and spiritualizing my heritage via actions and lifestyles that impede negativity on the totality of my existence.

Its also a reminder of how far Black people have come, yet how much more we have to go. Of course, with the good in life you have the bad...the unforgiving dichotomies of life. Being Black represents the negativity I have received due to being Black and the negativity that will come. Fortunately, I have the ability to knock it out of my life with keen precision :)

A Go Bytch said...

Okay then... Mr. Black man..go ahead with your bad self!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Did you catch the one that aired on Sunday? It was great!

Being black to me means being strong, resilient, confident and intelligent. I could go on and on...

There's nothing like black pride!

The F$%K it List said...

AWW man! This is a great post.

What does being Black mean to me:

It means struggle but not in vain.

It means beauty from the youngest to the oldest

Being black means respecting my ancestors and treating myself and my kings as the rpyalty they are.

Being Black in AMERIKKKA means knowing that I have to be smarter, stronger and more agile than my white competitors. And Glorify in it..

Ok I can go on but being Black also means I need to get my Black arse back to work, heheh.

Tha L said...

Loves it! Wonderful post kyle. But I will refrain from answering your question...I'd write a dayum dissertation in your comment page and I don't want u cussin' me out!

ShellyShell said...

Being black to me means being:

What I see when I look in the mirror:

Stew said...

to me being black all boils down to survival. from when you are born until the day you die life is going to be a struggle.

it would be one thing if it was "them folk" we would have to battle against, but we have to fight against each other too.

fight on!!!

Anonymous said...

Being Black to me means that we still have a long ways to go.

ms.uncensored said...

i agree with jewells. about the whole being black. its hard for me to say so many positive things about being black when in the black community i see so much negativity and lack of progress.

i don't think i've gotten a good grasp of myself yet. enough to say what i truly see. sigh. :/

Charece said...

I see a creator in every sense of the word CREATOR.

Im new to this blog but Im definately feeling it stop by my blog sometime an dshow some luv.

Shanita Waters said...

I like that. I'll be back to check you out again real soon.

To me to be black simply means to be ever evolving. We have no time to "be" anything. We have to be whatever we need to be for that moment. That's how we've existed this long.

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
R u still asleep? haaaa

@ dreamy
Thanks! I gots maad love for you, too!

Yes! You answered the question

@ prettyblack
Love this list. Can you explain to me 10% hog? lol

@ kandi black
You're gonna find yourself. You're much wiser than 20 yrs (almost) of age

@ Darius
So true, bruh. We're different but we're still together in the same struggle

@ Eb the Celeb
Don't hate on the "first-ness" haaaa

I'll be happy for the day when we are no longer our own worst enemies.

@ Keith
Educators are special people. It takes a lot to do it. I tip my fitted Yankees cap to you, bruh

@ Rich
We are the ORIGINAL survivors

@ TravelDiva
Thanks! You know me...I love black people, too

12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten
Most of the hymnals that we sing on Sunday were originally sung in the fields as we picked cotton.

@ brad
I couldn't have said it better bruh.

You need a blog...fa real! LoL

@ Kei's Revelation
I'll be right in front of the tv. Mrs12 works for CNN and she saw the original screening. It's powerful. I didn't know that Soledad was black. Did you?

I'ma check your blog out

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up

We'e come a long way but we have so much further to go

@ A Go Bytch
I try...I try (smile)

Yes! I saw it. I really enjoyed it

Black pride is powerful

@ The F$%K it List

Being Black in AMERIKKKA means knowing that I have to be smarter, stronger and more agile than my white competitors. And Glorify in it. I've lived by this mantra for my entire life

@ L
You can write a dissertation and we'll blame it on the Crown! Haaaaaa

@ ShellyShell
I hear you! I got my black fist raised!

12kyle said...

@ Stew
"Fight the Power!!! We got to fight the powers that be!!!!


@ Jewells
I agree

@ ms.uncensored
That's an excellent self assessment

@ Charece
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like the school bully.

I'ma check out your blog

@ Shanita Waters
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here everyday like a stray cat

I agree! We are constantly evolving.

i.can't.complain. said...

its the gift and the curse

theres a common understanding that comes from my Blackness

others of my race tend to relate

the curse is people sometimes expect me to act, speak, think a certain way

also, because of my Blackness.

what does it mean 2 be Black to me?

i dunno, big brother 12

it's just what i am

just as i breathe, i love, i live...

i am Black

it's all i've known


12kyle said...

@ -1-
i feel you, sis. being black is all that i've ever known or ever wanted to be. it is who i am.

we are decedents of a proud race of people. i'm happy to be a part of that.

PrettyBlack said...

You have to listen to west coast rap Kyle...a hog is greedy, wants it all yesterday...a boss, a HOG! haha!

If you get your head out of East coast's ass you'd know what hoggin' is! Listen to some E-40...

12kyle said...

@ pretty black
LMAO!!! I tried to listen to E40 but I need a slang dictionary to understand him.

I'll listen to Cube, Snoop, Dogg Pound, and Xzibit. That's about it for the West Coast.

Thanks for clearing that up for me, tho.