Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ms Media

Sometimes we get too preoccupied by the images that we see on BET. Don't get me wrong...Black Exploitation Television is the worst! But the media controls sooooo much more of what we see. It can negatively change our opinions at the drop of a dime. Be leery of that.

Fox News has been under scrutiny b/c of it's constant attacks on blacks and more recently Michelle and Barack Obama.

My boy Nas has launched a lyrical assassination of the Fox News Network in a song on his latest cd. The song is called Sly Fox.

It's sly Fox, cyclops
We locked in an idiot box
The video slots broadcasting Waco Dividian plots
They own YouTube, MySpace
When this ignorant shit going to stop?
They monopolize and lose your views
And the channel you choose
Propaganda, visual cancer
The eye in the sky, number 5 on the down
Secret agenda, frequency antenna
Dr. Mindbender
Remote control so controlling your brain holder
Slave culture, game's over
What's a fox characteristic?
Slick shit, sins in, misinformation
Pimp the station, over-stimulation
Reception, deception
Comcast digital Satan
The Fox has a bushy tale
And Bush tells lies and foxtrots
So, I don't know what's real (what's real)

Watch what you're watching
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking outside of the box
And unplugged from the Matrix stopped you
But watch what you say, Big Brother is watching

Watch what you're watching
Fox keeps feeding us toxins
Stop sleeping
Start thinking outside of the box
And unplugged from the Matrix stopped you
But watch what you say, Fox Fire is watching

The Fifth Act that got you all riled up
O'Reilly? Oh really? No rally needed, I'll tie you up
Network for child predators, setting them up
MySpace, pimps, hoes and sluts
Y'all exploit rap culture, then y'all flip on us
And you own the Post, and y'all shit on us
What is their net worth?
They're going to try to censor my next verse
Throw them off the roof neck first
While I'm clicking my cursor
Reading blogs about pressure they put on Universal
It gets worse
While I'm clicking my mouse
While they kick in my house
They figured us out
Why a nigger go south?
It's either he caught a body
Don't sleep, they're watching
I watch CBS, and I see BS
Trying to track us down with GPS
Make a nigger want to invest in PBS (see BS)


They say I'm all about murder murder and kill kill
But what about Grindhouse and Kill Bill?
What about Cheney and Halliburton?
The back door deals on oil fields?
How is Nas the most violent person?
Y'all wouldn't know talent if it hit you
Bringing up my criminal possession charges with a pistol
I use Viacom as my firearm
Then let the living split you, who do you rely upon?
Then shoot shells at Leviath-o-n
I'm dealing with the higher form
Fuck if you care of how I write a poem
Only fox that I loved was the red one
Only black man that Fox love is in jail or a dead one
Red rum, political bedlam
Don't let the hype into your eyes and ear drum
Murder our own fox
Not A-Team with Baracus
And he hates Barack because he march with the marches

[Deep voice outro]
I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth
Not the biased truth
Not the liest truth
But the highest truth

I will not be deceived
Nor will I believe in the propaganda
I will not fall for the oke-doke
I am tuned in...

Watch because they're watching
Watch what you're watching

Better watch because they're watching
Watch what you're watching

M-m-media, misleading you
Watch what you're watching
Your thoughts on the media and the images that we see on a daily basis.



The F$%K it List said...

I'm FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The way the media portrays african americans is just another way to oppress and enslave us as a people.

Its our job to do the research and make sure we are educated.

NaS is the TRUTH! He is back in rotation (Dreamy I see you)

The Jaded NYer said...

I don't trouble myself with the news or newspapers anymore... especially now that I work in Public Relations, I see how the news is nothing more than BS conjured up by ghostwriters at PR firms... like me.

that's right- you heard it here first!

Stew said...

i try to pay attention to the news just so i can see what is going on in the world around me. there is no way that you can have an opinion about the world if you do not know what is going on in it. most times i do not believe half of what gets printed, but i try to get the overall message.

the media has been fucked for a long time. we have to do all we can to change it

PrettyBlack said...

If anybody believes everything the television feeds them then I have a bottle of pine-sol I'm selling as hennessey...any takers?

We know how fox do. I watch Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and the like. I watch Fox to see how they're trying to fuck us this week...Bill HoReilly, Hannity and 'nem.

And yes Nas has been the truth since...Ether..."I. fuck with your sould like ether. Will. Not. Lose. Uggghh!

The only people who watch Fox news are right wing backwoods, hillbilly nut jobs, and people like me who watch them bitches close to see what their next move is...

Judy D. said...

thanks for sharing this gem!

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
First for you!! LOL

I think education is the key. Good point

@ Jaded Santana
Don't tell me that you're out there making up stories like Templeton from The Wire??? haaaa

@ Stew
I feel you, bruh. I do watch the news as well. I'll watch the national news before I watch the local news. Sometimes it can be downright depressing. If you tune into the local news at 6am, you'll hear about 3 murders and 2 robberies. At 6:20, you're depressed and you haven't even started your day. You feel me?

@ prettyblack
Good points. Its good to know what the others are thinking. We just have to be able to separate the real from the fake.

Nas is the truth for real. When I heard this song, I didn't think that there'd be a video for it. I'm glad that he did it. Somebody needed to say something.

@ Judy D.
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin' out like wet clothes.

i.can't.complain. said...

i may have to buy this album, big brother XII


Rich said...

Living in Atlanta in the 90's is what got me off the news. There was so much negativity reported, that I couldn't watch anymore. I still don't watch it. Every now and again I catch stuff, but if it's not on the Yahoo home page or I see it on the screen locked on CNN as I'm going to the company cafeteria, I don't hear about it. The news is in the past, think about it. I'm living in the now and trying to change my future.

12kyle said...

@ -1-
Cop it! It is the best cd that has come out this year in my opinion. Very deep and thought provoking. You'll enjoy it. Trust me

@ Rich
I feel you. I think the news can be a bit overwhelming. Some of the images that we see are crazy.

And if you really wanna see some ignorant stuff...tune into Maury, Springer, or any of those Judge (Judy, Brown, Mabeline, etc) shows. To say that our people fall under the stereotype is a major understatement.

Darius T. Williams said...

It's propaganda at it's best...and it's horrible. But really, what can be done? The big corporations control the government - the media gets tons of money - they're all happy - we're not. That's America for you...the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

These images are clearly skewed towards ignorance and negativity. If its not another dumb ass reality shows with big booty Black women w/ugly, cheap ass weaves, its some other negative stereotype (mouth grills, a vocab that a 9 yr. old can master and go beyond, *money, cars, clothes that they DON'T have, etc.). The media is truely a cancer that festers and worsen with the advancement of various media outlets (t.v., music, etc.). While talking to some of my co-workers one time, the Whites didn't believe there were all Black, high class neighborhoods!!! They assumed all Black people came from the rough environments.

Its to the point where even these so called reputable news stations are full of skewed information (F*ck Fox News). I miss the days when I could turn on my t.v. and see substance-filled Black shows...BET used to be great b/c it was about something ( I miss Teen Summit). Now its all about ass and tits and entertainers whose albums barely go rust.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

My Dad cannot stand this about me...but I don't even watch the news....CAUSE...

Ain't nothing new…..
Under the sun...
So I.... choose…..
To get the reports …..
From the…. omnipotent …one
I’m searching …for truth …
Through the…. Holy…. Son
While the media…spreads death…
I’m on a run…
To pick up that …Good News….
The world…. been lying
I finally…. got a clue…
Stay tuned …
To the word…
That’s what gets….. me through
Yeah…times is hard
People killing
But there’s …still a…. God
And that’s …the truth

Well alrighty then...looks like I'll be cutting and pasting that comment as I had a million thoughts #5.......BTW...I was in the studio singing the hook for my guy Scroll who is a Christian Hip Hop artist last night...and I was so pumped...i love...and I do mean LOVE...being apart of the birth of a new song....Bro I think you would dig his cd...will have to get you a copy when it's done...Peace

Charece said...

I use to wonder why my pastor called it Hell-evision, now I can definately see why. No matter what station you watch or listen to there constantly feeding you negative toxins. Everything is reality now but reality is not really "reality" it fabricated. I try to stay away from all that foolishness.

Tha L said...

It's just more of the same bruh. From the textbooks we learned from in school to the "news" we watch on the tube to the movies we see in the theater, our media is a master of deception and propaganda. Don't even get me started on BET (I'll leave that to Folk).

Oh, and did you catch the Black in America thang on CNN last night? That channel even pisses me off, despite its claims to be the liberal voice in news and politics. One thing that struck me was how the very first story was about this black family searching for it's roots, and the glee with which they found that their patriarch was white. Call me a cynic, but I thought that was sum BULLSHIT. Maybe that was CNN's way of trying to reach a broader audience, I don't know...

All of this makes me wanna burn my TV and go to the dayum library.

Ms. Jones said...

I think the media tells us what they feel like telling us and in a way they find it appropriate. Although there's the notion that news and most media for the most part is unbiased I think that is a lie simply because they know if they don't show it to us then it doesn't exist. Therefore, the ball is in our court to research and dig for the truth...can't take anything the media says for face value.

The F$%K it List said...

Hey now I have been first twice before (or once), I can only do it when I am on vacation.

@Pretty Black sine Ether? NaS has been fire sine Live at the BBQ. But Ether was RIDICULOUS, I Was screaming R.I.P Jay all up and around

Kandi Black said...

I do agree with basically everyone else that the media does protray african americans in a negative light. u just gotta know ur facts. cause all blacks aint drug dealers, strippers, and all them other stereotypes they like to lump us in. lotta successful black men and women out there who aint getting their rightful shine, but i keep believing that our time will soon come...don't worry...once i become a journalist in the near future, imma hold us down.

and i watched black in america on cnn last night and it was very interesting. opened my eyes to a lotta stuff.

12kyle said...

Not only is it's racist propaganda

What can be done? Hit em where it the pockets. Boycott the network and then form a unified front to boycott their sponsors. Cash rules.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Preeeeeeeech!!!! Wow! All I can say is amen. Now...pass the collection plate. LOL

Great points

@ Keisha the Kitten
Somebody is pumped up and feelin it today. LOL

Lemme know about that cd when its done

@ Charece
Some things on tv are "visual cancer"

@ L
I think we could talk all day about BET. LOL

I saw the program last night. I was impressed. I feel your sentiment about the family reunion. I liked it b/c it showed a different side of us and it showed how problems have confined memebers of that family. If that was the sole story, then I'd prolly look at it the way that you did. I think if we did a lil diggin...we'd all find that our roots would come up white somewhere down the road. I'm looking forward to the episdode tonight. Don't burn your tv just's almost football season. Haaaa

@ Ms. Jones
You're right. They are biased. Instead of interviewing Ms Jones to get a perspective about something that happened in the hood...they'll bypass you and talk to Pookie who has gold teeff and speaks broken english and drops a cuss word or 2.

@ The F$%K it List
I agree. He's been hot since the BBQ. And yes...he did get Jay. I'm glad that they are cool now.

@ Kandi Black
When you become a journalist, make sho that you interview ya boy. I gotta lot to say. LOL

I was very impressed. The information about HIV/AIDS in DC really opened my eyes and made my jaw drop!

Smarty Jones said...

Wow! I knew people hated us, but dayum!
OK, I am a newspaper reporter. I am a black American. I see all sides, but still I'm a lil' offended by some of the comments.
As black folks, we know what it is like to be lumped into one group because we're all so different.
When you all say 'the media,' it includes me and a lot of other hard working folks who are doing our best to bring you the information you seek.
It amazes me that people get pissed about the news that's there and then you get pissed when it's not there. Make up your minds.
First off, none of you, expect maybe the few folks working PR, have any idea how hard it really is to get out here and find stuff to report on and write about.
'The Press' as you all group us do not control what you see, the gatekeepers do. The gatekeepers are the editors, publishers and station managers who are constantly worrying about the bottom line and making sure they make a profit.
Rest assured that there are a lot of us out here working to get positive, well thought out stories about minority communities into the papers and on these news programs.
More often than not, these story ideas are killed before we even get to do the first interview.
I agree that it's frustrating to have this on the TV and in the papers all the time. The old adage is if it bleeds, it leads and that will always be the case.
I guess my point is, you don't have to watch it. You can always turn it off.

ShellyShell said...

The media portrays blacks in a negative manner. They rarely make light of the black kids achieving great things.

I was psyched to see last nights CNN special but was disappointed with the content. Almost everything they spoke about was struggle and yes I agree that black folks do struggle but I felt like the show didn't showcase any success stories. I'm sorry they did the one about the black family that owns the construction company. But this special was suppose to be about Black America Now. I think you need to shed light on the horrible inner city school systems, dropouts etc but I think they could have given more examples of blacks becoming successful. I personally think there should have been more balance in the show's content.
I'm going to watch tonite's show on the The Black Man. I hope they just don't depict them as baby daddy's, dropouts etc.

PrettyBlack said...

Smarty Jones, me thinks you take offense quickly. A lot of these people on this blog are expressing what happened in THEIR circumstance, in THEIR hometowns. I believe you shouldn't be offended unless someone outright did an op-ed on any of YOUR particular works.

That's just like if I were to get offended if anyone blankets a term referring to all Black people as say; niggers, bitches, or ho's. Why get offended when that particular person doesn't know me personally?

The media- more often than not- portrays Black people in a negative and if you can't see that, then you are not paying close enough attention to the facts. If you as a journalist, who happens to be Black, can't see that, and can sit here and say you are offended by what a majority has to say, then you are doing more talking than listening.

My basic perception of the journalist was to convey the voice of many into one and report that...Not get offended when the many speak.

To say you are offended and push back at people who have legitimate concerns, is like the pusher saying hey I don't produce the junk, I just sell it.

Myself and many others have made the statement that they use the media to their advantage, or simply DO NOT WATCH AT ALL.

No one on here has yet to say this one reporter in my area did or did not (insert negative here)... Obviously something is broken in the system, and maybe instead of being offended at the truths of others, you, as a journalist, and others like you should get together and do something to negate what people believe, show us there is a fair side.

Obviously if we have been swallowing the bullshit your media has been feeding us for so long, then maybe we will give the turnaround a chance. But please don't get offended without first offereing us a different option. Because all you are saying is...It is what it is a get over it.

Queen of My Castle said...

I'm so feeling this post.

karrie b. said...

i just LOVE that kelis (my hero) married this brilliant nigger.


12kyle said...

@ Smarty Jones
I'm not sure who or what offended you. I think what you've read on this blog is a cross section of the opinions of black folks and their views of the media. Are there good members of the media? Sure. I'm know that you are one of them. I think we have grown tired of the constant slant of which the media is presented. It's biased and it's not fair. That's all that I'm saying.

@ ShellyShell
I've heard that sentiment from a few people today. I thought they did a good job of showing the struggle. Maybe they could have gone a lil deeper into why we struggle. I dunno. I'll be tuned in tonight.

@ PrettyBlack
You said what I a nutshell...maybe...but in a prettyblack way! LOL

@ Queen

@ karrie b
Dude is very bright!!!

Dreamy said...

well i aint even gonna lie to you Kyle i dont even watch the new or other political shows for that matter

just too much negativity and we as black people are always betrayed negatively. when are they gonna start showing the black people who are doing something with themselves. its always the negative ones they show

so for that i dont even watch it. we dont get a break, even when we are trying to do good

look what they have on there now, bull shysss!!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

Not a big news watcher, and i don't get caught up and fuss about BET because it doesn't represent me. My 3 children and I are the only ones who represent me!

I'm judged based on the way i look each and each day before i open my mouth to speak, so i have become custom to the BS!

Nas is the truth!

Smarty Jones said...

Pretty, I don't think I offend too easily at all.
As you pointed out, black folks are always getting lumped into one group. No matter where I go or what I do I always end up in this conversation.
Not once did I say that black folks aren't portrayed negatively. I understand that these are all individual situations and circumstances. For the record, I'm not pushing back.
My reason for posting was to put some folks up on who really controls the news. We as writers and on-air personalities don't.
Of course I see what's going on, how could I not. That's why I, as a journalist, try my best to seek out those well-spoken people to quote in my stories. The problem with that is they don't want to be quoted because my white counterpart went and found Pookie and they think we're all the same.
Until you have been looked at up and down by someone who looks like you and asked why you would 'waste your life' on such a horrible career that does nothing for black people and all you can say is, "thank you for reading the paper" don't tell me not to get offended.
To say I and others like me should join forces to try to do something implies that we haven't already been doing that. There are several organizations like the National Association of Black Journalists, the National Association of Hispancic Journalists, also Asian and Native American Journalists who are all working to ensure that the journalists are a) not being descriminated against while trying to work and b) that there are some positive images in there somewhere.
You're right, in a sense I am saying, it is what it is, but I am not saying get over it. I would never say that.
I'm saying give us something else to report on and if there's something that needs to be reported on, call your local reporters and editors and demand to know why.
Write letters to the editor, hell, start your own publications. But don't blanket us all with that whole, "the media" discussion because there are some of us who are trying to make sure there is something else, something positive for you to watch.
For the record, I loathe Fox News too, but they have a right to be there.

12kyle said...

@ dreamy
You should watch some news, tho. LOL. I wanna make sure that you are informed

@ Sexxy Luv
BET is the worst

Yeah. That new NaS cd is smooookin'

@ Smarty Jones
I hear you. I know that journalist don't make or break the news. Unfortunately, journalists are memebers of the media who I have a problem with. Not you. But there are some memebers of the NABJ who write stuff that kills black folks every chance that they get. Those are the folks who I have problem with personally. I'm saying in our criticism or hatred of the's not directed at you or anyone like you who does it the right way. So, I would hope that you wouldn't take offense to it. As you know, opinions are golden over here at the 12th Planet. And I appreciate everybody's input.

Smarty Jones said...

You know it's all good over here. I just wanted to make sure every thing was crystal clear.
Criticism I can take, it's the other stuff that I'm not cool with. Plus, you'll have to excuse me, I was having a few issues earlier but I'm cool now. ;-)

Dione said...

I got a very interesting opinion on the Black in America show. I'll try to get it posted in the next day or so.
BTW, the media is a Mr not Ms because they don't listen and they say what they wanna say and according to their own perspective. Haaa!

PrettyBlack said...

Thank you for your response. But, I did say Black folks get lumped all the time, but I choose not to get offended because it is not a personal attack. The reason I gave retort to your response on the comments is because you chose to get offended at something which was not in direct correlation to you.

I used to be a customer service rep some years ago, of course I used to hear the jokes all the time...never once did I get offended because unlike some of the reps who were more laid back...I did my job...And in the end that's all that mattered.

The fact that you, yourself, as an upstanding journalist, even with all of the muckraking going on, chooses to try your best to be representative of the positive is enough.

But the fact that you say that's the way it is doesn't make it okay. Have you ever heard of 14-year old Atlanta resident, Kenya Jordana James who in 2002, started Blackgirl Magazine,her own teen magazine a couple of years back? She said she didn't see enough images which portrayed her and decided to do something about she has a circulation.

There are things which can be done about certain situations. As for telling you not to get offended, I never once said that, let me reiterate, I said you take offense too easily, at the wrong people.

I would be more offended at the individuals who wouldn't let me do my job the way I felt I needed to.

Of all the different minority organizations involved in journalism, I'm wondering why we as a collective never heard of them? And, if there are so many, why are we still being portrayed negatively everytime we turn on the television?

Is it because either they are a figurehead and not actually the machine? Or, is it like ignorant negro's en masse who believed Obama could never get this far "because white folks wouldn't let him?"

Thank you for your reply, because elaboration is the best way to show that indeed you are listening.

But in the end it's all love.

Kyle and F$%CK it...Ya'll gotsta know I'm not a big East Coast hip hop head but I have definitely loved NaSir since he wanted to rule the rule *wink* ya dig? But ether was just so DAMNED had to get top please excuse my faux paus.

PrettyBlack said...

oops I meant rule the *world

12kyle said...

@ Smarty Jones
"It's all good baby, baby." -Biggie

@ Dione
We'll be lookin out for that

Ms Media was coined by my boy Derrick. I'm surprised that he didn't post today. That dude could write a dissertation on this.

@ PrettyBlack
"Holla if ya hear me!!" - Tupac

CapCity said...

I'll come back & check the video later - but regarding your question about thoughts on the media:

I wish parents of young children would be more aware of the fact that TO CHILDREN - EVERYTHING is REAL!! Children have very little sense between real vs. pretend as they are developing...

just something to be aware of when folk let tv baby-sit for them...

Keith said...

Man, we are on the same wavelength
because I'm writing a post about
coonery and buffonery in a recent movie that's about to be released...and how seeing blacks portrayed in the old movies I watched on late night tv as a child
effected me. Be sure to check me out tomorrow. The media has been "amused" by african-americans for years..but I aint amused.What bothers me most is how we have helped them portray the stereotypes they created.
Good Post Kyle. I'm telling you, you're in my head man.

Mizrepresent said...

I don't watch tv as much as i used to. And that's a good thing, so when i do...i hate to see these mis-calcucations of who we are and who we want to be. I so hate Fox News, and all that other bs news reporting for falsifying what WE think or Believe or want. Great post 12kyle, as always.

12kyle said...

@ CapCity
Spoken like a true teacher! LOL. I'm wit ya!

@ Keith
I'ma check it out. I know you'll bring that fi-yah!!

@ Miz
Middle finga for FOx News. LOL

Kieya said...

I pledge allegiance to the fair and balanced truth
Not the biased truth
Not the liest truth
But the highest truth

^^thats serious^^

the media is a joke.