Friday, July 11, 2008

4 tha Fam


Here's my 4th of July weekend wrap-up...with pictures

On Thursday, me and the fam headed to my hometown, Florence, SC for a small family reunion. On Friday, we had a HUGE cookout at the crib. The food (sorry no pics) was great! Afterwards, I hung out with Roody and Zell. On Saturday, we got together at Timrod Park to take pictures. Afterwards, we piled into 5 cars and made the hour drive to Myrtle Beach. I had a blast down there. The kids did too. We went to dinner and then we headed back to Florence. Later that night, I linked up with Roody, Zell, and Derrick for drinks and trash talkin'. Then, on Sunday we went to Mrs12's grandmother's house in Andrews, SC. We kicked it there for a day and came back on Monday. It was a great time! I really enjoyed myself.

Now...the pics

Here is the sweetest lady to ever walk this Earth. This is my grandmother. She passed away when I was 6. I have soooo many fond memories of her. Everytime I see this picture of her I'm reminded of her sweet spirit. I know you're smiling down on the family that you created!

Here's a picture of my granddad. He passed away when I was like 2. He was a cool dude. He was a dude who was about his fashion. Peep his gear. Maaad fly. haaaaa

Here's a picture of the house that I grew up in. Not pictured is the basketball court where I honed my skills! LOL

Here's my dad. He's chillin with all of his grandkids. Taylor and Tyler (Damon's kids), Deion, Brandon, Kameron, and my niece MacKenzie (my sister Cara...not pictured)

Brandon...looking to get into something

Kameron and Brandon

Little cousin Jamison (Aja's daughter) takes a ride on her granddad's shoulders. That's my uncle. If he looks familiar to some of you sports fans, that's b/c his face is familiar. He used to play in the NFL. His name is Harry Carson. He played in the NFL for 13 years for the New York Giants. In 2006, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Brandon gets some ice cream

Da fam! Me, momma12, mrs12, Deion, Kameron, and Brandon

Why is Kameron pouting?

Nobody's looking

Me and Mrs12

Me, Damon, and moms

Eric, Angie, my Aunt Louise, and the kids...Arin and the twins, Kaitlyn and Lailah

Eric, Mike, Aja, Damon, Donald, Lucky, and me. We are all cousins but we're really brothers with a sister. We all grew up together. We are only cousins in name.

Momma12, my aunts (Louise and Ruth) and my uncle (not pictured...uncle Ronnie)

My aunts, uncle, Aja, Lucky, and Donald. Lucky and Donald are my "lil cousins". I still call em lil but Lucky is 6-5 and Donald is 6-4. LOL. Lucky is a sophomore at Auburn. Donald just finished grad school at Hampton and is headed for medical school at Virgina Tech this fall. I'm proud of those younginz.

I'm chasing Brandon on the beach

Mrs12 and Brandon play in the sand

Brandon is awake but Deion and Kameron are knocked out! What's wrong with this picture?


Ball till ya fall this weekend! What are you gonna do?



Jewells said...

It was good to see pics of the whole fam! You have a lovely family.

And yes, something was wrong with the little man being the only one up. That's the babies for you!

Dione said...

Glad you had a good family time in South Kak. BTW, I saw a mosquito in the background of eveyone of your pics. I told you they were bad out here!

The Flyyest said...

lovely family....mrs12 is beautiful!!!!


Dreamy said...

wow, your family is beautiful Kyle. I see you all proud looking and such.

Your wife is gorgeous!!!

I am so happy for you Kyleeee Kyle!!

The Jaded NYer said...

what a beautiful family... and yeah, in that last picture your baby looks like he's plotting! his poor brothers... lol

The F$%K it List said...

You have a beautiful family!

When you said Florence, SC I got nervous, hahah

AWW SC, I miss ya! Maybe next summer.

Darius T. Williams said...

OH look at that family. I love families and it looked like yall had a great time too. Good job with all the pictures.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

you have a lovely fam kyle! but why were you trying to look all hard in the pics? you're always smiling in your pics on you're all stone-faced and tough-PHOOEY!!!

this weekend will be used for holiday prep...which will begin on next tuesday...YAY for HOLIDAY!!!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Nice pictures...beautiful family!

You're wife reminds me of that actress from Hustle and Flow...the one that was singing "it's hard out here for pimp...when you trying get the money for the rent.."......She's very pretty!

It really touches my heart to see black married couples...and...their children...God blessings to your family and household.

Jeff S-Class said...

Great Post KD. Love to see family gatherings and showing love, support & good ole times together. I am glad you took the whole family and your children got a chance to see both sides of the family. I am also happy and it makes my heart warm that you two are still married and still keep the excitment going when so many children only get to see one side of the family and never know there other side. MY hats off to you and MRS.12 for keeping hope alive there are still some black folks doing the right right thing and keeping the family core together.
And I'm gone aight aiight

12kyle said...

@ Jewells
Thanks. I think he's gonna rule all of us in this house before it's all said and done.

@ Dione
Yeah. South Kak was a lotta fun.

LOL @ mosquito's. It wasn't that bad.

@ Flyyest
She's aiiight! The kid in the red shirt looks like Denzel, tho! LMAO!!!!

@ Dreamy
Thanks! I'm very proud of my family

@ Jaded Santana
Yes!!! He is plotting on ALL of us. That lil dude is a mess. I remember when he used to be quiet!

@ the F$%k It List
Yes! You gotta come to SC. It's a nice getaway from the city life

@ Darius
Yeah bruh. We had a great time. I can't even tell you how long it took me to put these pics together. LOL

LMAO @ u!!! I wasn't smiling b/c it was soooo muggy out there. I was ready to take the pics then head to the beach.

and I am hard lmao!!!!

@ Keisha the Kitten
Thanks. Everybody says that she looks like Taraji Henson (Hustle & Flow). I don't see it, tho. LOL

@ Jeff S-Class
Preciate the love, bruh. You've known us for a long time. We're gonna stay together no matter what.

Rich said...

Lovely family!

Don't you love how southern folks park in the grass right up to the house. Reminds me of being in Central Florida again. I need to go see my people.

Rich said...

Yeah Kyle, I agree that she favors Taraji Henton -- it's all in the eyes, nose and mouth. Cute wife.

When a man finds a wife he finds a good thing.

And the church said, Amen.

DA REASON said...

Wow !!! The fam looks beautiful homie. I had to post when I saw the crib on the LANE. Brought back alot of memories.

We r going to get that thing straight at City Grill with Don Don being on the Wall.........unacceptable !!!! LOL!!!

You better be glad you threw me off the scent, cause you know I would have busted up that BBQ, with a cup of GNAC in my hand. U r a smart man, cause you know I would have asked Reita could we hoop!!!. Just as always the answer would have been yes !!! LOL!!

That's what's up though great post and next year. We are going to impose our will. You know the old school rules, no invite necessary when you from the crib !!!


DA REASON said...

You know told you that bout SHERICE early!!!!! "Leave me alone JODY !!!" LOL!!!!!!!!!!

The Pew View said...

Baby you sho nuff got a nice looking family. Specially that uncle Aja of yours. Now tell me. Is he married? If not why don't you hook old Ruthie Ann up. Hell I'll play catch with him. Throw my panty drawerz straight at him. Oh Lawd did I say that outloud? Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Opinionated Diva said...

Lovely lovely family!!!!

Your boys...the oldest favors the wife, but the other two are all you! lol

Luv that house you grew up were definitely fortunate!

Enjoy your weekend as well!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

You have a beautiful family. It is such a blessing to be able to be so close with your loved ones...cherish that.

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwwwww, I love picture posts. That last one was priceless. I don't know why Mrs. 12 reminds me of Taraji P. Henson. Very handsome family.

Queen of My Castle said...

Ha! I see Kitten already said that about your wife. LOL.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
12kyle said...

@ Rich
'Preciate it, bruh!

Yes! Black folk WILL park in yo grass!

@ Rich
I guess they both have "round" faces. LoL


It felt good being back at the crib. That'll always be home. You're right...a lotta memories at that house. Lotta battles on that basketball court too! I know...I honed your skills on that court, too! LOL

City Grill! I'm still blown away by the whole concept! Haaa

Man, y'all could've come thru. We had PLENTY of food. Y'all are fam so you know that moms would've welcomed y'all.

Next year...we'll do it again...only bigger!

@ Da Reason
Yeah. You said that a lonnnnnng time ago. Everybody thinks that she looks like her.

@ Pew View uncle Harry (Aja's dad) is married. LOL

@ OD
I think they ALL look like me. But then wouldn't expect me to say anything else, would you? Lmao

It's a beautiful house in a great neighborhood.

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Thanks! I really do cherish these moments. I remember when I was the one who was running around like my kids were. Now, I see age catching up with my uncles and aunts. I realize that I'm standing where they were just a few years ago.

@ Queen
Thanks! I have that last one on the screen saver. I really wonder what he's thinking about doing. LMAO!

She's a good woman. And she has a good man!

*pattin myself on my back*

@ Queen
That's been the theme today. LOL

@ Anonymous
I normally don't delete others comments b/c all opinions are golden at the 12th Planet. But I had to let you go, bruh. You may wanna save that for some other time. If you're ever in Atlanta, I know some folks that live under I-20 on exit 53 who are homeless who may sit thru that rhetoric that you posted. LOL

If there's any consolation...I read half of a paragraph.

Thanks for coming thru anyway...whoever you are.

Brad said...

Beautiful pick Ole Dit. Nice family man. But I got a question playa. What did Mrs12 see in yo behind? LOL. Just kidding.

Yo, my reunion is in 2 weeks. About 30 miles to the west of yours. I might roll through that lil spot you told me about in Dillon. (wink)

pink said...

awwwwww family *tear* lol. Your wife kinda sorta maybe reminds me of taraji p. henson a lil bit. thats a good thing cuz i think shes pretty) your youngest son is a mess wit them two teeth on the bottom!! and he looks like the one that gets into everything. he looks like he wants to do somehthin mean to the other brother while they were sleep.

beautiful family!!

ShellyShell said...

You have a lovely family.
BTW why you looking so hard in the! Have a great weekend!

12kyle said...

@ Brad
LMAO @ u! You know how it goes. We met in college. I sprinkled some "playa juice" on her...and it was a wrap! Haaaaa

Fa sho! Lemme know! I'll get the name and address of that spot!

@ pink
Hey! Haven't seen you in a minute. Lol

Brandon is a mess! Fa real! He cracks me up all the time. He's off the chain

Thank you!

@ ShellyShell
Thanks! 'Preciate it.

I'm looking like that b/c it was
1) hot

2) there was 5 other people who were takin pics after the photographer took our we had to keep turning our heads. Lol

3) I was ready to go to the beach

4) I am hard! LMAO!!!

Kandi Black said...

awwww....your wife is pretty...and ur kids are soooo cute...

matter fact, your whole family is just plain beau-ti-ful...

and who is this dude with the dreads in one of the pictures? is he related to you? do you happen to have a number where i can reach him? lol

The Flyyest said...



12kyle said...

@ kandi black
Thank you! I appreciate the compliment

That's my "lil cuzin". I'm 5-7 and he's 6-5 but he'll always be my lil cuzin. LOL. He's a sophomore at Auburn. He's single, too! LOL

@ Flyyest
Yeah. Young Denzi. That's me! LMAO!!!!!!

Tha L said...

gotta love the fam! great pics bruh. have a fabulous weekend!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You have a strikingly beautiful family!!

Enjoy your weekend!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

family is the shit
i needed to see your smile with your folk
see u friday, i mean today i hope

Hadassah said...

Wow your youngest is the splitting image of you. You have a very beautiful wife too! Wow beautiful Family nice pictures!

i.can't.complain. said...


look at familia de 12.

beautiful family, both immediate and distant.

i like the haircut on mrs12

looks like brandon was about to seek some payback on his big brothers


get it how u can, i guess.

grand-dad12 and grandmama12 must be proud of how great u guys are.

yall did it real big.

beach time and what not

and i can only imagine the food that went down...




thanx for sharing...your whole entire family is beautfiul. I especially love the pics with the wife and kids...REPRESENT!!

12kyle said...

@ L
Thanks L! 'Preciate it! Have a good weekend. Stay cool in that desert heat!

Thanks! Have a good weekend

@ Torrance
I'll try to smile next time. LoL

@ Hadassah
Thank you! Yes, Brandon looks like me. If you see my baby pictures, you'd think that we were twins.

@ -1-
thanks, sis!! preciate the love

mrs12's hair had alotta "bounce" in it. Lol

looks like he was definitely thinking about getting some payback!

the grandparents are soooo proud

i had so much fun at the beach. it's not south beach (smile) but i had a ball.

@ Poca
Thanks Poca!

Eb the Celeb said...

Beautiful Fam... but um... why you got the mean mug in every shot...

What 12kyle dont smile...

hahahah... you like how I bussed a quick bar on ya huh... my MC skills are off the charts!

Derrick said...

K-Dizzle...You know you faded us out on the cookout B!!! What, no mention of the "Shed"??? AKA, ish talkin central??? That's aiight, you know the next time what's up!!! LOL

As for the "City Grill", I'm still buggin bout that ish. How you gonna call your spot a sports bar with 2 TV'S? Flotown. That's all I can say.

Oh yeah, "You been fuckin peanut Jody???" You know that's been the runnin joke for years!!! LOL

CapCity said...

Awwwww - this makes my heart smile after being away from blog-land cuz i gotta work so hard now;-).

And forget why Kameron's pouting - why U pouting? or is that your "hard/thug-life" look? LOL! Wha's good, Brutha 12K. Forgive my inability to return your text (i'm so slow;-). Here's the link to my blogtalk channel:

PrettyBlack said...

I am so pissed I'm the last one to comment dammit! Those pictures are the best! I seen that baby boy and all I could say out loud was "gimme dem two teef!" That's what I used to say to prettygirl everytime she grew one in...I'd count 'em down.

Your family is a buncha beautiful chocolate SC brothers and sisters!

Mrs12 is the hotness! woohoo! No wonder she ain't worried about your blog crush! haha. And she doesn't look like she popped out three boys either.

Honestly I was born in Texas, but I am not a country girl, all I was thinking is can nigga's that dark travel through SC without coming up on a tree and rope? haha!

West Coast!

But for real the pics are beautiful and you have a beautiful family, and to the cuzz who's going to med that shit then man! We need more black doctors.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

GREAT!!! pictures of the fam. Thanks for sharing. That's a wonderful picture of your grandma she looks like a kind hearted person. Seeing granddad's picture explains why you are so fly. It's GENETIC =)
I will be working this weekend at the office during the day and at my own business at night. A sister is planing to make her first million in 2008 =)

Mizrepresent said...

What a beautiful family...i so love the pics of all of you! You and Mrs12kyle are a beautiful couple.

Jackie Edwards said...

It's so nice to be able to get to spend time with the family! Thanks for sharing, I thoroughly enjoyed looking through them and reading the captions too....

sista gp said...

Nice pics! I love family reunions. I have folks in eastern GA/western SC that I need to know better. Trying to make it to their reunions.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Great pics.
Mrs12 looks like Taraji Henson...but of course more beautiful :)

A close family is the greatest.

12kyle said...

@ Eb the Celeb
LOL!!! U silly! Thanks for the compliment

@ Derrick
Like I told Zell, y'all could've come to the cookout. We had plenty of food!

City Grill is gonna be our new hang out spot

@ CapCity
I'm not pouting. I was just hot! LOL

Thanks for the info!

@ prettyblack
LMAO @ u! You're not last

Brandon's teeth are coming in...
slowly! haaaa

Thank you for the compliments. Mrs12 works hard to stay in shape. I gotta tip my hat to her. She doesn't look like she's had 3 churren.

@ Ms Moore
Yes! My granddad was reaaal fly. He'd get paid on friday and be broke on monday. LOL

@ Miz
Thanks! I appreciate the love

@ Jackie Edwards
Thanks, Jackie

Good luck in a few weeks in Bejing. We'll be pullin for ya

@ sista gp
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like the school bully.

Family reunions are the best. If you can get there, you should.

@ Blah Blah Blah
Thanks! We are a very close family. I love em.

Sexxy Luv said...

, thank you for allowing us to see your beautiful family especially the 2 leading ladies in your life Mrs 12 and momma12

.That last photo is classic! Lol

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
Thanks! Glad that you enjoyed it. This was a fun post.

Yes! Those are my leading ladies. I love them both.