Monday, July 14, 2008

breaking curfew

. That word has always been foreign to me. I never had a curfew growing up. Never. I know you're thinking...who would need a curfew in Florence, SC? It's not like there was a ton of stuff to do. Nevertheless, my mom never gave me a curfew. She would always say..."you need to come in at a respectable hour." She never said "be home by 1am". She didn't have to. I knew better. Even as a married man, I still don't have a curfew. Mrs12 knows that when I do go out, I'm not gonna be out too long. I've never been a dude who came in when the sun was coming up. I'm a morning person. I don't like to "sleep in".

The only time that I had a curfew was when I played football in college at South Carolina State University. We had a curfew of 11pm. Was that a fair time? Prolly not...but I understood. From August to December, I had to be in the dorm by that time. I didn't like the curfew but I abided by it.

One Friday night before the season started, I put the curfew to the test. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was 11:30 pm and I was STARVIN'. I was chillin in my dorm room with my partner/teammate Quevin. He was starvin', too. He suggested that we should call somebody to bring us some food. I called one of my best friends, Nicole, to see if she had any food that she could bring to me.

Me: Sup Nicole? Do you have any food over there? I'm starvin'

Nicole: I've got a couple of boxes of Famous Amos oatmeal and raisin cookies.

Me: Word? Bring em to me. Now!!!

Nicole: Are you crazy? I just took a shower and I just washed my hair. I'm not coming outside!!! If you want em, come over here.

Me: Man, I can't come over there. It's past my curfew.

Nicole: Well...I guess you're not that hungry.

I had a decision to make. I wasn't gonna go...although oatmeal and raisin cookies are my FAVORITE!!! Quevin convinced me to go! He wanted some cookies. We had a scrimmage game the next day. We knew that we weren't gonna play that much anyway b/c we were young. We knew that we were taking a risk but we had to eat.

So we rolled to Nicole's dorm. We devoured the cookies on the spot and spent 10 mins talking with Nicole and her roommates. As we were getting ready to leave, Q suggested that we stop by the pajama party that was going on. I thought that we'd be ok. We were only gonna stay there for 5 mins.

We went to the party and stayed for 30 mins. As we were leaving, we were spotted and busted by one of the grad assistant coaches. Damn! I couldn't believe it. We told him that we had only come out of the dorm to get something to eat. He told us that he believed us and he wouldn't tell the coach. He lied! The next day, afte the scrimmage, our coach announced "I need to see Kyle and Quevin after we're done". My heart sank. I didn't think that the dude was gonna rat us out. It was 98 degrees out there. The LAST thing that I wanted to do was to have to run extra laps after the scrimmage!!! Not only did we have to run but we had to ROLL THE FIELD (process of laying on the ground and rolling continuously for 100 yards) and we had to BEAR CRAWL (the process of crawling on all fours but you can't use your knees). It was hell. I threw up...several times.

All of that for some damn cookies! LOL

Did you have a curfew? What time was it? Have you ever been caught breaking curfew?



Dione said...

I can hear Nicole telling you RIGHT now how she just took a shower and wahsed her hair! Haaaa! That was classic. I was prolly hanging out my dorm window watching the whole thing! My curfew was only at SCSU as well. I couldn't risk getting locked out of the dorm for nuffin! If that was the case, I just stayed right where I was until the next day!
P.S. U thought u were only going to stay at one of our PJ parties for 5 minutes?? Haaa! Y'all knew betta than that!

Dreamy said...

okay Kyle, i havent ever broken curfee but i have snuck out before and got caught,lol

i was about 17 and my ex would come and scoop me up off of our balcony, well one night my sister woke up. she went downstairs and told my mom, well mom had the police come over to the ex's house to get my azz. boyyyyyyy i still remember the look in my eyes, i had never seen anyone so disappointed!!!

The Pew View said...

Baby ain't nothing new under the sun. Trying to get some "cookies" den got many a mens in trouble. (If you knows what I mean). Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

PrettyBlack said...

That's funny because I never had a curfew either. When I was young I didn't go out, and around 15-16 I started kickin' it but my mom was a single mother with two jobs, she sat my sister and me down and had a talk with us. She said if she were to give us a curfew she wouldn't be able to enforce it anyway, so she had to give us her trust. She worked mornings at her first job from 7a to 12:30p then at her second job from 2p-11p.

We kicked it but it was always close to home, or at home, she didn't mind who came over as long as she knew them. I guess that's why I lost my V-card to my now hubby and didn't get in too much trouble. A few fistacuffs here and there, but hey...

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO @ "I threw up... several times"

I stayed out til dawn after prom... came home to find the chain on the door. moms had locked my ass out, so I had to crash at my aunt's house LOL

Sexxy Luv said...

I didn't have a curfew growing up but I wish I did! Moms was to involved in her new relationship to be keeping up with me.

Mizrepresent said...

My mom's was pretty lenient on the curfew, but it was not until i was grown and married that the ex decided to give me a curfew. Yep, if i hung out with the gurls i had to be in before midnight. Now, i didn't really have a problem with it, for the most part...i went to happy hours and always left way before midnight...but i remember once not making it out of the club in time and he called me and told me he and the kids were coming up there to get me...smh...and i believed him.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I lived with my daddy as a teenager.... so there definitely was a curfew even when it came to getting phone calls.... In general I was on point...BUT...that didn't stop Captain Quik (my pledge name)...from getting a pager so that I could make out going calls ...and even sneaking out a few times....One time a got straight busted coming back in the house...I had put my coat under the blanket...and my daddy looked out the window and saw his car was GONE...course he ran in to wake me up...but upon shaking "me"...he discovered my coat...he was waiting at the back door when I came in.....Your girl ain't who she used to be...Thank God for deliverance!! LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

Nah, you know - I think I was like you. First, I didn't know many people growing up so I really didn't do too much. Not doing too much means um, yup, not going out, hence no curfew. Even now as a grown man - I really don't stay out too much. I'm typically at home in the bed every night (including weekends) by 11 PM.

12kyle said...

@ Dione
You know how Nicole is! LOL. I wanted to cuss her out for not bringing me those cookies. But it was my fault.

I dunno why Q thought we were only gonna be in there for 5 mins. LOL. The pajama jam was at Dukes. There was no way in hell that we'd be there for only 5 mins

@ Dreamy
Haaaa! Dimed out by your own sister. Too funny

@ Pew View
LMAO!!! I know what you mean.

@ PrettyBlack
Wow! That's real right there. At least your mom was honest with you.

PrettyBlack involved in fisticuffs??? Noooo! Say it aint so! LOL

@ Jaded Santana
Mannn, that was the WORST feelin'. I spent most of the scrimmage tryna stay hydrated so I drank a LOT of Gatorade that day. And I threw it all up!

I bet the look on your face when you saw that chain on the door was PRICELESS!

@ Sexxy Luv
I hear you. At least you were a good girl...right? Lol

@ Miz
OMG!!!! Miz, that is hilarious. That would have been sooooo embarrassing if he came up there with the kids! LMAO!!!

@ Keisha the Kitten
Nooooo...not the coat under the blanket! That's one of the oldest tricks in the books. LOL

@ Darius
In the bed by 11? Word? You're an early bird. I feel you. I like to get up early no matter how long I've been out the previous night.

Opinionated Diva said...

The vision of you throwing up "several times" is so gross...but I can't stop laughing! LOL!

I was the responsible older child, so I never had a curfew...though all of my sisters did. In my early teens (13-15), I'd hang out next door at my friend Tina's house watching SNL, Apollo and then if we could keep our eyes open, we'd watch Hot Traxx. I'd come home after that.

As I got older and started going to parties, I still didn't have a curfew, but I knew not to push it. My mom was that mom that would show up in house slippers, a night gown, rollers in her head and a bat in her hands. She didn't catch me out there like that, but my sisters used to get it! lol

Rezidl said...

"Getting cookies" so that's what the kids are calling it these days?...LOL

Brad said...

Never really had a stated curfew. Not at home anyway. For most of my Highschool life I had an after school job. So, mom really couldn't tell me to be in at a certain time because I was at work. But she always knew where I was. Didn't hang out much until the weekends. We had a couple of teen clubs that we used to go to and I normally came home about 1 am or so. But never got in trouble.

Now I do remember when I was 21 and had already graduated from College I stayed out for 3 days and didn't call. Mom's wasn't feeling that too much.

ms.uncensored said...

i had a curfew. that used to blow mines. when i was living wit my mother during my early teen years when she first moved out of the city to the poconos she never let me go anywhere. which made no sense cuz we were in the middle of nowhere. this lady even wanted to speak to parents if i wanted to go to a party. sigh. clearly thought caused a shitload of problems. so when i moved back to ny my sophomore year in hs. you know. i wanted to go buckwild. but unfortunately i was livin with my father and he was a jerk. he wanted me home at 10. knowing damn well he lived on staten island and all my friends and boyfriends were in brooklyn. ugghhh. i had to be in at 10 even when i went to a party. the jerk.

one time. i decided to stay true to my rebel ways and give the curfew my middle finger. i didn't show up until 3 am. mmy father said nothing to me when i walked in the door. it was spring break. so i didn't have school that week. come to find out the next am, he wasn't there. and the tv was blocked. the internet was off and there was no phone. he kept me prisoner for a whole week. lol. i was miserable.

12kyle said...

@ OD
I can laugh about it now. But it wasn't funny back then! LOL

Sounds like you were the "goodie too shoes" type. But I know better than that! Haaaaa

@ Rezidl
Mannnn, you broke curfew on a REGULAR basis when we were playin ball. I find it funny that you NEVER got caught! Maybe you did and they looked the other way. Hmmmmm??? LOL

@ Brad
3 days? Damn! Did your moms "go updside yo head?"

@ ms.uncensored
I agree with you. No need for a curfew in the poconos! LOL

Damn! That was a cruel punishment. It's funny, tho! Haaaa. I'll bet that you were pissed!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I didn't have a curfew set by my mom ( I knew better), but I did at my high school. I went to a private, boarding/day school, but I was a boarding student. One evening I went out on a date, and after a while he told me he better get me back to my dorm...I told him I was grown and didn't have curfew. My roommate was suppose to cover for me but the heffa ended up getting sick (food poison) and had to go to the hospital.

Anyways, when I got back (2 a.m.), the doors were locked...I had to bang on the door and get caught by the dorm parent. Not only did I get detention every day for a week (including the weekend) and dorm restriction (you can't leave your dorm except to go to class,the bathroom, and the cafe), but she also called my mom (the worst thing to do)...can you imagine getting your butt whooped at 15 yrs. old? LOL

Rich said...

I had a curfew, can't remember the time, either 11 or 12. I remember being out with this chick I liked and her mom, and their car broke down. Then I got sick. When I got home I remember the chain being on. My dad didn't want to beleive "the car broke down" story, but it was evident that I was sick so he went easy on me.

Trish said...

Hell Yeah I had a curfew growing up, but I dont remember what time it was because I never abided by it.
Got my ass beat constantly !!

ShellyShell said...

Growing up in upstate NY where nothing happened and people slept with their doors unlocked. I had a curfew. My mom would say "you aint going to run the streets with the white kids so your ass better be home when I tell you" So when I was little I had to come in when the streets lights came on. In high school I had to be home by 1 unless I told them something was going on.

When I was 16 me and my girl snuck out of my bedroom window and went back to the party we were before. I came back in at 4:30 and my mom was sitting in my room looking at both of! The only reason we got busted was my girl's mom called my house to remind her she had something to do in the morning. The phone rang and rang and me being the phoneaholic that I was didn't pick up so my mom KNEW I wasn't home!! LMAO!! I think I got grounded for one Friday or Saturday.

dessex said...

when I was living in Oakland with my mom I never really had a curfew, as long as my mom knew where I was. My dad gave me depending on where I was going. If something ended at 12 I had to be home by 2...but it would be like 4 lol...but once I turned 18 he didn't care.

yo homegirl Nicole should have been nice and hooked it up. She should have known the situation. He she would have brought those cookies, you probably would have never went to the party.

Anonymous said...

I didn't have a curfew till I got a boyfriend my senior year of high school. During the week it was 11 and on the weekend it was 1.

I broke it only once although I skated in right AT the hour a million times. The one time I broke it, I got in so much trouble, I wasn't gonna do it again.

But it's hard to abide by the block at that point when I never had to do it before.

Jeff S-Class said...

WOW! Kind of the same story with me Mike Johnson & Dyrek Dawson. At South Carolina State you played football and go to class. Bottom Line. Friday evening preparing for a scrimmage game for Saturday Past Curfew. We got hungry so we persuaded Mike to order a pizza from Dominos (I guess thats how you spell it). Anyway Mike had gone downstairs to get the pizza because the pizza guy called the room to let us know he was downstairs. After about 5 or 10 minutes we was dam Mike been gone for a long time. Mike came upstairs about 30 or 40 minutes sweating and shit. We was like "MIKE WERE YOU BEEN, WHERE'S THE DAM PIZZA" Mike said I went downstairs to pick up the pizza but Coach Harper was downstairs as I was paying the pizza man. He & Coach Blount took the pizza at ate it and made me push-ups, sit-ups, run in place, squat thrushes sing The SCSU song while they ate the pizza.
Pissed off for the rest of the night, hungry and lost $4.00 on pizza I never ate. Still pissed to this day.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

as a teen, i was imprisoned until 18 so there was no need for a curfew cuz i could barely go anywhere. i guess the only time i was sort of subjected to curfewish themes would be right before i got married. my lease ended early so instead of shacking up with pre-husband, i lived with my parentals for about 1 month. they never said anything, but i didn't do anything either, so it just worked...BORING RIGHT!?!?

Eb the Celeb said...

Funny... because I have that t-shirt on today..

but yes... didnt have a curfew in college... and didnt play sports in college so I was never on lockdown

but the freshman dorms you did have to sign your guest out by midnight if it was a guy.

in hs though... I broke many of curfew and stay on punishment because of it

karrie b. said...

lmao. i wonder what mrs. 12 would to if u set-tripped and walked up in the house @ 4.


The F$%K it List said...

curfew? what's that?

My mom never had a set time but we knew not to come strolling in at 8am. I think the first time I did that was my prom night/ morning.And I had a graduation breakfast the next morning and my mom made me go. SO CRUEL!

The Flyyest said...

um how do i get my blog fam like you have it where i can see who post what....not jus the name....dammit i been trying but i dont have the patience!!! lol

12kyle said...

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
My roommate was suppose to cover for me but the heffa ended up getting sick (food poison) and had to go to the hospital. Classic!! LMAO!! I'm with you! Just like I still blame my friend should blame your roommate. Haaaaa! Good story

@ Rich
Haaaaaa!!! I feel you.

@ Trish
You must've been really hard headed!!!

@ ShellyShell
Oooo weee! Look at you!!! You KNOW that you should've been there and answered that phone. If you would've gotten off.

@ dessex
sounds like your dad was real cool.

Man, when I told her what happened...she just laughed at me. If we weren't close, I would've been mad at her. LOL. Really, it wasn't the cookies that got me in was the party!

@ Ieisha
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like bad traffic.

That's what you call "good fear". You knew not to break the curfew again

@ Jeff S-Class
OMG!!!! That was hilarious!!!! I can see them eating the pizza right in Mike Johnson's face. Toooo funny!!!

12kyle said...

Imprisoned until 18?? LMAO!! It wasn't that bad...was it?

@ Eb the Celeb
Great minds think alike

You're a rebel. I know that you broke curfew on a regular basis.

@ karrie b
If I did that, she prolly wouldn't say much. She'd just leave the house at 6:30 am to go to workout. She'd leave me knowing that the boys would be up at 7am. I don't do well running after the 3 lil ones on 3 hrs of sleep. LMAO

@ The F$%k It List
Haaaaa!!! That's funny. I can't say that I blame your mother. If I were your father, I probably would have done the same thing.

@ Flyyest
No problem sis. Here's what you do..

1. Go to customize section on your blogger page

2. Click Add Page Element

3. Then go to Blog List and add the information of your peeps.

I like the format. I saw a couple of blogs that had this format. I asked Dreamy about it and she told me how to do it.

Tha L said...

curfew? not really, i was such a nerd I didn't go anywhere. but then i turned 17 and got a smart mouth, which got me kicked out of my pop's house...been on my own ever since...and there's no curfew when you run the place.

Hadassah said...

HMm last time I had a curfew was when I was teenager and I broke those a lot.

dejanae said...

i sure as hell did have a curfew
my parents were not playin
lol@u throwin up

Smarty Jones said...

LMAO @ "All that for some damn cookies!" See there, you should have been thinking ahead.
To answer your question, no, I've never had a curfew. There wasn't a lot to do in Fairmont, NC growing up either.
I used to get the whole "decent hour" spill on the rare ocassion that I did go out.
The only issue I had was New Year's Eve my senior year. I went out after church and didn't make it home until after 6 a.m. My mom thought I stayed with my dad and he thought I was at home.
My cousin's wedding was on New Year's Day so I thought I was off the hook. I caught Hell on the 2nd for staying out "all night."
My defense, "ya'll didn't give me a curfew."

Stew said...

hell yeah i had a curfew 2AM. this was a good time for a curfew looking back at it, but at that time i was pissed because people were still hanging out at Miami Subs or in some random parking lot.

my parents always said "ain't nothing going on at 2AM" but i did not agree. looking back they were right, there was nothing going on, and i am glad i had a curfew now.

~Ms. Moore~ said...

In grammar school my curfew was when the street lights came on. In high school I worked after school but by law you couldn’t work after 9pm on a school night. I had 1 hour after that to be home. When I wasn’t working or at school I had to take care of my 7 younger siblings and 4 younger cousins. On the rare occasion that I was able to go somewhere without the posse following me I always returned at a decent hour.
I’ve never broke curfew, cut class or had a one night stand. I did frequently leave the school grounds to buy food when the cafeteria lunch was bad...YAWN--lol

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO!!!! This kinda reminds me of that scene in Love and Basketball where Q wanted her to break her curfew to be with him.

All that for some damn cookies, Kyle?! You couldn't just drink some darn water and call it a night? LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

lmao @ Queen saying "You couldn't just drink some darn water and call it a night?"

Ms. Jones said...

In high school I had varying curfews, it all depended where I said I was going. I remember one time I came in 4 hours late and knew Dad would be sleep so I thought I would be in the clear. So I park the car, quietly unlock the door, lock it back and BAM....the kitchen light flips on and Mr. Jones is just sitting with that look on his face lol.
I went to a private Christian college and females had a 11PM curfew, 12 on weekends, and guys got an hour more than us. Hence the reason why I moved off campus :)

12kyle said...

@ L
"there's no curfew when you run the place." Aint that the truth!!!

L has a smart mouf??? Noooooo. LOL

@ Hadassah
LOL!!! I hear you

@ dejanae
picture a hot ass day in SC and the sight of orange gatorade being thrown up. Yuck! LOL

@ Smarty Jones
I wasn't thinking. LOL

How did you go out after church? Haaaaa

@ Stew
I think 2am is reasonable curfew time...for a man. LMAO!!! Juss kiddn ladies

12kyle said...

@ Ms Moore
I can believe that you never broke curfew. Just too nice! LOL

@ Queen
I wasn't breaking curfew to see Nicole, tho. That's my peeps. She was dead wrong for not bringing them to me. LOL

LMAO @ you!!!

@ OD
She's funny

@ Ms Jones
LMAO!!! I can't say that I blame you!