Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Off the Dome

Beef is not what Jay said to Nas
Beef is when workin' niggas can't find jobs
So they tryna find niggas to rob
Tryna find bigger guns so they can finish the job
Beef is when the crack kids can't find moms
Cause they end up inna PINE box or locked behind bars
Beef ain't the Summer Jam for Hot 97
Beef is the cocaine and AIDS epidemic
Beef don't come with a radio edit
Beef is when the judge is callin' you "defendant"
Beef, it comes with a long jail sentence
Handed down to you in a few short minutes
Beef is when your girl come through for a visit
Talkin' bout "I'm pregnant by some other nigga"
Beef is high blood pressure and bad credit
Need a loan for your home and you're too broke to get it
And all your little kids is doin is gettin' bigger
You tryin not to raise 'em around these wild niggas
Beef is when a gold digger got ya seat and a
A manicured hand out like "pay me nigga"
Or I'm tellin' your wife
Or startin' up some foul rumor that'll ruin your life
Beef is when a gangster ain't doin it right
Another gangster then decided what to do with his life
Beef is not what these famous niggas do on the mic
Beef is what George Bush would do in a fight
Yeah, beef is not what Ja said to 50
Beef is more than Irv not bein here with me
When a soldier ends his life with his own gun
Beef is tryin' to figure out what to tell his son
Beef is oil prices and geopolitics
Beef is Iraq, the West Bank, and Gaza Strip
Some beef is big and some beef is small
But what y'all call beef is not beef at all
Beef is real life happenin' everyday
And it's realer than them songs that you get at Kay Slay
This has been a Black Star PSA
From Mos Def, Pretty Flocko, black Dante
And the Black Star embassy, B to the K

Mos Def (What's Beef?)

random thoughts...

Have you ever left home and realized that you left your cell phone behind and you turned around JUST to get it despite the fact that you were running late?

If you use the bathroom, please wash your hands!

Do women really piss when they take a shower? I gotta know! Lol

What happened to the person who was voted "most likely to succeed" in your high school graduating class? The dude who we voted graduated from West Point.

They should've voted for me.

I found some old high school pics of myself. If I can figure out how to post em...I'll give y'all a good laugh

Not to harp on this point...buuuuut...um...I wonder how many votes I got for "most likely to succeed". Haaaaa

If a woman asks a man out on a date, then she SHOULD pay for it! And vice versa.

Remember my boy Pat that I told y'all about a few weeks ago. Remember...the dude who doesn't have a job but travels at the expense of these chicks...well...he emailed me earlier. This dude is out of the country...AGAIN!

If anybody wants to send me on a trip out of the country, you can hollatchaboi! I won't be offended! Lol

My real name is Kyle...just in case you were wondering. My mom got the name from a white classmate that she had in college. I never met anybody black named Kyle until I got to college. There was a brutha AND a sistah named Kyle

Zoe Saldana (sorry e)

Ten years from now we'll clown T Pain the same way that we do Vanilla Ice

There's a rash of crimes where these dudes are breaking in stores and stealing $300 jeans. Maybe I'm cheap but who buys jeans that cost $300.

What's the most that you ever spent on a pair of jeans? I think that I MIGHT have spent $50 on some Phat Farm jeans a year ago.

Erectile dysfunction commercials make me laugh.

Mrs12 always talks about how cute Anderson Cooper (CNN) is. Too bad he don't like women.

Hurricane season is upon us.

Keep ya head up Mike Vick. I know that you're reading this.

Dubya is going to the Olympics. *crickets*

It's time for the Yankees to make their move.

Alex Rodriguez is messin with Madonna? Say it aint so. C'mon ARod...she's been around the block!

The rumor is that ARod's wife has now moved in with Lenny Kravitz. WTH???

Does a dude who makes 20 million a year like ARod eat at McDonald's at least 2 times a week like me?

Gabrielle Union...Gabrielle Union...Gabrielle Union

Ever seen a small tv...that sits atop a big, floor model tv?

Mashed potatoes and gravy

I've reverted back to watchin' season # 1 of The Wire

Brett Favre...sit down. Pleeeeease!

I wish I could speak Spanish

Kickin it with the crew...it doesn't get
any betta than that!


i.can't.complain. said...

your name is kyle ?

u don't say :-P

a.coop is cute

considering his mom is gloria vanderbilt, i guess he could be gayer.

a chick named kyle... i kinda like that


zoe is the business

effortless beauty


i.can't.complain. said...

oh, and out of my class of 31 i was voted m.l.t.s.

i think i turned out alright ;-)

*cough... go green. go white....cough*

if the girl ask the guy out... i think she should pay for some component of the date.

the less expensive component, that is.

sexist, prolly.

but it's my opinion

like if it's dinner and a movie, she should catch the tab for the flick


The Jaded NYer said...

sometimes I just leave that damn phone on purpose... I can't take the calls sometimes

um- my shower, my business... nosy ass mo-fo!

$300 jeans... a fool and his money are soon parted...

and don't talk to me about A-Rod; dude is so freakin arrogant he makes me spew chunks!

Spanish Lesson #1: mal de ojo means *evil eye* AKA *side eye*

(I figured you'd like that one)

Dreamy said...
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Dreamy said...

i aint even gonna answer that question if woman tinkle in the shower,lol

what in the world made you think of that one,lol???

ohhhh no Kyle a man should always pay for a ladys date, come on now work with me here.

Kyle is a cute name. when i have a little boy his name is gonna be Hunter Alexander, saw it on this guys criminal history at work and thought it was a cute little name for my boy,lol

hey what is wrong with the olympics, i love to see the track stars

50 is the most i ever spent on a pair of jean. 300 dollars for some jeans is ridiculous

meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and gravy, yummmy

anyway hope that you had a wonderful weekend!!!

eclectik said...

Just wait one minute!

You can't be thinkin bout her!
...you stop that right now lol

Dope post.

You get in on the Fantasy Football joint?


Mizrepresent said...

A-Rod + Madonna

A-Rod's wife + Lenny Kravitz

Mult-Mill hookups

Most likely to succeed - you are so funny...don't know what happened that person, but i was in the running...ha, look at me now!

Okay, so i got you on who pays and when, so i only flip it when i ask him out...cool!

The Wire Season 1 - Idriss Elba (enuf said)

I'm with Dreamy - meatloaf, mashed potatoes and gravy, with peas and carrots...don't know why but it just tastes so good together.

Darius T. Williams said...

Great randomness. Um, Anderson Cooper is gay? No way! I didn't know that.

Eb the Celeb said...

I wish I could speak spanish too...

and I concur on Brett Favre

and um I hope this wont make you feel differently towards me but yes... if I am in the shower and I have the urge to tinkle I am not getting out of the shower to sit on the toilet when it all goes down the same drain

Pro said...

i've known a kyle or two in my lifetime, so you are so not likely to succeed as having the most unique name. lol

why, yes, i pee, every. single. time. i step onto the shower tile floor. i make sure to do my pee-stance directly over the drain if that's any consolation. lmao

and when i met mrPro, he was a insignificant lil intern in his final semester of college, but home to do his teaching internship. once he graduated and we started to semi-date, i invited him to a comedy show and dinner. i let him drive (my fancy, midnight blue infiniti j-30), i paid for our tickets in advance and i treated him to Houston's- apetizer, salad, and red snapper for the entree. don't sleep. usher may have to make a song about "trading places" for this NEW DAY generation, but your girl game BEEN on lock!

[exits spotlight] lol

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

What up Brother!

-Funny I never questioned if you name was Kyle. I work with white dude named Kyle....definitely not as cool as you!

-Would you believe that my freshman year of high school I was voted class clown...how rude!!...But I must admit the bozo shoes did fit me...I was also elected sophomore princess for homecoming, vice president junior year...and president of my class senior year....who ever said the class clown couldn't lead the class??? lol

-I'm pretty sure there are some women who pee in the shower. Why waste tissue when you can rinse right off?....Don't tell nobody but when I was a kid getting potty trained I got up in the bathroom sink and pulled a #2. I was so proud of myself but for some reason my mother snapped on me about that!

-I have seen SOOOO many women use the bathroom and walk right out the door. I sometimes feel like being the PeePee Patrol Officer and running behind them and giving them a fine for not washing their hands. Just nasty.....

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

who in creation told you women tinkle in the shower?

i almost always forget something at home, (my wedding ring, my cell, my ipod, diapers, a juice box or cheerios) and i ALWAYS turn around to get it...no matter what.

i don't have to wait 10 years to clown t-pain...he clowns himself, and i am grossed out-bleh!

erectile dysfunction commercials are funny...but have you seen the one for the pill that supposedly enlarges guys? they actually walk up to guys on the street and they are like, "i'm bigger. it worked!" how embarrassing(ly untrue)

i'm glad i'm not a guy...cuz i'd hate to be one who had a teeny weeny member...and what if i was one of the guys who acted like i didn't know it was microscopic? thats the WORST!!! i guess chicks could get caught up in bigger/smaller wars with their chesticles...but if we deem it necessary, we could get that fixed. ya'll can't-HA HA!

Brad said...

I'm back in the building 12Kyle.

The Yankees need to take 2 years and reload. they have the money.

I'm a dude and I can't pee in the shower anymore.

I don't remember the most likely to succeed in my graduating class. I do know that 7 kids in my class got accepted to Ivy League schools. They were all pencil necked nerds though. LOL

Opinionated Diva said...

I am soooooooo side eye'g you for that shower question...ummm ya nasty for asking! ;-|

omg @ Keisha over the bathroom sink. *shuddering at the visual*

Ya boy Pat is ridiculous...and the women who support him are even worse. He must have some kinda 'package'.

Kieya said...

i met a girl named Kyle my freshman year

i need for u to stop being an old man & figure out how to post those pics! (i hope a few include the infamous Boyz II Men phase LOL)

I don't do $300 for jeans....thats out of control. The most I've spent....probably $30 sumthin lol

The Pew View said...

Hey baby. Now you know ain't nothing funny bout mens having problems getting their little soliders ready for battle. Mess around and get hurt with a dystunctional Peter Wheater dealing with the wrong womens in heat. Ask my 5th late husband how many meals he den missed for not being able to satisfy my appettie for love. Take Care Now.

Ruthie Ann

Kandi Black said...

hmmm....i wuz voted best dressed in my class...

very shallow...i know...

i hope that no female pees in the shower...that's nas-teee....

and don't be clowing Madonna...that's my chick...even if she does get around...ya'll already knew she was a freak anyway...how could a.rod resist? lol

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I don't urinate when I take a shower (ewww)...just step out and use the toilet.

If a woman ask a man out, yes she should pay...that's why I don't ask men out...lol

Your friend must be dating a lot of women in Atlanta (hint, hint)

The most I've ever spent on jeans...110 ( I don't know what I was thinking)

Anderson Cooper is very good looking...I don't think he is gay...is he? (that would piss me off)

Yo quiero este poste.

Smarty Jones said...

I'm feelin' the Mos Def verse. I love him. He's so cute, like the wisdom of an old man with the body of a little boy.
I love your "Off the Dome" posts. It lets me know that I'm not the only person with random thoughts.
Our most likely to succeed is now teaching in a town about 45 minutes away from hometown and he's a preacher. I can't listen to one of his sermons though because he was my first and you tend to feel like you're going to hell when you sit in church and all you can think about is "I've seen you nekkid!"
I agree that whoever asks for the date, should pay for it. That's why I only ask out dudes who I know are going to insist on paying. (I've only done it twice.)
ED commercials don't make me laugh so much as they annoy me. Why aren't they researching cures for cancer and AIDS instead of trying to make sure some old man can get it up?
I agree that Brett Farve should sit down, unless we can get him in Carolina because Jake Delhomme is getting on my good nerve.
Anderson Cooper IS NOT gay. He might be a lil' androgynous, but he isn't gay, I don't think.
As far as A-Rod's wife moving in with Lenny Kravitz, what hot-blooded, straight woman and gay man wouldn't? That dude is sexy in a dirty kinda way. Like, that's the dude your parents hope you don't end up with.
Since we're into revelations, my real name is Tiffany.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

mashhed potatoes and gravey yum

second food post in a row
im hungry
beef is for the grill

whad up folk

Anonymous said...

Do women really piss when they take a shower? I gotta know! Lol

Affirmative!! At least I do=)

Rich said...

digging the Most Def

u ask u pay, especially if we ain't fuggin'

if i ask, i'm taking matters into my own hands -- pun intended.

u know they pee in the shower, just like they fart, except u never hear it.

zoe and gabrielle, u said it!

i'm trying to get into these spanish podcasts (coffee break spanish) but they haven't grabbed me yet.

Jeans at Marshall's and TJ Maxx - $40 tops, now if we talking some fly shoes, I'm down.

12kyle said...

@ -1-
Somebody asked me the other day on a blog if Kyle was my real name. LOL

Gloria Vanderbuilt is his momma? I didn't know that.

Zoe is a stunna!

Class of 31 students? Really? Mannn, we had almost 3 hunnid in my graduating class. But I'm glad that they voted for you. Yes...you turned out pretty good!

LOL @ u! Paying less!

@ Jaded Santana
I'ma take that as a "yes" as far as the shower goes. LOL

Don't hate on ARod. He's a great American. I can't believe that tramp is tryin' ruin him. It's ok. He's a Yankee. And Yankess always come out on top. The Mets (insert joke here...) Haaaaaa

@ Dreamy
That's a "yes" for you! Lol

I can't ride with you on this one, sis. What if a chick just wants a free meal? Does that mean that she can call a Leroy and he's 'sposed to pay? Nah. Can't get with that.

Hunter Alexander is a cute name but do you really wanna name him after a criminal? Lmao!!! You feel me?

Hey! I posted on your hair post the other day. I guess it didn't go thru. Your hair was uncontrollable

@ e
I KNEW you'd have something to say about Zoe. LOL. She's fiyah. Me and you might have to duke it out over her. Haaaaa

I didn't sign up but thanks for the reminder. I'ma take the crown this year.

@ Miz
If I'ma mess around...Madonna is gonna be the LAST brawd that I'ma mess with.

How is it that ARod's wife is acusing him of adultery but she has already moved in with Lenny Kravitz? Sniff, sniff...I smell a tramp!

The Wire is soooo addictive

@ Darius
I thought you knew that. I'm sure you'll be watching "more closely" now. LOL

@ Eb the Celeb
You know that we are fam. I'm glad that you KEPT IT REAL with ya big brutha!

@ Pro
LMAO @ u peein' EVERY time you take a shower.

See! You set it out for Mr. Pro! And look at y'all now! Still together. Churren and errything! LoL

@ Keisha the Kitten
Thanks for thinking of me as the Kool Kyle

From class clown to sr class prez??? Wow! That's amazing. Class clown? I don't see it

LOL @ your potty training

Downright nasty!

A lil birdie told me. Haaaaaa

I don't understand this TPain fella

Next time you see an erectile dysfunction commercial...listen to the music that they play in the background. Truly funny

Ohhh lawd...microscopic!!!

12kyle said...

@ brad
We're the Yankess. We'll be back

Can't pee in the shower...any more? LOL!!! Uz a funny dude

Wonder what happened to the nerds in my class?

@ OD
I'ma take that as a "YES" (checkin the yes box for OD)

You would be pissed if I told you where he was. I couldn't believe it! I don't comment on no other dudes sexually but I DO know that he has these chicks SPRUNG!

@ Kieya
The pics are comin'

I just don't understand $300 jeans

@ The Pew View
OMG!!! I'm over here rollin!!!!!!

@ Kandi Black
Best dressed? I can see that. I've seen some pics on your blog. You clean up pretty good! Lol.

If you're ARod and you make 30 mill a year, you don't get no 50 year old freak! Go get ya self a YOUNG hot freak! LMAO!!!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
"If a woman ask a man out, yes she should pay...that's why I don't ask men out" spoken like a true playa! LOL

Yeah he dates alotta chicks here. Beware...lol

Yes! Anderson Cooper is very gay. Sorry to disappoint you. Everytime he comes on the tube, Mrs12 comments about his looks but she knows that he's gay. LOL

@ Smarty Jones
This is one of my favorite verses from the Mighty Mos Def

Thanks! The Off the Dome posts are sooo close to my train of thought. It's all over the place. I used to do it randomly but I've found that it's more relaxing to me to do it weekly.

LMAO @ the preacher! You have to remember that he (like all of us) has a past. But that is sooo funny

I'm a Falcons fan (no jokes please) but I've always liked Jake Delhomme. I dunno if he's gonna make a comeback, tho

Wifey works with Anderson Cooper at CNN. He's gay. Trust me

Hello Tiffany! There's another Tiffany who comments at the 12th Planet, too!

@ Torrance
Haaaaa! I feel you. I'ma try to come thru this week!

@ Jewells
LMAO!!! Thank u for keepin it real with me. LOL

@ Rich
"u ask u pay, especially if we ain't fuggin'" yessir!!!

I know that they pee in the shower. I'm just takin a poll. Haaaaa

3 hunnid for some Scoobie Doo's....maybe!

Dreamy said...

i aint gonna lie i was starting to feel unloved,lol

Pro said...

I SECOND dreamy's last comment, but i ain't tryna start ish up in here.

and i think mrPro was after my money back then. lmao! he still around cause i feed him. maybe i should stop cooking... lol

dessex said...

G. Union is the truth....I understand.

Brett Farve needs to just fall back, he should not have called it a quits in the first place.

Sexxy Luv said...

I was voted biggest flirt! lol pretty shameful huh?

gabbie is one fly chic, she's my #2female crush, of course Bey is #1

yea i never knew of a black dude name kyle until you. lol but i like it!

can't wait to see the ol school pictures, are they black and white? lol

$200 is the most i have spent on jeans, but they last :)

yea i pee in the shower so what!

ShellyShell said...

I know 2 other black dudes named Kyle.

I agree with Mrs.12 Anderson is a cutie!

I love the Yanks. I'm on my way right now to see them probably get their asses spanked by Tampa Bay and to see the sexy A-Rod!! LOL

I've spent $175 for jeans and I LOVE THEM!!!

Whoever ask should pay....although I don't follow that rule...lol!

Hmm most likely to succeed in my class ended up going to college and getting 4.0 but she was also sleepin with her graduate assistant and ended up marrrying having a kid and later divorcing him! Oh yeah while we were in hs she was sleeping with a married man!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

That is soooo gross about "women pissing in the shower." I have NEVER heard that before!!

I like Anderson Cooper! I don't think he's gay at all! LOL

12kyle said...

@ dreamy & Pro
Haaaa! Y'all know that if I don't come thru and holla on ya blog then I'm either A) not near a computer B) having problems with the crackberry C) up to my neck in paperwork and Spongebob cartoons

LoL. Actually that goes for errybody in the blog crew and anyone who posts on the 12 Planet

@ Pro
If you've been cookin this long and you decide to stop...then there is gonna be some MAJOR problems! LOL

@ dessex
I agree. Time for Favre to let it go. If he didn't wanna quit, he should've stayed. Green Bay needs to move on...without him.

@ Sexxy Luv
Biggest flirt??? Noooooo say it aint so! Haaaaa

No! We had colored pictures back in the 90s. Lol

2 hunnid on some jeans? What name brand? Do they do something special like...jump off the hanger and slide on without assitance?

yea i pee in the shower so what! CLASSIC! LOL

@ ShellyShell
The Yankees will turn it around. Beleee dat! Have fun at the game. Man, I wish I could go.

Haaaaa! Sounds like that chick was a tramp...a nerdy tramp, too! LOL

That is soooo gross about "women pissing in the shower." I have NEVER heard that before!!

Just read the comments above you. LOL

Anderson is gay. I know y'all don't like it...but Darius does! LOL

ShellyShell said...

The game was great but hot as gorilla nuts! Pettite threw 8 shut out innings...YEAH! Yanks win 5-0. Now we're only 7.5 back!

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

I have only known of one other Kyle, we went to high school together and the brother was *cough* VERY easy on the eyes *cough*.

Vick? *crickets* Who gets paid 67 million and then ends up bankrupt? WTF? He deserves to be broke.

Agree with the T-Pain comment, but then again, stranger things have happened. We are still buying R Kelly CDs and Karin Steffens is a New York times Bestseller...I'm just saying.

I have never paid over $20 for a pair of jeans and must be ballin' to change that. Then again, I am just cheap.

Can't blame her for Lenny Kravitz, he has sexy oozing out of his pores.

I think our most likely to succeed works with computers *crickets*

Yes, those erectile commercials trip me out. At first I couldn't figure out the Cialis one, then I remember going WTF?

Stew said...

AC is gay??? did not know that.

did the cell phone thing. its more important for people to get in contact with me than being on time.

dont know who got the vote for most likely to succeed. really dont care either

brett farve is still serious.

ms.uncensored said...

the most i ever spent on jeans was $190. yes i'm addicted to retail. lol

whoa whoa whoa! anderson cooper is gay???!!!

i seen the new yankee stadium on my way to a site while at work. its smack dab across the street from the old one. i wonder what they're gonna do with the old one. blow it up? knock it down? build highrises? *scratches head*

12kyle said...

@ Kay C, The Quiet Storm
I feel for Vick...but I don't feel sorry for him. There's a difference. He's had more than we'll prolly ever have. And he blew it.

I don't like RKelly nor SuperHead

I always thought that he and Maxwell were gay. LOL

@ Stew
its more important for people to get in contact with me than being on time. Classic!!!

@ ms.uncensored
Single, black female addicted to retail?

Yes. He's gay

A gotta make it to NY to catch a game. I'd love to go to a game in the new stadium