Wednesday, July 30, 2008

off tha dome

random thoughts...

gas was $4.11 just 2 weeks ago. now, it's $3.85. i feel like somebody is playin' with my emotions b/c i feel like I got a "deal." $3.85 ain't no deal!!!

i don't care what black church that you go to...there will be some lady in the crowd playin the tambourine

wonder if she gets paid for that? maybe i should bring a saxophone next sunday.

prior to this year...i had only eaten 5 big mac's in my lifetime. now, i get em every time that i go to mcdonald's

i knew a dude who smoked weed but didn't eat pork b/c he said that it was "bad for his health." helloooooo

ain't it funny how hip hop is often criticized for everything under the sun but is used to sell damn near everything.

i spend more time bloggin' than i do on espn dot com...scary thought

meagan goode...megan goode...meagan goode

every white person that i know is nosey

tyler perry aint funny to me. i'm sorry, y'all. i don't like his show and i don't like madea.

john mcshame was hatin on obama for goin' to iraq. how can you hate on a man that speak to sellout crowds? face it...obama is a rock star and you ain't. period.

i need to read more books

i love run's house

who cares about the dark knight movie? can we get the wire on the big screen?

kobe bryant plays for team i can root for him.

did he ever tell us how shaq's ass tasted? lmao

can we get amy winehouse and dmx to do a duet?

i saw a dude sit down at the bar, throw his bmw keys down, then listen to him spend 20 mins talking about how much money he makes. he ended the night by talking about how many "gold diggers" were in the bar. sounds like he was a prime target. lmao

if a woman is rollin with her girlfriend who is a "freak" but she's not...she'll be a freak in a man's eyes. she's guilty by association. it's not fair but it is what it is


that damn lil gray hair is back in my mustache!!! i thought it was the light but i was wrong. damn!

come back -1-

....miss you lil sis


The Flyyest said...

***3.85 sho aint no deal but we get hella excited cuz gas was truely pushin 5 bux!!!!

***LMAO @ the

****weed is from the earth!!! i feel him on that one.......LMAO

***tyler perry...hhmmmm well i thought he was hilarious doing plays...the movies sucked ass of payne is ok tho

****i love run's house TOO and i got a guilty pleasure of watching baldwin hills, i love money and g's to gents!!!!!(sshhhh)

***HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT BEST DANCE CREW THO???? they kicked off my team supreme soul and aciid... if you ASK me (AMERICA VOTED...AND AMERICA SUX)

****can we get the wire on the big screen? THATS WHAT IM TALKIN BOUT

***DUDE JUS BEGGIN FOR ATTENTION... he prolly dont even got all that shit he talkin bout

****if a woman is rollin with her girlfriend who is a "freak" but she's not...she'll be a freak in a man's eyes. she's guilty by association. it's not fair but it is what it is...I AGREE THATS KINDA WHY I NEED TO CUT A COUPLE PEOPLE OFF...THEY LIKE TO CAUSE DRAMA!! GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION!!

come back -1-.....I KKNNOOOWWWWW!!

Sexxy Luv said...

you not getting a deal Kyle, i'm getting the deal! gas is $3.66 in my area! HA

In my 27 years i have never eaten a big mac, nor have i taste the special sauce! they look nasty and messy. YUK

weed smokers say the crasiest stuff man! lol

i need to read more books too, but i have been into talk radio lately!

i heart Run and the fam, they make me smile BIG!

guily by association, yea that one is stupid! but true!

just for men beard and mustache works wonders! LMAO

-1- will be back, she just needs a break.....

Mizrepresent said...

$4.11 or $3.85, that's why i take the bus, but i did fill up this week.

dayum at DMX.

I don't like "The house of Payne"...but i do like Madea.

Meagan Goode, what???

Idris yeah!

Run's House - yay!

Big Mac's - most def ole skool. Haven't eaten one since the 90's.

Taco Bell - yeah, my healthy choice,lol oh and Chic-filet.

The Wire - a classic, yep.

10 million black women in Atlanta, and 9 million Gay men= 1 million lonely black women.

The F$%K it List said...

Gas and SUV meet my friend P.T Public transportation.

I know that's right! You may not see the tambourine at first but then it comes out right at "Jesus keep me near the cross"

WOW I haven't had a big mac since it was .99 in the late 80's early 90's.

HAHA was he a 5 percenter

Hip hop is Alive again, Thank you NAS. And you know its only consider a destruction to our society, YT makes it pure.

HAHA, that's not a bad thing is it?

uhm cousin skeeter Meagan Good?

Yeah their nosey a$$es are why we are here today. LOL but for real.

I hate that show but I do like madea, some good lessons in his movies, just have to get past the drag

Not only that but wasn't it John McCain who went on and on about Obama not going to Iraq. HI HATER!

We all need to read more, but I do my fair share.

Whose house? Run's house. LOVE IT

BITE your tongue, The DARK KNIGHT WAS AWESOME! but the Wire would be great too, I would have to be sick that friday.

kobe bryant, nope not even for team USA
EWWW Shaq and that corny rap

What the heck would that be titled, I Love Crack.

Yep, what's his number I have a single friend HAHAHA. Nah I hear this too much in this city and its pathetic, let your personality speak for itself not your key chain.

ooohh Mr F$%K it said that to me once, WHATEV. Your freakdome don't rub off on me I'm a lady

Dreamy said...

you right Kyle aint no dang on deal with gasoline

hell i gotta fill up as soon as i leave here

yeah bring that saxaphone,lmao

tyler perry-hmmm no words

i aint watched tv in a while but that used to be my show,lol

i left mcdonalds alone dude, it aint good for me,lol

hey the Dark Knight was good, i liked it

and the Wire does need to come back that was my show

eclectik said...

That's what's up...the stream of thoughts is dope
I fux witcha

I dunno bout the Wire Movie...not the version from the last season

ugh Tyler Perry.


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Ain't that a shame about gas...but I sho hope it's still 3 something today cause I gotta fill up my tank....

I'd love to see what would happen if you walk in church with your saxophone...pull it out...and start playing......I bet you get about 100 side eyes at

One thing for sure....weed...does damage on your memory....One of my weed head sistahs will forget she is talking mid sentence...drives me crazy especially if I was interested in what she was talking about.....

No surprise about hip hop....shoot people criticize Jesus but call on him when they need him....

I don't care for the Tyler Perry tv show.....some of the plays are funny...and truth be told Mr Brown is funnier than Madea...

Boy rock that gray hair and accept your sign of what might scare me is gray hair down yonder....does that happen?????

YES -1- comeback........I miss you too......

Darius T. Williams said...

Wanna know what's funny? I was thinking about the time I spend blogging too. It's way too much time. If I didn't have bloglines and a free semester off from school I don't know what I'd do.

12kyle said...

@ flyyest
lmao @ "weed is from the earth". that's the same thing that he said! lol

i've never seen america's best dance crew. i've heard good things about it, tho

leave those chicks alone

@ sexxy luv
$3.66 sounds like a really good deal lol

you gotta try a big mac. you just might love it

i watch run's house with my sons

@ miz
dmx ain't doing too good right now

taco bell??? ohhhhh lawd. now that's one place that i will not eat at

c'mon miz. there aren't that many gay men here in the atl??? lol

@ the f$%k it list
Nas is "breathing life back into the embryo."

i'd be the first in line to see the wire!

c'mon now. let's root for kobe. lmao. he's playin for our team now

@ dreamy
if i bring a sax to's on!!!

no mcd's??? how do you survive? i gotta have my fries

i'd love to see the wire come back for another season

@ e
i try...but i can't pull it off like you, bruh

you didn't like last season? or did you not like the way that it ended?

@ keisha the kitten
i'm sure that i'd get a buncha side eyes b/c i don't know how to play the sax. lmao

forgetting in mid sentence??? wow!!!

lmao!!! i dunno about that gray hair. i don't wanna see it. haaaaa

@ darius
it is time consuming but sooooo therapeutic.

Eb the Celeb said...

you better stop with them big macs... you aint getting no younger...

no on meagan goode... she is a sweetie but she chain smokes... so not sexy... everytime I see her in the club I just want to snatch it out her mouth and literally she"s not even done with the first one and is already lighting another... so not sexy

I love run's house too!!!

no excuse for blogging more than sports... SMH!

and I agree with the guilty by association mess... I had to learn that when working at the world wide leader that afterworking... not to chill with certain co-workers because they were well spooning

and iono y you thought that was light hitting ya beard... you know you getting

where the heck did -1- go?

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Thats so true...when I saw $3.85, I turned my car around with the quickness and called some of my friends about the "deal."

Well, I go to New Birth, and I haven't seen that in a minute...maybe the ushers took it (you know they take their job too seriously).

LOL at the "no weed" dude

Blogging is addictive...a little too much

ALL White people are nosey...I hate that...they want to know every damn thing...then critique it like they are some kind of damn judge!!!

I don't watch the Tyler Perry show, but I love Madea. Although, his best movie was Why Did I Get Married, and it didn't have any of his "extra" characters (Madea, Uncle Joe).

John McShame...I didn't know he was still running for president.

You wrong for Shaq's ass tasted...ewww

Jeff S-Class said...

If you don't know... Now you know.. It's good.. It's all good.. no matter what life throws at you.. make sure you swing for the fences.. If if was a fifth i'll be drunk... The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little Extra! Just off tha the Dam Dome!

Trish said...

Hell no she aint getting paid to play the tambourine and you wont get paid for playing the sax either. Black churches are trying to make money not pay out.

Be careful with those big macs.
540 calories a mac ! and your not getting no younger. lol

Weed is from the earth it aint hurting nobody, leave him alone.
Pork will kill you before weed will!


They're nosey as hell (white people) cause they tell all their damn business and think we're supposed to do the same.

House of Pain is wack ! but Madea is pretty funny, I just think she's getting played, people are getting tired of her.


Please rise for the entrance of the President of the United States...

Get up on "Swingtown" Friday nights 10pm CBS. love it.

Freak by association?!?!?! Really??? Damn.

Just have Mrs. 12 take some tweezers and a pen light and pluck those grays right out.
I do it for my hubbie all the time.

karrie b. said...

dont pluck them grey hairs...if u do, 6 more come to it's funeral...



Brad said...

Yo, in that little town McBee just outside Cheraw gas was $3.65 this Sunday. I passed it thinking I could fill up somewhere else even cheaper. DUMMY. $3.85 in Camden.

I love Big Mac's. Don't eat them.

I grew up in NY in the 70's. Everybody you knew was a "god". Didn't eat pork and spoke the day's mathematics. Then rolled some reefer so they could smoke and contemplate the evils of the white devil. WOW. 3 of my brothers don't eat pork to this day. And I make the best ribs in GA. LMAO.

White people think it's there right to be in shyt. It's there God given right. Remember that Ced the Entertainer routine where everybody running away from trouble and the white dude runs INTO it. That's how they are.

The Jaded NYer said...

i knew a dude who smoked weed but didn't eat pork b/c he said that it was "bad for his health." helloooooo--- was his name Eric? 'cause I know him, too LMAO!!

ain't it funny how hip hop is often criticized for everything under the sun but is used to sell damn near everything.--- damn that's a good point!!

tyler perry aint funny to me. i'm sorry, y'all. i don't like his show and i don't like madea.--- oh hell yeah! his show smells like 5 day old fish that's been sitting out in the sun!!

who cares about the dark knight movie? can we get the wire on the big screen?--- oh no, hon you HAVE TO SEE the dark knight! it was sooooooo good!!!!

come back -1- --- WORD!!!

Urban Thought said...

gas: i'm glad i don't drive

church: that may run on the same theory as "we all look alike" (sunday hat, check; white church issued dress, check; tambourine, check)

fast food: i stay far away from that. they put up those calories and i have to walk away, walk far away

health: aren't you against weed?

hip hop: when you can complain and make money off of the same thing you are complaining about the only person pissed off is the one not making money.

blog: sounds like you should blog about sports, this way you can get some more espn

how good is meagan goode? how many licks does it take for her to pop?

white people: i think that is something that comes with their handbook. (must be nosy and get into everyone's business)

tyler perry: never touch the stuff. his show is whack, medea can kick rocks and trip over her/his own feet. but i have to thank 'em for keeping black folk employed. not to many people are doing that.

McJohn: this is the same dude that complained that Barack hadn't visited. now that Barack has the world cheering for him they are all upset and in an uproar. they need to get over themselves.

books: reading is fundamental

tocarra: she needs to keep some of her weight. she was good lookin thick.

Muze said...

i know right? i saw gas for 3.82 and was like, happy. lol.

ewww @ big macs.

i like tyler perry.

i've just started reading a lot again. it's better that way. lol.

omg the wire on the big screen would be phenomenal. i still haven't started season five. i can't find it!!!

dark knight was good though.

eww @ kobe knowing how shaq's assets tastes. lol.

i hate dudes like that. bragging on your bmw and your money cause you probably have a pinky penis. ugh.


hope all is well kyle!

12kyle said...

@ eb the celeb
meagan is sooooo hoooood!! and i love it!

"association breeds similarity." leave those freaks alone

i am gettin old...and so are you! haaaa

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
i've been to newbirth once. if you brought a harmonica up in there...the ushers might whip yo ass.

white folk are wayyyy too nosey. black folk wanna know ya bizness...but not all of ya bizness!!

i think mcshame is still running for prez. i'm not sure. lol

@ jeff s-class
words of wisdom from the infamous jeff s-class. preciate the words, bruh

@ trish
if they hear me on the sax...they'd pay me to stop!

the big macs are the reason why i work out

pork won't mess up ya memory. there's a reason why they call it dope.

@ karrie b.
i hear you but i don't wanna see it on my face

12kyle said...

@ brad
there's only one gas station in mcbee! lmao

lmao @ ribs!

white folk are nosey by nature

@ jaded santana
no it wasn't eric. lol. shame on eric

mannn, i saw a commerical selling pantyhoses with an old white lady dancing to hip hop. the only thing that i could do was to shake my head.

lmao @ 5 day old fish

@ urban thought
yes. i'm against weed. i don't knock those who do it but i don't want no parts of it

i feel you on tyler perry. i did enjoy why did i get married but that's it. i can't feel madea

i agree. tocarra has lost too much weight

@ muze
you know that it's sad when we're happy about gas that costs $3. lol

season five of the wire hasn't come out on dvd but when it need to get it. classic!

lmao @ pinky penis.

ms.uncensored said...

i loooooveee run's house.

i just think tyler perry is soooo wiggity wack. he definitely isn't as funny as everyone make shim out to be. plus u know he's a flamer on the low.

yep. i encountered that friend that was a pop-off. had to cut ties quick after one of my guy friends was like yo ur friends a pop, don't chill wit her cuz the dudes is angling. lol

Smarty Jones said...

I guess since you're paying $3.85 I shouldn't tell you that I payed $3.69 yesterday.
I can't co-sign the Tyler Perry comment completely. I will watch "Medea Goes to Jail" like I've never seen it before and "Why Did I Get Married?" is on my favorite movie list. Sorry.
OMG, I heart "Run's House" too. I think they are hilarious, especially when everybody starts to make their own sound effects.
I really heart Deion and Pillar too.
As far as being a "freak by assosication" I don't exactly disagree with that. But it goes both ways too. Dogs do run in packs, you know.
Don't worry about the gray hair. It's going to do one of two things. It will either make you look distinguished or old as hell.
I have to co-sign misrepresent on Idris Elba. Umph, umph, umph!!!
And while we're at it Djimon Hansou, Djimon Hansou, Djimon Hansou! "Give us we free!"

Anonymous said...

I have been told that a gray hair signifies "good luck" so let's hope it does! I think Tyler Perry is very creative and is great with plays and film; the tv show isn't that interesting in my opinion, but some of my other family members love it. And I understand your logic on the gas prices; I feel the same way! Lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

12kyle said...

@ ms uncensored
run's house is the joint

lmao @ flamer

that is so true

@ smarty jones
$3.69??? word? now i really feel bad. lol

you're right. dogs usually run in packs. if you see one...odds are likely that there'll be one with him

i'd rather look distinguished than look old. lmao!!

@ kei
good luck? word? i need that!

Opinionated Diva said...

Uhhh…weed is from the earth…that’s usually the dumb rationale behind why it’s OK for the body. Yeah…blank stare!

I’m not a fan of Perry either…I don’t get why he’s so popular…everything seems the same…I just can’t watch him.

Shaking my head at dudes who have absolutely nothing to talk about but their money, then get mad at women attracted to them for the very thing they’ve been bragging about…shuddup!

Tha L said...

tyler perry aint funny to me. i'm sorry, y'all. i don't like his show and i don't like madea.


And stay yo ass OUT of Mcdonalds! POISON!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

LOL!!! @ Every white person I know is nosy!!! That is sooooooo true!!!

I've never eaten one big mac, but i tried a quarter pounder once and was shocked that it tasted so good!!

the wire, must have really been good. my husband is still raving about it!

i'm not into movies based on comic books, but i keep hearing how great the "Dark Knight" is, maybe i'll watch it when it comes on cable.

i've never watched the "House of Payne" show, but i did see one Tyler Perry movie, "Why Did I Get Married" and actually enjoyed it!

ShellyShell said...

I grew up with "the others" some are nosy and some are not.

Two weeks ago gas cost me $4.33 and I saw it this week for $4.23.

I haven't seen anyone at my church bust out a tamborine yet but I go to the young service at 10 so I don't know what the heck goes on at 8 or 12.

LMAO off at weed is from the earth...I can appreciate that!

Tyler Perry...I don't like House of Payne but I did like the plays and I like the fact that his movies are about family and having God in your life.

Run's House is the shyt. I watched a few of them yesterday when I was home sick.

Hip Hop...I love it! I'm going to Rock the Bells on Sunday. I can't wait to see Nas,Tribe,Mos, Method Man, Pharcyde and the list goes on.

John McOld shut the f*ck up is all I want to yell at the tv when he comes on.

I have to have a Big Mac at least once a year! Ummm

Idris....on big screen.....YUMMY!

I read A LOT I try and knock out a book every 10 days. I come from a family of readers.

Yeah we have to root for Kobe(beyatch) now that he's on USA but if they lose everyone will blame it on him...lmao!

Yeah I had a friend that was a super freak and I would go out with her sometime and dudes would be trying to come at me crazy and I had to let them know. Just because all you mfers ran up in her it ain't goin down like that over in these y'all need to fall the f&ck back. After that I just had to fall back from her. *sigh*

I HATE dudes like that. Talking about what they have,earn etc then get mad when birds are flocking around.

The Flyyest said...

is there jack in the box in ATL???

if you love big mac you will loooovvveeee a jumbo jack and its only 99 cents!!!!!

Rich said...

Whatup dawg.

Just swinging through. Yeah, I'm trying to ween myself from all this time spent with blogging.

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! That's soooo true on gas. We've been hoodwinked! I'm like--oh, that 4.12 for plus and get excited because it's not 4.29. Bamboozled!

LOL on the tambourine. Maybe she gets 2 percent of the collection plate.

McCain is an old hater. I saw on CNN where he's comparing Barack to Paris and Britney. Barack is a celebrity but not ready to lead. Talk about sippin' the haterade.

The wire on the big screen would be BANANAS! Maybe we should start a petition online....

Not X and Wino? HA

12kyle said...

i always hear that comment from weed heads

i don't understand the popularity of madea

i can't stand when dudes front like that

@ l
the fries be callin me!!! i can't stay away

@ bgg
i have graduated from the quarter pounder to the big mac. lmao

the wire was the best thing on tv.

i think i'ma check out dark knight before the week is over

@ shellyshell
$4.33??? dayyyuuumm!!!!

you're going to the rock the bells concert??? wow! that's whussup

i can't get enough of run's house

@ flyyest
no. unfortunately we don't have jack in the box here. maybe you can move here and we'll open up a franchise together

@ rich
i feeeeeeel you, bruh. it's time consuming but i just can't stop. lol

@ traveldiva
2 percent on the plate! haaaa. not in my church she won't. lol

it's sad to see x like this.

i think the wire on the big screen would be unreal.

Anonymous said...

You know, I have to agree with you on Tyler Perry. I do enjoy his movies though. The serious ones.

Yeah, they're trippin' with the gas. Just glad to see it going down.

LMBO @ Amy and DMX doing a duet.

Funny stuff.

dessex said...

I feel you on Tyler Perry I never really was a fan. I can respect his hustle but he is overrated.

I saw 3.54 for gas on my way home from work.

yeah u should bring your sax and see what happens.

And Run's House is the best black show on TV

Tocorra......yeah buddy!!!!!!!

Tony OH said...

Again, you have maintained the top spot on my blog... You da Man 12!

~Ms. Moore~ said...

You better jump on that $3.85 gas because you never know if it will go up or down again =(

Hip Hop is criticized for every problem under the sun but it is used to sell almost every product you can think of.
I think that is just a spin on the whole enslave the mind to control the body theory. I can’t every think of a time when the powers that be didn’t say something bad and or derogatory about black people, while at the same time using our ideas, creations, people etc to make mo $$$, mo $$$, mo $$$.

I agree about the Medea / House of Payne thing. I tried to support Tyler Perry but I just don’t like anything he has produced, written or directed even his plays. But who cares about my humble opinion (brother got bank).

Don’t sleep on the Dark Knight. The Joker did some crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy s _ _ t!!!!!! Some of the madness he did was so tight that I wanted to cheer for him but I didn’t want people to think I was crazy and demented LMAO

Don’t worry about the lil gray hair (unless it bothers Mrs K12) you’ll still be fine with salt and pepper hair!!!

Stew said...

damn i feel like we are connected in some way. i have had a lot of the same thoughts.

never had a big mac

can't stand tyler perry

run's house is the best show on tv

i can't wait to cheer kobe on

all weed smokers will tell you that weed is not bad...i dont get it either

i feel sorry for girls that get wrongfully accused. its like the guy being locked up for a crime he did not commit

we may be twins.....its creepy

A Go Bytch said...

*** I love passing through here pure entertainment....

~as far as gas prices...just always be prepared to walk. Nope you didn't get a deal. You were still bending over AT THE PUMP!!

~Visit enough black church's you'll see more than that.

~ Not big on fast food. Have you checked out Wednesday Wine Down player.. I can throw down!

~Ummmm pork or weed? I mean if you had to choose......

~HIP HOP... next.

~If I had more time I probably would as well...okay but the time I do have...that's what I'm doing...

~every black person that i know is nosey

~tyler perry aint funny to me either..just every now and then I get a joke....

~I'll be glad when elections are over...Period.

~I miss reading the NY TIMES.

~ run's house is so pre-rehearsed...

~Only if they raise stringer from the dead will I watch the Chocolate!

~Can we say Go Tigers?

~That would be the LSU Tigers...

~ amy winehouse and dmx ... sounds like a disaster at hand to me.

~The man an his money...thanks you just inspired tomorrows post!

~who is tocarra...tocarra...tocarra

~Embrace your gray hair sweetie!

Go B.

12kyle said...

@ jewells
welcome back!!!

i'm glad to see gas prices going down but it only makes me question why they were that high in the first place?

x and wino...deadly! lol

@ dessex
i respect tyler perry's hustle, too. i'm just not feeling his projects

if i bring the sax, they'll never let me back in the church. haaaa

$3.54? damn. that sounds good

@ tony oh
preciate it bruh

@ ms moore
you are right about hip hop. i couldn't agree more

i'm gonna see what the fuss is about this movie once and for all

she likes the gray hair but she does tease me about it. lol

@ stew
brothers from another mother. great minds who think alike

lotta love at run's house. i like that

i just can't mess with weed.

@ a go bytch
wednesday wine down player? what's that?

"every black person that i know is nosey lmao!!!! classic

google tocarra. she's a model. she used to be a + sized model. not anymore. she's still cute to me tho.

Kieya said...

-and you know she'll be playing the hell outta that she majored in it or something. i feel like the level of playin older ladies got only comes w/age LOL

-mcdonald's = death...

-LOL @ homeboy turning down pork. my friend once went to a party where alot of ppl were smoking weed. then someone lit a cigarette and people was looking at him like he was out of his mind

-every white person i know is not only nosey but shares too GD much

-i'd see The Wire movie 198 times if it came out

-a winehouse & DMX duet is sure to end in an overdose.

-i miss -1- too. :-(