Thursday, July 3, 2008

Off tha Dome

random thoughts...

No matter your religious beliefs, I hope that you would pray for others as well as your fellow bloggers. I've read some things over the last few days and it reminds me about how blessed we all are. It's easy to complain but everyday above a good day.

BET sucks! I just wanted to say that.

Mrs12 recently cut her hair off. Not all of it...but a lot of it. I'm so used to seeing it long but I can imagine that it can get pretty hot dealing with these summer days. I like the new look

Headed to SC this weekend to pick up Deion and Kameron. They've been gone for 2 months. I miss em.

I'ma try to keep this one short for prettyblack! LoL. But I dunno if I can

Speaking of her, big ^ to prettyblack for recently getting her high school diploma. She's working on that undergrad degree right now. Keep doin' it!

I really enjoyed talking to Obama the other day. That's my dude.

How many of y'all get mad when you see a black movie star or entertainer with a white spouse? Tell the truth!

Isn't it frustrating to see someone over you who makes more money than you...but KNOWS less than you?

Nia Long @ the BET Awards

Shaq...let it go bruh. Leave Kobe alone.

Kobe...stop tryna be like Micheal Jordan. You ain't him. Be you! And for the record...Jordan NEVER got blown out like that in the Finals.

The Summer Olympics are around the corner. Do you even care?

Are you ready for some football?

I have no respect for these brothers on the DL. If you're gay, that's cool. Do ya thing. But don't try to play both sides of the fence.

This is such a cool blog. And I am such a cool guy.

Every year around the 4th of July, people get drunk, fall off boats, and drown. Be safe out there y'all

In my opinion, Ole Dirty Bastard was very talented.

Instead of stimulus checks, can we get some stimulus gas??? Have a weekend gas sale like they do at Macy's. Gas will be 50% off from Friday to Sunday.

I think single women should be aggressive (not slutty) if they see a man that they like. Sometimes you can't wait for the man to come to you. You gotta go get him.

Some men need to stop playin games with these women. We're too old for that.

Wonder if I can hook my 1 yr old son Brandon up with Tiger Woods' daughter. Man! We'd be set for life...i mean he'd be set for life. LOL

Regina King...Regina King...Regina King

Fantasia is cool but she is ghetto AND country. That's a helluva mix

Rick James (RIP)

I love black people

Much love to my blog crew.

Much love to y'all who read but never comment.

I guess there is a way to find out who comes to your blog but it doesn't really matter. Somebody is reading it.

Just like you did.


Dione said...

Thanks. Much love to the planet too!

Anonymous said...

too much time on your hands.

if school got out on the 23rd of May how have your children been gone 2 months. Math skills my brother.

Dreamy said...

yeah yall pray for me cause this girl is off her rockers,lol

BET does suck, like are they serious with the stuff they play nowaday, jeezzzzzzzz

Go Mrs12!!! but girl you are so gonna regret it!!! I cut off all of my beautiful hair and i want it back.*sigh*

lord them kids aint gonna know how to act when they see their daddy,lol

Go Pretty Black, keep doing your thing mami!!!!!!!

Hey I cant wait for some College Football. You wont be able to pry me from the TV. GO LSU!!!!!!!

You are a cool guy!!! I love you Kylee Kyle your like that cool cousin that everyone wants to be around!!

We love you too!! *Hugs*

umh and who in the hell is this Anonymous person. Whomever it is gotta alot of time on their hands if their reading your blog. Stop Hating, jeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz!!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Hey be safe this weekend. Go them them babies...i know how you miss them.

- a new cut is a good thing...kudos to Mrs12kyle! It can always grow back in the winter.

12kyle said...

@ Dione
Preciate tha love as always.

@ Anonymous

You know what I meant. It's been almost 2 months.

(sniff... sniff...I smell hate in the air)

@ dreamy
We are all off the off the rockers! Lol

She loves the new haircut. She's worn it long forever so this is new for her. And her hair will grow pretty fast

I love college football. LSU is loaded. Can they do it again?

Don't worry about Anonymous hating. I know who it is. She's cool. Just ate a bowl of hate this mornin'. LMAO!!!

@ Miz
Yeah. I miss those lil dudes. Although, they may not be ready to come back after being spoiled by grandma. LOL. You know how that goes

It'll grow back pretty fast. I like the new look, tho. She just might keep it short.

i.can't.complain. said...

nia is a certified banger

lmao @ stimulus gas.



wait, stumulus gas !




*regains composure*

yep it does suck donkey balls when some idiot makes more than u and may even be in a position higher than u

i pray that u and your fam have a safe trip on the way to and from going to pick up the mini-12's.

later, big brother XII


Proactiff said...

"Mrs12 recently cut her hair off. Not all of it...but a lot of it. I'm so used to seeing it long but I can imagine that it can get pretty hot dealing with these summer days. I like the new look

Headed to SC this weekend to pick up Deion and Kameron. They've been gone for 2 months. I miss em."

Aw. That's sweet-- you missin' the boys. But, keep it REAL, bruh. Mrs12 cut her hair -> y'all been having lots of sweaty head bangin' secks cause them boys been GONE and you might have been pullin' her hair too much! Tell her I feel her on the cut and wouldn't want to walk around with chunks of hair missing. LMAO.

Seriously, my partner and long time 'couple friends' just cut his 12-year old dreds off this week, while his wife cut hers off a couple months ago. How 'bout they both live in ATL (however from MIA). I'm wondering just how hot it is in Georgia? Damn! When I told MrPRO about my visions of late sporting a mohawk he was like, "Don't get no ideas." Which is funny cause I've worn my hair in so many styles that you'd think he is use to my changing. I guess the saying goes once you go nappy you never go back unhappy! I made that up... "Off tha dome."

Miss reading you, bruh. *end long-windedness*

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Wow, tell us how you really feel...LOL. Now to address some of the issues:

BET=Black Exploitation Television

Obviously I have no problems w/Black celebrities and White spouses (*Something New*)

Nia Long is pulchritudinous

I care about the summer olympics...I'm looking forward to seeing the male track events ;)

I LOVE football...My favorite sport in my favorite season (autumn)...also tailgate (but no one likes to serve veggie burgers for me)

DL men can kiss my a**...too many of them are in Atlanta!!!

You're great!

I'm with you about the stimulus gass...I have a SUV :(

Men do need to stop playing games...Grow Up!

LMAO @ your son and TW's daughter

Everytime I think of Rick James, I think of Dave Chappelle.

The Jaded NYer said...

Isn't it frustrating to see someone over you who makes more money than you...but KNOWS less than you?

YES! I try not to care about stuff like that because it's all relative and we all made our own choices, but DAMN!

A Master's Degree just ain't what it used to be if people who barely left HS doing better. So why did I borrow all that money for???

Big O said...

lmao at the DL comment

and yeah...impatiently awaiting football season..


Smarty Jones said...

I got an off the dome for ya:
Who the hell is anonymous?
Anyway, I do love your Off tha Dome posts.
I agree that BET sucks ASS! I can't watch it anymore. I think I've outgrown it.
To answer your question, I dont' get mad when I see a black entertainer date or marry outside their race. I just wonder how many black women are going to end up marrying these eligible white and asian bachelors.
As far as Shaq leaving Kobe along, whatever. I think the bigger issue is that Shaq can barely rhyme. I'm a little alarmed by that. He had one hot line and kept repeating it. And Shaq's a "horse?" Really? I think he should attend the Talib Kweli School of Rhyme. But first Kweli has to open it up.
"I think single women should be aggressive (not slutty) if they see a man that they like. Sometimes you can't wait for the man to come to you. You gotta go get him."
I disagree. The Bible says when a man findeth and good wife, he findeth a good thing. I'm just gonna sit down and wait to be found.
Leave Fantasia alone. While she is the Queen of Contretto (Country and Ghetto) but the girl can sang. Plus, she's been catching hell since the beginning of June. You'd think she'd fire her stylist and keep it moving.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

You're right it's easy to complain...instead of being thankful that we're alive...and thankful for where we've come from...I'm going to try to check myself whenever I'm complaining...and stop dead in my tracks and just say "Thank you God" instead...The storms are only preparing us for the rainbow (the promise) anyway...just gotta get through it..with prayer and faith!

Honestly...I don't trip on interracial dating/marriages...I believe in humans...not doesn't have a color code...

Traveling graces to you and yours this weekend....much love to you!

Big O said... did say Regina King....

ms.uncensored said...

BET sucks big hairy balls. thats my say.

owww. mrs12 better go head wit her bad self. new looks rock.

stimulus gas. lmaooo. actually the stimulus checks were wonderful for me at least. cuz i don't drive ah well.

DL men...ughhh. two of my ex's were flaming DL men. the worst part is one of them tried to trap me. no dead ass. now he has a baby with some other clueless broad. a son. smdh.

pink said...

i dont get angry if i see a black man with a white woman...i get mad when guys PREFER to date outside there race. i also get mad when men front like they love a black woman then be married to somethin completely different like my boss. The other day he gon say...i like my women like i like my coffee: black! why you lyin bruh? your wife is korean!

Rich said...

Enjoy the holiday Blog Brother. You are a pretty cool dude, on and off the blog. Now, that's whats up.

Enjoy the holiday. Don't spend all your stimulus gas heading to South Cacalacky.

the prisoner's wife said...

i have to ride for my boy Kobe. i don't understand when people say he's trying to be like Mike. all good players that came up in the Jordan era are automatically compared to Mike (grand hill, kobe, now LeBron) he's said over and over, he's just trying to be how he trying to be like Mike?

Rezidl said...

...we are blessed; we're not on the front lines like some of our family and friends....

BET does suck, however, I give Debra Lee and Reginald Hudling major props for attempting to introduce better programming while still serving mainstream adverstisers. Gotta love seeing Maxwell and EnVogue...

I'm a fan of Mrs12!...she's the only Dame who could tame Chocolate Boy Wonder...

2 months? That's all?

...big up, Prettyblack.

Obama is solid, however I'm not sure I dig partisanship by any candidate. Doesn't that fundamentally perpetuate creating a divided country?

Shaq is having fun. Never take him seriously...he doesn't.

Kobe is whack!...he can afford to buy himself a personality.

I see lots of grown men and women playing games. So silly.

laughing808 said...

Thanks for the love, and here's your comment.

12kyle said...

@ -1-
I've had a crush on Nia since the days on Guiding Light!

Stimulus gas! I need that! Haaaa

LOL @ donkey balls

Thanks for the well wishes. Lookin forward to seeing those lil dudes

OMG!!! This had me crakkin up soo hard that I almost ran a red light! LMAO @ u, PRO!!! U r stoooooopid!!! You know that short hair can be pulled, too...right? Haaaaa

It's soo hot here. She told me that her head "felt lighter". I aint mad at her for wanting to get that hair off her neck and shoulders.

Mohawk??? Noooooo! I gotta side with MrPro. LOL

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
I like that...BET=Black Exploitation Television

Nia Long is pulchritudinous gotta explain that to me. I dunno what that means

Men's track? Wonder why?????? LOL

Awwwww, I love tailgates!!!

Lotta DL dudes here in the A. Can't even front.

I love that Rick James skit. A true CLASSIC

@ Jaded Santana
Pleeeeeease don't tell me that a Masters don't mean nuffin no more. I'll be starting school in a few months to get that Masters. Wish me luck

@ Big O
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day...hangin out like wet clothes.

If u are gay, cool! No problem with that. But you CAN'T play both sides of the fence.

Mannnn, football can't get here fast enough.

@ Smarty Jones
Anonymous is a friend of mine who had some hatecakes with syrup this mornin'. LOL. She'll be aiiight after the meds wear off.

I feel you. I don't get mad. The reason why I asked is b/c Mrs12 does. I hope my single sistas hang in there. But if you find love doesn't matter...just be happy

Shaq can rap. A lil bit? Maybe? LoL

I hear you. What I meant by that statement is that sometimes women will be passive but they KNOW that they want a man. Why be passive? If you see something that you want...go get it! Don't wait for him.

LMAO @ Queen of Contretto (Country and Ghetto)

@ Keisha the Kitten
I agree. We are all blessed to see each day. And we can't take that for granted.

Preciate tha luv!

12kyle said...

@ Big O
Yesssir!!! Did you see This Christmas??? OMG!!!!

@ ms.uncensored
Hairy balls!! Y'all are crazy

The new 'do looks real fly. Gotta tip my skully to her!

A DL brutha with a baby? What a clown!

@ pink
I agree 100%! If a brutha says "I don't date black women" then I have a problem with that. We can't exclude our women. Period!

LMAO @ the Korean wife!!! Good one!

@ Rich
I feel the same way! If anybody reading this blog is in the St. Louis area, you wanna hang with Rich. Real good peeps.

I'ma take it easy in SC. Eat moms fried chicken and chill out! Haaaa

@ the prisoner's wife
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like a stray cat

Kobe is the best player in the game. I think he spent most of his career trying to "sound like Mike" in interviews that he came off like a dude who watched Come Fly With Me 200 times.

I think he comes off as being corny and not real. I don't know Kobe as a person. The image that I have perceived about him...I don't like. Not to mention, I think he raped that lil white girl in Colorado. And he ratted out Shaq to the cops. He broke 2 man laws! You can't take booty. And you never snitch on anutha man.

Sorry for the rant

@ Rezidl
Yeah...she...ummm..tamed me. But you know who's runnin' thangs!!!!

*she does...sigh*

I don't envy Obama. He's walking into a huge mess. It might be 2 yrs before things will be where they need to be.

Btw...have you heard from LRenee. I haven't seen or heard from her in a minute. Maybe the younginz are runnin her crazy! LoL

@ laughing808
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like a crackhead

Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. Feel free to participate. We are all fam over here.

The Jaded NYer said...

Good luck with school, man. Maybe it's just a Master's in Creative Writing that people don't care about? Yeah, get yourself a degree in something eles and maybe you'll fare better LOL

Kieya said...

many blessings for all bloggers out there!

it is HOT outside...even at night...sometimes i have dreams of shaving my head...and i just might

yea, i'd say you're pretty cool lol

my professor yelled at us today & told us to be careful & not do anything stupid. i know i wont.

hope you have a great weekend & have fun pickin up the lil ones!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

pulchritudinous=physically beautiful

Rezidl said...

...yeah, LRenee and I keep trying to hook up for drinks, but she's been busy with fam stuff.

BTW... I may have just become a fan of -1-....

Oh yeah, stop being so Comely

12kyle said...

@ Jaded Santana
Thanks, girl. You're a Master at Creative Writing! That's sooooo true. Your writing is somethin else.

@ Kieya
You're thinkin about cuttin it all off? Word?

LoL. Thanks. My mamma thinks that I'm cool, too.

Have a good weekend to you. KNOW I'm gonna have to post somethin over the weekend. I'll have something for y'all tomorrow too!

@ Beautifully.Conjured.Up
Thanks for the info. I'll put that word in my vocab.

"Baby, you look pulchritudinous in that new dress!

@ Rezidl
Cool. Tell her that I asked about her. I keep checkin on her blog but she's been gone since May. LOL

-1- is maaaad cool. You should read her well as everybody else in the crew. Then, you AND Brad should get ya blogs up and runnin'. LMAO!!!

I know...I know. You remember how hard it was for me to go to the library when we were in college! LOL

A Go Bytch said...

Okay... I randomly chose what I wanted to comment on....okay

#1 I'm jealous of a star's mate (white or black) only if I have a holly-crush on them just because it's not me!

#2 What do you mean are we ready for football. I'm a tiger fan! LSU TIGERS that is!

#3 Dudes on the DL ??? Does the same rule apply for girls on the DL or do we have a double standard?

#4 I don't think being aggressive will help hasn't worked for me in 4 years.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Have a great holiday weekend!!!

I love your random thoughts!!!

ShellyShell said...

I need all the prayer I can get!

I'm excited for the Olympics..track and field is the shyt!

I know your kiddies will be excited to see you!!

Nia...every dude I know is in love with her. Shyt I'm a woman and think she's fly as hell!

BET is the worst! Pepsi,P&G and GM pulled their ads from Rap City and 106 and Park!

Having a great weekend!!

12kyle said...

@ A Go Bytch
LMAO @ u!!!

LSU is gonna have a tough time. Sup with the dumb QB gettin thrown off the team?

DL rules apply for chicks, too! Just be honest about it. These DL dudes are the worst, tho. To quote the late rapper Pimp C...They be out there contaminating the pussy!"

Keep ya head up. You'll find him. Beleeee dat!

Thanks! Have a good weekend!

@ ShellyShell
I'm gonna watch the track and field and mens b-ball. That's it.

Nia is sooooo fly!

Word? I didn't know that they pulled their ads? Wow!!!

Same to you! Party hard! I know that you will

ShellyShell said...

Hey Kyle. I meant to write Have a great weekend!
Here's the link to the story about BET losing sponsorship.

12kyle said...

@ ShellyShell
Thanks for the info!

Have a good weekend!!


I like your first comment...I always need prayer...Im always praying...P>U>S>H...Pray Until Something Happens!!!!

Sexxy Luv said...

this is one cool blog being ran by one cool dude, i heart you kyle. :)

2 months what a nice break!

who is the anonymous HATER?

when are we going to get a picture Mrs.Kyle?

be sae on the road, innocent folks get killed on a daily, pray and buckle up! :)

Sexxy Luv said...



dessex said...

Man....I was just listening to that Roots album today....favorite track is "Water" and "Star"

and I am very ready for some football....My raiders are going to go 8-8 this year just missing the playoffs....

and me and u are going to have to duke it out over Nia lol

Hadassah said...

Oh man!!! I had the biggest crush on Derek Luke when I saw his wife I was like what Black girls need love too!!!!

Dione said...

Stop lying man. You know u hung out in the library freshmen year just like the other 500 of us... It was THE place to be...

I understand what u meant about the 2 month thing. U were counting CALENDAR months, not days in the months :-)

Be careful here in SC. The popo have checkpoints EVERYWHERE for the weekend only. U KNOW how it is to be DWB around here...

I like the Summer Olympics but my events don't interest anybody... swimming...

LMAO at single women being aggressive...

~Ms. Moore~ said...

BET has sucked for a long time. I stopped watching it when they did my man Tavis Smiley wrong. I think it was sold shortly thereafter.

Prettyblack you go girl!!! I’m always happy to hear that my people are doing things to improve themselves.

The only time it bothers me to see a black entertainer with a white spouse is when they say or act as if black people are beneath them and that there are no blacks worthy to marry.

Isn't it frustrating to see someone over you who makes more money than you...but KNOWS less than you?
Amen but unfortunately that has happened to me so many times that I pretty much feel it is the norm.

Shaq...let it go bruh. Leave Kobe alone
Shaq leave Kobe and Rap alone. I don’t know what’s worse his rapping or acting.

In my opinion, Ole Dirty Bastard was very talented.
Talented and real!!I miss ODB (RIP)

I think single women should be aggressive (not slutty) if they see a man that they like. Sometimes you can't wait for the man to come to you. You gotta go get him.
You’re right cause sometimes you guys will stare at a sister all night like a stalker but never say a word =(

Ms. Jones said...

Love the stream of consciousness on this post! Stimulus gas is a great idea by the way...but being more aggressive, I don't know about that one lol

The F$%K it List said...

Late post, busy day!

Be safe on your way to SC, you know how fools act on long weekend.

Suck is too light of a term for B.E.T

I think anonymus needs to be banned from the planet, I'm just saying.

Go Mrs 12kyle with your new short fab hair.

ok that's all I can remember. Be Safe

12kyle said...

@ Poca
Prayer changes things!

@ Sexxy Luv
'Preciate the always!

It was a good break but I missed them.

That's a good name for her...Anonymous Hater. LMAO!!!

You made me think. I thought that I posted a picture of me and Mrs12kyle on a post but I may not have. I'll put a picture of her on my next "picture post"

Thanks for your concern. We just made it here safely.

@ dessex
My joints were Break You Off and Star. I love that cd. The Roots always come with it.

I think the Raiders are gonna be good next year. They'll have an outside push at the playoffs. If Russell can stay off the fatty foods, the Raiders are gonna be tough. Beware of D'Angelo Hall, tho. He talks a lot and gets burned a lot. I'm a Falcons fan. I'm getting ready for a 3-13 season. LOL. But at least the tailgates will be off the chain.

My main lady is Sanaa Lathan. That's my main squeeze. Nia is like my weekend lover. LMAO! So, we may not need to fight if you lend her to me. LoL

Btw...I read a lil bit of your post while I was driving. You KNOW I gotta add my .02!!! I'm feelin it!

@ Hadassah
My wife and I were watching tv and Derek Luke and his wife came on the screen. And my wife just "grunted" when she saw him with his white wife. LoL

@ Dione
I went to the library during our freshman year. But I couldn't stay in there too long. Too busy duckin'. LOL

There was a gang of cops on the road today

Swimming? Word?

@ Ms Moore
BET has NO news programming. Aint that sumthin'?

Prettyblack is doin' it! I'm proud of her.

Johnny Sanford made more than you and me! And he didn't know shit! LOL

ODB! I love that dude. Remember when he bumrushed the stage at the Grammys?

@ Ms Jones
Yes! You gotta be agressive sometimes. No need to wait. Go get what you want.

@ The F$%k It List
Banned from the Planet? Hmmmm. LOL!!!

Yeah. The new 'do is real hot. I can't keep her outta the mirror! LOL

Kieya said...

yea...i've been thinking abt it but i dunno

Stew said...

i do not like BET either.

I love the olympics, i can not wait for them to start.

12kyle said...

@ Kieya
If your hair grows back pretty fast, it might not be a bad idea

@ Stew
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a good time over here. We're here every day like bad traffic

BET is the worst, man. It's shameful tv.

Anonymous said...

Good as usual. I'm showll with you on the whole stimulus gas thing. That would be awesome.

Ditto on BET sucks.