Friday, August 1, 2008

off tha dome

Yo, yo
Lost generation, fast paced nation
World population confront they frustration
The principles of true hip-hop have been forsaken
It's all contractual and about money makin
Pretend-to-be cats don't seem to know they limitation
Exact replication and false representation
You wanna be a man, then stand your own
To MC requires skills, I demand some shown
I let the frauds keep frontin
And roam like a celluar phone far from home
Givin crowds what they wantin
Offical hip-hop consumption, the 5th thumpin
Keepin ya party jumpin with an original somethin
Yo, I dedicate this to the one dimension-al
No imagination, excuse for perpetration
My man came over and said, "Yo we thought we heard you"
Joke's on you; you heard a bitin-ass crew but um..
Black Thought of The Roots

i know we went off the dome the other day...well...dammit we're doin it again

random thoughts...

remember h.w.a (hoes with attitude)? wonder what they are telling their kids about their rap career.

this is gonna be a big year for donovan mcnabb

gotta love high definition tv

mrs12 has me watching the food network. to my's not that bad

claudia jordan...claudia jordan...claudia jordan (sorry e)

i'm impressed with team usa. go get the gold! go kobe!

damn...that felt strange to say

i told my boy jfresh that you can out run a hurricane or a tornado but you can't outrun an earthquake. he loves livin' in la, tho. i just couldn't do it

d'angelo is workin on a new album. i'm lookin forward to it

i still say that you have to be crazy to play football

still laughin my ass off at the "hammer"

who's better...jet lei or jackie chan?

the packers offered brett favre 20 million to stay retired. shhhiiiiiiit! i wish somebody would pay me to retire

remember est from the rap group 3 times dope? the self proclaimed greatest man alive

do women really fake orgasms?

be on the lookout for 12kyle on blog talk radio with a radio show. coming soon

michelle obama...michelle obama...michelle obama

red sox traded manny ramirez. as a yankees fan, i say "thank you"

i love to hear anita baker. "you bring me joy" is my joint

i'm gonna win fantasy football this year

essence atkins...essence atkins...essence atkins

who makes the best pizza?

party hard this weekend...that's what i'm gonna do.


The F$%K it List said...

They are saying we were low class hoes, but mommy has changed. Now go get my cigs.

I'm ignoring all football randome thoughts

Yeah gotta love it

The food network is TV crack....

AGAIN With KOBE! ok Go team USA

See I told you Kobe was the debil

Jfresh black folks and natural disasters don't mix

ME too I hope he gets back in shape , he's been looking a mess.

Shelly Shell is a fool for that post. HILARIOUS!

Jet Li, but I wish he would stop using guns

EST How you doin?

I don't fake a damn thing, it I'm going to sweat my hair out you better make it worth it.

oh everyone is getting a blog radio.
Love Michele Obama

Why you think Ramirez being gone will give the Yankees a chance.. NOT

I like that Anita baker song too, my mom hates her calls her marble mouth.

That's the fourth one I had to ignore about footbal..

NY makes the best Pizza. And not that Dominoes knock off crap REAL NY PIZZA

party hard this weekend...that's what i'm gonna do.

The F$%K it List said...


Kandi Black said...


yeah u betta give my baby Kobe his props!

and me and my lil sis watch the food network together all the time...makes a bitch real hungry tho....

i don't fake orgasms...that's stupid...i will tell a nigga to his face : "get yo unskilled ass up! u aint doing shit!"

anita baker is nice...lovely voice

and i heard the pizza in chicago is pretty good (and im not being biased!)

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I'm first...yaaaaaaa!


Whats the big deal with high definition t.v. (obviously I'm late with this)?

The Food Network is great...Paula is my (s)hero.

I want to go to LA one day...don't think I could live out there though...then again I love the beach.

D'Angelo...all I can thin about is his "naked" video.

Jet Lei...he is cute :)

Give me 1 million...I'm keeping my ass at home.

I have faked many orgasms; whats more shameful, me faking it or his ability to not please me.

Michelle Obama is beautiful...another (s)hero.

Anita Baker is great...I listen to her at least once a week...calms my nerves.

The best pizza?? This authentic Italian place I went to in TN...I forgot the name, but it was soooooo good.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Damnit, I was first when I clicked on here :(

12kyle said...

@ the f$%K it list
jfresh loves la la land. i told him if an earthquake takes him out then i'll make sure that i retrieve his keyboard...and sell it! lol

shellyshell had me rooooooolin

my blog radio will be about sports! lmao. and i will be lookin' forward to you football hater. lmao!!!

@ kandi black
you ain't lyin. that food network will have you starvin for some food

just from reading your blog... i know that you don't fake em!!! haaaaa

chi-town...i hear you. lol

@ beautifully.conjured.up
lmao @ you for thinking that you were first

jfresh loves the beach. i like the beach too but i couldn't live out there. it's a great place to visit. as long as he lives out there, i'll visit once a yr.

shame on you for faking! lmao!!!

The Dreamy One said...

lmao of at FuckItList

the foodnetwork annoys the world out of me. sorry

Go Team USA, he isnt he only on the team you know,lol

Jet Li is the shyss

Lord i love me some anita baker, i can listen to here cd all day,lol

best song ever -Your The Best Thing Yet

you dont know,lol

doesnt she bring sunshine to any home, i know she does my apartment,lol

fantasy football,lol man thing, has to be,lol

have a wonderful weekend

eclectik said...

Best Pizza: Cassanos
Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio homie.

Yeah they fake orgasms...but they are only cheatin themselves dont see up squirtin cinnabun icin out and fakin like we're tired LOL


12kyle said...

@ dreamy
team usa will destroy anybody

you down with fantasy football, too?

have a good weekend. don't hurt nobody! lol

@ e
they have good pizza in the 'natti?

lmao @ cinnabun icing

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

H.W.A. will not be the only people trying to explain their rap career, remember the rapper Boss?

I like the food network, I watch Good Eats and The Barefoot Contessa all the time. I like to cook and they give me great ideas.

I still can't cheer for Kobe, sorry. He is such a BRAT!

D'Angelo, really? How does the bod look? That is what the women want to know. Did he go from cut from gut?

Jet Li all the way, baby!!!!! Going to see The Mummy movie to see the fight scene with him and Michelle Yeoh. Love them both.

Yep, some women do fake it.

Love Ms. Baker, it's the sultry, jazzy voice. My favorite is "Good Love"

I plan to party a little this weekend. You do the same!!! Stay out of trouble :)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u can telll when the fake them
like when the buy a cake from publix and say they made it
and go off the dome, seems to set u free

and Food network and HGTV for me is crack
like cspan and espn

pink said...

i would love for someone to pay me to retire too...but thats kinda like a carry lol...they basically PAID him to sit his ass down and shut the hell up...that essentially means that you have been doin too much!! lmao

Food network be off the prolly be sleepin on rachel ray too.

there was really a group called HWA's?!

im lookin forward to D'Angelo too. i dont think that its gonna be that same sexy dangelo that the women are used to tho...

12kyle said...

@ kay c, the quiet storm
yes! i remember boss!!! i wonder if she's working at the car wash or burger king???

i haven't seen d'angelo but word on the street is that his label has him in the studio and they have him working out with a personal trainer. the last time that i saw him he looked like old dirty bastard (rip)

i think i've seen the trailer to the mummy movie a gazillion times. i think i'll pass on this one but lemme know how it is.

@ torrance
lmao @ publix cake

going off the dome is very therapeutic for me

i'm starting to get into that hgtv, too! i've learned a lot from it.

@ pink
you might be right. i'd let anybody carry me for 20 milli. lmao!!!

i'm warming up to rachel ray. i didn't like her show at first but i do now.

yes! there was a group called hwa. google em. you'll get a lil bit of info on them

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

hi kyle! PCD IS BACK BABAY!!

high def tv is the BEST!

food network is HOT! and i cant wait until big daddys house comes on! gotta support :-)

yes women fake the O. just hope t hat the man never knows it-LOL!!

anita baker is so HOT!! i had one of her songs on my wedding cd....ANGEL and U BRING ME JOY are classics

The F$%K it List said...

NOOOO sports, BOO i can't participate. I'm just going to call and go BOOO football!

Opinionated Diva said...

do men really not know when women are faking???

that's the second time you mentioned Mrs 12 has you watching the Food Network...*side eye*...I'm starting to think you watch on your own! lol

12kyle said...

@ pcd
welcome baaaaaaack! u have been missed!

i love watching games in high def

i knew a girl in high school who sounded just like anita baker. she sang "you bring me joy" to me and damn near took all of my money. haaa

@ the f$%k it list
ohhhh lawd

@ od
i can't speak for other men but I can tell. i asked the question b/c it came up on a sports radio show that i listen to. most of the men who called in didn't know if women faked it or not. lol

Smarty Jones said...

Sure, it's going to be a BIG year for McNabb. Keep telling yourself that and one day, it'll come true.
How are you just now getting up on the Food Network? Down Home with the Neelys, Iron Chef, Ace of Cakes and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is the jump off.
I don't know about outrunning a tornado. I know a few folks in West Tennessee who would disagree. I compare the two as vistors and guests. Visitors just show up, guests alert you that they're coming. Guess which is which.
I hope D'Angelo is back in that shape he was in for the "Voodoo" album. I at least hope he's had a haircut because he looked a H.A.M. (hot ass mess) in that mugshot.
I just read "the hammer" and OMG, that -ish was hilarious!
I'll take Jackie Chan, he doesn't look as scary.
I'll tell you what, if Brett Farv-ra doesn't take that money, his wife should leave him. Shhhhhhhhhiiiiiiitttttttttttt, $20 million to stay home? He can start his own pee wee football league if he just has to be around football.
Yes, I have 'faked it' before. It was my futile attempt to "get it over with." Here's an off the dome question for you, why is it that the guys who come up short and/or have NO rhythm can go all dayum night? WTF is that, irony?
"You Bring Me Joy" is nice but "Body and Soul" is the joint!
:( I'm not playing fantasy football this year. My brother upped the buy in to $50 this year and I can not support that.
This weekend, I'll be staying in to watch all the shows I missed in July.

The Jaded NYer said...

d'angelo is workin on a new album. i'm lookin forward to it
--did he lose that extra weight yet? and did he kick his crack habit yet? lol

do women really fake orgasms?
--YES. Next question...

be on the lookout for 12kyle on blog talk radio with a radio show. coming soon
--hope we're not on at the same time... I'd hate to have to kick your bee-hind :P

who makes the best pizza?
--hands down: ANY ITALIAN PLACE IN NYC, ESP. IN BK. everybody else is just a pale imitation of us...

karrie b. said...

food network is where it's @ tho...


Ms. Jones said...

the food network is surprisingly relaxing and entertaining and I don't even get down in the kitchen like that...of course women fake orgasms, DUUUUH!!! lol

ShellyShell said...

Hahah I forgot about HWA! A Mess!!

I don't know if McHurt is going to have a great season. He ALWAYS gets hurt. I can't wait for football!!!

The Teacher loves NBA lives and breathe's it. He called me yesterday morning at 7:45 to watch Team USA play Turkey!

I was going to move to San Fran before I moved to DC and the earthquakes detracted

When I lived in Richmond my homegirl grew up with him and was still cool with him...boy he was a chubby ass kid. I hope he lays off the ribs and gives us a good album!

ALL my friends have laughed at me all week because of the "Hammer". I got text saying...and so we pray pray. Hammertime!!! A mess!!

Hmmm I'll go with Jet Lei although I don't think I've ever seen a movie with him in it! No, I've never seen "Crouching Tiger" or that movie with Aaliyah!

20mil to stay retired. I don't know sometime your love for the game is worth more than money especially since he is still capable of playing at a high level.

3 times Dope what happened to them?

You'd be surprised how many women fake it!

Kyle and radio..can't wait!!

I love Michelle but her side profile looks weird to me! LOL! My boy loves her. He says she has a fatty!

I knew Manny was out of Beantown! Hopefully it helps us!

I love Anita!

I don't think I'm playing this year but I may! Everyone I know that usually plays is Bs'n!

NYC makes the best pizza. My favorite place I don't even know the name just where it's at. My fav place to grab a slice after a few cocktails is Ray's on Houston.

I'm going out all weekend!!! Party like Rockstars everyone!!!

The F$%K it List said...

I'll play nice during baseball and basketball season.

Eb the Celeb said...

hahahhaha... why as soon as I saw that album cover... I was like... didnt he already do that this week... and low and behold the first line confirmed...

you really need to get a better pic for the off the domes...

oooohhhh laaawwwdd..... @ you with a radio show

blog talk radio should stop letting it be open to errrryyyybody...

tell Jphresh to move to NYC... that LA mess is for the birds plus I'll show him a good

And you aint winning fantasy football if your in my league...

I'm boycotting USA basketball... I refuse to watch after seeing them get off the plane all wearing those Dr. Dre headphones that made them look like huge ants

Eb the Celeb said...

Oh and I dont fake orgasms... after they are done... I get out my toy... and show them how they should have done it... fucks with they

nah... not everytime... but I have done that once or twice with the jump off.. I couldnt be that insensitive to someone I actually like... but the jump off is only there for 1 purpose and if he cant do that then what is he good for

have a good weekend blog bro!

Stew said...

food network is the shit

i am working on my masters in seismology. i love earthquakes

it s so hard to choose between Jet and Jackie. just depends on the type of fighting you like

you gotta imagine that females fake it sometimes. i don't know what's wrong with saying "get off me" but you gotta let them do stuff their way

Darius T. Williams said...

The Food Network - what are your faves?

You know I love the food network, right?

12kyle said...

@ smarty jones
mcnabb has to have a good year or else they'll run him outta philly. he'll do well but they can't beat the giants or the cowboys

lmao @ about favre!!! excellent example. he's acted like a lil ho throughout this whole process

if a dude is coming up short or he has no better not let him go all night! haaaaa! that's a good question. i guess that's his way of being able to "compensate" for his deficiencies.

@ jaded santana
i think for the sake of his female fans...he betta look like how he used to look

hey! you gotta let me know what time that you're on so that i can check you out

the best pizza that i ever has was last summer at some lil spot in greenwich village. can't front on pizza in nyc.

@ karrie b
i agree. happy belated bday

@ ms jones
you don't cook??? really?


@ shellyshell
mchurt!! lmao!!! i like that one. i gotta use it.

i watched the usa play this morning b4 i went to work. i also dvr'd it

michelle obama is maaad sexy. and she don't take no shit. you gotta love that

@ the f$%k it list
lol! thanks

@ eb the celeb
nope. the picture stays. that was the album cover for the roots album phrenology...the study of the mind. it fits this post


jfresh aint comin to ny. he's gonna stay in la...with those earthquakes. haaaa

@ eb the celeb
nooooo!! not the toy! lmao

@ stew
masters in seismology?? that's what i like to hear! i've found that stuff to be interesting.

i agree with you. you gotta let them do their own thing.

@ darius
i didn't know that! man, i found myself watching just about everybody's show this week. i've watched more food network this week than i have espn. and that says a lot!

The Dreamy One said...

i know the blog is supposed to be private but its acting retarded and it wont let me read some of my favorite post.

so its open now....

update me on the blogroll, the name is thedreamyones.blogspot

Miss Mika said...

LOL @ the randomness!!

You know I love it.

That Manny R. trade was a total shocker to me. I didn't realize that he felt like things were so bad in Boston. I think that is a huge hit for the Red Sox.

Going to need to start going to more Dodger games now.

Go Kobe?!?!?!? WHAT!??!?!?

Blog radio?? Really? When will you be giving us the skinny on this?

Jet Li. All day.

I love Brett, but he needs to hang it up and join the dozens of other retired athletes and pick a C: Coach, Commercials or Commentate.

The Flyyest said...

i dont fake orgasms....and im quick to give that "thats it" look


Blah Blah Blah said...

Being a Cali chick...earthquakes aren't all that bad...not like hurricanes YO!

Did he loose some weight...'cause old skool D'Angelo was licous to look at...I mean yummy, I mean I coulda licked on that yummikins all day...I mean, with those abs...and those hip indentions...
Oh, umm...sorry.

ditto to all you

12kyle said...

@ dreamy
aiiight! i'll update it

@ mika
manny talked his way outta boston. i'm surprised that boston let him go when you consider that they are in the middle of a pennant race. maybe manny can help the dodgers forget about andrew jones. lol

i love your observation on brett. i'm soooo tired of hearing about that dude.

yes! i will keep everyone posted about the blog radio. i'm lookin' forward to it!!!

@ flyyest
lmao @ "that's it"

@ blah blah blah
the earth moves...i just can't deal with that. lol

i hope d'angelo hasn't lost his sound. he's been away for a minute

Kieya said...

go kobe? yuck

Jet Li all the way. Jackie (yea we on a first name basis lol) is more comedic. Jet Li is more theatrical & dramatic...its like poetry.

I hope d'angelo's off that stuff...and toned it up a bit

yes, women fake orgasms
but i prefer the "stop, get off, get out" approach

just read that hammer story
and vomited
@48 though? stop it

michelle obama is so fly

Radio show? i will def be waiting for that

[just like those throwback boyz II men pics u promised LOL]

12kyle said...

@ kieya
the hammer story cracked me up!!! i'm still rollin'

the pics are coming...having problems with the old scanner.