Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I'm a hip hop head. I listen to a lotta stuff. The more that I listen I become less impressed with what I hear. I would say that I listen to more old skool hip hop than I do anything else. There are a lotta rappers out there...not enough MCs. There's a difference. Every now and then, I'll hear something and say "dayyyyum!!! Did they just say that? Lemme play that again"

I've never been a big fan of female MCs (although I'm a new fan of Keisha the Kitten...keep rhymin'). I don't hate em. I compare em all to MC Lyte. She's my favorite. Lyte didn't have to talk about how big her azz was or how many dudes she slept with. That's easy to rap about. She had skills. Better than MOST dudes.

I was bumpin the new cd from a female MC that most of you have never heard of...Jean Grae. She's very talented. And she can really rhyme! I was listening to her song Love Thirst when she dropped a very sensual verse over a smoothed out beat from 9th Wonder. She could have easily talked about "how she dropped it like it was hot" or "how she's a thug chick and she needs a thug in her life". No...not Jean. Very witty. Classy. Sensual. Imaginative. Peep the 2nd verse from the song...

Okay, turn the lights out - no, turn 'em back on
Want you to see my backbone and my black tone
Start minimal, raise it to animal, please
You're no amateur, please me I'm tangable
Knees be all tangled up, like the handles
placed on the mantle, that romantic angles
We'll slow dance 'til tango and gets horizontal
I know you go longer that flow with no comma (hehe)
I'm high on ya, ya like it don't cha?
Could survive, but it's bitin on ya
Like those, high notes, nibble just a little bit
Everything i'm thinkin, you're already deliverin it
Quiver, pleasure unheard, you ain't even done first, baby
when I done burst, crazy
I'm in love thirst, you are the quencher
Maybe we should be taping so you can remember.. I'm just sayin!

Ever had somebody make you thirsty like that? If you're no longer together, what would it take for them to get you back to that level. (for all of my married folk...i hope your answer is your spouse! lmao) Was the "thirstyness" good for you??

here's how the song sounds if you wanna hear it...

Love Thirst

Jean Grae



Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Guess who's first up in this joint!!!!!

*Moon walking forward in my head*

Dreamy said...

yeah i had someone make me thirsty like that but wow it didnt last. and it wouldnt take nothing for me to get it back like how it used to be the way i have been feeling these past couple of day. the flesh is getting weak i tell you,lol

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Okay Brother.... I'm back....had to make sure my moon walk in my head was not in vain.....a mind is a terrible thing to waste...

Let me say thank you very much for adding Kitten to your lady MC list....I know you dig lyrics & flow so I surely appreciate that....

I'mma check your girl out when I get to my laptop....this young phone won't allow me to hear her.

On the real...I've had my thirst quenched before...I thought it was good but now I know better... My new thirst quencher is God...and I'm fulfilled more than I ever thought I would be....and that's real talk...Now as you know when he sends that husband of mine to come grab up this good thing....Yall might have to remind me that I'm at the reception not the honeymoon cause we just might make that first "slow dance til tango and gets horizontal"....I'm just saying...that might happen so yall please tell me to get a room. It's been a while and I know on my wedding day...I'll be ....straight up THIRSTY!!! Meanwhile I praise God for sustaining me. lol

i.can't.complain. said...

aaaah, mr. XII

u had 2 go there.

yeah, i used to thirst for ex-factor.

im talking pulling over to the side of the road, in a movie theater bathroom, that one(read: four) time(s) on the hood of the car/truck, be quiet so his mom (in the other room) doesn't hear us thirst....

got me tellin' all my business on the planet.

i can't say he could do anything to make me thirst again.

what did r.kelly sang about(not sing. sang)

"when a woman's fed up.... la-da-da-da-da... ooh, la-la-la..."


eclectik said...

Well you know no one does Hip Hop like e

Female MC's, gimme: Shante #1 Antonette #2 and Lyte #3
...with Finesse and Synquis

Good look witht he Jean Grae...anyone that visits my blog knows she's been on the rotation faithfully

lol Thirsty...yes indeed.


12kyle said...

@ Keisha the Kitten

@ Dreamy
It didn't last but you could easily go back? LOL. I hear you!

@ Keisha the Kitten
You might be the first bride to "skip" the reception! haaaa

@ -1-
movie theater??? dayyyum. don't worry bout spreading ya bizness...nobody's reading this (wink...wink)lol

@ e
I like that list. I almost forgot about Lauryn Hill. Can't forget about LBoogie.

Yeah. You always keep Jean in the rotation. The new cd is bangin'.

Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

Never heard of Jean Grae but will check her out. I have become increasingly dissapointed with music in general (especially rap and hip-hop) and I am totally turned off by the blatant sex talk and waste of really good beats on the radio. So, much of my playlist is old school and neo-soul artists. (We used to call them R&B, remember that?)

Anyway, I have only had one or two people make me thirsty and no, there is nothing either one can do to make me feel that way again. This storm has grown into something only a real man (in every definition of the word) can handle. Oh, how good it feels to finally know me and accept no less than the best.

Peace & Blessings,

Eb the Celeb said...

look at you trying to be hip and what not listening to new ish... yu must have learned something from jonesin'.

Anywho... lyte was always my fav too... not a huge fan of jean grae but her style is refreshing right now so I listen just because it aint ish else out

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

she's hot...i like her. she has another great song, #8. well, i like it anyways

12kyle said...

@ Kay C, The Quiet Storm
I feel you. Rap is horrible and it gets all the airplay. Real hip hop gets no airplay...and very little sales. That's where we are right now.

The storm is now a Category 5 Hurricane!

@ Eb the Celeb
I like Jean. You're right, tho. It is refreshing to hear somebody spit it like that.

I agree. That's a blazin track.

Darius T. Williams said...

Awww - we love Keisha, don't we? She's a real sweet heart - I loves her to death.

Um, nah, nobody to make the that thirsty. Well, there may have been one person, but since I'm almost over him, we can't mention him. My therapist advised me not to mention him for another year or two.

Jeff S-Class said...

Lets hope that she stays around because most female rappers do have that one Good Album, then you never hear from them again. The song is hot and I am sure we all had someone once in our lifetime made us thristy. But after a while there only so many times I am able to eat Frosted Flakes without trying Capt'n Crucnch or Fruity Pebbles if you know what I mean.
Anyway Females rappers who made an one hit recored or album to me:
Roxanne- Shante
Ms. Melody ( KRS-1 ole lady)
Addienna Howard
Queen Bee- Lil Kim( Verdict is still out on her)
Foxy Brown (same catergory)
Sista Soulja

Ones with longivity:
Queen Latifiah
Missy Elliot
Mc Lyte falls inbetween to me. Can't remember either 1 or 2 albums but was featured on rap albums. Well I guess u can say that because she does have a TV show.
Let me know you all can think of anymore.

And I'm Out

Rich said...

MC Lyte was probably my favorite female MC. I also liked Queen Latifah back in the day.

Thirsty? -- my cup runneth over, always getting my drink on at the crib.

You made me think of an idea. We should do a bloggers Mixtape series. I'd love to hear what a 12th planet CD would sound like. I'm even willing to pay money so you could ship it to me. I'd also be interested in what E and CapCity would put together. Let me know if you can burn that, I'm serious.

Sexxy Luv said...

Yes "R" makes me very thirsty! lol i delivered the juice the other day to quench his thirst! haha :)

don't start with me Kyle!

karrie b. said...

yea she's pretty ill with it...


Queen of My Castle said...

Cute post. I like the fact that a kid could walk in the room, hear what was being played on the radio and prolly be oblivious to the fact that she was spitting about sex.

The Pew View said...

Hey Baby. Well my favorite womens rappers came out back in the 90's. It was a group called HWA (Hoes With Attitudes). You know them baby? Anyhow I happened upon one of they songs one day and before you knows it I was sneaking to listen to them all the times. They was some sexy gangsta b's like myself back in the day, so I could relate to them. One song in particular that I really liked was called "Trick is Trick". Oh yeah and I used to like one called "Eat This" and yeah and one more called "Tight". Well anyway, I aint heard much bout them in a while bout I thanks they was good rappers. They message was a little slutty but hey Trick is Trick right? Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Anonymous said...

I like the beat to that song. Sounds reallll nice. Chillaxin.

Smarty Jones said...

Kyle, you ought to be 'shame of yourself for inciting these kinds of memories so early in the work day. It's bad enough that Will Downing has come up, not once, but twice, while my mp3 player has been on shuffle this morning.
Umph, umph, umph.! But to answer your question, yes I have been this thirsty for an ex- and that's all I'm going to say.
As far as "femcees" I love, love, love MC Lyte. "I Cram to Understand You" will always and forever be one of my favorite songs and I quote the hook often.
"Just like a test, I cram to understand you!"

ShellyShell said...

I like Jean Grae. I saw her last year at Fort Greene Park in BK and she put it down!!

Yeah back in the day I had someone make me thirsty like that. I mean side of the road, falling down stairs getting brush burns etc. Ok I've revealed too! But that was before I knew any better! Now my thirst quencher is "The Teacher"

Trish said...


Okay Yes, I have at least two who could make me thirst like that.

While my husband does make me thirst, no Im not talking about him right now.

I am sure that at least one of them could make me thirst again but
the question is... once we get to that point will it be as good as it used to be? hmmm.

12kyle said...

@ Darius
No doubt! Keisha is maaad cool!

Wow! Things were that bad that you went to therapy?

@ jeff s-class
Good list, bruh

LOL @ u comparing women with cereal!

@ Rich
Yessir! We get drunk at home! LOL

Blogger Mixtape! I'm with it! Sounds like a great idea

@ Sexxy Luv
Lmao @ u! I didn't do nuffin'. You got me over here rollin'. You and R

@ karrie b
Yes! Jean is better than a lotta wack dudes

@ Queen
I feel the same way. Very slick. Very mature. Grown folk music

@ The Pew View
Ruthie Ann used to listen to HWA?? Ohhhh lawd! Now that's funny

@ Jewells
Yeah. Real mellow. Produced by 9th Wonder

@ Smarty Jones
*lookin' innocent with my hands up*
What did I do? I just asked if there was somebody who gave u that Love Thirst? Lmao!!! U r too funny!

I love Lyte. She's still cute, too!

@ ShellyShell
Hang on to "The Teacher". Let him school you! LOL

@ Trish
Somebody other than hubby? Hmmm. You're right, tho. It prolly wouldn't be the same

Kandi Black said... i am, later than a missed period once again...

jean grae seems to be the bizness...imma check her out more thoroughly...

and you and my small crew of blog readers already know who i'm thirsty for...

12kyle said...

@ kandi black
later than a missed period? lol!!!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

she is from Nigeria
been listening to here for past v8 yrs
she got some classics with Talib and mos def and monch

and madlib

dessex said...

she just dropped an album and 9th Wonder did all of the too. Too bad she gets no love in the mainstream.

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
whuchuknowbout madlib????

@ dessex
Yep! I just copped it online. Smooooookin'

Big O said...

yeah, she nice..first time i heard her was on Eardrum.

and Madlib.......madlib does the bluenote collection is nice!

Kieya said...

I like Jean Grae
Saw her in concert w/Mos Def, Talib & Pharoahe Monch a couple years ago.

I'm not really that deep into hip hop but....doesn't Lauryn Hill count?

As for the thirsting, I have yet to feel like that...sounds nice though lol

Stew said...

she got skills, can't deny that.

don't know about the whole thirsty thing though. at least not for a particular person.

Mizrepresent said...

Oh yeah, i most definitely have been thirsty, quenched baby...but i drink a little lightly now, lol!

I loved MC Lyte, and Queen L! I was also a fan of Left-Eye, for real that gurl could rap!

The F$%K it List said...


I LOVED MC Lyte, still do. I was happy when Rappers like Bahamadia(SP) came out, they were true lyricist.

These women now BORE ME! I do like this song though, and she is a welcomed change.

12kyle said...

@ Big O
That's when I first heard her as well

@ Kieya
L Boogie definitely counts! I really do miss her in hip hop

@ Stew
Most definitely. Her skills are on point

@ Miz
*lookin' at my watch* lol

You are definitely drinkin' rightaboutnow! LOL

@ The F$%K it List
Glad to see that you're back on the scene

I'm totally bored with the Jackie-O's, Trina's, and Lil Kim's of the world

12kyle said...
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Kay C, The Quiet Storm said...

The storm is now a Catagory 5 Hurricane! HA! LOVE THAT! lol

Can I use it? That has to be a post topic soon. (Watch out we both live in the A, keep your eye on the news *lol*)

12kyle said...

@ Kay C, The Quiet Storm
Sure! You can use it!! I didn't know that you lived in the A!