Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wordplay Vol. 2

"Son, you must master the English language first."

That was what my Dad told me when I was 6 yrs old.

What he meant was that I needed to speak correct English before I could use slang words. We all use slang words. Have you ever stopped to think how ONE word can be known as FIVE other words. Check this out...

1. male- dude, homie, homeboy, peeps, folk, shawty, potna, bruh, brutha, nikka, sport, kid, son, playa, pimp

2. female- broad, babe, bunny, b*tch,
chick, jawn (my personal favorite), chickenhead, slim, slimee, stunna, shawty, playa, pimpstress

3. something nice- fresh, cool, def, fresh ta def, dope, cold (my personal favorite), hella cool, butter

I could go on and on...but I won't's on you. Take a word...or 2...or 5...and come up with a slang for that word.


MsPuddin said...

In cali we get made fun of for saying the word 'hella' lol I don't really have a definition, but I hella say it...

you ve been tagged!!!

Hadassah said...

In Zim

china - a friend e.g. "Whats up

ay! ek se -Can mean "hey you" or "hi,whats up"

barley - Old man, i.e. "I checked your old barley (father) in burg (town) yesterday

jorled - Jorled is one of those words that has two meanings. For instance you could say "two of my connections jorled to my cabin" (2 of my friend came to my house) or "ay this girl was jorling me outside the scene" (In this instance to jorl is to kiss).

bulla-mahoots - when a fight was just about to kick off, it was a word often used to ask the person what his problem was , i.e. "china, whats your bulla mahoots"

ouens - A dude, guy, man.

bullet - A good looking girl - a word the ouens use to describe a chick they think is hot

I had to change my Slang/ English in a big way when I moved to Canada

dejanae said...

dough, bread, cake, benjamins, guap

ride, whip, pimp

Mizrepresent said...

food - eats, grub

friends - my peeps, crew

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

GOOD-That'z Whatz up

BOWEL MOVEMENT-sh*t, boo-boo, poop, crap, Numba 2, doo-doo

BOYFRIEND-my nigka,my man, my guy, my dude, my boo, my baby

COMPREHEND-I dig, I gotcha, U heard me, I peeped that

Queen of My Castle said...

Whore: Slut puppy, dizzy broad

Attractive woman: Vixen, a ten, dime piece, brick house, model material

L. Renee' said...

Goodlooking- fine, hot, sexy, yummy,

Yes- a-ight, cool, I'm down,for sho, sweet, no doubt.

hungry- starvin like marvin, grubby, I could eat, famished,growlin

Rezidl said...

I'm leaving....Out!....One!....Stay up!...Holla!....Ya'll trippin'....Uhh, no....Peace...We'll get up....hit me....*grip up pound....

Brad said...

Money - Ends, doe, paper, funds, finances, change, skrilla, green.

Back in NY we had MAD slang for all kinds of stuff.

Corny dude - herb, vick, square.

Drug selling - workin, pumpin, runnin, hustlin, sellin,

TravelDiva said...

idiot/loser - Joker, Clown, Troll, busta, wanksta, jabroni

Wait--I don't know if I'm doing this right. LOL.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Good post. I'm so bad at slang! LOL

Let me think....

Dang, I can't think of anything that the others haven't already written.

If I think of any I'll come back! :-)

karrie b. said...

vagina: taco

penis: skoinker, wanker, willy

sex: skoink, boink

can u tell what kind of mood i'm in? *sigh*


12kyle said...

@ MsP
Sooo true. The first time that I heard it was my freshman year in college. I knew a dude who was from Oakland. Everything was hella. He also had this funny way of confirming things...

he'd say "fa shizzle"

@ Hadassah
Very nice Canadian slang!!! Preciate it.

Bullet...I like that

@ dejanae
I love that word guap!!! I can't remember where I first heard it but its hella cool. LoL

@ Miz
Friends-fam, squad, posse

@ Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Comprehend-fa shizzle, fa sho

@ Queen
Whore-skank, tramp, breezy

@ LRenee
Good looking-tasty

@ Rezidl
"Okay...I'll holla at u buddy"-Alan Robinson (RIP)


@ Brad
Money- stacks
Corny dude- busta

@ TravelDiva
I love jabroni! LOL
You did a good job! Haaaa

Aiiight. Just think real hard

@ karrie b
Penis- dick, meat, GM aka good meat, PM aka pitiful meat, stick, wood

Sex- cuttin, shag, bonin', splack, skins, humpin', pound game

You are too funny

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Car: whip, bucket, wheels, scraper, hooptie, vessel,rider, low low.

Bowel Movement: Gangsta, dump, poop, number two, shyt, BG(bubble guts), drop the kids off, load

Ass: Badunka dunk, rump, back, arse, junk, apple bottom, booty, tooter

Money: Snaps, funds, dibs, change, stack,cream, scrilla, scratch, paper, boodles,cheese, ends, fetty

Rezidl said...

12Kyle....PM...LMBAO....DD...dusty d....SMD (spittin my drink)

"Oh, OK...we'll holla!"....

Don said...

i definitely have been told that i need to learn how to "talk correctly." lol.


1) good looking female - bad broad
2) money - stacks
3) male friend - my homeboy
4) non-relatives - folk
5) relatives - kin folk

12kyle said...

@ Poca
Awwwww dayyyumm!!! You've got some good ones!

@ Rezidl
There are too many ladies on this blog. We have to let em know about the bruthas with the PM...pitiful meat. You know...when she is expecting a 10 round fight and its over in the 1st round. Lmao!!!

Don said...

@ THE karrie b: lolololol @ taco.

back in the days, in milwaukee, we called a vagina, her "dolphin."

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

HA HA HA! i've never heard of "jawn"

happy - pumped, hyped, stoked, excitey
vagina - vajayjay, beaver, cooter, snatch
^^^*blushing that i even typed such words*

thats all i can think of

ROFL @ keisha

12kyle said...

@ Don
Non-relatives...nem (lol)

Vagina-cookie, snappy nappy dugout

Blushing? Haaaa! U r silly

Jawn is a slang word for woman. It's a word that I've only heard by dudes from Philly. If you go to Philly, you'll hear it

"Whut's up with your jawn? Why is she on your back like that?

Or jawn can be used to describe a thing.

"I got the jawn in my pocket"

The Flyyest said...

bye......peace, one, gone, im out, smooches, toodles

money.....guap, green, paper, dough, bread, mula

alot.....hella (i agree wit ms puddin)

a girl that got it goin on..... bad bitch, diva, 10, the shit, FLYY!!!!!!!

friend....homegirl, da homie, hood nigga, my bitch, heffah

girls i dont like....BROAD, broke bitch, sweetie, skank, look at this bitch!!

dudes i like....loser, silly, baby, daddy

dudes i dont like....trick, sucka, bitch


The F$%K it List said...

Today on 12kyles Urban dictionary

money skrilla, guap, dough,

punch: stole

dude thats a joke: bird, herb

ugly person up close: Strobelight honey ( I use this all the time)

Tabu said...




Drunk--Jagged up, Gooned up.

Brad said...

Oh 1 more.

Ugly chick - 40 bagger. (you need to drink a 40 and put the bag over her head) LMAO

The Flyyest said...

ooh i forgot a good one... my ass, loaded, on that lean, goonneee

Miss Mika said...

It looks like the ones I was thinking of have been covered except for two

Someone with no booty: Back with a crack, noassatall

Dancing: Jukin'

12kyle said...

@ Flyyest
"a girl that got it goin on"
Flyy?? Lmao @ u!!!

I like aerial! That's my new word

Strobelight!!! Haaaaa. You are off the chain.

@ Tabu
Drunk- slizzard, pissy, buss up, bent

@ Brad
Ugly chick- fraggle (as in the tv show Fraggle Rock)

@ Flyyest
I just remembered anutha one for drunk-twisted

@ Mika
Lemme help you out. LoL

Gun-gat, strap, joint, piece, Roscoe, burner, heat

PRO said...

you fuckin rox dude! lol k, lemme see what i can pull from my bag-o-slick:

something i like: rox,bussin, tight, tight-to-deaf, illin, cold, off the meter, gangsta, sick, the joint, fux wit' it...

dude and/or things we love to hate: whack, corny, cornball, trap, jump off, busta, lame, green, greasy, clown...

can't give you no more or i'ma have to charge ya.

PRO said...

sex: BAP...

lmao @ u and KB.

Muze said...

wow i think every slang word i've ever known was already mentioned. lol.

like puddin, people in detroit say hella ...

and breezy, as in a girl.

hate that word.

Muze said...

lol @ 'nem being non relatives.


CapCity said...

first time thru your joint. LOL! DC (my "hometown") - we're famous for calling jokahs: Bamas! Generally not a good thang. As in "No, that Bama's not wearing green gators to match his Bama-azz green suit." LOL!
Bama has got to be one of my fave words cuz it's so DC!!

I love vernacular & colloquialisms.

Drunk: twisted, bent, to' up, to' down, blind

hmmm - why can't i think of others - what does that say I've been busy doin' lately! LOL!

12kyle said...

@ CapCity
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make sure that you come back. We have a lotta fun around here. We're here every day like bad traffic on the Beltway.

I'm very familiar with the word Bama b/c one of my best friends, Rezidl...whom you'll see on my blog, is from DC as well. He introduced me to the word when we were in college. But he learned very quickly that southerners don't take too kindly to that word. LOL

Good list!