Monday, April 7, 2008

Making the Grade...

My oldest son LOVES school. I mean he really does love going to school. He's in the 3rd grade. I remember when I was in the 3rd grade. I really liked school back then, too. School was very easy back then. All of the subjects were a piece of cake. I was a straight A student back then. And happened. School became difficult all of a sudden. The subjects, like math and science, that were once easy for me were not easy any more. By the time that I had reached middle school, seventh and eighth grade, school wasn't fun anymore. In fact, it sucked. LOL. I don't know if school was really that bad or maybe my disposition changed b/c my parents were going through a divorce. I don't know. It just wasn't the same anymore.

I realized that subjects like math were very difficult for me b/c I had never developed good study habits. That stuff used to come to me very easy. I REALLY met my match when I got to 10th grade. I had to take Geometry. My teacher, Mr. Greene, was one of the toughest teachers at our high school. He challenged you everyday. Most kids were afraid to be challenged. Not me. I just hated Geometry and didn't see the purpose of it. Looking back on it now, I STILL think that the course was useless. LOL. None of you have ever had to figure out (x+y=z) or figure pi on your job. You've never been told to explain the Pythagorean theorem, either. Nevertheless, I barely passed that class. I had a "D" average and it was the worst grade that I got in high school. Geometry damn near destroyed me mentally.

When I got to college, the 2 courses that gave me fits was microeconomics and macroeconomics. Talk about boring!!! Man, I'd rather watch a race between a spider and an ant than to sit through either of those classes again. My degree was in marketing so I had to take these classes. I passed both of them but I barely made it. I finished school with a GPA of 2.8. That's not a great GPA but I think it was pretty good when you consider that I played football. I will admit that I didn't always work as hard as I should have. My mind was on other times. LOL

Nevertheless, what was the subject that was the thorn in your side? It doesn't matter if it were in elementary school, high school, or college. Everybody had that ONE subject that kicked their azz. What's yours?


Anonymous said...
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Mizrepresent said...

Journalism 101, i actually failed it the first time i took it. Took it a second time and just barely passed. For some reason i just couldn't get with write short subject matter. My news articles were always too long, always had too many details, blah, blah, blah, for real.

sidebar= it's funny you would say you started having trouble in 7th and 8th grade after the divorce, my son started having trouble then too...hmmmm.

12kyle said...

@ Miz
You are 1st today. LOL

Journalism? Are you serious? That's crazy when you consider how well that you write. You have definitely turned it around!

Yes, divorce can be hell on a child. I'm speaking from experience. But they can/will get through it.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you, Kyle. School was good back in elementary. Piece of cake!

My problems for the most part began in high school. I went to a diffent school every year. I was pissed when the school in FL didn't accept some of my Michigan credits and I had to take some courses over again. Luckily I still graduated on time.

Getting back on subject... Every class was a pain in my backside. The only one that didn't give me grief was weight training and gym. Even chorus gave me a headache cause my teacher was an a double s.

The Jaded NYer said...

Honors Physics! I was put in that class in 11th grade because my math regents from the year before were like a 93, so I got put in honors math and physics.

Honors math was fine. Honors physics made me want to slit my wrists because I'd never, up until then, come across a subject I couldn't master.

After the first marking period I PROMPTLY asked to be placed back in gen. pop. Best decision I ever made; after that I lost all hope of becoming an engineer!

12kyle said...

@ Jewells
I can't imagine being in a different school EVERY year. That's crazy!

Lmao @ weight training and gym. Can't forget about lunch. LOL

@ Jaded NYer
I never took Physics but I hear horror stories. That subject could really make you wanna give up school all together.

Brad said...

When i was in Elementary I was in bussing program. In the 3rd grade I got sent from my local elementary school and sent to an all white school in the infamous Howard Beach NY. It was me and 3 other black kids. The only ones in the school. And I was in an advanced program. It was weird because when I look back on it....the people that arranged it were split on what they wanted. Some wanted me to pass because they had to show that a black kid was as good as a white kid. ANd some wanted me to fail for the opposite reason. But glad to say ya boy passed.

But I didn't start having hard classes until High School. I had college level Calculus. Whew. Got an 80 or a B-. My average at the time was a 91. Or an A.

Eham said...

School has meaning in the beginning, that is lost around middle school. You will not enjoy it until you recapture that meaning. You best Check! "Levester Green" Man you know I used to love his daughter. Probably why I studied math!

Today's ranting said...

I hated maths in high school and I still loathe it.Then I used to say if I was given the opportunity to drop any subject it would be maths.My maths teacher was really irritating and he always picked on me so this contributed a graet deal to my haterd for the subject.

Rezidl said...

...I was cool with high school subjects because I had good study habits and was somewhat focues. Completing them was a means to an end...finishing and going on to college.

In college, ACCOUNTING, was the bane of my existence. Not that it was hard; just that if you did not pay attention from the beginning you could not advance throughout the semester. And how could I pay attention with 12Kyle eating cheetos all loud sitting behind me?!!

Don said...

Math. I never understood the theory of numbers. Not when they arrived @ Trig, anyways. I dropped out of college, but my worst memory is when the professor read our math test scores. If it were the NFL, let's just say I would have had a helluva scoring defense.

12kyle said...

@ Brad
Can you imagine where you'd be if you weren't bused?

Howard Beach???? Dayyyyum!

@ Eham
Good point, cuz. I don't know where I lost the meaning but I definitely lost it.

I haven't seen Mr. Green's daughter in a few years. You used to be crazy about her!

@ Today's ranting
Welcome to the 12th Planet. Make yourself at home! And please come back.

Being picked on by the teacher is DEFINITELY not gonna make you study harder.

@ Rezidl
Accounting sucked! That's why I had to eat those cheetos to keep us awake in the classroom. LOL

@ Don
NFL defense! LMAO!!! I feel you!

The F$%K it List said...

ok I guess I am the nerd on this one, because I loved Math and I was an Econ major. @12Kyle Econ is my life.

The only class I loathed in high school was French my senior year. I was so over it after having taken it for so many years. I can still speak and understand it but I still remember that French teacher who made me want to strangle him.

Eb the Celeb said...

All the damn sciences... Chemistry especially... I just could not get that damn chart down... and Physics... I almost didn't graduated HS because of physics... That class tore my behind up.

MsPuddin said...

Oh man, I am so feeling you on the math thing. In high school I tool algebra II twice and geometry three times. Ugh. Then in college I took GED math 10 my sophomore year, switch to the journalism department and haven’t taken one since lol

Writing is my passion.

MsPuddin said...

oh and in the 3rd grade I got panced (sp)..

Jeff said...

LOL! man you said it. I still think at times I'm still in remedial courses. I think school is entirely based to much on grades and test instead of life changing events.
For example I know of many self-employed professionals who make a dam good living without a college degree. I think we all have pushed or heard you need a education. But less examine that theory.
A person who graduates from college will more likely make more money than a non-degree student? True or False? In my theory school is great but you also need the other intangables to go along with book smarts. I don't know alot but I know the right people to make the right connection if I had to.
I teach school but its more paperwork making sure the percentage of students pass rather than fail. School is like life, you got to know how to play the game and hopefully you do well at it. I talk straight talk no BS and tell them this how it is. Be multidemensional. (Hope I spelled that correctly)LOL. Anyway you know what I mean. We all have gifts. Some have booksmarts. Some have street smarts but anyway you look at it, you still have to make a living out here. Keep doing what your good at and everything will fall into place for you.
Until the next topic.

Sexxy Luv said...

Mines was math also, I just couldn't grasp the concept, My older siser was a math wiz so I would sit and cry to her until she did my work for me, but when the test time came I didn't have a dam clue as to what to do. haha

Brad said...

The hardest class I ever took in College was Financial Management. I was a Management major so I had to take that to graduate. The content wasn't soooo bad... but I had an after school job, was bumming in a room with my girlfriend and was a second semester senior. I had MILES of distractions. And this was my only Major related course. the other 2 classes I took were electives just to get enough credits. I got a D+. Never got less than a C in any other class in college.

Oh, and I took a class called Quantitative Methods of Management. It's like combining Calculus, Algebra, Micro-Ec and Statistics in one course. Whew.

TravelDiva said...

Physics. Luckily in college that particular physics class kicked everyone's butt, so with the curve--even my 64 was a B!

Queen of My Castle said...

College Algebra kicked my ass! LOL. English has always been my strongest subject, and math the weakest.

Muze said...

you know what? school was easy for me until i got to college.

it was calculus II.

don't know how the eff i tested into that class seeing as though math was my least favorite subject in high school.

all my other psych and english major friends were in the easy easy math, and i had to suffer through calc II.


i felt so stupid. and dr. hwang's heavy accent didn't make it ANY better.

Anonymous said...
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Sexxy Luv said...

DO NOT CLICK ON THAT see here link!

My nosey azz did and I got some pop up about my computer having a virus!!!!

If I'm fired tomorrow, my azz will know why! lol

Kyle is there a way for you to delete that comment from FENRIDAL?

12kyle said...

@ The F$%K it List
You loved econ?? Bless your heart! The best thing that I can say about econ is that we had some honeys in our class. That's what kept me awake. LOL

@ Eb the Celeb
Chemistry? Hmmmm. I always had a nice cheat sheet for that.

@ Ms P
Geometry 3x? Wow! I feel your pain

@ Jeff
Good points! You definitely have to know how to play

@ Sexxy Luv
Doesn't it hurt when your peoples know the subject but can't help you with it. My cusin, Eham, was the math wiz in our fam and HE couldn't help me. LOL

@ Brad
Financial Mgt was the reason why I didn't send any graduation invitations in college. LOL. I barely passed!

@ Travel Diva
That's one helluva curve

@ Queen
Same for me. I'm good with words (as you can but my math sucks

@ Muze
Cal II was a beast! I feel you, Muze. I had to take that then I had to take business cal

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
I deleted it. Sorry about that. Some dyckhead decides that he wants to play on my blog. He posted 1st but I deleted it this morning. You should be ok

And to the idiot who did it...don't play on this blog. Don't fuck with the 12th Planet. We don't play games. If you wanna play...come down to Atlanta, Ga. I'm not hard to find. Meet me behind the Palm Restaurant in Buckhead. I gotta knuckle sandwich for you. And if you don't wanna do that...then I'mma borrow "dem thangs" from TI

Get a life!

Tabu said...

I didn't really have a poor subject, I loved school the whole way through.

I wasn't very social.

Now, I am a CPA, so accounting was my thing, it was like a puzzle to me to this day there is a challenge when it comes to balancing books.

L. Renee' said...

I had the worst time with geometry. Luckily, I was a pom and the teacher was one of the coaches. (smile)
He hooked a sista up. Now, I'm not proud of that...but it is what it is.

COllege- Biology kicked my ass. My teacher was foreign and I couldn't understand one damn word. But, I took the D and rolled.

12kyle said...

@ Tabu
The only thing that I remembered from accounting was u put the debits on the left and the credits on the right...or was it the other way around? LOL

@ LRenee
Took the D and rolled, huh? I know ezzzatly what you mean!