Wednesday, April 23, 2008

decision '08

This is the year that we head to the polls to vote for the best candidate to do the job. It's imperative that you vote. I don't care who you vote for...just vote. And if you're crazy and don't vote for Obama...we can still be cool. LOL

Today is Wednesday and we talk sports/entertainment.

Have you ever thought about who in sports/entertainment that you'd vote into office? Who WOULDN'T you vote for? Think about it. Hmmmmmm


President-Jay Z (the prez has to be cool). And he has a fine 1st lady

Vice Prez- Tiger Woods (he has game and he'll remain neutral on every political issue). The sistas might not vote him in b/c of that snowbunny on his arm. Lol

Secretary of Defense-TI (maaaad gunz, son)

Secretary of State-LeBron James (young dude who could be groomed to lead the country in 8 yrs)


Prez- Bobby Brown (the Weed and Wine campaign aint gonna fly)

VP- Dennis Rodmam (Rupaul wannabees need not apply)

Secretary of Defense- Mike Tyson (too much medicine will be needed to keep him in line)

Secretary of State- Britany Spears (do you want somebody who is an emotional wreck runnin thangs??) LOL

Now its your turn

Holla atcha folk...


i.can't.complain. said...

prez- sanaa lathan
she's nice to look at, well-spoken, intelligent... and nice to look at.

yep. i know i said that twice

vice president- kanye west

no good reason. he'd just keep things interesting

secretary of defense- agreed on t.i.

but i also think naomi campbell would do a fantastic job.

secretary of state- oprah
she's just sweet on so many levels

ambassador to the middle east- superhead.

hell... maybe she could suck her way thru a few oil fields and bring down the cost of oil... then gas wouldn't be 3.65 a gallon.


One Man’s Opinion said...

You a nut. An interesting nut, but a nut nonetheless. Interesting choices.

Mizrepresent said...

President - Morgan Freeman
- that's one cool old man

Vice Pres - Denzel Washington...

-I know my name at Monica, but i gotz to get me a job in the Whitehouse

Secretary of Defense - Ice Cube, cuz he's tough and cool

Secretary of State - Oprah, cuz she's got to fit in somewhere

Brad said...

President. Shaq Daddy. He's already an ambassador to the game. And he'd intimidate any of the punks on Capitol Hill.

Vice. Jay Z, he'd woulda made a good choice for prez...but he really ain't do nothing at Def Jam and he won't have to do nothing for the US.

Defense. Ray Lewis. I wouldn't wanna piss him off...would you?

Sec of State. Cedric the Entertainer.....he's just funny as hail and the position is a big joke anyways.

Ambassador to the middle east. Katt Williams. Smarter than you think and about the funniest dude out.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

LOL...too funny....I can't think of anything right now though....

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ I Can't Complain. I soooo feel you on Superhead. LOL

OMG!!! This post was too cute/funny. I love your mind, even though you ARE a tad bit throw'd.

Prez: I agree on The Jigga

Vice Prez: Nas...just because

Sec. of Defense: Suge Knight

Sec of State: Ludacris, just because I have a MAD crush on him and he seems pretty cool and down to earth

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dang folk, y i gota be crazy if i dont vote for Obama? i think i am a man of reasonable faculties lol thats like saying im crazy if i dont vote for hillary or McCain

Rezidl said...

Prez....Oprah...she'd have the entire country hugging it out...

Vice Prez.....Judge Joe Brown....cuz he don't take no shyt....

Secretary of Defense...50....damn, he has half the military protecting him now....

Secretary of Agriculture....Snoop...he teach the cattle and corn farmers how to grow that sticky-icky to get their yields up.....

Press Secretary....Ari (from Entourage)....dude ain't shyt and that's who you want as the spin meister....

Secretary of Tourism....Diddy...he knows how to keep the spotlight on America...

Head of the Secret Service....Mike Tyson...ain't nobody gon' mess with the Prez knowing Mike is on the gunz, just chew yo azz to death....

Secretary of Health & Human Services....Magic Johnson....dude can teach the country about cheating death....

Tabu said...

Lol, as you know I am candian and this political race doesn't have a whole lot to do with me but, if I would definitely have a lot of buff brothers running your country they are always on the news--makes for nice eye candy.

Anonymous said...

Mannnn, I don't even know who I would want in the White House if we're talking sports and entertainment. No clue.

Queen of My Castle said...

Dang, Rezidl's list was off the chain! LOL. Niiiice

Rezidl said...

Thx Queen.....

Who you don't want in the White House....John Bush, Carlton Bush, Mike Bush, Bill Bush....or any other Bush!!!!!

Don said...

i would vote sanaa lathan for any position. her and probably oprah. maybe jay z.

then again i'd vote for mike tyson just to piss white people off.

white people need to be pissed off, every now and then.

Don said...

and please no one vote for judge mathis. lol.

Opinionated Diva said...

I'll be back to do this later.

Catching up on my many's amazing how you can take a day off and get more emails than when you're in the office...but wanted to drop by real quick.


12kyle said...

@ -1-
Sanaa is soooo fly. I love she. She love me.

I agree totally on Superhead. Give her that job. A real job

@ One Man’s Opinion
Preciate it!

@ Miz
I wonder who'd be the first to nominate Denzel. LOL. Morgan Freeman is a good call!

"They used to call me crazy Joe! Now they call me Batman!!" LOL

@ Brad
Katt Williams is hilarious!!!

Can u imagine Shaq at a State of the Union address in his monotone voice?

@ Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Cool. Come back when you drum something. Lol

@ Queen
Jigga and NaS together? I love that idea!

(see song Black Republicans...on NaS' last cd)

@ Torrance

@ Rezidl
You're on point, son. I like this list right here.

12kyle said...

@ Tabu
I hear u. You're voting for the eye candy

@ Jewells

@ Queen
I agree wit cha

@ Rezidl
Marcel Bush

@ Don
Tyson would definitely rub folk the wrong way

No votes for judge mabeline, either

@ OD
Who told u to take a day off? Lol

TravelDiva said...

Who I like

Prez - Oprah Winfrey - Smart, Dynamic, Likeable, Good leader

VP - Will Smith - Smart, Charming, Would be a good president if Oprah fell through

Secretary of State - George Clooney - he cares about Africa, he lives in Italy, and he would be good for international relations. HA

Secretary of Defense - Ice Cube - he just doesn't seem like he takes a whole lot of nonsense.

Secretary of Education - Bill Cosby - so he can stop talking and do something.

Secretary of Commerce - Jay Z- he has a good business sense.

Attorney General - Star Jones (she's the only celebrity lawyer I can think of and she would be tough)

Who I wouldn't have:
Paris, Lindsey, Bobby Brown, Supahead, Whitney Houston, Snoop, R. Kelly, Ray J, Britney Spears, and any other celebrity jokers.

Rich said...

I don't know where they would fit, but here's the cabinet

Prez - Jay Z
VP - Oprah
Secretary of State - Regina King

Mos Def, Chris Rock, Morgan Freeman, Charles Barkley and Dave Chappelle would have to be somewhere in the mix.

Now for some fine sisters in office:

Sanaa Lathan, Zoe Saldana, Dana Owens (Queen has always been sexy to me), Dianne Carrol and Lynn Whitfield (got to have some fly old school women in the mix)

The Jaded NYer said...


Prez- Folk singer Ani DiFranco; I love her politics and think she'd be a great leader

Vice Prez- Oprah, of course! her and Ani would work WONDERFULLY together!!

Secty of defense? shiiit, put me in there; I'm a celebrity in my own head, and I'll be MORE than happy to handle our biz...

secty of state- assuming she's not a poseur and really cares about foreign policy, I'd say Angelina Jolie

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

pres-OPRAH. all she has to do is mention something, and everyone runs out and does it-LOL!

VP-halle berry. you know i love her for no good reason! she always gets roles and doesn't act that greatly, so why not get a veep spot for the same reason!?!

sec. of defense-50 cent. someone to be entertaining, take his job title too seriously, make inappropriate statements to the press scaring everyone to death...all of that!

sec. of state-erykah badu. no explanantion needed...she'd school people left and right, but with a twist!


and to answer your ??, it was not an hbcu

WEJA said...

Moby or Aphex Twin would be my choices. I'd want Denise Matthews as first lady to remind me of the good ol days when Vanity 6 was singing Nasty Girl. Mmmm mmm m mm... she is still FINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She might be preachin' but i'd be a sinner in her church.. GOOD LAWD!!

The F$%K it List said...

President: Oprah, that woman knows how to move a crowd. Oprah says feed the poor, they get fed, stop using XYZ its gone. LOVE HER

Vice President: Angelina Jolie, say what you want about her she is out there helping the masses.

Secretary of defense: Kimora Lee Simmons, Remember when she said she would cut a B who messed with her hubby. That’s whats up! Gangsta and FABULOUS!

Secretary of state: Dave Chappelle or Chris Rock

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ PCD in regards to Fiddy!!!!

12kyle said...

@ TravelDiva
Fresh Prince for VP. I like that! He can bring the people together

@ Rich
Good call. Those are some fine sistas. You can't go wrong with Sanaa and Zoe. Latifah is very cute.

@ Jaded NYer
You as the Sec of Defense. I like that. You don't play! LoL

I knew that you'd be voting for Halle. LOL.

LOL @ 50!!! I've always loved Badu

Moby is very "world issue" conscious. Good call

Vanity! Damn! You took me back by using her gov't name. LOL

@ The F$%K it List
Angelina Jolie would adopt like 500 kids, too! LOL. Good list

@ Queen
I agree! LOL

Da Vinci The Verbal Arteest said...

rez: WiLL Smith
(The First Lady would be foooooine!) and He seems sensible enough. Plus he can relate to both side of the coin financially.

VP: Gabrielle Union
The only reason why I'm choosing her is because I'm gonna be the intern that goes down on her all day every day (except I wont brag about it to the press until the 4 or 8 years are up lol)

Sec Def: EMinem
Yeah He'll bring that FIRE if we go to war lol

Sec State: ELI Manning
He has leadership experience. He knows how to act under pressure. He's a GIANT! You can't go wrong lol

PrettyBlack said...

Too Damn Funny...Kyle you fuckin' impress me man!

Okay my pics

Prez-Magic Johnson- although the negro sounds like he always has a mouth full of cereal he knows how to run big business and that's all Amerikkka is.

Vice prez-Cornel West- Oooh wee!

Secretary of defense- Snoop-dogg- snoop would have errbody smoke 'um peace pipe...Wouldn't be no muthafuckin' wars!

Secretary of State- Oprah most definitely.

Ambassodor to the middle east- Mos Def- Self explanatory...Who the fuck don't like Mos Def.

Rezidl said...

PrettyBlack...his ex-wife!

eclectik said...

Damn not much more I can add
LOVE it though

This one is a banger

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'd have to say Oprah would be President.

Kanye West would be Vice President.

I can't think of anyone else worthy of a position!! LOL

Everybody else covered it. :-)

Fun post!

12kyle said...

@ Da Vinci The Verbal Arteest
LMAO @ U!!!

Gabby Union can GIT it!!!

U a Giants fan?

@ PrettyBlack

You are sooooo stooopid about Magic Johnson! LOL. Very tru, tho

@ Rezidl
She aint mad when she cashes those alimony checks

@ e
Thanks, bruh

I can see Kanye spazzin out within the first 30 days in office. LOL

dejanae said...

u r too stupid

The Flyyest said...


Vice Prez- DIAMOND(from crime mob).... LIL BAD BITCH


Secretary of State- TYRA...CUZ I LOVE HER




Secretary of Defense-TI....U SAID IT RIGHT....MAAAD GUNZ!!

Secretary of State- MICHAEL VICK....HE NEEDS A JOB!!

The Flyyest said...



Secretary of Defense-CHARLIE MURPHY

Secretary of State-FLAVOR FLAV!!

they will KEEP ME LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

12kyle said...

@ dejanae
You are correct!

@ Flyyest
Your list(s) are funny.

I agree...I love Nu-Nu. She's fiyah. Good lookin out for Vick. He DOES need a job when he comes home.

karrie b. said...

president: oprah

vp: kanye west...duh

sec of defense: 50 cent/loose change

sec of state: lindsay lohan to stir shit up

amb to the middle east: flavor flavvvvvvvvv just cuz.