Friday, April 18, 2008

On Sale

The door opened. My wife walked in a few seconds later with a HUGE grin on her face. She stepped back outside momentarily into the garage. She returned with a 2 bags. I quickly noticed that the bags were from a department store and not a grocery store.

Me: "What's in the bag, baby?"

Mrs.12: "What bag?"

Me: The bag that's behind you

Mrs.12: mean THAT bag

Me:Yeah. That one.

Mrs.12: I just bought some shoes

Me: Shoes? For who?

Mrs.12: For me. They were on sale.

She then reaches in the bag to show them to me.

Mrs12: Aren't they cute???

Me: Yes. They are fly. But when you say that they were on sale that doesn't mean anything. The shoes were prolly marked up to begin with.

Mrs.12: Awww quit hatin'. I got a good deal for these shoes. I'll rock em all summer long.

Me: *sigh*...i mumble something under my breath as I exit the room

One of the FIRST things that I learned in Marketing 101 is that when you see the word SALE...beware. In order to deem if it were truly on SALE, you must know what the original price was. As consumers, we never know. Sometimes when you drop a hunnid bux on shoes or a dress that was on have to ask yourself what was the true price before you bought it. Was it really only worth $50 and it was advertised at $250 but sold for $100 to make you think that you got a deal? That's the way that I think. Some call it cheap...some call it frugal...I really don't care what you call it. LOL.

WEBSTER'S definition of being on sale...
able to be bought at reduced prices.

Now, I'm not saying that Mrs.12 DIDN'T get a good deal on her shoes but I just don't fall for that sale jargon. haaaaa tell me. When was the last time that YOU got a good deal on a SALE. It could be anything. Or something that you would call a STEAL.

Holla baaaaak


Miss Mika said...

I consider myself to be a sale expert so I can say with confidence that I've gotten many things for good deals. My pride and joy items though was a red turtle neck sweater I got from H&M for $5.00. And not too far away on a separate rack, I found a pair of black slacks for what.... $5.00.

I love that store!

Eb the Celeb said...

Everytime the seasons change I get a good deal. Went on a huge shopping spree last week.. and everytime I shop online I go to dealbreakers and get an online discount code before I check out.

But yes kyle you are cheap. But then again she never told you how much she spent so it may not have been as good a deal and you would have

PRO said...

I, too, don't believe in sales. I'm all about the RESALE bruh! LMAO. Ask Mrs.12, exactly how MANY summers she plans on rockin' them joints? That's the question and sale of the century. Bet she can't get past 1 year let alone a hunned!


Brad said... gotta understand the mentality of the woman man.

A man will pay $2 for a $1 item that he needs.

But a woman....oh a woman will pay $40 for a $100 item that she doesn't need.

I don't necessarily shop for sales. I got to the mall knowing exactly what I want and how much I want to spend for it. And most times from what store. I head straight for it.....check the price and the size and then purchase. Don't dilly dally, don't browse, none of that.

Trish said...

Now I must say Im a womanly exception from most, because I hate shopping !
Love clothes and shoes but hate the process of finding them. Not so much with shoes as with clothes. To me its easier to find the perfect shoes than the perfect outfit.
When I go into a store I want to do a brief overall scan see what I want in the color I want, pick the size and Im out. Most times wont even try on till Im home. Hate it.
Shoes.. I can even get on line.
By the way Kyle, let me pick out the pics of the shoes next time. lol !!
Im good for getting many pairs of shoes and wearing the hell out of them, and I damn sure dont spend alot of money on shoes if I can help it.
You wont find me in the shoe store dropping $50 on a pair. Hell no.
With all that said, I still have great fashion sense and definitely know how to dress just dont like the process.
So, I agree with you Kyle on the sale bamboozle!! Its all a ploy to draw us in !!
Mrs. 12 will probably lie about the sale price. lol

Anonymous said...

I pretty much buy in out of season to catch a good deal. I recently purchased a faux fur comforter that was orignally like $100+ for only $20. It's a good quality and I was very proud to get it at that price.

12kyle said...

@ Mika
Slacks for 5 beans? Wow! That's what I'm talkin bout!

@ Eb the Celeb
I'm not cheap. I like to think of myself as conservatively thrift. Haaaaa

I'm sure that she'll have em for a while. She's very good with shoes. I'd like to be able to STEP into our walk-in closet and not trip over her gazillion shoes from time to time. LOL

@ Brad
I'm the same way. I'm in then I'm out. I don't waste time looking to see if something is 5 beans cheaper than something else

@ Trish
HAPPY BDAY!!!! Hope you got enuf air to blow those candles out this year! LMAO. Seriously, enjoy ya day

She doesn't lie about the price. My issue is with the sale concept.

You don't try shoes on before you buy em???

@ Jewells
$20 for a fake fur...u can't beat that!

Anonymous said...

Last thing I got on sale was a 52in JVC HDTV. I've been back a few times and it's still being sold for more than what I paid and I did A LOT of comparisson shopping first.

What I really want to talk about was wifey coming home with bagS and being coy.

I think you oughta flip the script and invite her into the garage one day and ask "what new fly whip?" At the minimum, it's worth a Best Buy run!

(I'm not tryna stir your kool-aid bruh. Just gotta love SOs)

Opinionated Diva said...

The first pair of shoes are hot...on sale or not!

To be honest...I'm single...I don't have kids...and I make good money.

I don't really shop with a sale in mind. If I find one great, but if I like something...I'm buying it!

At the same time...unlike most women...I don't really like to shop unless I have something specific in mind to buy.

Last best deal...really couldn't tell ya!

Urban Thought said...

This may sound funny coming from me but... I use coupons and wait for clearance before I purchase any clothing items. I'll pay full price for electronics but nothing expensive. I watch my dollar and only purchase items I find necessary to sustain my attention and enhance my life.

Now for the clothing purchases it is pretty simple to know what is on sale and what isn't. I'm an educated consumer. I don't spend more than necessary and if it is a name brand then I'm waiting for the deep down mark down. Not to mention coupons that come in the mail. Call me a Macy's Junky but they send me so many coupons that I don't pay nearly as much as most people for the clothes that are purchased.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

last night as i was leaving the spa. i was making my next appointment. the receptionist told me that if i booked it then AND paid for my future appointment RIGHT THEN, my next visit would be $20 off. that's a GREAT DEAL!! so even tho i spent more last night, i really spent less than if i had paid on two separate occassion for 2 separate visits.

PRO said...

@ SoG- "(I'm not tryna stir your kool-aid bruh. Just gotta love SOs)...
What I really want to talk about was wifey coming home with bagS and being coy."

SoG, I was honestly thinking the same thing about the ladder! And, um you are crap starting! In. The. Dusty. Corner, Bruh! I'm sure the Planet got a couple "Far out" corners for you to sit and brood 'bout that behavior of yours. LMAO

Mizrepresent said...

Ooh, you just have learn how to shop, and i tell you most women know how to shop and when we say "it was on sale" believe me we've been watching those prices for a awhile...myself, i'm a clearance deals, getting shoes and boots that were regurlarly priced for $149, for $10...or like last week buying a $149 firepit for $ that's a sale! Loved it! Oh yeah, anything you can buy for $5 is a sale in a major retail store.

The Jaded NYer said...

Back when I was a label whore, I paid $15 for a pair of Versace jeans, and like $20 for a pair of Christian Lacroix jeans... authentic... don't hate!

Just another reason why NYC kicks A$$!!!

Today, the only sales I look for is in the grocery store... I couldn't care less about clothes and shoes these days...

Anonymous said...

@Pro-Wow. Aren't you still in the last corner I sent YOU to?
Fine! [folds arms] Scoot over. Shooo...!

Anonymous said...
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prettyparker said...

I bought 5 lemons for $1.00 when the other grocery store was selling them for $.50 each.

Gotta thank my favorite cashier for hipping me to that 1 day deal.

12kyle said...

@ Sojourner G
The last "deal" that I got was on a big screen HDTV, too!

Nah, bruh. The wife don't sneak to buy nuffin. She can spend on whateva she wants. I trust her judgement. I just question the "it was on sale concept". But that's my issue with stores...not her.

@ OD
These aren't the shoes that she bought. LOL. All 3 are shoes that I found on DKNY's website.

@ Urban Thought
I feel you, bruh. Electronics are marked up all the time.

Saving at the spa is ALWAYS a good thing

*making note to call the spa to see what kinda "specials" do they have today*

LOL. He's good. No offense taken

@ Miz
LOL. I'm SURE that YOU know how to shop. Haaaa

@ Jaded NYer
Label whore!! LMAO!!

But that was a great deal for that stuff

@ Sojourner G
Y'all r funny

@ Prettyparker
I'd like to give a shout out to the cashier at my favorite grocery store...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

once she a wife, she worth it, so enjoy that smile and make that woma chase u around the bed room....and let her catch u lol

Anonymous said...

Now Bruh, despite my tomfoolery, that's is a beautiful arrangement to have. if we can't give our queens the world, we need to be putting ourselves in a position to be able to.

Deposits (in the love bank) ultimately provide for withdrawls!

Sexxy Luv said...

I love to see the word SALE! makes me feel as if I am getting the best deal in town! (knowing damn well I ain't)

I found 2 shirts at GUESS that were 15% off!....was that a good deal...HELL NAW! but I had to have them and that is all that matters! lol

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
You know ezzzackly where I'm coming from! LOL

@ Sojourner G
She's gonna get the world. That's one of my jobs

@ Sexxy Luv
See! You know that the 15% off means absolutely nuffin! Haaaaa. Good post

MsPuddin said...

I'm still laughing at your wife hiding the shoes. Right now since I'm single the person I hide shoes from is my mom. lol

Shoes are my fetish. omigod. Cute shoes that are orgasm worth, I dont care if they are on sale or not..they are comin home with me!


karrie b. said...

nah son. i have a passion for fashion, if i see it and i like it, i have to have it.

my MOM on the other hand, now that bitch could shop. she could always find a good deal or talk somebody down for something. i swear tho', if nothing was marked down i prolly woulda went to school in curtains.


Queen of My Castle said...

I usually don't wait for anything to go on sale. I want it when I want it, and most times you are only saving on taxes when you buy at a sale. That may or may not be accurate...but that's MY theory. LOL. I hate sales because the stores become too crowded, and there's nothing worse than having some other woman's boobs all over your back because she's trying to reach over you to get an item. That's soooooo not the business.

The F$%K it List said...

I am the Queen of on sale but I have stopped shopping at retail places that do all that 25% off nonsense because its never anything that I want.

Century 21 however is a sale all the time. if I want the pricier jeans (and I always do) I know I can go there and find them for half the price. Its how I keep up with my high end style with my son. NYers know what I mean.

12kyle leave the MRS alone! She got a good deal and that's enough for her to be happy.

Rezidl said...'s that? NOTHING IS EVER ON SALE!!!

12kyle said...

@ MsP
I dunno what it is about women and shoes. I haven't met a woman who DOESN'T like shoes. LOL

@ karrie b
Moms would've put you in curtains! LMAO!! You are krazy

@ Queen
LOL! That's what I call an impulse buyer. Nuffin wrong with that

@ The F$%K it List
Century 21, huh? I'll check it out.

@ Rezidl
You ain't neva lied, bruh

Now if y'all think I'm don't wanna be around THIS guy. Rezdil is that dude that will pay for dinner with a roll of pennies! LMAO!!!

Hadassah said...

I just got a nice top for 19,99 this morning I was pissed because thats not a sale lol and it was marked sale but i bought it anyways I like it lol

Still_Pocahontaz said...

Today, the only sales I look for is in the grocery store... I couldn't care less about clothes and shoes these days...

I so agree with the jaded new yorker

The F$%K it List said...

More stores to check in the NY: Lohemanns and Daffy's. And sample sales make the difference! As it helps that this great city has no sales tax!

Grocery store sales are THE BEST,Keyfood with its 10 for $10 LOVE IT! ok clearly i like to shop

dejanae said...

the love of my life

leave wifey alone
she deserves it for putting up witya

12kyle said...

@ Hadassah
It was marked sale...but really wasn't. Hmmmm. lol

@ Poca
Good point. We all have to eat, right?

@ The F$%K it List
No sales tax. You can't beat that

@ dejanae
She DOES put up with a lot from me. Lol

The Flyyest said... it depends on what it is and if its like the whole store type sale...

i dont have the patience for "sale racks"

the only thing that i will buy that i can care less if its a sale....


get off wifey them shoes is flyy!!!!!

i got a friend that stays on the sale racks...but she always seem to get the good ish....i jus cant do it tho, my patience is shot for shopping now!!!
imma in and out

12kyle said...

"i dont have the patience for "sale racks"

lol @ u

Tabu said...

I think the Mrs, has good taste. I love shoes...

Well shoes and Purses...

Ummmm shoes, purses and lingerie.

I just love to shop.

i.can't.complain. said...

1st off... if i had a penis, it would've gotten hard just looking at those shoes.

*scrolling up for a 3rd look*

those are something serious.

i can't think of anything in particular that ive gotten on sale.

im all about macy's annual boot sale, though.

lol @ mrs. 12- "what bag"

stone cold busted.


12kyle said...

@ Tabu
I will give her credit. She does have great taste. From time to time...I'll let her dress ME up. Lol

@ -1-
lmao @ you

Those shoes are cold. I can't front on em. Maybe one day I can do a blog about shoes and the obsession with em.

Abby said...

Good words.