Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trading Places

Life is good. You won't hear any complaints from me. Ole 12kyle is doing jusssss fine. I love the life that I live. I wouldn't trade it.

One of my favorite athletes is LeBron James. I think the kid is a phenomenal talent. I call him a kid b/c he's only 23 years old. He is one of the best basketball players in the NBA and he is only 23 yrs old . LeBron never went to college. He went to the NBA right after he graduated from high school. He was given a guaranteed 90 million dollar endorsement contract before he even played his first game. Yet he still strives to be the best player in the NBA. Wow. That's like your boss telling you that 40k that you make annually is guaranteed for the next 4 years and they will also pay you an additional 40k just to market and promote yourself. And with all of that money guaranteed to be paid to you, would you still come to work on a daily basis and bust your azz for the company??? Probably not! LOL

LeBron has a lot going for himself. That said, I wouldn't wanna be LeBron James. Not for one minute. I can live a lifestyle that is totally different from his. There are some things that I could do that he can't...

1. I can go anywhere in the world and NOT be recognized...
This dude is 6-8 and he weighs 250 pounds. He will be spotted easily

2. He has to play basketball every other night for 6 months...
Man, I can chill on the couch and rest my body while he's flying all across the country to play a game.

3. He's worth nearly 200 million dollars...
Who wants that kinda money? That's too much. He's a millionaire and i'm a thousandaire. Mo money...mo problems
4. He has 2 kids from his high school sweetheart. She's GOTTA be pressuring him to get married. I don't have that pressure. I've already jumped the broom, playboy!

5. He can't go to the mall and sit and make fun of people
I just did it last Saturday
6. He can't go to a nice restaurant and enjoy a meal without fans seeking autographs
I had dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse the other day and nobody knew about it.

7. He can't cuss people out and get road rage
I did it every day this week on my way to work.

8. He can't fly on commercial airlines
I'm on Delta all the time

9. He has to check into a hotel under a fake name
I always use my name. Except for the time that I checked in under the name Jim Shoe. Didn't want the groupies hounding me.

10. He has to spend over 100k just to "trick out" his SUV.
I barely wash my SUV

I like Jay Z. He's a cool dude. But I'd rather be me than be Jay Z. I mean, he can rap and all of that stuff but I've got him on a few things. First, Jay Z doesn't have a blog. And if he did, his blog wouldn't be better than the 12th Planet.

Jay Z has Beyonce. She's cute and everything but I'll BET you that I can SING better than Jay Z. He can't sing. I sang in the choir in high school and in church.

I could go on...but I won't. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who in sports and entertainment would you like to trade places with? Or who wouldn't you like to trade places with?



Hadassah said...

OMG!! First!!! LOL!

Thankyou * makes a bow* Thankyou

* acceptance speech* I have always been trying to be first to comment on my fav blogs*

Okay, back to the question.

hmmm I would love to be in the shoes of Mary J Blige. I admire her so much and what she has gone through and how it has made so matured and the Queen of Rnb and Hip hop.

I would not want to be Remy Ma lol!

Mizrepresent said...

lol, you are too much! I would love and both hate to be Oprah for the obvious reasons that you listed for Lebron.

Love to have all her money and power and be able to go anywhere,everywhere, spend it on anthing...but

Hate she can't go anywhere, everywhere probably without bodyguards or being recognized, and most definitely not without her makeup. Can't buy love...and it would be difficult finding someone in the same playing field.

I would not want to be lil Kim at all!

Brad said...

Believe it or not....I'd love to trade places with somebody like Jaquue Vaughn or one of the bench players from the Grizzlies or something. Here's why. Them dudes are not very tall. I'm 6'3 already so, no real change in height. Plus if 5 of em was in a restaurant at different tables...I probably couldn't pick out 2. Sooooo, you get the lavish lifestyle and earning millions of dollars a year. But you can still do the things you like to do without being stalked.

Queen of My Castle said...


I swear going to the mall and making fun of people is one of the easiest laughs and a great stress reliever. Sometimes I wonder if people make fun of me, too. LOL. Sometimes I just want to smack the hell out those kids skating around on those heely shoes. My son asked for some and I swear I gave him the evil eye.

Oh, okay, back to the subject at hand. I wouldn't want to trade places with anyone famous. I like my privacy. If Jay-Z had a blog, it wouldn't be as hot as yours because I wouldn't drop by everyday just to say what's up and tease him. LOL. Vain? Just a little? LOL

Okay, I don't see Rezidl, but I do see Brad...Why don't you guys just get together and open a sports blog?! LOL. Wait, did Brad say he was 6'3?...

Eb the Celeb said...

Ok... so first and foremost you are straight retarded for this post but I feel you... I personally want the fortune without the fame so I feel you on all these except #3. You are bugging. There is NO such thing as too much money. NO such thing!

Now on to the questions... if I could switch places with anyone... I know ya'll gon think I'm crazy for this... and I dont know why I have been having this lesbianism in me lately... maybe I am secretly converting... but I would be Ellen. She just beat out Oprah for being the #1 talk show in America. She is the chillest white chick I have ever seen in my life. She is so carefree, she has a heart, and she is straight genuine. I love Ellen.

Another person I would want to be is 50 cent. What is it like to be a black man that everyone hates but still cant deny you at the same time.

So that would be my 2... a hilarious gay white woman, and a rich black bad boy.

Rezidl said...

....KD, you are on other stuff these days.

...would love to trade spots with HBO's Bill Maher....He gets a cable show to look into political and celebrity shyt all day. I'd love that.

...Would not want to be the President (pseudo celebrity these days). That job ages you quickly and you always fear being killed.

...Queen, I get it....you are crushing on Brad and me. Like a school girl...hit us both and see who chases first...Nice work, Brad!.....LOL

prettyparker said...

Wow, this post actually had me spending waaaay too much time on the question.

Like you 12kyle, I love the life I live. I make a hella good salary, so does my husband. We have three cute kids, nice house in the burbs and an SUV. I have money in savings, CDs, 401k, company stock and even some stuffed in a shoe box in a closet (because you never know when something crazy will happen.)

I lived a charmed life and I wouldn't want to exchange it with anyone. Especially not with...

Beyonce. Chick can't go anywhere without a calvary in tow, she is either insanely loved or hated, and there is no way she can date anyone after Jay-Z (seriously, he may look better but he won't have Jay's swagger, pockets or esteem). But I will take her money and shoes, thank you very much!

Brad said...

rezidl, I agree with you about Bill Maher. That would actually be cool. And he gets to cuss too. LOL

Oh, and you too funny about the schoolyard. We gonna have to do Odds and Evens for the Queens affections. LMAO.

Odds and Evens said SHOOT.

Rezidl said...

.....I'm Odd...my shot (four)...watcha got?!

KD, I'm in the A on the 16th and 17th....

Brad said...

NO fair....i'm not playing this game with you anymore. I'm just gonna bribe her with some Now and Laters and a Quarter water.

TravelDiva said...

LMBAO! You are hilarious. You need to stop!

Wouldn't mind trading places with?

Alicia Keys - rich, talented, famous, comes out with an album every few years, so isn't on some kind of insane always in your face beyonce trip, and seems to maintain her privacy with all of the perks of being a celebrity. Good times.

Don't want to trade places with?

Britney Spears - no explanation necessary

Trish said...

I'd have to say Oprah minus the fat !

McLyte, just so I could rap like her.

Queen of My Castle said...

While you guys were out playing games and buying now and laters I had an epiphany. Big word for a school girl, huh? LOL. I think Kyle is the one that I'm crushing on the hardest. LOL. Although, Brad could easily be that one because he stands a regal 6'3. *Swooning* I was feeling Rezidl kinda hard, but he put me on blast. I mean c'mon...ME...Queen, having a crush? Are you serious? I AM the one that gets crushed on...not the crusher. LOL

I kidd. You guys made my laugh and smile. LOL.


dejanae said...

lol@ making fun of folk at the mall
i like my privacy
aint no trading spaces here

The Jaded NYer said...

Hmmm... this is tough because I hate hate hate attention in real life. I always say- "I want people to know my name but not my face" so I doubt there is a celeb I'd ever trade places with.

BUT, I would not be mad at having Salma Hayek's power in Hollywood; that's one Latina making moves, son! And she's got a great rack, too ;)

Rezidl said...

Brad....I have sun flower seeds and a grape soda!!

QMC....when I start a blog will you visit? (Check the box)....BTW...I peeped the video.

All...I can vouch that, as Chocolate Boy Wonder stated above, he can sing....like Brodeci...Haaa.

Brad said...

Rezidl, I'll see your Sunflower seeds and grape soda and raise you..... some Funions,a Mellow Yellow and a pack of Bubbalicious for dessert. I won't be kissing her though. That combination will burn your nose hairs. LMAO

Rich said...

I see a new King rising. Liked this post. I most admire Jay Z and Will Smith, because both cats are around my age and they are both at the tops of their games.

I like my life, don't want to be like anyone, I just need more loot - too many women in my family circle, and you know they like to shop.

The F$%K it List said...

I think my list of who i wouldn't change places is longer:

1. Amy Winehouse: she's might be headed to the upper room if she doesn't get some real help soon.

2. Lauryn Hill-She has to get help if not for herself the betterment of her children.

3. Kelly Rowland- I don't play 2nd to anyone.

4. Whit Whit and Bobby Brown-Crack is wack.

I'll stop there: I'd change places with

5. Bill Gates, all the money none of the publicity.

6. Warren Buffett- More money no drama.

Damn is there not one woman I would trade places with. Maybe Tyra only so that I could be tall for a short time.HA

Queen of My Castle said...

Rezidl, I check yes on your box. I'd be there all day everyday. LOL. You win. The Chocolate Boy wonder has gone MIA and Brad says he wouldn't kiss me. Why buy me Funnyuns if they would cause you not to kiss me?! *Giving him the side eye*

Brad said...

Queen, I'm a competitive man. I had to go there. How else could I top sunflower seeds and grape soda. 2 of the all time classics. Funnyons are the only wild card. The eater loves them and the eater's date.....well. LOL Don't give up on me yet.

Maybe I'll swap out the Bubbliscious for Trident and we can work on that?

Queen of My Castle said...

Dang Brad...I am a sucker for tall men. Make it Orbit gum and we can see what's up. LOL. I must admit I loved those chips as a kid though, but I wasn't kissing boys then either. LOL

You guys are too cute.

L. Renee' said...

If I could trade places with anyone it would be BEYONCE!
She is truly at the height of her career. I love her energy on stage and her charisma with the audience. I wouldn't mind chillin on Jay-z's yaught either in Saint Tropez. (smile)

12kyle said...

Lemme start by saying that I'd be LeBron or Jigga. I don't know for how long but I'd be em. You just have to pay the price of fame. And they do it every day of their life.

@ Hadassah
Good to know that this is one of your favorite blogs!

I wouldn't wanna be Remy Ma. She's bout to do some time.

@ Miz
I can't blame you for not wanting to be Lil Kim. Her face looks like how Micheal Jackson's face looks.

@ Brad
Bench players get the money but no glamore. I could live with that.

@ Queen
My blog WOULD be hotter than Jay Z's. He don't know the people that I know. Me, Brad, and Rezidl starting a sports blog? That's a good idea!

@ Eb the Celeb
Sup with the lesbianism? Ellen? I dunno about her. But I feel where your coming from. 50 Cent is hated as much as he is loved

@ Rezidl
And Bill loves the sistas. But he was a damn fool for messing with SuperHead. LOL

@ Prettyparker
The price of fame for Beyonce is HUGE. She can't do anything that you can do. I'm sure she'd like to go to the grocery store and shop.

@ Brad and Rezidl
I see that you two decided to take some time to try to fight over my boo. Don't waste your time...the doggone girl is mine!
Don't make me haveta pull out my box cutta

@ TravelDiva
Britney's new name is Shipwrecked! LOL. Good call

12kyle said...

@ Trish
Oprah is not that fat (LOL). MC Lyte STILL rocks a party

@ Queen
Brad is 6-3 but he has a serious drug problem. We call him Pookie #2 'round here. LMAO (juss kiddn)

I know where ya heart iz!!!! I is flattered.

@ dejanae
People watching is one of my favorite past times.

@ Jaded NYer
She does have a nice rack, doesn't she??? LOL

@ Rich
I need more loot, too! LOL

@ The F$%K it List
Good list. Gates and Buffet move around and nobody knows. That's how its supposed to be

@ Queen
MIA? I'm right here. (*jumpin up and down like a 3rd grader)

@ Brad
I've got 2 words for you...beat it

Here's 2 more...kick rocks

and one more...SHAWTY! LMAO!!!!

@ LRenee
Chillin on a yacht in Saint Tropez sounds good doesn't it?

Brad said...

@CBW, don't hate on me man. The Queen already chose you. (I think) But just know this......ya boy is lurking. Shhhhhhh....you hear dat??? Them's footsteps boyee.

Sexxy Luv said...

I'm going to go with Beyonce' I adore her, she is a fabulous sista!

My second pick would be Gabrielle Union, she knows how to kick it for real.

Great Post

Queen of My Castle said...

I guess Brad and Rezidl can officially fall back since my Handsome Mister has come back to claim me as his own. LOL. Baby I was just testing them to see if they were REALLY your boys.

**Walks off singing Girl Next Door by MusiqSoulchild**

Sexxy Luv said...

Queen, I see your milkshake brings are the boys to the yard around here! hehe

Get em girl! :}

12kyle said...

@ Brad
LOL!!! I see you.

"Who's that creepin near my window?? POW!!! Nobody now."

@ Sexxy Luv
Gabby is a sweetheart. I think she seems to be pretty grounded and not too "Hollywood"

Still waiting on your blog...lol

@ Queen
Did you see how they did me?? LOL. Tried to play me like a PS3.

Queen of My Castle said...

I saw how they did you, yep, I saw it all. They say never trust a big butt and a smile, but in this case you can trust me. LOL. I would say they are frienemies.

@Sexxy...well, Rezidl started it. I was just checking for him, then he put me on blast, saying that I was crushing on him and Brad. I had to remind him that I don't crush, I AM the crush. LOL

MsPuddin said...

Damn you just think you are all that, 12k lol ;p

Naw I feel it though, I'd like to be well off later in life, but I dont want my business all out there like that either. i like my privacy.

I'm glad you are happy w what you got, different strokes for different folks..

Rezidl said...

Man, I go away to the office for five minutes and look at all that has unfolded here.

*turns and walks away...looks back at 12Kyle and Brad...(you hear...hha hha hha chh chh chhhh...music from Friday the 13th...the slaughter is about to start)

Good work today, CBW!

Melody.Darlene said...

hahahah! im sure we all can sing better than hov! lol!

Anonymous said...

In sports, I would like to trade places w/Lalah Ali. I've always had a thing for boxing.

In entertainment, I would not like to trade places with anyone because I'm on my way there:)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I get the feeling that Rezidl and Brad are trying to take over the 12th Planet. Hmmmm, I think they need to get a blog of their own. LOL

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

You have really blown up FAST!!! That's because you always post great topics!!! :-)

I don't know -- I might have to trade lives with Kimora Lee Simmons minus her over-the-top fabulousness!! I admire her business skills and the fact that she has 2 beautiful daughters. She can seem a bit annoying, but she really is a great businesswoman who has created an empire. Plus, we have the same birthday!

12kyle said...

@ Queen
Frienemies? I see that you've been reading LRenee's blog. That's my fam right there. She's very sweet

@ MsP
If I don't think that I'm all that, who will? LOL. I can't call it arrogance...just supreme confidence. haaaa

@ Rezidl
See whut u started? LOL

@ Melody.Darlene
Thanks for coming through to the 12th Planet. Come back. We're here everyday like germs at the playground.

@ Jewells
You're into boxing? I just heard that she was pregnant. I wonder if she's done fighting?

Yes, Rezidl and Brad SHOULD get their own blogs. LOL. But until they do...they get VIP passes on the Planet

I haven't blown up. Just tryna move up like George and Weezy. LOL