Thursday, April 17, 2008

Shout Outs...

Me and my family moved in our apartment complex
A gate with the serial code was put up next The claim that this community is so drug free But it don't look that way to me cause I can see The young bloods hanging out at the sto 24/7 Junkies looking got a hit of the blo it's powerful Oh you know what else they tryin to do Make a curfew especially for me and you the traces of the new world order Time is getting shorter if we don't get prepared People it's gone be a slaughter My mind won't allow me to not be curious My folk don't understand so they don't take it serious But every now and then, I wonder If the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in

from Goodie Mob (Cell Therapy)

Have you ever been watching an award show and seen a rapper/singer give their acceptance speech...aka their shout out list!!! They usually start with the obligatory "First, I wanna thank God..." Then, they go on to shout out everybody that they can think of. As you watch the tv, you think to yourself..."that was sooo silly". Well, today I'll give you a chance to be silly and FAMOUS. Let's pretend that the whole world reads The 12th Planet (which ain't that far of a stretch b/c the blog is taking over). Now, you...the reader get to shout out whoever you want to. You can make it long or short. You can use your friends/family real names. Remember, the whole world is reading so you wanna make it sound JUST like you're on tv or in front of the world. Because on this are!!!

Since it's my blog...I'll get it started.
I'd like to give a shout out parents for raising me to become a successful young man. Thanks mom and dad. I love y'all. Shout out to my brother Damon and my sister Cara. Love y'all! Special shout out to my family...especially those who helped me along the way. Big shout out to my crew from Florence. Y'all mean the world to me. One love. Another big shout out to my potnaz from SC STATE. We did it...let's get this money. Shout out to the HATERZ who said that I couldn't do it. Keep hatin on me b/c that is fuel to my fire to succeed. Shout out to everybody at the 12th Planet. It started as an idea and now its a worldwide movement. I couldn't have done it without cha.

HUGE shout out to my 3 sons...Deion, Kameron, and Brandon. Daddy loves you. HUGE shout out to my beautiful wife. You are my best friend. And last but not least, I'd like to thank GOD. Thank you for putting air in my lungs and blood in my veins each day to live. Thank you for the blessings, the trails and tribulations. I am eternally grateful. Thank you and God bless

*walks off the stage as the crowd cheers*

Your turn. Lets have some fun with this...


dejanae said...

I'd like to thank all those that have helped me on this journey to this day. To my parents, I'd like to say Thank You for putting up with me. To my brothers:
I really wish i was an only child most of the time, but every once in a while you make me so happy that i'm not. To the friends closest to my heart: Andrani, Cha-cha, Patrice, Wilberte. I got
to the blog fam, yall know who you are. much love
and Gratitude for all blessings i give to the Lord

karrie b. said...

(1st commenter! i always get giddy with excitement whenever this happens...)

*wipes crocodile tears with kleenex and scrolls through blackkjack*

well 1st, i'd like to thank God for kicking my ass when i needed it kicked. now i'm a semi-good person.

i'd like to thank mom for not aborting me when she was 18. she's a semi-decent person for that.

my dad for staying with my mom after that itch. i never told you this, but ur my fucking hero.

the man who invented blogger.

the ex who took my virginity. you opened my eyes to what scummy scumbags men really are. oh! and for making me the bitter whore that i am today. i love you!

my sisters for never judging me. ever.

the no-life crew on the corner for showing me what drugs do.

that fucker named jay karan for helping me channel my inner drag queen.

sarah jessica parker for everything she does, and oprah for not selling out.

love you bitches!!!!!!!!!!

*walks off wrong side of the stage*

karrie b. said...

oh look. dejanae beat me to it. great.


PrettyBlack said...

I'd like to thank my mom, my God, my daughter, my hubby, my Uncle D and Aunt Shelia, My Auntie Estella Petetan, and anyone else who helped me get to where I am.


Hadassah said...

I would like to thank first and foremost my creator God for being with me through out my life and during my trials and tribulations. My mother for all her advice and strong words that help me carry on. My dad I wouldn't be in school if it wasn't for me. My siblings who keep me going and working hard for them. My adopted family if I hadn't known them i would be spending my christmas/ easter/ thnksgiving holidays alone.

12kyle said...

@ dejanae
Awwwwwwww. Very sweet

@ karrie b
You are hilarious!!! Its rare to see people mention God but then cuss in the same sentence! LMAO. You are off the chain

Walked off the wrong side of the stage. LOL

Yes...dejanae beat you to the punch

@ PrettyBlack
Gotta thank Little Pretty. She is adorable

@ Hadassah
Spending holidays alone aint cool. Definitely gotta give thanks.

Brad said...

Yo,yo, yo...let me get the Mic B.

Yo, I want to give the mad crazy shout out to my Wife Mesha. My 2 recreations of sons. Yo, yo I want to give a BIG UP to my big brothers Vernon, Jeff, Kelvin, Greg and Charles. Word!!! Son, I was say wattup to all my sting Patnas if they want they name mentioned they should read the blog. Special Shout out to 12Kyle aka CBW aka K Ditty aka Randy Floss....That's my boy right there.

One love to all my dogs in the Pen. Actually I ain't got no dogs in the Pen. One love to all them fools that used to be my dogs that's now in the Pen.

Special dedication to Ma dukes. She held my and my brothers down like the strong black woman she is. And And special wattup to Pops up in Heaven....miss you boy.

Thank GOD.

Brad said...

And I apologize for all the typos. I was excited.

Oh and a special biggup to Queen. (que Micheal Jackson....Wanna be startin somethin). LMAO

Trish...I see you babygirl.

Yo, L got this whole thing started.

Did I forget anybody?

12kyle said...

@ Brad
You are stoooopid, son! LMAO

I can see you fighting over the mic with your crew... "Yo,yo, yo...let me get the Mic B."

Thanks for the shout out! And thanks for using ALL of my aliases in on sentence. (CBW-short for Chocolate Boy Wonder)

The obligatiory shout out to the crew in the pen!!! LMAO!!!

Good shout out to LRenee. She helped me launch The Planet.

Mizrepresent said...

I'd like thank my parents, for their love and direction. My sisters and brothers for their constant support. My peeps (you know who you are) for keeping it down in the work space. My patna's Rich and Cap, my blog fam for showing a little blog luv! My angels, who believe i can achieve anything and most importantly the one who guides my day, and gives me peace at night, my counselor...thank you God for blessing me continously.

Eb the Celeb said...

Uh... I have that

uh... mad that your blog sis didnt make the cut in your acceptance speech... so I am boycotting and aint participating... hmpf!

Eb the Celeb said...

Mad that you linked whack sc sate too...


Anonymous said...

Since I have stage fright, my speech would be very laconic.

"This is for all of you who played a part in me being the woman that I am today. Mama, daddy, my brother Gary...I love you. God, the Alpha and Omega, none of this would be possible without You. And for you, in whatever part you had in my life, whether good or bad, this is for you."

PRO said...

You are from where two of my associates are from. The husband actually played ball for [insert YOUR HBCU] and the wife's family is still there. Things that make you go hmmm. They are also of (our) same age cohort. Double hmm. Wondering if you know this cat I'm thinking of. Hmm.

*off to prepare my long-ass acceptance speech*

PRO said...

i'd like to thank the broad who bullied me through jr. high and my freshman year of high school. if it had not been for us having to come to blows, I would have never gotten arrested, gone to jail, gotten expelled and able to ditch that white bread school for the rest of that expulsion year. i then became an official "tiger" thanks to my new out of district high school; and then a HBCU "tiger" for the next five years!

i'm thankful that i saw you on TV, upon graduating from college, sitting on the stage of the Ricki Lake show amongst the fighter's over baby daddy drama. i always knew you weren't shit and wanted to bring me down. it didn't work. i still went on to obtain state/government jobs despite my arrest record.

i'd like to thank richard for never having been there for his only daughter... you help me to stay committed to abusive men and relationships. those in turn taught me what love isn't. now i recognize what love is. i finally realize i can stop fighting it... he's not like the others.

thanks to the entire west coast gangster rappers and their songs that introduced me to chronic!

let's burn one for old time sake.

*holds up lighter a philly ... jumps off stage singing r. kelly's i believe i can fly*

Don said...

i like this...

umm, first, i would like to thank the one person who made it possible. the person who has stood in there with me through the ups and downs the thick and thin...


secondly i would like to thank all of the those who in some way or anything added to my line of thought and encouraged me and made me believe that i could dream and believe in my dreams...

i would like to thank my mom. it aint where we're from, it's where we are @ in our relationship. i know you understand me when i say that...

*credits now rolling*

...i would like to end this by saying: they say the true mark of a man is where he stands in the face of adversity, everyone smiles when the sun is out.

well, i would like to say that even while standing in the rain i knew that it was always possible i could be standing @ the end of the rainbow...

kiara, jameelah, daddy loves you.

thank you.


Don said...

@ all pro: hey tip...

Opinionated Diva said...

wow! Loved your shout eloquent.

I have allllllllllllways wanted to get on the stage and give a SHOUT OUT TO BROOKLYN...then I'd do all the other stuff you and everyone else has mentioned in their responses by shouting out the fam, the creator, etc.

That is all.

The Jaded NYer said...

First- I'd like to thank the Academy... you like me, you really, really, like me...

*wipes tears*

Next- I want to thank my family for putting up with all my craziness all these years: Mari, Mami, Titi Gloris, Papi, Minerva, Nina, my kids, and Grandma, I love you and hope you're proud!!

I also want to thank my friends, my second family- Alex, Irene, Lani, Eric, Evelyn, Celia, Cathi... I love you all to bits!!

and finally to my FDU family- Deb, Jeff, Elisheba, Carmen, Michael, Walt and Tom- and to my fellow bloggers- you all helped me become a better writer!

Big Up, BROOK-lyn!!! Good Night!!

*drops mic and exits stage left*

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

shouts out to the parental units and thre male name sakes...awesome

MsPuddin said...

First of all I'd like to thank 12k for this opportunity.

then McDonalds for making that bacon, egg and cheese bagel.

I'd like to thank moms and my dad for never catching on to the fact that I'm in-sane!

I'd like to thank my vibrator, beyonce, lactose free milk, the lady at the nail shop and the 7/11 by my house...

In the spirit of things Id like to punch Heidi Montag in the face...


12kyle said...

@ Miz
Love both of your blogs. She's nice with the pen, y'all. Check her out if you haven't already

@ Eb the Celeb
Can't mention errybody b/c I may for get, lil sis.

You can't mention the Aggies until they win a game...period! LoL

@ Jewells
You have stage fright? Say it aint so!

If he played ball at SC STATE, then I know him. And he KNOWS me! LOL

Pro got locked up? Say word? Nuff respect to Tuskeegee Tigers. Y'all aiight with me. Haaaa

@ Don
lmao @ u for thanking yourself

@ OD
Y'all always shout out Brooklyn!!! No matter what! I've never been there
before. Next time I'm in NY...I'm going to BK

@ Jaded NYer
Thanking the Academy! LMAO

@ Torrance
Gotta shout out ya parents!

@ MsP
Wow! A shout to me, McDonalds, and a that order! I dunno what to say. LMAO

U r toooo much

L. Renee' said...

This is cute 12Kyle.
I hope you send Rezidl back in one piece. LOL

As a wanna-be-actress turned stay at home mom I want you to know that I have dreamed of this moment my whole life. LOL

First I would like to thank My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who loves me unconditionally inspite of myself. My extraordinary husband who is truly my biggest fan and the ABSOLUTE LOVE OF MY LIFE! My two beautiful children Dyl and Allie You both inspire and encourage me to keep striving for the top. My family and friends I could not be here without any of you. I love you all.

God Bless!

prettyparker said...

I'd like to shout out my husband, kids, parents, in-laws, siblings and nephews - at some point in our lives you have known how truly crazy I am yet you continue to call me kin.

I gotta holla at my local grocery cashier - you tip me off to the upcoming produce sales, latest jazz albums and the extra coupons that folks leave behind on the scanner!

I would shout out to my friends, but let's be honest, the only ones I have are online. So I'll email you my 'thank you' when I get home.

*passes mic to the next person and fiercely struts off the stage*

Queen of My Castle said...

LMAO @ Brad. I wasn't even gonna comment on this post, but that was funny as hell.

I'd like to thank my milkshake for bringing all the boys to the yard, and a special wassup to all my blog peeps for allowing me to be me and for keeping it 100 wit 'cha girl.

Brad, you're an, what's up?

12kyle said...

@ LRenee
Thanks! If you didn't create your blog then I wouldn't have done mine.

Don't worry. Me and Rezidl didn't party too hard last night. We both had to work today. The next time that you talk to him...ask him about the dude that we met at the M Bar. You'll get a kick outta that story

@ prettyparker
Shout out to the grocery cashier! Haaaaa

@ Queen
Your MILKSHAKE? LMAO!!! I hear ya!

The F$%K it List said...

I'd like to thank so many people.. First and foremost my savior Jesus Christ, without you there is no way I could do what I do.

My Mom, thanks for taking long A$$ trips to Harlem so that I could dance and free my mind from all the BS in brownsville. My Nana for forcing me to be a real southern belle in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn. My two sisters, Keisha for being there when I needed her most (can i have a loan? HAHAH) and never expecting me to pay it back. Violet for being my twin in all ways good and bad. We really did ride hard back in the days and I miss it.

To my husband, HS sweetheart and love of my life what can I say, I use to think you crazy for wanting to marry me when I could be such a snob (its true)but you did and we have made it. Biggie themed song wedding remember that 'Ish planning to walk down the aisle to me and my bitch! Ah the good time we had and so many more to come.

Lastly my dear son CJ what would mommy do without you. that smile, those big old eyes and warm heart. You are my world. Dia and Gia love you much, best friends ever and god mothers to my heart.

To the haters...Sorry no words for you. BROOKLYN, BROWNSVILLE NEVER RAN NEVER WILL! I'M OUT SON! (gotta rep the hood right?)

Anonymous said...

Now that's what's up!

Mad Hatter said...

I'd like to shout out my husband, two sons, parents, brother, the whole family and a few friends.

12kyle said...

@ The F$%k it List
Brownsville...never ran never will!!! LOL. Boyyyy I tell ya. I don't care where you go in this'll run into SOMEBODY from Brooklyn. LOL

@ Sojourner G
Thanks man

@ Mad Hatter
Gotta shout out you hubby

The F$%K it List said...

We are EVERYWHERE! Especially the ATL!