Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yo, now
You and your nigga shit shaky
And at the time your heart feel down and broke like Achy Breaky
Lump in your throat, feel like a trachea, oh dummy
The pain that's in your chest done made it's way
down to your tummy, you wide open, you start smokin wit ya girl
She nigga bashin sayin you don't need em in your world
Niggaz all dogs? If niggaz all dogs, then what you call broads?
Felines in heat, meowin for some yawn balls
Now you and her done got to drankin
Oh now it's really crunk, cause y'all silly drink
and your girl done got to thinkin
She talkin bout, "Girl you look so beautiful"
You say thank you bein nice you try to change the subject
Want some beans and rice? But she's back at you like a pit
mixed with a chihuahua how much meaner can you get?
Don't let her have her way with you she's gonna have a fit
You're the candy apple of her eye and bout to get bit
here's what you do -- you
grab her by her neck, throw her on the wall
Say, "Bitch don't ever disrespect me never not at all"
These simple words can put a pause to half of the applause
Them black ball laws of balance at all cost

Andre 3000 (Mamacita)

Last night, the Tennessee Lady Volunteers won their second basketball national championship in 2 years.

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a fan of women's basketball. College or pro. I don't hate on it. I'm just not a fan. Women's basketball does not draw huge tv ratings it's not just me. Last year, women's college basketball came to the forefront when that idiot Don Imus described members of the Rutgers women's hoops team as "nappy headed hoes." And we all know about the firestorm that came after that. In women's basketball, there has been a HUGE assumption by the public that many of these women who play the sport are gay. If they are, then so be it. I played college football. While I can't say that I knew if someone was openly gay on my team, I can only assume that someone was. I mean, we had nearly 100 dudes on the team. The numbers alone would suggest that there were at least 2 dudes on the team that were gay. Those numbers may be higher in women's hoops.

Personally, I could care less what you do behind closed doors. I can only assume that many athletes...male and female...are gay. As far as womens hoops, I can only assume that some are. I won't generalize and say that they all matter how they look. Some of them look very pretty off the court. Other females look like Iraq...bombed and depleted.

I remember having a conversation with my boy, Da Reason. He's a HUGE basketball fan. He's married with a daughter who is my god-daughter. He said that he wasn't sure if he'd steer her towards basketball b/c of the wide spread lesbianism in women's hoops. He didn't say that he'd prevent her from playing the sport. He said that he was unsure. Keep in mind that she isn't 3 yrs old we have some time before we cross that road.

What's your take? Would you let your daughter play in a sport where it is assumed that most of the participants are lesbians? I don't have any daughters. What is your take on sports and homosexuals and lesbians? Lemme know whut ya think!

btw...happy bday to my ex girlfriend from 8th grade. she reads this blog every day. happy bday girl. enjoy ya damn self!!! social security is right around the corner for ya! LOL


MsPuddin said...

mad at that 8th grade shout out, but ok.

I played basketball in high school. one time this girl bit me when we were strugglin for the ball. I dont know if it was because she was gay or hungry...

If she wants to play let her play. if shes gay, shes gay, whether or not there is bball or not...


Mizrepresent said...

I tried to get my daughter to play basketball, but she was just too prissy for the sport...i remember a game where someone threw her the ball, and hit her hands and bounced off, while everyone else was running down the court in full play, she was standing still at the other end staring at her broken nail.

12kyle said...

@ MsP
LOL. The 8th grade shout out is my peeps. We're still cool despite the fact that she dumped me...I mean...I dumped her...awww...I forgot who dumped who. LMAO

You played ball, Ms P? I think she bit you b/c she was gay AND hungry! LoL

@ Miz
If she was worried about that nail then she may be juuuust a lil bit too prissy for hoops. LOL.

Brad said...

I'm not a fan of women's ball either. But I say that playing a sport and being around other women who are gay doesn't turn a woman gay. I just don't buy it. Now if a woman is open to the suggestion of being with another woman and then she's placed in a position where women are openly gay...then you have the recipe for the get down.

But socially we're conditioned to accept gay women or bi-women or whatever. That's why they are more apt to come out of the closet. In fact....if most guys met a woman tehy were interested in and she said she'd had a gay relationship the majority would still try to get with her. How many women would do the same if a dude said that? Not many.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

mamcita is my jam!

anyhoo, i think i would enjoy my daughter playing because i played...i don't think about it being a serious thing maybe thru high school. i don't think i'd want her to play college sports...idk, but if she chose it, then i guess i'd have to stand strong in how i raised her and trust that she will make good decisions.

being gay is being gay. as you said, i don't care what you do in your personal time and space. i just wouldn't appreciate it being put or pressed before me in a suggestive way....the same goes for heteros too...get a room-LOL! i don't like things that i consider "private" being on display like it's what defines you or simply because you have no class.

for instance, when sheryl swoops came out, i was so bothered....mainly because she had married a man, had his kid and then she's like...breaking news...SIKE! i'm gay! i was like- do your thing, but why do the run-around? and why is people's sexual orientaton even news? and i mean MAJOR HEADLINE news? i can understand that if someone is featured somewhere dropping a line or two for example, "PCD has three dogs and lives with her life partner martha" is that not enough? why would i be on the cover of mags with huge letters across my face if i were gay or in the limelight on any level? i've never understood that....

PRO said...

"He said that he wasn't sure if he'd steer her towards basketball b/c of the wide spread lesbianism in women's hoops. ... Would you let your daughter play in a sport where it is assumed that most of the participants are lesbians?"

I'll switch this around and say this is one of the MAIN reasons our family has steered clear of relocating to ATL. I'm being real. So much homosexuality - rampant within the area, people in positions of power are looking out for their "gay" peeps, thereby influence on education/legislation/etc. brings too much to deal with within schools, TV, the public etc. We just didn't feel like early exposure for our impressionable children was necessary (I've had to turn from the Noggin channel cause same sex teens were kissing right on TV.). I think that in the case of my family's living (relocation) situation, that is something as adults we are the authority to make the best choice for us. I digress.

As for sports and assumed sexuality confusion... If my girls want to play sports I'm supporting them 100%. My son too. I will keep communication open between us if/then situations arise they will freely express themselves.

Side note. I don't think it's too early for your boy to be thinking about the impact extracurricular activities would have on his 3yo. If her mom wanted to sign her up for ballet/tap/gymnastics there wouldn't be an issue...

Also, I LOVE how cut girl #1 arms are. I'm aiming there again with my own *Insert picture I have where they are almost there Yay me*

Eb the Celeb said...

yup she can play if its bringing in the

nah, that's why I want boys... but if I do have a daughter she will be running track... that's what my family does... lol

nah on the real I dont care how many gays are typical of a certain sport, if my child has a passion and talent for it I am going to support them regardless...

unless its my son and he wants to do gymnastics or something... then I dont know if I can deal with that.

12kyle said...

@ Brad
I agree. I don't think being in that environment will make you gay. It may make you curious but definitely not gay.

"if most guys met a woman they were interested in and she said she'd had a gay relationship the majority would still try to get with her."

Damn right! LOL. You know we don't care.

I'll admit that I didn't like Mamacita the first couple of times that I heard it but it grew on me

Good point on Swoopes. I didn't understand that either. I had heard that she was gay for a long time before she got married and knocked up.

C'mon to the ATL. I can't speak for everybody but me and Brad live here...and we aint gay. LMAO

I feel where you're coming from. Me and my homie were just discussing kids and sports. My boys are playing already. They started long before I did

@ Eb the Celeb
You're gonna have all boys, right? LOL

Track is a very good sport. Didn't you run track?

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh my goodness!!! I just had a VERY similar conversation with my husband about this very issue a few days ago.

I asked him if he would push our daughter (we don't even have kids yet, let alone a daughter LOL!) to participate in basketball and other sports where they're a large number of "tomboys" or maybe lesbians. I asked him because he's a DIE HARD sports fan. He said he wouldn't really want his daughter to play those sports...I wonder why. He didn't give me a straight-forward answer, but I can assume it's because he wouldn't want our daughter to be susceptible to those homosexual stereotypes.

Very great post as always!

Trish said...

Okay Kyle you know Im not a Sports fan but...

If I had children I wouldnt stop them from pursuing the sport of their choice because of the prevalence of gaydom, but I also think if depends on the age we are talking about here, there are certain ages where a child is vey influenced by things around them, like when going thru puberty and they are feeling awkward, trying to find out who they are, what they want, sexually and otherwise.
It all starts at even an earlier age now than when we were growing up. So I think that would have alot to do with the decision.

The Jaded NYer said...

My 7yr old is a natural athlete (LOVES soccer and basketball) and my mom side would rather she didn't play anything and says "I don't want nobody trying to hurt my baby!" but my competitive, Jaded NYer side says, "Hell yeah, my baby's gonna knock your ass OUT!"

So whether or not there are lesbians on her team doesn't even factor into my thought process when she talks about sports.

I live in NYC after all... if I had a problem with gays then I'd need to move LOL

TravelDiva said...

If my child likes the sport and is good at it, I'd let her play.

Opinionated Diva said...

"Other females look like Iraq...bombed and depleted." LOL - so wrong for that line.

I have to admit, Women's basketball just doesn't do it for me at all. They just aren't as physical as a good b-ball game with the men.

Honestly, I don't think playing a sport with gay people is going to just turn out a straight person, so I would not have a problem with it at all. Gay people are everywhere...though a lot are on the low.

Rezidl said...

I'm with TravelDiva....if my daughter is passionate about it, then it's a go. People are so passionaless these days that they aimlessly wander around getting into shyt.

There is no guarantee that anything you do will MAKE your children the way you desire them to be. Just plant the seeds and cultivate the ground....You and wifey need to work on that girl..."I'm here all sure to tip your waitress."

Brad said...

12yle is right about me and him being straight. LOL

But Atlanta is like any other major city with a large gay population. For the most part they do their thing and don't bother anyone. I believe in letting people do what they do as long as they do it respectfully. I've grown a lot since my days in NY when I never would have even been in the room with a gay man. I just have 3 basic rules when it comes to that.

1) Don't try to get with me
2) Don't tell me any of your stories.
3) And if you see me in them streets and you have on a dress........ Playa, I don't know you. LMAO

Queen of My Castle said...

SMH @ Brad's last comment. I keep picturing this man in a dress coming up to you saying "Oh, so now you don't know me huh, Brad?" LMAO!!!!

I don't have any daughters. Though I wouldn't discourage her from playing if that's what she wanted, I would rather her be a cheerleader, be on the dance team, be student council president, or something a bit more polished and refine (prissy)but that's just me. Women's b-ball just seems so masculine.

Rezidl is very right, we can only plant the seeds. I guess in my mind I always assumed that any daughter of mine would be ultra prissy and mild-mannered.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

happy bday ex from 8th grade, my daughter mom hates my blog anywho. shouts to m lady vols, albeit im still sad bout memphis - all we needed were the free throws

MsPuddin said...

@ 12k yeah but I played for city lol I wasnt a saint back then like I am now...maybe THATs why she bit me...LOL

Anonymous said...

Keeping my daughter (when I do have one) away from a sport just because it is perceived as a gay sport is not something that I would do.

Same-sex liking people are everywhere. I just found out Suzie Orman is gay. Would I tell my daughter not to get into finance, write books, go into journalism because it is associated with homosexuality? No.

I think preventing anyone from doing anything for a reason like "women who play basketball are gay...don't want you to be viewed as gay" is a bad reason. That's just like your parents saying "no, because I said so."

12kyle said...

Talk to your husband about today's blog. I'm sure that he'll give you some of the same answers that you've heard today.

@ Trish
lmao @ "prevalence of gaydom".

Puberty is a very critical time for kids.

@ Jaded NYer
Yes! If you had a problem with'd DEFINITELY have to leave NYC

@ TravelDiva
I feel you. I'd do the same.

@ OD
I know. I was wrong for that line. But you know that some of those chicks look ROUGH! LOL

Women's b-ball is tough for me to watch, too. I don't knock it. It's just tough on my eyes

@ Rezidl
"There is no guarantee that anything you do will MAKE your children the way you desire them to be. Just plant the seeds and cultivate the ground."

Amen, playboi! I know that your son is running "43 Black Off" every day in the yard! LOL. What about your lil lady? Is she gonna play a sport?

12kyle said...

@ Brad
#1 is sooo true. Do ya thang...just don't try to include me.

@ Queen
I'm sure that you would want your daughter to be very prissy. LOL.

Women's hoops is popular. It's just not as popular as the other sports. And I think one of the reasons that it's not is because some of the players don't look "feminine". They are...but on the court some look very masculine.

@ Torrance
Free throws! I was pulling for em, man. How does your 2 best players come up short like that?

@ MsP
Ok. Were you a baller??? Inquiring minds wanna know. LOL

@ Jewells
Why did our parents always say that? LOL

Don said...

Candace Parker. Such an attractive black woman. I don't really have anything against a gay female. I'm a lesbian too. lol. I've met some really cool women who liked other women.

Not a fan of a dude who wants to be a woman.

PrettyBlack said...

If my daughter is good at it let her play! I really want her to play volleyball. But whatever she wants to do is fine with me. She owns more toy motorcycles than dolls. She can tell you the difference between a hayabusa and a ducati and a ninja. (daddy rides a busa, mommy a ninja) She owns basketballs, footballs, and baseballs.

She loves dolls, dresses, and lip gloss. She's pretty well rounded. I think homosexuality is a gene you are born with not something you pick up like the flu.(hubby thinks different)

I have more lesbian friends than straight ones and they know what I'm about, as with anyone (man or woman) you set your boundaries and people will respect them.

And anyway my daughter has a crush on zack and cody from the suite life on Disney channel, so I think my hubby is more worried about her liking white boys than black girls haha!

L. Renee' said...

I'm more concerned with my daughter getting hurt playing b-ball or any other sport for that matter than if she plays with gay people. To me, that is pretty ridiculous. To me,that is equivalent to not letting your child play on a team because the teamates are white or black.

Rezidl said...

12Kyle....Allie is probably more of a natural athlete than Dylan. Good thing mommy is athletic :)

Here's what I have Dylan doing:

Bulldog Me with a shade to the inside.

Tackling drills with his head up on the punching bag in the basement.

Resistance speed drills with a wind harness on.

Allie is doing hip-hop abs with mommy!!!

Anonymous said...

If I had daughters, I would allow them to play sports if that's what they chose. I would be concerned and have open lines of communication regarding this topic though. Remember these young ladies, especially upon becoming college athletes, sleep in rooms together. Athletes are with each other more times than not with practice, meals, games, roadtrips...etc. I have a co-worker who has a daughter that quit the softball team at UGA b/c of the pressure for her to partake in lesbian acts. After awhile I'm not sure these kids can fight the curiosity off. Its tough out there! Just my two cents.

- Bombshell

Jeff said...

Since it is so open now, everybody seem to come out of the closet after Ellen Degereants? Anyway I see it everyday at work. Females dressing, looking acting and even talking like guys. Some say you are born with a gene that alters your body estrogen or testrotone. Hell i don't know. All I know that whatevers is in todays fade thats what it is. It seems that coming out of the closet is the thing. in sports I know that maybe over the years the number of lesbo's and homo's has double even triple.
It's a tough call for female athletes. Some men feel intimated that there woman play ball even sweat, stink, and look as rogh as you do after you get finished playing.
If you raise your child a certain way, you only hope they make a sound decision when approached by the same sex. hopefully you as a parent already had that talk long before this happens and continue to always leave that discussion open for your children.
Remeber "a closed mouth don't get feed, but if someone else feed them then you didn't do your job as a parent".
I will say this some of those ladies look straight up like dudes.

Still_Pocahontaz said...

LMAO @ the 8th grade shout out and blast too...LOL

I have a 5 year old daughter and she is pretty rough now, at the same time she is a serious girly girl. Sometimes she reminds me of things that I have taught her as far as being a little lady.

I dont know though, I dont have a take per se on the whole aspect of homosexuals in sports I know that we are all human and deserving of love. So if my daughter decided to play a sport that had a huge percentage of lesbians, than so be it. I would hope that I have showed her enough in life to make the best decisions for her own life..

For real though.....Who knows, we'd have to cross that bridge when we got there.

How would you feel having sons, what would your take be?

Tabu said...

I don't have any children I would encourage them to follow their passion no matter what it is.

hanging around a lesbian or being around them doesn't make you gay, that doesn't rub off.

Just my few cents.

Muze said...

kyle, you are a mess.

and NO, i would not steer my child in the direction of girl's basketball.

now, volleyball...

...but of course i played volleyball all my life, so i might be a little biased. lol.

Sexxy Luv said...

Other females look like Iraq...bombed and depleted. -LOL

you dead wrong for this! funny ish

I would let my daughter play any sport her heart desired, people are always going to pass judgement but what can you do about it...

I really think most of the women who play basketball are gay, what man want's a woman with broad shoulders?

Anonymous said...
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12kyle said...

@ Don
Candice Parker is very cute. Can you believe that she's engaged to Shelden Williams (Sacramento kings)?

lmao @ "I'm a lesbian"

@ prettyblack
We usually agree on 98% of things. I have to disagree witcha on this one. I think homosexuality is a behavior. And all behaviors are learned. I learned at an early age that I was supposed to like girls...not boys. But I do feel where you coming from.

@ LRenee
I KNOW that you'd be worried about your kids getting hurt. I can hear you now..."Who does she think she is tryna foul MY baby girl like THAT?" Lmao

@ Rezidl
"Bulldog Me with a shade to the inside."

There it iz! A playa in the making

@ Jeff
"I will say this...some of those ladies look straight up like dudes." Man, you aint neva lied!

12kyle said...

@ Poca
Having sons, I'd let them play. I'd encourage them to accept people for who they are. As long as they are never disrespected, then I'm cool

@ Tabu
You're right...hangin with somebody doesn't make you what they are

@ Muze do sound biased! LOL

@ Sexxy Luv
I'll admit...I was wrong for that Iraq line...but yours is worse

"what man want's a woman with broad shoulders?" LMAO

Sexxy Luv said...

Kyle check your gmail when time allows.

You made me say it! I was fueled by you! lol

Jackie Edwards said...

I wouldn't have a problem if my daughter wanted to play a sport like basketball or softball where there is an assumption that a larger than normal average of the participants are gay. The way I figure it, being lesbian is not contagious. I have gay friends and that has done nothing to make me lean towards that lifestyle so I don't see why it should for anyone else who wasn't already inclined towards that already. BTW - I went to Stanford so boo to Tennessee and even though I'm not a huge women's basketball fan either I was watching last night but my cheers ended up being for nought:(

12kyle said...

@ Sexxy Luv
LOL!!! Thanks for sending it to me.

@ Jackie
Stanford came up a lil bit short. This was Tennessee's year. I feel you

Anonymous said...

Dude where have I been? You've gone from 0-40 in no time. A tribute to your relevance. Congrats.

I'd raise my kids right, ground them good, teach them about the love of Christ, what he requires of all of us and support them in the things they want to do. Even Daniel went into the Lions den.

Now I'm nate hatin' on gays, its just not my thing. Whatever set we represent, we will be associated with people outside our set. That should not limit our access to the things that, in and of themselves are not a challenge to our beliefs or morality. If we closed ourselves from everything the others frequented,we couldn't leave the house...or use this internet for example...

Blah Blah Blah said...

If your girl has the tendency...regardless if she is on the court or in a's going to happen.

Let kids be kids...
That's the problem these days...parents over thinking childhood games. I don't remember this being an issue when I was a kid.

12kyle said...

@ Sojourner G
Thanks man. I appreciate that. and Miz are killin it with your "soap opera". It's wayyyyy better than the Guiding Light.

@ Blah Blah Blah
You are right. At the end of the day, we have to let kids be kids.